Desire? What is desire and how does it affect human beings ? Of course at the ego “level”; its rather “easy” to know what desire it since everyone, that is “egos of course” all have the same desire, some more, some less, some obvious, other not so obvious. “its what makes the “world turn” without desire the world as we know it, the ego world, “does not turn” Buddha and other great “initiates” goes much further into “really knowing what desire is” since every “step of the way hopefully “up the ladder, not “down the ladder” to purgory which is “the end result for people like Stalin, Hitler, the present greedy poiticians and their buddies, – corporations making products “to kill rather than to heal”; media which helps these “insane people” in their quest to “destroy the human race and replace it with $$$$$$ bills!; the stockmarket of course where for every winner, ; there is a loser – manipulations going on “all of the time” – THAT IS ON THE SURFACE OF THE WORLD WE LIVE IN, however this world, and the people in it “go far beyond the “surface of this world”; humans “cannot exist” without the astral world where “spirits resides; and where dead people reside” – there are “laws pretaining to that world also; I am using the word “law as a synonym for desire”, why? Because laws, all laws in this 3rd dimensional physical world we call EARTH, cannot operate without the laws of the Universal Laws that pertain not only to our “ego world” but to all of the “other words” as exemplified by many “esoteric systems”; My channel uses the Cabalistic “tree of Life” model. As an example: whatever happens “down here in the third dimensional, AFFECTS all of the other dimensions, the fourth , the fifth and if there are more and I know that there are more, them too. By now if you have read what has been written, you “should” have a pretty good idea that whateveer CREATED ALL OF THESE WORLDS/DIMENSIONS, the name god is usually used of course, created “everything” from just “one little seed, if opened, shows “nothing of substance” – nothing from the viewpoint of an ego of course, or anyone else. SPIRIT has no physical substance – frequencies, all of them and there are millions, billions and possibly trillions, also have NO SUBSTANCE! The reason why scientists keep saying, and believing that “when there is no substance, there is no proof, despite the FACT, that what they are trying to “disprove” exists! They believe and think the sum of all that exists can be “measured” thru the physical apparatus of instrumentation, overlooking of course, the word called ESSENCE; for them essence has no significance at all; thus most are atheists – which means the denial of the Universe Mind Forces That Do Exist -through all known Universes. Its like a “fish” swimming in a pond thinking that it is swimming in an ocean! We call that “being shortsigted etc” Our blog is meant to take the “little fish” which is US OF COURSE, and show the “ego of the little fish”; that what they believe is a “drop in the ocean” in regard to WHAT IS! When the “student is ready, the teacher appears” so people coming to our blog, “if they are ready; whatever they seek they will find. So DESIRES, another word for “motivation” is a powerful impulse to “find the truth” – whatever truth means for them. Egos never seek truth since they consider themselves the truth. So what we offer to ego will be unacceptable for them – their “desires \” transcend the need for “self realization” – for them self realization means “hitting the jackport” = a mansion, clipper ship, cadillacs , being on the “billionaire lists” etc. etc. Please keep in mind that our MIND is capable of believing anything, ANYTHING, which will FUILFILL THE PERSONS DESIRES – good/bad Also keep in mind that the difference between an ego and a SOUL; is the difference between the size of a “ant and the size of an elephant” Which of course is the same difference between the egocentric 3rd dimensional Beta oriented/low frequency world we live in today; which we call the PHYSICAL WORLD – AND AS YOU SEE THERE IS NO COMPARISON – the egoworld, can totally disappear, FOREVER and that happened when the contient ATLANTIS was blown up by mad scientists thousands of years ago! THAT CAN HAPPEN HERE; WE DO HAVE THE MODUS OPERENTI TO BLOW UP THE PLANET EARTH WHERE WE PRESIDE TODAY. So the first “order of business” is to “purify” our desires,which again means destroy the power that “causes all of the troubles” which of course is what we call the ego. Some people define ego as” edging god out” As you well know the word ego and the word GREED have a “lot in common”; we are experiencing that first hand – big time today where corruption is BEYOND CONTROL – So to “sum up” – this is the equation – Greed + Gluttony + “man’s inhumanity to man + contriveness + hypocracy + STUPIDITY = death of the soul’s purpose for its incarnation into this lifetime UNFORTUNATELY RELIGION, THAT IS TRADITIONAL RELIGION which instead of “releasing people from “bondage” puts them into a prison cell and “throws the keys away” THIS HAS HAPPENED FOR THOUSANDS OF YEARS – paganizm of the Romans and Egyptians way back when – had their SLAVES, and oligarks, We have the same here = we did before the Civil War,; also after the Civil war with the Klu Klux Klan – stopping the negroes as they were call them from “voting” etc., and as of this moment, our Supreme Court just passed a law meant to prevent “people from voting” – now who “in their right mind would believe that since we are supposed to be the “beacon/light for the world” $$$$$$$$$$$ ANOWADAYS IS THE BEACON OF THE WORLD! Our illustrious Supreme Court also humanized our corporations -said that they are “equal” citizens of our country; they overlooked one fact, the reason for the “existence of a coproration”! My understanding for the reason for a coproration other than doing “business etc” to to PROTECT THE PRINCIPLES OF THE CORP. – in case the corporations got into financial trouble, they, the people,principles CANNOT BE SUED.

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