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Maurice is love
Maurice is unusual
Maurice is talented
Maurice is spiritual
Maurice is kind, intelligent, responsible and in general a human being of the highest order.

Barbara Brilliant

A passionate esoteric whose life goal has been to rise people’s consciousness from the subverting power of materialistic pursuit and elevate all of humanity into the auspices of transcendental spirituality.

In order to do so, Maurice has had to max out on his intuitive and psychic inner strength to learn to adroitly organize his vast reservoir of spiritual concepts and musings in written form, refining his literacy by becoming more expansive in his readings of former psychics and mystics. As a result, his much highly improved writing ability has elevated his narrative to a level that can properly and effectively accomplish

his goal of disseminating his spiritual message through an ambitious literary format.
I can attest to this, as I have been corresponding with him by e-mail, on most days and for the better part of 14 years, while covering a wide range of topics: From the primal and insidious power of the ego to the meaning of transcendental spirituality. Thus, in the process, I have provided him with some guidance and observed him to gradually improve his writing skills, going from an incipient struggle to piece

his thoughts coherently to fluidly write about any theme or topic at the present time.

Jose Luis

Good evening Maurice,

Yes all is well and I hope you are well too.

Here is the comment that required a little more thought and feeling on my part to do justice than merely throw out a quick note about you. There was a lot to reflect and I wanted to be SPIRIT INSPIRED. So here it is. I hope it is all you hoped for and more.

Love Sergio

My name is Sergio Gonzalez and I have known Maurice Rothman since January 1978.

We met  in the very first week of our training at the Polarity Institute on Orcus Island Washington. Oddly enough, my very first encounter with Maurice was in the sauna bath room. After a conversation of filling in the blanks of our lives prior to coming to the Institute, Maurice offered a palm reading which included a reading from his channel. It was very profound and insightful. In the following weeks of our training especially during the group sessions, Maurice would come up with statements or comments that were contrary to the Institutes beliefs and teachings. After a time of this, the Leaders of the Institute put a BAN on Maurice from speaking. They even went so far as to place a piece of duct tape over his mouth during the day for the remainder of our training, only to be removed for eating purposes. He and I got around this by writing to one another during the day. I personally would sneak into his room, when all was quiet, and we would converse, in a whisper, until we had said all we had to say.

After completion of our training, we remained in contact and in close friendship, since the time, 39 years now. A few years later, he organized and headed a group in his area, of psychic healers. I believe it was called the Society of Psychic Healers. During this time, I had organized in my Oregon area a fellowship, The Wholistic LIFE Fellowship. When it became apparent, a few of the members were attempting to wrestle away the original intended  purpose of the Society, Maurice placed the Society under the umbrella of my Fellowship to thwart any further attempt on their part. Later, he and his channel would advise me on the purchase of property as well as contributing and donating financial support.

In the 1980’s, Maurice, moved to Murrieta Hot Springs, CA to receive more therapy treatment sessions. I would visit him with my two daughters as my mother lived nearby. We would see each other many times over the years either in Massachusetts, Oregon or California to have many talks of our mutual love and respect of ALL THAT IS.

Over the following years, Maurice learned and developed his skill using the Radionics machine with a great deal of accuracy and success. I was fortunate to receive many treatments over the years. As recently as, May 2016, Maurice provided a treatment for my then one year old Grandson, who was diagnosed with 2 holes and a fused ventricle in his heart. Although, he went through his scheduled surgery, he was sitting up in 3 days and 2 more days was walking outside the hospital.

My love and respect for Maurice has only grown since the very first time we met and wish we could sit face to face to converse of beauty, majesty, glory and wonder of ALL THAT IS.


Sergio Gonzalez

Ashland, OR

Maurice and I traveled in the same Boston circles for many years as we were exploring new modalities that were surfacing, seemingly all at once for me. From Silva Mind Control to the Psychic Groups, one of which he led, to EST to Dowsers (actually not sure he participated). The Spiritualist Church,  Radionics, common friends….. I hosted some evenings and we also met in different places but our paths just kept crossing through the years. And did I forget to mention his piano sessions? Loved to listen to jazz that he interpreted so well. I am so glad we are still in touch and that Maurice is contributing all the time. YOU GO MAURICE!!

