How was it possible for the Indian Guru Sai Baba to Manifest materials out of thin air

This is a “fact”  –  the SAi Baba organization shows videos of this magical procedure, and what does “it mean”  -????????????????????????????????????????????

the implications are staggering to “say the least”   –
Was he, Sai Baba “accessing a higher dimensional portal to make this happen?
Was my channel doing the same thing when it gave instructions to Joseph Aiello’s girl friend, instructions that “saved his life”  –  or the information given to Mrs. Hannah Schafler who  used the visualization technique that “save her life”; a technique given by my channel.
of the gardener who got paralyzed when he forgot he was standing under an eve, and crushed his spine, wen to a chiropractor who make it worse  – my channel using “laying on” of the hands had him walking in less than five minutes.
or a friend of Hannah Schaffler who live in Holland I believe, I met her for about ten minutes when I visited Hannah  –  I  used my third eye –  to save her life; she was dying with a brain hemorrhage, the doctors were afraid to operate on her.
I used by Radionic device, put on the rate to stop the hemorrhaging and within a day or so, she was healed.  I have a token of her appreciation; no money was involved;  –   I was not in business with my radionic device, it was used for personal reasons only which is permissible in our country.
I am not the only “channel” on this planet that has a “link to the higher sources in this Universe, despite the “cruelty of the ego people, i.e. “elites, erudites,scholars” that do their best to “discredit” me and other people having special “talents”
In fact since I was not like other people and of course I knew it; I was somewhat paranoiac  because at times I felt that people in general, unlike me of course, “was out to get me””  because I “knew who they really were”  –
During that period n my life, – the principle people in my life, mainly my mother since my father was hardly seen, he worked day and night to earn a living being an immigrant from Ukraine at the time it was part of  Russia.
It appeared that the immigrants at the time, basically speaking had the mother “take care of the kids” while they earned a living; they did not socialize as they do today with their kids, and that was true in my case also; I did what my father did, worked very hard, got home, ate, played my jazz numbers  on my piano, to release the tension of the day, and went to bed.
Worked almost seven days a week, especially when my mother and I purchased a twelve room house in Revere, Ma.  I was responsible for putting the place in shap before the season, so my Sundays were taken up.
As said, what I did for a living was certainly not a forty hour week, it was more an 80 hr week, because after I closed my store at 6 PM I had to make deliveries on the way home  –
Running a business practically single handed would frighten anyone today, to even attempt it!
I did that for twenty three years,  – started a hardware store even though I was “never in a hardware store for my family, the family I grew up in  –   left the hardware store when my mother said, “either you work with your brother, or OUT?
My father died a year before I got married; he and I was “one person”: I trusted him, he trusted me, our relationship was that I worked for him for six or seven yeas before I got married; the relationship I had with my mother was quite the opposite, her idea of family togetherness, was contrary to mine and my father. She literally threw me out of the hardware business I ran successfully, when it was either I or my brother to “run it”  She chose my brother who didnt give a damn about the hardware business; he wanted “no part of it” but was forced my by mother to “take charge”
Mother’s love?  I question.  I even question my wife’s love for her two kids; she went to college when the kids needed her to “stay home with her, not some old woman which we had of course.
So, what’s all this motherly love all about?
of for that sake, also fatherly love  –  I am also responsible since without me paying for her education, she could never go  –   I had to make a choice between my kids and my wife, and stupidly chose my wife who eventually “double crossed” me, treachery speaking!  bigtime double cross!
So again, what’s going on here?
The only answer that I can come up with, that has some plausibility to it is
“man’s (woman”s_ “inhumanity to man/woman”
At the “moment I had to make the decision to either think of my kids, or my wife, a big mistake of course, at the time, my body,mind,emotions “knew it was a big mistake” and eventually the early end of our marriage once she “got to the top of the mountain, her PHd  –  wherein “her true “colors” which of course was her “ego” emerged as the King /Queen of the mountain top.
again, a true experience” not a theoretical notion of what is Man/Woman?
A true experience of the Degradation, the Desecration; of the tenets that are suppose to “uplift Mankind into a higher realm of  Spirituality.
Her atheistic belief system also came to the “fore”  –   her PHd clouded everything that constituted, what and who she “really was”
