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From: Rothman, Maurice
Date: Sat, Oct 17, 2015 at 2:46 PM
Subject: Re: “Delicate Arch Milky Way.jpg” WunderPho
To: Sergio Gonzalez

Hi Ssrgio

We of course are on the “same page”\\
Jefferson/Polarity was a first class “fraud” and got away with it.
there are many first class frauds “playing their “trade”
When  I came to Porlarity, Jefferson made “damn sure” that I wouldnt
“expose him”   –   of course polarity is not a fraud, and the Doctor who
devoted his whole life to it, wasnt a fraud; and the people who came to
polarity were not frauds”
but then  –  the socalled “boss” of Polarity who did a “great job” in opinion
in Arcos Island  –  because he had good help, honest people who did honest work, –  who of course were not psychic as I was at the time,  which of course proved that I was right in regard to who “jefferson really was”  a SATANIST
plying “his trade”
the reason I could NOT speak to my fellow seekers  –  as you well know
so what I am saying everything that “appears to be “true, holier-than-thou, using polarity as an example, is “not holier-than-thou”  –   Jefferson
did a “job” on the lives of devoted hardworking “seekers”  –  that he feared I would  ” interfere with his satanic motives”
Jefferson’s future once he dies  –  is  H E L L  –
The saying if it waddles like a duck, clucks as a duck , it must be a duck?  that is a LIE!  there are more “phony” people plying their “spiritual trade” other than religions per se, that people know about.
I found that out when I had my society – wherein I did all of the work, my officers, elected democratically “refused to do anything”  –
most of them were “spiritualists; belonged to their socalled spiritualistic churces as I attended many myself
I am not knocking the tenents  of people who belong to the Spiritualistc movement  –  but – then these same people “did a number on me without the least hesitation as to the principles behind “right/wrong”
basically they never left that EGO system conducting their lives  – of course there were “some” exceptions but then the people that I chose as my Board of Directors, twenty five people, using their socalled wisdom  –  controlled by their ego of course  – emasculated me, disgraced me, and proved to me that whatever describes their character is without doubt loaded with satanic ego influence.
at the time our society was very active holding monthly meetings and ppublic meating twice a month;  – aattracted over 250 members, to on
TV, radio etc.
when they triumphantly told me, not ask me but told me to hand over our membership list, which of course I refused  –  instead of staying together with twenty five members, “they disbanded and did nothing”\
I continue on by getting my society a non profit status with both the USA government and with our State of Massachusetts.
as said what happened with them?  NOTHING!
and the amazing thing of all of this “history” is that  the  same society started in 1981 is still functioning for “accredidation purposes”  we are still in business  as a non profit with both our state, and our government!
                        NOW INSTEAD OF HAVING 250 MEMBERS
                        that last count a year ago was 2,000,000 
                        people signing into our site; and that was
                       a year ago; by now it should be 3,000,000
                       million or more!
People who dont know who I am would say that I have a pronouced ego –  “blowing my horn”
people that think that way dont know the “difference” where “differences” matter!
the original intention of my “society” had nothing to do with money or ego  –  since I have never been involved with what money is all about, which of course eliminates an vestige of ego!
I have made sure that what we call “opinion” should not “muddy the water” since every human being is “accorded opinion” whether rich or poor, and for me in the start and the end, “mean nothing” just spinning ones wheels.
I tried to express “my opinions thru the experiences that I have had throughout my life that COOINCIDES what Seth Jane Roberts, channel
UNFORTUNATELY SPIRITUALITY sometimes “gets lost in the woods”
where its not truth that matters, but the “channel of the socalled truth”   that matters.
the instrument becomes the god of the matters  –  that is the “medium” becomes more important that the “real source” –  and  –  that happens all of the time since people are not ‘EVOLVED ENOUGH’  to know the difference.
a perfect example of course is Jefferson ; not the teachings of the doctor Sloane, if that is his name, or it could be Stone, anyway the Doctor was completely side-tracked to make room for the new Messiah!
