Essay – 2

The next vital thing to consider is the “fact” that people in general if not most people allow “their ego” to “delude them” –  this is perhaps the most damaging ferocious aspect of our confused egocentric minds  We call it our “imagination”  Its just too bad that Souls allow this contemptable to happen,- but then what else can be expected on the “material plane we call Mother Earth”  That is why over 98% of the people on earth, no nothing about what their soul is all about!; the egocentric mind works hand-in-hand with this screwed up imaginative faculty.  Fabrication is the way of life on this plane of existence, its called lying; also called “false belief systems”  Both are endemic in our society as everyone reading this essay would/should admit.   It appears that one word is probably the reason for all this “deceit”; and that word is “desire” of course.  Buddha’s whole idea concerning  “what is” is based on this one word “desire” –   there cannot be any motivation without this word desire; and without motivation, there cannot be any action, and without action, nothing happens of course! So self-delusion/imagination, lies, false belief systems all being one and the same has corrupted our world “to the core”  People try to “pretend” that they are “beyond” this “stupid method of control” –  giving the impression that they are “holier than thou”; they are as fraudulent as the high priests of the past, and the high priests of the present,; they all need “garbs” to give this impression to the 98% out there that live by the code of “delusion”/ – the medical profession calls is DENIAL  – what are they denying? And why are they denying, these questions are never asked by the medical professions for the simple reason, if they went to the “core”; they would discover that they themselves “are in a state of denial” denial of what?  Of the “fact” that our earth planet, is connected and is among the METAPHYSICAL world we call our Universe; they unfortunately seperate their patients from this “fact”, and why do they do that?  Even in their particular case; they are also IGNORANT, as ignorant as the patient they are supposedly helping  –

