Is It Possible That Everything Happening In this Universe is Simultaneous!

again, can anyone in this world fathom the “fact” that our Universe with its billions of planets including our planet Earth  –  all of them –  operate

on the basis of the Law dealing with Simultaneous “time”
Now that we are involved with high speed computers, algorhythms etc.
this socalled “outrageous theory”  is  no longer outrageous  –
we are fast reaching a point, once the person “eliminates the false theories of  their egos, eliminates the false teachings of the elites, erudites, and slimy scholars
this Principle/Law will have the opportunity of “revealing itself”  Starting with the seven Laws of Hermes; reading the teachings of Seth; the teachings of LaoTzu  –
of course these teaching regardless of what the socalled “know it alls”  will finally with the help of my blog, and other “aware people” called
advanced souls since their consciousness “rating” –  a system that can be proven,   –  is accepted by egos who discovered “to their dismay” that they have been “hoodwinked” by ego people, with fancy letters after their names etc.
so, if everything “is” simultaneous, what does that mean to us living in this godforsaken planet rife with all kinds of”injustices, graft, gloom, filth of every possible manner, and beliefs that are “loaded with lies”
all carrying the EGO BANNER HELD HIGH, –  giving the impression that “they are “led” by  the  right source in this Universe  – the EGO of course!
and who buys it?  the 98% out there “who dont know their ass from their elbow; always buy the “chaff and not the wheat”  –  all “loaded with warped belief systems”
So getting back to the “unbelievable”
Consider what it means when everything is Simultaneously driven; what does it mean?
It means that there “is no beginning, and no end”  there is NO TIME, as e understand “time” on our dimension, the time/space physical world.
It means that “its our perception that we use to disentangle the entangled.  and what is our perception?  first of all its “personal” has nothing to do with the world at large, thus inadequate to determine what is and what isnt!
and to top it all  –  low level consciousness used only are six physical senses, unable to go beyond “that limitation”
not so for people with higher consciousness  – they are able to us not only their physical senses, but their psychic senses, and I am proof  of that, that is, my experiences, not my socalled perception  –
what I experienced is indisputable despite the criticzm by egos, who dont know their ass from their elbow!
also simultaneous –  implies   – that there is no past, present, future  – now what does that mean?
it shows how little as human beings we know what’s going on, other than the ego crap that besets us constantly to “stay alive etc”
so past present future pertain ONLY to our 3rd dimension, physical world.
to be in this enhanced state its called BEING IN THE NOW, the present, as we know it –  there is no past; there is no future, what there is, just is, NOW!
here is another thing you “can ponder”  if everything is simultaneous, then , everything is NOW, the thousands of incarnations are also in the “NOW”  simultaneous means NOW.
that is why when I studied with Mr Swygard, I was able to access all of my past lives, plus even go into other worlds other than the physical world, another fantastic experience.  I must tell you an amazing thing this very minute.
According to Mr Swygard; there are twelve levels of energy Awareness, and to prove his point, he put me into a “state  of consciously where I could “experience these various states of consciousness,
as I climbed from the first state to the second then to the third until I reached the seventh state wherein Mr Swygard asked me what I see<
I said I saw a big stone building, he then said walk into the building and tell me what you see, which I did,
It looked like a library but then I didnt see any books,  books without a library that’s an impossibility,
The year that I worked with Mr Swygard was 1975, and when I told you how I found him, that would be another miracle.
anyway,  I said to Mr Swygard, its a library without books, but what I do see on the walls are the boxes that the bank rents for putting their valuables in a safe, secure place  –
Mr. Swygard  then said, open up one of the boxes and tell me what’s inside?  and what I found inside amazed me, and should amaze anyone who want to “know more than what his/her ego wants them to know”
I found a disc which looked exactly like our CD discs that is common today.
again, that was around 1975 which is almost forty years from today’s date!
so the question arises, other than for ourselves; is the Universe already “ready” to take the “next step”
which is of course,  where do we go from here?
astrology is one key of course, but then that has been discredited also by the elites/erudites/scholars
Here is another thing to ponder   –   nothing is ever destroyed once created, stays created, this energy can never be destroyed since its already “imprinted on the higher dimensions” has nothing in common with our sense of knowingness which for me means nothingness!
nothing is ever lost   –  all our dreams are recorded  – every thought is also recorded  –  energy real energy of which my channel is talking about can never be DESTROYED.
the crap however, goes where crap belongs, most likely in the “trash bin” like our computer mail  –
in regard to egos in general; we have dominant egos of course -which we inherit from previous incarnations; unless contaminated to a degree beyond “repair” still exist; if not according to Swedenborg they land in Hell forever and ever.
Here is something to “ponder”
If everything happens at “once” then as I mentioned there is no past, present or future, since the time aspect is out of “link” –  meaning has no relevance  –
so past lives, still existing of course since everything is constantly recording, regardless of “what it is”
so this is a catch 22   —  that is for people not flexible to understand the “inner of the Soul life”;    the flexibility of the Soul Life
its an ability we get as co-creators of the CREATOR  –  way beyond the understanding of us mortals, way way beyond.
the “whole self”which is our SOUL of course, is “always in charge” knows what’s going on “all of the time”
that’s it for now,

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