emotions is perhaps the strongest force in a person’s life  –

I know in my life –  I had to keep my emotions “locked up tight” so
tight that even a bulldozer could not open it up!  why?
once it explodes, there is no coming back to normalcy, what I at the time called “normalcy”.
Living with a “demented woman” not in the sense of “normalcy”, but in the sense of “righteousness”  – which in my opinion, she knew nothing about, did not exist for her  –  how do I know?
even as a kid, I knew what righteousness was, from the beginning< I happen to come in at that “consciousness level” and I was literally aghast at the words that came out of my mother’s mouth, the lies etc.
and when I wanted to “know why”  –  her last words were:
I am your mother, and regardless of what I do, I AM YOUR BOSS,
that’s a mother?  wow! once I heard that, I kept my mouth shut, and unfortunately was “forced” to live with this deranged woman.
Unfortunately, I also married the wrong woman  –   who also was deranged in the sense of  ”  the hell with the world and the people in it, “I come first”, what I want, comes first”  –   her socalled happiness was the only thing that mattered to her, not her husband or her kids,
SHE CAME FIRST  –  so my emotions in regard to this problem was intense  –   how could I have married such a woman?
well unfortunately, past lives enters the picture, this woman, and my mother were past life characters that I had to deal with in this present lifetime  – did I do it?  I dont know except what I do know is that for whatever reason I had to straighten out mess I did in previous life times.
perhaps the main reason why I came in “psychic”, and got involved with metaphysics once I closed my business and my kids were on their own.
this world/worlds are more complicated than what the 6 pack Joe can even imagine -???????
Our emotions – are a “key Player”  in this Drama of Life  –  extending from the physical to the spiritual worlds  –
so we must also include “emotions in our quest for self development” whether we like it or not!
what kind of a world would it be, here on the time/space world particulary if emotions cant emote,?  Ask me because my emotions were literally DEAD for 50 yrs, living with a demented mother, and demented wife  –
demented of course on the basis that their whole life was wrapped around one word  E G O!
whats mine is mine,; what yours is also mine,  both my mother, and wife demanded that  “condition”
their idea of reality was simply one word  P O W E R.
and that one word cannot operate withouit  E G O  –
and ego cant operate without the “power of the Satanic Forces”
take it or leave it  – that is how the cookie crumbles as they say.
when in Rome; be with the Romans.
when in a den of thieves,  be a “thief”

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