for some reason most if not all people, educated and uneducated believe that the physical ‘construct” called “our brain” is our mind  why?

thus the medical profession if a person has “mental problems” “emotional problems”, psychological problems they seek “proof” in the “brain” for the answers.
The mind for them means absolutely “nothing” since its “abstract” and the world that we live pays no attention to anything that is “non physical”.
thus, if there is no “concrete evidence of proof” –  it is completely disregarded as “insignificant”
EinsteinsE =-MC squared – is also abstract  – spirituality=abstract
According to Seth (a spirit in our Universe) -he claims that the processes of our MIND uses our brains; in other words a “mind needs a brain” as “its means of expression”  –
Scientists that glorify the brain, lack the wisdom in this regard.  and minds utilize “souls” for their “source of supply”  Souls as mentioned in other blogs are “cells of the godhead.
LSD kills cells thus endangering the function of the brain; a stupid thing to do.
Of course our mind/brain is constantly “in action” especially when we go to sleep and  dreams begin to go into action.
Taking chemicals like LSD disrupts the natural flow that’s “inherent” in our nature.  It should not be “tampered with!
Of course its an “adventure that our usual life experiences, cannot compete with.
Here is a subject that is as illusive as our title “is the brain our mind?
The subject is:  IS THERE LIFE AFTER DEATH?  if you think that our brain is our mind, then “life after death of the body, cannot exist”
Here is a paradox – those “lost in the abstract world, also seperate themselves many times with their body”  “its referred tp as “being lost upstairs”.  An old time expression of course.
Most people of course identify with their physical construct.
death and rebirth is a “theme” that practically everyone accepts.
our thoughts   and beliefs without question create our reality unquestionably!

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