The “main feature” of conscious intent/ consciousness is the FACT THAT BOTH ARE INHERENT.  and what does “that mean”

First the word “inherent” and its puroses” GO COUNTER TO WHAT WE ARE TAUGHT, even though even socalled “educated people” DO NOT KNOW THAT?  If they did there whole “educational system” would be immediately “thrown to the ashes where in my humble opinion, it belongs.
Again the word “inherent comes from the word “inherit” does it not?  How does   our “present educational system “inherit”?  it doesnt of course, it does the opposite, and where does the word “consciousness come into the “picture”; it doesnt of course  –  people are “familiar” with the word “conscious, for them it means being alive, basically speaking, and that is where it “begin and ends” because once the letter, NESS, comes into play that word “conscious” loses its MEANING.
Adding the word INTENT, continues to ‘BAFFLE’ our educators since the way “they” set up their “programs” intent has no place in their curriculums, none whatsoever.
The word INTENT goes far “beyond” the CAPACITY of our educators because it IMPLIES, that our educators have “experienced” the “multi-dimensional world of INTENT –  which they have not of course.
My entry yesterday made a mention of the “fact” that multi-dimensional “states of consciousness” are OFFERED TO ALL HUMAN BEINGS, and  those with the developed “consciousness” can utilize these heightened states of consciousness
What prevents this from happening of course is “fear, doubt and opposing beliefs!
The mystery of this word “conscioussness and the word “intent” causes many “changes” in those who are “wise enough” to know the difference”, these changes are reflected in attributes, and character!
and it functions automatically since “intent is the key that UNLOCKS all of the doors(fear, doubt etc)
The easiest proof of course for me and for millions of other “seekers” was Silva Mind  –  what we DID proves “without a doubt” that the multidimensional world not only exists but has more potentcy of anything on this third dimensional planet; the reason why our educational system/politicians put pressure on them back in the middle sseventies.  How do I know?  I WAS THERE, AND COMPLAINED ABOUT THAT along with other “open minded SEEKERS.
Want  definitive changes in your life? and who doesnt?  Knowing “in advance” that our planet called Mother Earth represents not even a “dot” in the heavens with trillions of planets etc.-and what does that mean?  It means that for me and for you and for everyone, we must GO BEYOND OUR LIMITED UNDERSTANDING OF WHAT REALITY IS REALLY ALL ABOUT!  it means that US, and the billions, trillions of LIFE in GODS KINGDOM ARE ALL THE SAME, when it comes to the words frequency and vibration, and the words intent, and consciousness, and again that has been proven over fifty years ago by an UNEDUCATED MEXIICAN CALLED JOSE SILVA.
The most sacred prayer of the Hebrew Religion is:
Unfortunately that has been misinterpreted by even the clergy of the Hebrew Religion  –  their interpretation although valid for their belief system, does not get INTO THE HEART OF THAT PRAYER.  That “prayer” was meant to imply that there is a common denominator for LIFE PER SE, and that common denominator is the word that we call GOD;  and by the way, in the Hebrew religion using that word, god, is forbidden when praying and even not praying, its forbidden, they substituted the word hashem instead.
The greatest living human being that ever existed on this planet was Emmanuel Swedenborg, the only human being that was able to commune with the angles and arch angels.
When asked about religions which one he believed was the TRUE RELIGION, he forsake the religion he grew up in even though he was in the clergy, and pronounced the only TRUE RELGION WAS THE REAL RELIGION, THE RELIGION  OF THE HEBREWS.
those who wish to dispute this “fact”, should either buy his works, or get them from their local library.

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