Hell Does it Exist?

yes, it does exist according to prophecy, King Solomon, the wisest person on earth, the Old Testament – Emmanuel Swedenborg, the greatest human of his Time, etc. HELL AND HEAVEN writ ten by Emmanuel Swedenborg – deals with this important subject “deeply”. Karma, the principle of Karma, cannot operate with hell existing – our physical body has a very short lifespan in comparison to the hundreds, thousands of years that we “exist” on the higher dimensions.

IS AN IDEA REAL? IF SO THAN SPIRITUALITY EXIST. BOTH ARE NON PHYSICAL OF COURSE! The socalled “word” which is also ephemeral also exists – the “word” of course meaning “abstraction” -since it is also non existent/bodiless. It all breaks down to just one word that the word just cannot “understand” gives the impression is does when it doesnt! When used in the right “context, the word “word” implies what?” It implies that there is something “afoot” somewhere, somehow that has “power beyond the scope of what “power is all about” And that of course is the word “frequency/frequencies” -what are “frequencies? and how do they impinge into our lives –

Those who read these blogs have been inundated with “frequencies for a whole world” over 300 “messages” have been sent and each message “had its own frequency” Getting back to this word HELL – since incarneted souls such as King Solomon and Emmanuel Swedenbor entered the “picture” – this word “hell” was appropriated by the clergy of all belief, religious systems for the purpose of scaring the hell out of “their subjects/serfs” and that worked successfully then and even nowadays; its pure magic. Fear is perhaps the strongest instinct that human, and animals suffer from; I know I have suffered fear “all of my life” – All sensitives such as myself has this “inbred” into their psyche “at birth”

Paranoia is its bedmate of course. KARMA INSISTS THAT HELL EXISTS -without karma the animal nature, the amygdala runs RAMPART. Yes, hell is what those who “have gone astray” is greeted with once their body has no use any longer. Since every thought “is recorded starting at birth” karma will be “ready and willing” to do its job – AS THE OLD TESTAMENT STATES – you reap what you sowe; which of course means – THERE IS NO FREE RIDE – those you break IMMUTABLE LAWS(karma) PAY THE PRICE, and that price includes HELL of course! YOU CANT PAY YOURSELF OUT WHEN HELL IS BECONING! Buffets Billions; Gates Billions mean absolutely nothing!

The world we live in today, the socalled “real world” is as phony as a three dollar bill – at one time we did print $2.00 bills, I have one or two saved. Lying, cheating, stealing, the “whole works will go through review – even the emotional factors such as hate will be “on the table” Its best we “clean our “basement” while we are still breathing – I am no exception to this rule; I have my homework ready for examination while I am still “breathing” My blog one of its intentions to to “clean the slate” as they say – maurice

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