What’s the opposite of self denial; the opposite is SELF REALIZATION< something that egocentric professional vehemtly do their best to defame!
The next thing to consider of course  is to consider other aspects that work hand-in -hand with what our body,mind,emotions,spirit demand to be in a state of “harmony” –  something that medical doctors completely overlook since they deal with symptons called parts; instead of dealing with the reasons for the symptons which should and do deal with the whole shabbang, body, mind, emotions, spirit –  Its failure is quite evident, they are literally forced into giving dangerous chemical drugs for all , the body, the emotions, the mind, and the spirit itself –  the spirit of course – I threw that aspect in even though most if not alll doctors other than the new type of doctor called the psychiatrist meant to “take over from the ” witch doctor” of the “past”  – the difference of course is the witch doctor knew how to communicate with the “natural forces” in our Universe, the psychiatrist did not!  The witch doctor dealt ostensibly with the physical, mental, emotion and spirituial aspects that his patient was suffering from.  A perfect example of how a  English Physcian by the name of Richard Bach; the formulater of the renowned Bach remedies, being a person of perhaps the highest level of consciusness possible, created using Gods Gift to Humanity flowers of all sorts to make “remedies” that would deal “directly with the physical, mental emotional and spiritual problems that beset  ManKind “successfully”
HE WAS A HIGH INITIATE, A HIGH SOUL, I HIGH INTUITIVE, A PERSON QUITE CREDIBLE IN ALL RESPECTS, to enalbe him to create this fantastic feat of healing.
He had a large medical following, gave it all up to pursue TRUTH!
so, what is sleep per se?  The body works with, thru Circadian Rythmns most if not all egocentric people do not know that! The question is why dont they know that? and what is Circadian Rythmns?  Circadian Rythmns basically speaking, is the Rythmn that our Universe and everything that composes our Universe, works in SYNCHRONIZATON, also we can add the words spontaneously, and seredipitiously.  Our world  in general of course, the people constituting our “world”; havent the slightest notion of what these three words are all about, none whatsoever; even our beloved dictionary has a hard time, defining these three words  – properly! Why? Because these three words literally speaking again, works well “BELOW THE SURFACE, not evident to our physical senses in any way shape or form.
Perhaps the most important thing in regard to circadiam rythmns would be the most important “facet” of these Rythmns which is SLEEP.  The question arises why does our body need sleep other than to rest the physical component of our body  – we can rest our physical body without sleep of course, but then “what is sleep”?
For the “true blue egocentric, who is a true blue materialist who believes with all of his body/soul that if he “cant taste it, smell it, feel it emotional and thru touch, and see it with his physical eyes etc. it is a “mirage”; it does not exist.
On one level, the physical level that is true of course; but then unknowing to him, the physical level gets its power from  the level which precedes the physical level, something no ego knows or perhaps wont even accept altho this can be easily proven.
So, right “off the bat”  the egocentric materialist found a “snag” in his belif system; found that his belief system was faulty which means he/she is beset with FALSE BELIEF SYSTEMS, which naturally deals with denial which natural deals with delusion and the whole works, including perception etc. etc.
When we go to sleep, we SHED our physical body, we SHED all of the egocentric “nonsense/delusion” that the egocentric world BESTOWED on us.  We are in a state of being a UNIVERSAL mind,body,emotion, spiritual ENTITY – we are no longer involved with the part/ the relative/ the ego; its a new world, a world that if far more expansive than the world we wake up to which is the opposite of expansiveness; the egocentric world is a world that the average person falls “victim to” of course – his/her release of this bondage is only affectuated when they “go to sleep”  At that Rem point in time they are “literally out of prison” when they awaken they are put back “in their cell of captivity”  – since they live a life of “delusion etc” this transition is not realized of course!
I am talking “for experience of course” –  I live in the world of “alpha/theta” which is the Rem  world that sleep deals with ; this world enables the person, not the physical body; not the mental body; not the emotional body, keep in mind all of these bodies do exist and what proves that?  Our every day activities, do we not think?  do we not feel? do we not do physical materialistic activities daily? of course we do  All of these activities are dormant when we sleep, REM sleep, unfortunately what we eat primarily processed food, poisoned fruit fruit/vegetable; poisoned by poisoned sprays that eventually “kill us of course, if the sprays can kill insect, birds, and these creatures are no different than us, then the accumulation of these poisons will eventually kill us also.  The authorities, and even the medical system pay very little attention if any to this “fact”!  why?  money of course, it appears that money dictates people’s lives in “all ways” – that is unfortunate of course but then GREED being one of the major evils, cannot be erased in a world dominated by and for egocentric purposes, this is not an “original thought” of mind  – “the root of all evil is money”  who hasnt heard this saying?  everyone of course!  Money is needed of course since buying and selling whatever needs that medium of exchange, however egocentrically involved people find ways/means of literally “screwing” the other guy, and unfortunately many get away with it!  Empires, perhaps all of them, collapsed  because of money/greed/corruption and all of the other wonderful “evil” traits that mankind seems to have “inherited” somehow.  The Old Testament perhaps the oldest testament, mentions this “fact”;  and gives advice to people how to “avoid the pitfalls”  Unfortunately it is not as well “heeded” as it should be since people reading the testament do not have the “consciousness” that is needed to “uphold” these pitfalls.
So sleep is vital  “to rest the body”  “to quiet the “monkey mind; the constant chit chat that everyone hears” but mainly to escape this socalled reality, and enter into the “bigger reality” which has no limitation.  Our reality is loaded with limitation in comparison  – If a person “was born in a prison, would he/she know anything about the “outside world”?  of course not, but he/she being in prison, go to sleep, and “behold” the glory that their multidimension spiritual soul offers them- every night.  Everyone knows unless its an emergency people once they “open their physical eyes” memory of the multdimensional world dissapears.  Not in all cases of course, if its an emegency the soul will remmeber; will recall the dream.
It appears then the word memory as mentioned above comes into view.
There seems to be a problem regarding this word called memory.  If a person  investigates the idea of past lives which at this point in time, can be proven conclusively, there are “pitfalls” connected with them of course, and what are these pitfalls.  Again, living on this physical plane where the most important feature of it is the “fact” that the EGOCENTRICAL motives “must be” the system  in operation.  This is definitely “not disputed” in any way, Why?  because  in any materialist world, only egos can function properly, there are excepptions of course bleeding thru; but it is again a none fact that only one or two percent of the worlds people, are OUT OF EGO!  To prove conclusively that this is an ego world.  If that is the case than all of the egoworld activities going back thousands of years, and history proves this also, all are BESET with FALSE BELIEF SYSTEMS, DELUSIONS, DENIALS THE WHOLE WORKS.
thus allowing our spiritiual SELVES, our souls to direct our lives thru what we call INTUITION; we then cant allow the historical fact, pictures, notions, beliefs of past lives, to direct us “in the proper fashion since they are unable , they are basically and were EGO DIRECTED, thus unsuitable to accept as “truth”  –  what must be addressed at all times, that differ in all respects with false realities is our soul – all our activities should abound around who we really are; SOULS.  Memory should be understood  and  used for the purpose of  remembering “who we really are, our purpose, our dedication, and most of all our “oneness with the Oneness”  – all the other memories should be cast aside since they are as meaningless, as the meaningless of our egos from one incarnation to another and NO LESSONS LEARNED, a complete wasted life!

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