She was part of the ignorance 98% out there, that was “good enough to “play the game” that satisfied her “professors” ; who had a photographic memory, able to regurgitate what she studied  – enabled her to get the highest marks from grade school right up to college  –  a phenomenal feat to say the least  –  I never saw her study in the nine or ten years she attended college etc.
Now to return to the subject, the title of what this blog is supposed to be all about; why I drifted into my “personal life” is a very good question” other than what happened to me, I am sure has happened to others who walked in the same shoes as I did.
Honest, upright people must be doubly careful “who they hang out with, since a good example of this was the woman, her uncle, her brother, people that I had a lot of interaction with, especially the young brother, who I supported for six years, while he went to college, and after he went to work  –  he never thanked me for what I did for him; and neither did my wife or my wife’s uncle.  Who did however was her uncles wife who obviously “was not an ego, she was a true blue spiritual person; the others were atheistic in every respect of the world.
Now again to get back to the title: \\
On this dimension called the time/space, 3rd dimensional world, nothing can be manifested “our of thin air”  using “materials of course”  –  materials as we understand them to be  “must be manufactured by manufacturers”  to even think
that a solid item can appear out of nothing, would be considered an  ———
impossibility, and anyone even “attempting to convince anyone” would be “put away for life”
but then, the proof exists via video;.  I understand that Sai Baba passed away sometime ago, however as said videos exist that prove without “any doubt” that
he, Sai Baba was capable of manifesting things like watches etc. out of “thin air”
So let’s try out the whys,hows of this, I am now asking “my channel” for its input on the subject.
Here is what my channel just said  –  “at the higher dimensions which is of course the fourth and the fifth  –   “the  idea is formed”   – the “idea meaning  the “need” for the “materialization” – which again means  –   the actual “artifact” in a form “other than an idea” but in a form that slowed down to the point of materialization.
To give more explanation  –  consider water, changing form in three or four stages
until it materializes in  the characteristic that we call ICE  –
Everything in our Universe goes thru different stages   –  the great occultist of the past worked hard trying to change one form into another form  – they were called Occultist  – many did it for the purchase and some succeed into turning ordinary Rock into gold  –
That of course is on the physical dimension of course
Now getting back to the spiritual, not connected to any religion; spiritual just indicates that  –   whatever they are dealing with  has “no physical characteristic;
you might say “its all mind”  –  not brain mind of course which is limited by our physical body, but mind :”mind” which deals “primarily on frequencies”
It appears that Sai Bab knew  how to use mind “mind”, just like Uri Geller did years ago; he used mind “mind”, successfully  –  he also passed away.
So, the socalled bottom line, is “what is this mind “mind” all about and  how can we use it for the “betterment of humanity”
Uri did it to “fill his pockets”.  He was not spiritual in any sense of the word;, its apparent that in other lives, he was an “occultist” who solved the puzzle, which of course is  – how to switch from one dimension to another dimension, a feat  that he had no trouble to accomplish.
Of course he was called a “fraud”; he was not a fraud, if he was a fraud, then I am also a fraud, which I am not  – the elites, erudites, and scholars, know “nothing” about the “higher dimensions”
they are steeped in the lore of the ego time/space dimension,; they are not at all familiar with the spiritual dimensions, for them they do not exist!
the reason why I call them the “frauds”   –
Now the Law of Attraction  –  is deeply connected  to  the materialization principle just mentioned  = goes a bit further since it delves into the intricacies/mysterious of the idea of “karma/ past lives/ beliefs, expectations/ the deep resources of the unconscious,subconscious and super conscious minds  –
the stuff my blog has been talking about now for years
so that is my channels idea of how Sai Baba materialized iitems “out of thin air”
and how Uri Geller did also  –   our clock “runs slow”  Sai Baba and Uri Geller’s clock runs fast  –
allowing the materialization to happen in the higher dimensions before it enters the “gross dimension that we call time/space here on the Planet Earth.

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  1. According to classic Chinese medicine, acupuncture is based on the notion of Qi (pronounced and
    usually spelled Chi), which is envisioned as a sort of life-giving energy that circulates via
    the physique in particular channels.

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