despite all that Polarity did great work especially for yours truly, in fact from all of the systems I was involved with, IT WAS THE BEST in every respect despite the fact that I was told, to “keep my mouth shut, and to do so as you know, used tape!
Jefferson knew that I knew who he was!   and   that goes for any person/system that thinks it can “pull-the-wool over my eyes ” 
my blog is “my testament”, or “last testament” concerning the Nature of Personal Reality written of course by Jane and her husband Rob,
carefully writing down ever world that Seth put in Janes mouth!
most people if not all could not understand the language that Seth being from somewhere in the Universe ; even college graduates with three degrees like my friend at the time Tony Mazza and my own son Richard with his three degrees “could not fathom”
My channel did not lack that faculty  –  but  – then I was never a writer; I had to quit college because I lacked writing skills.
My skill was talking  –  not writing  –  but then, my channel with the assstants of the powers above, made me a writer.
same with piano playing, for a period of five or so years, I composed aclassical music not “note by note” but in a completion form, just be
sitting in front of the piano and automatically play classical music, that people actually liked!
They alll came from my “soul of course which is the “creative source” for all creativity!
but then who deals with the SOUL?  people dabble in about everything that “tinges with the world of spirituality” not knowing of course what]
they are doing, causing more trouble, grief that they can imagine!
my blog is meant with the wisdom of Seth, to little -by-little “open up” the “hidden areas in a person’s life”  –   in such a way that “in time” what must happen, will happen without the interference of the methodology, under the guise of spirituality, which in many instances is a “cover for how Satan operates”
that happened of course dramatically in regard to the twenty five members I made as board of directors.
so for people interested in the wonders of spirituality, the first thing one must do is “not to buy the cover of the book”  that’s there, used ot induce a person to “buy the book”
in other words its best that noone gets involved with the mystery and intracacies of the socalled spiritual world,  and  who said that?
most of the socalled avatars, Buddha, Krishma, the Torah, LaoTzu, Hermes, Plato,Socrates etc.  and of course Swedenborg.
certain things people can “dabble in” other NOT!
the purpose of my blog, is to introduce this non ego world in such a way , using Seth’s teachings of course, that what we call “knowledge” does not infiltrate OUR CONSCIOUSNES, the socalled usual way that’s
taught by our educational institutions.
automaticaly “prevent”  new knowledge from being assimilated.
its like our computer  –  which in time gets CLOGGED UP with information to a point where it breaks down  – unable to “digest” more information  –  
our socalled brain system which osstensibly stores information for the purpose of “regurgiration”   –   not for the purpose of  its original purpose which of course is meant for its opposite  –  which hardly anyoNE knows about which of course is its opposite:
                               THE FACULTY OF THE INTUITION
Intuitives the name given to people who have this faculties ability  –
utilized other senses UNKNOWN by the egocentric mindsets of the
people living today   –  it is totally “unknown to exist for them”
I just happen from birth of course, to be an INTUITIVE   –    which enabled me without any experience whatsoever to accomplish things
that most people dont/cant accomplish.
who gets the credit?  of course for the ego-mind, I, and my ego, should take all of the credit, but then,  what happens if the “intuitive” has little will and desire to “give that credit to his/her ego which he/she knows is a first class phony??????????????????????????
On Sat, Oct 17, 2015 at 12:12 PM, Sergio Gonzalez  wrote:

Good day Maurice,

I thought of you when I saw this picture.

I am so happy for you to be doing ” SPIRIT’S” work to raise conscience for the masses.

A “SPEAKER” Claudius our house God has been speaking through Mary Jane since January and we have been blessed with receiving the wisdom from our God selves and others.

We, like you, are helping others become aware of their spirit side of life. Only, we are doing it at on a one on one process.

Blessings upon you,

I love you ,


“Delicate Arch Milky Way.jpg” taken in Moab, UT, US by LarryD, 10/15/15 – WunderPhoto found on the Weather Underground App

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