Essay – 3

In many disciplines dealing with  “spiritual matters” it is “vitally important” that controlling “our thoughts” and emotional attitudes, are important!  That is why is  called ” a  “discipline” – its not just reading a book that gives instruction; its not the knowledge its the “practice” that makes the difference. Therefore attitude along with the mental aspects, along with what we discussed in the last segment cant be overlooked.  It goes far beyond how the  educational system works which demands only that the student “be able” to regurgirate what he/she put into their “skills”.  As mentioned, my exwife with her great photographic memory always got the highest marks  in her college etc.  I never saw her study at home –

This “essay” in time will offer techniques, proven technique that will assist students, people who registered from this blog, in their quest of discovering “who they “really” are”  – a soul rather than an ego of course.
Many people have heard this word called non-attachment which for some reason is misinterpreted in thinking and believing that those who seek this method, are detaching themselves of the world we live in today; this is a false belief of course – We are not and cannot detach ourselves from this egocentric world its an impossibility; its like being a “fish out of water”. So what is non-attachment?  Simply said, it is what this treatise/essay is all about!  The egoworld for whatever reason since over 98% of the people, are bonafide egos – giving “lip service” to their souls whether they know it or not! –  are “still living in their own world of “delusion, illusion, denial etc” thru the auspices of their “false belief systems”  One day I will that is my channel will write its “essays” that will “uncover the world of “false belief systems”. That will do two things at the same time  – “shock people” and amaze people” – also open up the cell “of their prison”, and release them from egocentric bondage!  I will do that when I am finished with this current “expose”.
Getting back to this word “non-attachment” – another definition would be non-ego attachment which according to my “channel” must be exposed before any soul changes can happen – in time substituting the idea of “wholeness, Oneness; One with the One which means going beyond the egoworld of relativity and embracing the One Consciousness which is gene
rally understood cosmically speaking as god almighty and other designations of course
Oneness for want of a better understanding must take into consideration the “fact” that we egos out here cannot operate, function and even survive without the “fact” that we are “one with the ONE, which again is the Cosmic Metaphysical world that we have “little understanding is the “key/essence of our existence.  Can this be proven?  Of course it can be proven!  The Cosmic World does NOT EXIST IN A VACUUM, its evidence is all over the place, only “ignorant egos” cannot see it with their physical senses, eyes, ears etc.  Once advanced “in consciousness, in time this shortsighted ness disappears of course.
So it appears that without the word “concentration”  – con, the Latin word for WITH, plus centration – which means “attention”.  Without these vitally important attributes, no one can “pinpoint” what needs “pinpointing” in regard to who they really are”  –  my son years ago said,  “all I know dad is that I am an ego”  – a very honest upfront statement of course; today he knows otherwise, he discovered what an ego is, and when he found that out, he became what he is, a person that “knows the difference”  Again I shall repeat my channels favorite “saying” TO MAKE A DIFFERENCE, ONE MUST KNOW THE DIFFERENCE.  Unfortunately egos in general “dont know the difference” as far as they are concerned, “this is the only world that exist despite their “religious beliefs which most or many of them memorize and try to live up to.  Unfortunately memorizating in this respect is not conduce to “growing in consciousness”, thus  weaking without them realizing their dedicated religious belief system.
Growing in Consciousness does not rely on any guided or unguided religious spiritual system.  The highest religious person could have a lower consciousness count then a total disbeliever, hard to belief but true nevertheless!
Again, multi-dimensional understanding of the Universal World per se; is the “key to understanding who and what we are, and how we fit in, that is our soul, in this egoworld and multidimensional world AT THE SAME TIME. Has this been proven?  yes it has been proven!
You may ask, “why do you have to keep saying, “can this be proven”; and that is a valid question of course – my channel who is writing this essay wants it this way-since the naysayers always ask this vital question. It, my channel is not waiting them to ask, it is prefacing this ahead of time.
As we progress more and more “proof” will emerge of course – as to demonstrations, hopefully once people come together in my home; we then will go into the physical, emotional mental and spiritual “proof” videoing the process, which will take care of the negativity that could abound; and I am sure that there are many skeptics out there especially skeptics with all kinds of letters after their names, that is to be expected.
When I took this fantastic course that literally “opened me up”, the time period of this course was extented by many many hours because of the college people, it was held in a college area, whose egos did their very best to “prove” that this system is a “fraud”
What was the end result?  The college guys were the “frauds” that is they were the ones with the “delusion, illusion and false belief systems, not the people that set up the lecture process.
Now that we “realize” that without this word “concentration” no change can happen!.  The ego mind is unable to be “at the same level of concentration; as the non ego mind and what is a non ego mind?  Most people have a general notion of the word “linear” which means – a systematic method of obtaining “truth”;  another word would be “methodology, another word would be scientific, another word could be the  1 2 3 4  systematic process of how the “cookie crumbles”  -and if there is a linear way; there must also be a non linear way also  –  the hemispheres of our brain/skull wherein it matches our eyes, ears, nose with two nostrils, all indicating that each follows a certain pattern.
Neurolingistic NLP shows concrete evidence, it is a system of course, evidence that our brain has two hemisphere, the right and the left hemisphere  – the right hemisphere is non linear; the  left hemisphere is linear.  The non linear, deals with the “altruizms’; the linear deals with the opposite of altruizm; the “I come first, the hell with the rest”  The Times Magazine about ten yrs ago showed a picture of Hitler on the left side of the brain hemisphere, and Mahatma Gandhi on the right side of the hemisphere depicting “altruizm.
It appears than that our ego is aligned with Hitler; and our soul aligned with altruizm that Mahatma Gandhi  believes in.  Hitler was a murderor; Gandhi saved lives –  The left side of our brain is where the “amygdala” a body part used for the sole purpose of physical survival; the right side since it is altruistic in purpose sees “survival” in a different light.  The left is basically the materialistic “organ” as mentioned for physical survival; the right does not “worry” about physical survival since its “energy force” comes from the high spiritual dimensions.  Unfortunately the 98% egos in the world, “run the show” not the 2% from the right side of the brain.
This essay is meant to “open up” people who are “ready for change”  Those that are not, will not take advantage of this opportunity; you might consider them “new souls”; need to come back many times before the information/knowledge conveyed here will be hungrily –  approved of.
Egos in general love the “prison they live in” that is until they get hungry and cant find food to feed them, then what?

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