of course! and what is this connection, practically speaking of course?

What does “health enter into lives in regard to how   thoughts and emotions, inter relate?
Of course thoughts and emotions in the long and short of it ‘are chemicals’  – chemicals is what our body is all about  – there is a difference between a happy thought/feeling and an unhappy thought/feeling  –
Thoughts “are things” whether we like it or not!  emotions also become materialized one way or another.
You have heard this saying” we are our worst enemy” well, that is wha this blog is all about.  Negative thinking negative emotions  – hey spew poison into every cell of our body  – make the pharmaceutical industry rich, along with their purveyors, the medical doctors, hospitals, the whole shebang of conspirators.
So if “you imagine the “worst” you will undoubtedly experience the worst,  “like attracts like”, so if you want good health, deal with health in all of the facets of your life  –
again  ” like attracts like” that is the Law of Attraction, a Universal Law of Nature.
the body, mind etc. has the capability to “heal itself”   –  something that the medical system including the pharmaceutical companies, do NOT want the public to know, and how is it done, how does the body heal itself”
and how does emotions, thoughts make it possible?
first of all we agree that or body in the final analysis is a “chemical body” loaded with all kinds of “chemicals”  no connection to the poison that our drug companies sell  –   connected more to the facts that amino acids which are not drugs, are made by these “chemicals” in our body, a natural process.
well, when we let fear, hatred, anger and a host of other chemical poisons, “invade our whole being”   –  we are signing out death sentence.
replace it with love, laughter etc.
Telepathy  is  not  just a word  – its fact of Nature  –  and people are constantly without knowing it of course, telepathic messages, good/bad and constant flow going on, and on, and on
without them knowing “exactly what they are doing”   –   just as a “cell phone” works, telepathy being the same with its “own technology” works as well if not better, without any cost to it!
Just be thinking of a person; telepathy comes a “fact”
to proof conclusively, dramatically that telepathy works, even without knowing consciously why and how it works.  The best example that I can give is when I finished the Silva Mind Course, I joined a cottage group other “graduates, people that demonstrated that they could do telepathic work<  and one day when I went to the cottage group instead of them giving me a name, a city, state , the usual system for helping sick people overcome their illnesses  – they said go to your “level which is the telepathic “level” and when I did, that gave me two initials, not the name of the person and the state which was California.
I said wait a minute! you are only giving me two initials instead of name, in a state with over 20 million people in it, you expect me to find this person?
their response was Yes!  and they were right on the nose, I almost got his full name, I got his first name GEORGE, I missed out “by a hair on the full name which was Jackson, I said JOEsephson,  jake/Joe how close can anyone get.
I mentioned this story in one of my earlier writings.
yes, telepathy exists, but not for the Eilites, Erudites, Scholars, being certified egos, they do their best to insult people like me.
I also got a picture of my mind of what this person looked like  –  the next day that same face appeared in the Boston Globe exactly as I saw it telepathically,
NOW WHO WOULD BELIEVE THIS, the above named academics posing as “wise-men”
who is the really “wise-me, hem or me”!
Me being my “channel” that does all the socalled “wise -work!
of course  our ego “one with our governmental educational system along with their “shills” the prestigious  colleges etc.
all certified egos!
have brainwashed massmindmentality to a degree where “saving them” seems like an impossibility!
I do want to say that when I took Silva Mind, the location was in a college and most of the kids taken the course were “students.  Well,
for the first two days, it was a four day course, they argued so much, calling Jose Silva a charlatan, that instead of stopping at 6 PM, we wee still there at 12 PM arguing.
My exwife a PHd also did her share of arguing   – well on the fourth day when we all had to “put up or shut up” the PROOF OF THE PUDDING had to come to the climax is it or isnt it a fraud.
there were forty people in the class, and not one could NOT do REMOTE VIEWING; they all converted from being a skeptic to being a believers, except my PHd wife, who called it nothing but “free association”   she lacked the “wisdom of understanding what she jst accomplished – perhaps the greatest “revelation in the world, she chose the CHAFF, and not the WHEAT
despite her PHd status, she had “nothing upstairs”

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