Introduction – 2

Dear Fellow Bloggers

I have been on this planet for ninety yrs and want to leave it “better than I found it”  –  as you all know, I am a very “complex” person, although “old” perhaps “more alive” than the youngsters today.
Of course my idea of “being alive” is not their idea of being alive; a good reason for my blog of course!
I will talk about “what being alive is all about” more than depending on our usual so called five senses  – according to Rudolph Steiner, the only person that Adolph Hitler feared during that terrible period in time; he says that human beings have 12 or 13 senses, has written many books about these other senses.
As you know I was blessed with senses that we call “supersensorial” i.e. Clairaudio,ability to hear within, Clairsensortoy, abilty to feel beyond ordinary feelings, not necessarily emotionally based, and clairvoyancy, seeing without using our physical eyes – similar to imagination, but not imagination per se.  Dr. Steiner reached a pinnacle where he discovered the other sensorial aspects.
I will be introducing using my own words, usually referred to as “book reviews” many publications dealing with many subjects that most people never heard of before.
I will be asking people to be contributors for our blog
The purpose of our blog is innunciated with or larger sites “mission statement” which is based on the “fact” that the egosystem which dominates our world is not the “best” system to “know whats really going
on” and I am not just talking about “current events”
Whatever we think we know, its perhaps only one or two percent of what “we should know”  –  the reason for our blog of course –
Again we will be doing a lot of book reviewing, giving my understanding of what the book is trying to convey.  It is “not” necessary for me to copy anything written in any book since I will be only critiqing the book as all book reports ostensibly do.
I will however have authors introduce their past and present work; authors that seem to agree with my “idea of wht reality is “really all about”
As most people, people who read, hear, listen have discovered – “that the world that we live in today is a world of maya/illusion despite the fact that
it appears not so since everything that everyone sees, hears etc with their physical sense is bursting with energy/life.
So what did the “mystics” mean when they said that the world that we live in today is a form of fantasy an “illusion”?
We will discuss that with a lot of other anomalies of course!
People joining our blog generally speaking will find something that “lifts their curiosity – if heavily into ego may set up a contention proving their point but that’s OK since to my knowledge onlyone or two percent of the worlds population has no ego; the other 99 or 98 percent depend completely on their egomentality to assess what “truth is all about”
What I intend to discuss is not a new idea; in time I will show references etc.
I respect every person that joins and expect them to reciprocate in kind; those that dont need not stay with our blog.
Kindness should always be respected, and expected, at all times!
Since there is no money connected, then know one is obligated any which way  – Those that disagree, need not be forced to agree; they just drop out, its as easy as that!
loveya all

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