I wrote about this word “division”; another word of course would be compartmentalize, a real big word with “very little substance attached to it. What does it mean?  what does the word “division” mean?

Most people never in their life time ever considered either of these words in the “sense as I am using them now” – and that is easy to see since most people live “in a prison without bars of course, self imposed “bars” of course, called “their comfort zone” – where “everything is in a safe secure compartment, –  once “shuffled” causing “disruption, is called a calamity!
We are no “in our studies” at the point where we must “at least take a peak out of our apartment, department, compartment, to see what’s happening “outside of our self imposed prison called “security”.
The “real” world has nothing in common with the world that “we created” our socalled “comfort-zone world.
We are not “seperated”; nothing is “seperated” it just appears to be seperated because we are “near-sighted but dont know it.
Nothing is disconnected as it apears to be!  that is a fallacy that our ego has contrived so that it can run your life and everyone’s life, and to back it up it has the scientific communities approval, wihc of course is our educational system with its PHd’s “all over the place acclaiming the “power” of the crime ridden ego laden system of criminality!
Criminals of old used guns – with the advent and growth of our educationa system especially in regard to “laws” written by criminals called “lawyers”, the sons and daughters of our old criminals found the easy method of extracting/stealing money withoiut the use of guns arms; they found that words skillfully aarranged, with the help of crooked jurors and judges, is all that is needed.  They went the legitimate route, using laws to is capable of filling their deep pockets LEGALLY!
The stupid ones of course in time, used to give the impression to the public that the law does work  – for every white color crime resulting in jail time; perhaps twenty five to fifty do not get caught  –  they get away with it scott free!
Now returning to what is happening with us people in regard to how we conduct our lives  – first of all we think and believe that we are sacrascent in respect that we are in charge of our own lives; that the Universe in general has no connection to “who we are, what we do and how we think””  that of course is UNTRUE.
We also believe that there is no connection “within our being, that is a connection between our thoughts and our feelings, between what we think and act with how our body “reacts” to these “inputs”.  We not only seperated ourselves from our Universe/god, we seperated ouirselves from OURSELVES.
Thus when the body reacts, get sick we pop pills instead of asking ourSELVES “whats the matter”, what did I do, say, think that caused my elbow, foot, neck etc. to start “kicking up” complaining with pain?
We are not only disconnnected from the Universe, we are also disconnected to our body bigtime! disconnected from our emotions, big time! disconmected to our mind big time!  and in respect to our socalled spiritual “nature” other than saying “I believe which of course is a lie since
noone can say I believe when their modus operanti says and does the opposite.  Its all a farce of course, just acting, playing the game, and appearing to be “normal like everyone else”
LIARS ALL OF COURSE  -self lying is so natural that noone pays any attention to it at all  –  overt lying is where most of the evidence is pointed to, not where lying is endemic, and epidemic of high proportion.
When a person is “in touch with him/herself, he/she is capable of “knowing what’s really going on  – not without,  – but whats within – and the quest of this article is to investigate and understand what this is all about.
tThe main proponent of “superficiality” of course is US, you, me and everyone living on this planet  –  we call it for want of another word ‘OUR EGO’, our idea of what “reality is all about” and guess what?
ITS ALL A LIE OF COURSE, since our ego is perhaps the most STUPID DEVICE around for determining “what is” and “what isnt”  –  it lacks the insight, understanding, wisdom, discernment of knowing right from wrong, and a multitude of thousands of other “means of understanding” it certainly has no spiritual connotations to it, thus falls flat on its face when dealing with the TRUTH!
Unfortunately the worlds educational system cannot operate with the power and influence of the EGO  –  thus reason,logic, intellect, have no purposse whatsoever in the short and long of determining what is, and isnt TRUTH!
Trjuth “transcends” our dimension, our ego beta frequency dimension; you wont read about it, hear about, because “once the cat “is out of the bag, the goose is killed, the whole educational system collases!
So its important to keep the six billion out there, DEAF,DUMB BLIND, and keep them in sevitude to their “overlords”  – who are our socalled “betters”, a mighty position created by egos of course!
We are now approaching the “idea” of what is mind, frequencies, ideas, and what is our body which can be called “flesh” since the other is non material; flesh certainly is of course.
However whether we like it or not, the bottom line is that “there is no seperation between them for in the “final analysis” everything breaks down to “atoms” which of course become frequencies which in time become materialized  –  etc. etc.
You may call our physical body , the  result of atom’s materializing utilizing all of the necessary requirements to become what we may call “living flesh” a term that means  –
every atom in our body knows what every other atom n the body is doing all of the time, even though the head, the mind we call “ourselves” do not for the simple reason we have “shut out” all of the conduits that allows communication to flow between all of the socalled “circuits”  The main circuit would be the brain which is controlled by our “belief systems” which are controlled by all kinds of inimical sources that “roam in our Universe” not just in our isolated planet called mother earth.
There are worlds within words as depicted by MANDELAS Buddhist systems showing the interrelationship of one sphere to another sphere, each believing that they are “all alone”  –
Science fiction is no longer science fiction why?  technology obviously was and is capable of “breaking down all of the blocks that scientists with  small minds have used for centuries to stop enlightened scientists from leaving their comfort zone.
I did that in my own way when I ran two retail establishments, using techniques, methods that my competitiors knew nothing about, which later they copied of course-  I coiuld do it because I was not hampered.  Not so with the society I formed and the site that I planned to have on the internet, my ideas were useless because I had no control over both places  -others that did not have my vision, or sincerity, short circuited my effort.
MY BLOG SO FAR IS SUCCESSFULL, PARTIALLY SUCCESSFUL, since all of my articles over two hundred are still in my computer system, not posted for the world to see!  why? the same reason my society/site failed of course!
Over 25,000 people visited my blog in one year; next year tht wil double and then triple, for the simple reason, PEOPLE ARE LITERALLY DYING TO READ WHAT I HAVE TO SAY AND THAT IS WHAT THEY SAY!
as my son Richard said today in his email;  Dad, you have the “human touch”; you know how to reach the common folk, that is a gift? of course it is a gift since I never wrote in my life – my expertise was speaking, I had a very good speaking voice, powerful speaking voice; writing was foreign to me.
This “gift” came in an opportune time of coiurse – if I coiuld reach over 25,000 people the first year that should double or even triple, next year.
In time that will grow and grow, my job is to keep well; I will be 91 yrs old in about two weeks.  Doing my best to keep functioning – my obligation now is to “enlighten people with “heavy hearts” that need “guidance” “away from the decadence of the world that we live in today  -without a penny cost to them!
My blog will be my last chance to break the power of the ego over innocent lives –  without the mumbo jumbo usually attached to so called spiritual subjects.
Idol worshiping is OUT  –  teenagers love idol worshiping, their rock stars, movie stars etc., adults use other “icons” for their idol worshiping, these people lost complete control in regard to the “fact” that they are not egos, they are souls –  souls do not need worshipping of any sort, no idols, no icons, nothing that smacks of egotism!  that means money, power, they are also forms of idolatry of course!  Billionairs, Gates, etc. are idolized fro their wealth.

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