What “is” conscience” and is it what people think it is.  It deals of course with what we call “reflection” – guilt, which we find if not connected to the
“soul” which of course is one with “natural guilt”; unfortunately is totally misinterpreted and misunderstood.  Because its used primarily for the “artificial world that we live in, which I call ego for want of a better word of description”.

So we see  how “artificial guilt” dominates the lives thru the power of the EGO, do “do its “dirty work”
As you know I am no lover of reason,logic,intellect, and my main reason is because it is the BASTION OF THE EGO, –  it however “can and is used by people who have developed consciousness states (critical thinking) is a term that identifies higher consciousness states –  the problem with that of course is academia who uses different measurement tools- thus mixing the chalf with the wheat thru ignorance of course!
We must “realize” the significance of consciousness  –  when we consider that  creativity is the way “it is assessed, not by putting information into the memory bank which is the”opposite”of creativity.
Creativity emerges from the hgher dimensions, a fact that most if not all educators know very little about  –  when student “think” or when people in general “think”,  the question arises, “what faculty are they using”?
Most would say memory, something they read or even thought about using ego tools rather than spiritual tools.  Critical thinking is a “buzz word that most people cannot define”
Of course as you all know by now, I am a firm exponent of the word “intuitive since that has been mode of operenti all of my life.  Have amade mistakes using my ego mind?  of course I have, I am not perfect, I dont always practice what I preach!
I wont leave this ego world as a perfected human being, that is for sure! I am like everyone else who has to be tested constantly.
According to Seth, he believes that the conscious mind is very creative; from his point of view  I am sure that he is correct.  The idea is “how to “see his point of view, and my point of view of course –  I have simplified this of course; its between the “ego view of the world, the left hemisphere of the brain, and the non ego, the right hemisphere of the brain.  Seth apparently chose the right hemisphere when he said that the conscious mind is creative.  One of course is UNconscious, being linear (the left); the other side is non linear(right side)
He also says that “man” is basically good, that is applying the innate faculties of man, but then only a few percent of the worlds population use their “innate faculties”  Yes, man is good “if he/she is lucky” and not “sucked in” by our egocentric world where everyone is on their own, the idea of “I COME FIRST, THE HELL WITH EVERYONE ELSE”

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