HEALTH LETTER overeating – cravings ???????????????????????

what is our body telling us?

of course there is “no easy” answer to this huge problem in peoples lives!
I also know that besides the body, our emotions, our beliefs, false of course, and “EVEN OUR PAST LIVES, hinge on this “unbelievable
hold that it has on people’s lives!
why do I include “past lives”  – that is for people who believe in the process called KARMA  –  and believe in the Metaphysics that gives ‘CREDENCE” to “past lives.
a college professor Dr. Mack proved without any doubt that people’s past lives are carried forth into all of their “incarnations”
people reading my blog for the past three years faithfully have I am sure changed their idea, if they were disbelievers  –
of course there are OLD SOULS, many incarnations and NEW SOULS – i.e. the Hebrew system mentions two words: Nefesh and Neshuma, these are my spellings.  The Nephesh represents the new soul; the Neshuma, the old soul.
my channel’s prediction that the reason why the coming New Aquarian Age is the Golden Age, the Age of Enlightenment is because, the vibrations of Aquarius cannot allow the “new soul to enter our physical domain because it LACKS THE RIGHT FREQUENCY FOR entrance!
I am NOT the only psychic that predicated that only the OLD SOULS with the right frequency is capable of entering our upcoming NEW AGE
NOW TO RETURN TO A MAJOR PROBLEM THAT IS INFECTING THE POPULATION OF THE WORLD –  not of course the survivors, the indigent people who live and die by their “code” of “what is  is” and that of course deals with their overall health.
over eating is worse than under eating that is my opinion and the opinion of the Naturopathic communities around the world.
of course what I am about to write about is my agreement with other writers concerning this problem  –  they are classified as “opinions only”
our reader is responsible for their own health  –  our job is simply supplying my personal views and the views of others I respect highly.
but keep in mind  what’s good for the goose idoesnt have to be good for the gander.
according to what I found out  – “cravings are not a bad thing, its the body’s way of saying and indicating that there are deficiencies and imbalances – in it!
of course we all know how sugar craving and sale cravings make a “fortune” for the sellers of these two powerful products.Our adrenal gland and other glands play a major part in this problem.
Adrenal glands are the stress glands, and overeating can be caused by stress, this is well known “fact”  when the adrenal are weak as said
that can be a cause for overeating,cravings.
that’s it for now

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