Here is one definition that sounds right to me because without it, I dont believe that the word “faith” would be in our dictionary of meaning of “words”per se, and what is this definition.  Well first of all without “faith in general” nothing of consequences would be happening i.e. if I personally did not have faith when I started a business “without money, without anything, other than convincing businesses to give me “consigned merchandise” once sold, once paid.  I did it on the basis of “location and what the store I was occupying sold in the past” which was “linoleum and baby furniture; those two objects were not good enough or strong enough  to keep me in business, so I convinced an auto accessory distributor and toy distributor to give me consigned merchandise.  I also had faith in my ability to know “how to promote and sell my products” since ability in general cannot be bought,sold and consigned.  My ability was there! my willing to work hard was there! nothing in the equation was missing, the proof?  I had a very very good business – when the toy and auto supply business was destroyed by self service merchandizers; I got out of both buisnesses, kept my location and put in furniture,to be sold at “discount prices” – at the time discounting furniture was not in style; I was one of the first merchandizers that instituted – selling at discount prices which eventually proved  to be a smart move; the greatest retailer is Wall Mart. The first business I started for the family I grew up with was the first discount hardware store in the city of Cambridge, Ma – started the first Home Owners Club – also- undersold all of my eompetitors in the city – that also prospered!  My merchandizing skills were more advanced than what they taught in our local colleges  –  invented the first system of displaying toys/merchandising methodologies  –  started the first self service hardware store in the city with twenty five hardware stores – way before self service was even heard of at the time!
Also amazing, despite my “innate” ability I never liked anything to do with retailing per se – just knew how to promote, utilize my space etc. than most small retailers like myself.  For me, what they were doing and how they operated their businesses, was the “luck of the draw” as they might say. They lacked what I had which was of course, inner knowhow, creativity that they perhaps never knew they needed, plus the fact, that they offered their customers nothing other than having what the customer wanted/ needed at the time.  I went far beyond that of course; I was an INNOVATOR, the system I set up ran itself – which gave me the opportunity to “innovate”
I will also be an innovator for this blog once I get the “real hang of it” unfortunately, my site languished due to the “fact” that technitions responsible for its “life”- were basically frauds, unfit, and all other negatives that go with that fact.  I had no control despite the fact that what I had to offer was valid in all respects.
Where there is “no vision” people perish. People working on my site basically speaking knew what they knew of course however they “lacked the vision I had” –  they had little if ever any vision at all –
This blog I am totally in control which means that “it WILL make an impact on the lives of thousands and millions of people.  Why? people generally speaking are “lost in the woods” dont know half or all the time what’s going on, just “chasing their tail”, catching “pleasures,, entertainment, a bit of sex here and there” – looking for “salvation” even though they are not “aware of that fact” they call it something else of course – their socalled “guidance” is pitiful to say the least.
The best description of course would be “chasing their tail” which means going in circles thinking that they are making progress “spining their wheels”
This essay is meant to give them understanding and eventually insight to                      “see for themselves the “folly of what they think, believe, perceive to be truth”  Unfortunately “low conscious people living in the beta world; the egoworld, premising “truth” from this level of consciousness, are “unable” to go beyond that point of understanding, so it becomes nothing but a life of “frustration”
So agan to have faith means  to have a good understanding, and perception of the state of consciousness and belief  which will “produce the vision” that faith requires to materialize itself.  Without that there is no foundation, why would anyone  do anything if they didnt have faith in what they are doing/  Noone would of course, so “faith” is the first requisite!
The next requirement is the power, energy behind what you believe and have faith in for without that nothing can be done.  In my personal case, I never lacks energy even though I am a very little guy sizewhy, that never stopped me from “going at it whatever arised that needed energy participation,  people sitting on their ass, expecting the Univers to support them get what they deserve and that is nothing of course! Energy of course needs concentration, our mind cant be in too many places at the same time, it needs FOCUS.  Energy is no good without “focus whch is another name for concentration of course”  Dreamers sitting on their illustrious asses, want the world to support them, a sign of embicility of course; it doesnt work that way for sure. Nothing ventured, nothing gained. can be seen as nothing “done” nothing accomplished.
The next thing to consider, is that our mind must function properly if not         instead of success, there will be failure.  People with poor memories should not venture in any business since that is very important it was me being in the retail business.  People coming back now and then love it when I remember who they are, what they bought and if I delivered what they bought told them where they lived.  That is not nowadays everything has nothing to do with the customer since customers as human being do not exist nowadays, they are basically numbers on their credit car.  In may day, the person was important, why? they were/are the backbone of my busines. especially at Xmas time when I sold toys I knew all of my steady customers, I had the toy business for around eight years, highly successful.  I wasthe foremost innovative toy store in my city – started the first LAYAWAY PLAN, layaway plans did not exist back in 1952; big stores could not do layaway because it required an expertise that they did not have; when they did try it it was a disaster!  The last year in the toy business I had over 800 layaways in my cellar.  Over the years every layaway was done corretly because every toy that was laid away was meticulously checked with the customer, where the customer signed agreeing that she/he got what she was paid for. Also all layaways and many had as many as forty or fifty toys – my adding machine gave each customer a print out so that they would know that I was not cheating them.  Other companies at the time did not do so!
Why am I relating   all of this?  Am I doing it for ego reasons or is there another reason  personally I have been “out of reason for over 30 yrs at least; my life has been devoted not to my ego since once I disovered what an ego is, my first decision was to “cut its head off” which I did of course!

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