Paraphrasing Seth, a non human from another dimension.

His intepretation of “what is” goes far beyond our dimension wherein
he sees the “interplay between energies exercised by  individuals of course, interplays wherein the quiet sons repressed aggression is “played out” by other siblings of his.
That actually happened in the family I grew up in, and also in my own family, two sons, one aggresive, the other non aggressive.
Also happened with me and my younger brother, he was aggressive, I was not!
Where was/is love?  love according to Seth when outgoing “is” aggressive, disguised most if not all of the time.
They “must work together”  -When love is unexpressed; it in time can and does become aggressive, one way “or another”
The only thing that triumphs is IGNORANCE of course!
So Natural Guilt has a purpose for it – despite the ignorance of us, the people who have little or no understanding “of what’s going on”

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