Since we live in two world whether we like it or not – “dreams are capable of influencing our “other life”; our physical world!

Why, how etc.?
What are dreams and why are they so powerful in our life, despite the “fact” that as soon as we open our eyes, they “disappear like a cloud”
The physical world “is the materialization of our dream world and not the other way of discernment  –
the function of our body especially our hormones depends on “sleep” plus many other physical functions.  During “sleep” rejuvenates  itself something that the medical profession in general pays little attention to. OUR DREAMS ARE MEANT TO SOLVE MANY SOCALLED UNSOLVEABLE PROBLEMS that we deal with during the day.
As Confucious said, “we go to bed with a problem, and wake up with a solution!  Why is it difficult for us socalled “human” beings to solve problems in general”?
that is an excellent question!
The reason why its “so difficult” for us human beings to solve problems “while awake” is because we are “not in the right frequency “mode” to do so!
Problems “cannot” be solved unless a person is in the “right frequency”, its like our digital world which is a “frequency world”; got the wrong “signal which of course “IS A FREQUENCY” despite the “fact” that even the people “in the business” DONT KNOW IT!
the “wrong signal;wrong frequency” means  NO CONNECTION!
The frequency in the “dream state is called alpha/theta –  both states of consciousness work “in tandem” depending on what needs “resolution”.
plus the fact that in the dream state we are in two or more “modes” the UNconscious, the SUB conscous and for advanced “souls” the superconscious states; something that the average human being “KNOWS NOTHING ABOUT!
what’s going on here?  three powerful STATES OF CONSCIOUSNESS, which the socalled “average human being” knows nothing about”
how is that possible?
the average human being has been “cloned to belief” that unless something is given to them, taught to them, instructed to them, THEY KNOW NOTHING!
that is referred to  as BRAINWASHING!
again the OLD TESTAMENT states it without equivication  – HUMAN BEING COME INTO THIS PHYSICAL DIMENSION,  “deaf dumb and blind”
if that “is” the case, then they are being taken “advantage” by those “in the know who manipulate and control them carte blanche; they become literal “slaves” to these “overlords”
who are of course are the “high priests” in all socalled religious belief systems, and the OLD TESTAMENT WARNS PEOPLE ABOUT THESE HIGH PRIESTS!
what is happening today in the physical world are high priests warring against other high priests  –  not just on the socalled “relilgious bastions”
commerce, business are also high priests.
this has been predicted for the socalled “last days which we are now in of course, since the GOLDEN AGE OF AQUARIUS is becoming!
so dreams are meant to “fix” any imbalancing withing the body, psyche of an individual  -also “balance” out all of the “drama” which of course causes “imbalance” in a person’s life.\\
how?  by setting up scenarios similar to our “movies”- and “in fact” exactly like our movies with “characters playing out “their part” in the drama.
SO WE ACTUALLY LIVE TWO LIVES – the physical and the non physical without even KNOWING IT!  WOW!
again the bible was right!  its statement of “deaf dumb blind” is right on the mark!
so dreams are therapeutic, withouit doubt, even though people “dont know it”
SYMBOLS ARE PERHAPS THE MAJOR METHOD THAT DREAMS UTILIZE, since symbols are UNDERSTOOD and MATERIALIZED on the higher planes of consciousness.
We have it here on the materialistic plane; the whole computer system is based on the principles of symbols  – our third dimensional world cant operate without the numerological principles behind what gives symbols their power.
and the fantastic thing is the “fact” that practically noone knows this!  of course they “know” that symbols are used; they are taught that, but what
they dont “realize/know” is the derivation of “what a symbol is and represents.
its like asking a person his/her name  –  and getting the right response, and then further asking them who their parent, grandparents, great grandparents and further down the line, and discovering that the person “knows nothing”
in other words, the whys of the whys have been completely “overlooked”!
why?  goes back to the Torah statement; its pure unadulterated “ignorance”
Now we come to the “real reason” why people “have no connection whatsoever to who they “really are which of course is their SOUL”
To keep “people in ignorance” and this word “ignorance” covers everything in this manufactured world we call the physical dimension, which of course differs from the spiritual dimensions ( dreams etc.)
the EGO WAS MANUFACATURED OF COURSE, to play the part of “knowing what its all about” offering “false information based on”false belief systems”
the greatest exponent of the “truth”- in book form would be books “showing “concretely” that  “false beliefs” work hand-in-hand with the “evil forces” throughout our   UNIVERSE, i.e. the angel Lucifer is a good example of course! along with other socalled “fallen angels”
According to my understanding and the opinion of Seth, who is not a human being but more like a “spirit” –  a person seeking “enlightenment” which is another word for “wisdom”; which is another word for “being one with the ONE’ which of course is the Almighty –
dreams have the necessary FACULTIES to deal DIRECTLY with the spiritual and celestial heavens – which of course our ego knows “nothing about” and “could care less”\
So its “sums up” that regardless of the “fact” that most of us cant/dont remember our dreams, they nevertheless are “working overtime” to balance the unbalance in our lives.
under the guidance of our soul of course, which of course IS ONE WITH THE ONE!

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