Yrs  there is a “direct connection” between the mind/emotions/expectation, beliefs and “wholistic health” which of course goes far beyond  our physical symptoms.  If homeopathy was truly “investigated”,present medical doctors primarily allopathic believers, would think that they are in a “strange world of medicine; homeopathy investigates “everything” before making a decision as to “cause” – its mind boggling of course!  Does it work?  The first one hundred hospitals in the USA were HOMEOPATHIC HOSPITALS.  We had one in Boston where I come from.

Our feeling, thoughts, expectations determines everything about ourselves, and again homeopathy takes that all into consideration successfully. Unfortunately the pharmaceutal industry got rid of homeopathy with the assistance of the medical system of course.
Our cells communicate with each other constantly, its a vast network, works like a charm when a person is in a balanced state.  That is body mind emotions and spiritual attendance.
How does the Soul enter the picture?
The soul selected by the god-head “is part of the god-head, thus cannot be destroyed, lives on forever  –  its purpose is two-fold – it must work in sycn with the god-head , it must also be “able” to work with it “inhabitant/ the human being”=
The ego is put into the picture in order that “what must happen “will happen” to enable the person to experience what he/she has to experience in order to “learn” what he/she was “meant to learn fro incarnation to incarnation>
The human being is always “being tested”  – the reason why the god-head created its adversary Satan, –  cause/effect is the modus operanti of the world that we live in today which my channel calls, the 3rd dimension.
Even though the “soul” is completely overlooked “in our egoistic world” it is still very functionary, since what “it beholds” it silently does what “it has to do” regardless of the fact that most if not all people’s dont know it!
Its like a “silent partner” in a business establishment.
My channel considers the individual soul; as a “cell of the Alm
The “cells world is our body; cells make up “organs” again our body made up of cells, “Is’ the world of the cells.
Our Soul unlike “cells” is UNBOUNDED  –  there are no boundaries for Souls – multidimensional worlds are open to souls!
Unknown to humans is the FACT, that they are also “unbounded”: no limitation; the world “is their oyster\
To be unbounded a person must go beyond the time/space world  -some have accomplished this “feat” most have not due to their bouinded belief system.

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