Disease of Man Kind “Ignorance”

From my understanding it deals “exclusively with the word “ignore”, and what is the definition  of  “ignore”?
When we do more investigating we find that by “ignoring, paying little or no attention to whatever, there must be the “thing” that does the ignoring, and we agree that that thing deals “highly” with what an “ego” is  –
If we can agree on that , we then have a clue as to, the socalled “bottom line”
The kids n the past and in the present back to my day who did not like the courses that they “had to take to get to college” either cheated, or suffered from the whole ordeal, and I am sure that it is not any different today
If that “IS the case; the system failed for both the student and the system in general”  Nowadays its easier to cheat than in my day of course, and also in my day, the teacher, school college knew and expected cheating because their job depended on it, nowadays I am not sure what’s happening per se.
If the teacher in my day did not want cheating all that they had to do is to have different tests, not the same test which is the way they handled it.
What they do today I dont know since everything evolves/revolves around the computer.
KIDS NOWADAYS DO “not’ have to depend on memory as they did in the past since the computer ACTS AS THEIR MEMORY.
What is lacking  is the “ability to innovate”;  its not the past, that s dead, why teach it, its not the future since its “out there somewhere” its THE PRESENT OF COURSE,
what does that mean?  It means that  again INNOVATION must be incorporated into everything that the student “HAS TO OFFER, not the other way around!
that is the failure of our egosyste, which in m opinion of course, is living in the past or projecting too far into the future – which is certainly “out of the reach” of low consciousness people to even get the slight grasp of it!
A good example and I am that example since this blog is also an autobiography  When I got out of high school, I did not take a college course since I was not interested in the subjects they taught; more interested in what I ended up doing successfully –  my innate abilities were noticed at an early date – and they had nothing in common with the college course at the time – it was “business” – not studying Latin, Sciences stuff that had no appeal to me at all.
I taught myself how to type, hit fifty words a minute with six errors the first test I took; by the time I graduated hit 100 words perminute, could type on the old typewriter AS FAST AS A PERSON COULD TALK.  that eventually got me a “permanent civil service job with out government; left because of mistreatment, antisemitizm, no raises etc.
I ran the most important job in the Charlestown Navy yard; the Asst. Captain of the yards office; every call that came into the Navy Yard HAD TO COME to the office I ran, I had to know every building, every operation of this yard in order to “process these calls”. – I opened the first tug boat office in the Yard and GOT AN AWARD FOR OPERATING THE BEST GOVERNMENT organization in four states, and still because of antisemitizm I was given the lowest rating, I saw it for myself, so I quit of course!  Worked for eighteen months, got sick since the people I worked with smoked like chimneys which injured my health, got a doctor’s permission to quit which I did!
Went to work for my father, made him a “fortune” opened a hardware store, knew nothing about hardware, was never in a hardware store, was more successful than others since I was more innovative, which now comes to what I am trying to convey.
EDUCATION SHOULD DEAL “EXCLUSIVELY WITH THE INNATE POTENTIAL OF STUDENTS”,  find out thru using the RIGHT SYSTEMS, what these inner potentials are, and then direct the students educational needs.
In my day that was not done, and I dont think its done today either, I am not impressed with the testing systems, they need mighty overhauling.
and that is another BEEF that I have with “education per se”
Why teach something that “has no interest to the person and still expect him/her to get good marks” .  If they have an ability like my exwife with a photographic mind, there is no problem; she was an exception of course, was out of school ten yrs when she went to college with kids and got the highest marks!  The reason why she loved “education her way”
After leaving high school I found a PHd who KNEW HOW TO TEST, HE CHARGED A LOT OF MONEY, i PAID A LOT OF MONEY AND WE FOUND OUT THAT I HAD A FANTASTIC “TALENT” in regard to making money in the business world.
Which proved true of course, asked me if I wanted to work got me a job with Star Market a chain of supermarket and started me off with $35 a week, an amount that people who worked there ten years got.  I was fired by the manager of the store I was sent to work with because he didnt like the “idea”  of the “ideas” I came up with to build the business; I was only eighteen at the time, way ahead of the manager, I was a smart kid.  He stayed I got bounced of course
I had to fend for myself because my father who I trusted died suddenly and my mother kicked me out of the hardware store since I would not work with a younger brother who I never got along with.

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