“Genius IQ”

It must be understood without “doubt” that there “cannot be a body without a Soul, they go together, cannot operate “seperatively.  Of course our “ego” says otherwise and have “fooled 98% of the worlds people, “believe it or not” even people with a “genius IQ! Now who would have a hard time believing that?  Everyone including socalled wise people, “not wisdom people, there is a vast difference between being “socalled wise and “wisdom”, the difference in size between an “ant and an elephant”
Wise people destroyed the planet Atlantis and are on the very point of destroying the Planet Earth  – they are referred as MAD SCIENTISTS.
We pay being 98% certified egos, humble “servants” of these socalled “wise people”  stupidity of the “highest order” of course!
Our physical bodies of course learn “how to adapt” to the environment, if not you and I would not be here right now.  We are lucky of course in the “fact” that we are “connected” with our Soul which is connected with the SOURCE of ALL THAT IS;  Unfortunately being an bonafide ego, this connection “HAS BEEN SEVERED FOR THOUSANDS OF YEARS. leaving a remnant of one or two percent of the world’s population, who owns, controls dictates the other 98% out there?
THE EGO OF COURSE, again what is “the ego”; it has not really been defined properly, I and my channel will “again try” to define what an “ego is all about.
It is a known fact that where there is a positive, there MUST BE A NEGATIVE, i.e. electromagnetic combines both the electric/positive and the magnetic/negatives “powers” – by putting them “together”, we produce a triangle effect which means ENERGY, ETHERIC MOTION, – the most powerful other than gravity which “could be” part/parcel of this electro/magnetic EFFECT.
Our Universe works on the principle of BALANCE

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