Rosian Zerner

I have known Maurice all of my life. However, we always called him Moe. He was my father’s lifelong friend, beginning from the time that they were teenagers. They complemented each other well. My father was your typical cut-up, always out to have a good time no matter what the rules were. He also fancied himself to be a singer in the model of Al Jolson. Moe, on the other hand, was more reflective, and a great pianist.

The two of them belonged to many Jewish organizations for boys, but were not averse to crashing parties and events they were not a part of. One time, they found their way onto the Symphony Hall stage, where Moe played piano and my father sang, until someone asked them who they were, and if they were with the sponsoring party.

My parents remained very friendly with Moe and his wife Sarah, and I recall attending the bar mitzvah of one of his sons.

It was years later that my parents told me that Moe had gotten into some really strange stuff, but they were all for it. They told me that he interpreted handwriting, and that he could tell you all about yourself from your fingerprint or a piece of your hair.

This was during the height of the New Age era of the 1980s, and I myself was into it. I would go to the Whole Health Expos and on occasion consult with Reiki healers. I also consulted with a few psychics.

I was living in Cambridge, and Moe’s older brother George had helped me get an apartment in 1986. I also knew Moe’s brother Milty and his family, because they had the hardware store in Central Square. But for some reason I had not interacted with Moe as much as with his brothers.

But one day I called him, and we talked for a long time. From then on, we were always close, and always in touch. I supported all of his efforts and would visit him at his mother’s house and later at his apartment at the JCC in Newton. I brought at least a couple of ex-boyfriends to him to have him perform radionics on them. They liked him very much.

Maurice is one of a kind. He is extremely open-minded, very intelligent, and has a great passion to help others. He has also become quite a writer. I have recently read things about his life that I never knew, such as his early career at the Charlestown Navy Yard, and his varied, but always successful, retail ventures.

He is still sharp as a tack, and has a good read on modern politicians and celebrities. He is very perceptive and usually right on target. And as far as health and nutrition, he is as correct as can be.

He is also very devoted to Judaism and biblical concepts, and weaves this fundamental belief system into his paranormal work.

All of his efforts — with his blog, his writing, and his commentaries on those he has greatly admired, such as Nikola Tesla and Emanuel Swedenborg, will keep their work and their memories alive.

As he prepares to depart for his annual trip to India, I wish him only the best, and health and well-being. He has enriched my life and those of so many others. May G-d always bless Maurice.
Susie Davidson
The Huffington Post
The Jewish Daily Forward

I met Maurice in 1978 in Pondicherry, India. I was 18 at that time and moved to United States at the age of 19 and since then Maurice has acted as my adopted Dad counseling me and giving me good advise me on a variety of things. The few times I did visit with him I was able to hear and witness his channel on various subjects.

One Moment that really stands out through the almost 40 years that I have known Maurice was when I visited him in Murietta Hot Springs when Maurice was living in California. it was on a sunday and we had just done watching 60 minutes when the phone rang and as soon as Maurice started talking I knew this was a Serious emergency call. The call was from the girlfriend of Joseph Aiello and she was saying that Joe was in a terrible accident and it looked like Joe was dying.

I heard Maurice say in a calm but confident voice to –Flood him with White light or imaging him in a glow of white light.  he then went on to say–rub the white light all around his lungs and stomach where his Aorta or main artery was ripped and also where his lungs were filling up with blood.

Then have Joe go back to when he was the happiest or both you and him should focus and think about the moment when Joe was the happiest and keep thinking about that moment for at least 5 minutes.

a few weeks later Maurice told me what happened after he spoke with Joe’s girlfriend— what happened next– all the blood was drained from both his lungs and everything was normal with no scar tissue.

A video was made where Maurice, Joe Aiello and his girlfriend related what happened. his mother’s miracle was also mentioned in the tape where she was dying in the death ward of Mt Auburn hospital in Cambridge, Mass. Maurice was asked to help her using his Radionic device. Maurice never saw the woman, he just worked with an Untouched picture of her. with 3 days of the Radionic device broadcasting– all of the poisons and cancer in her lung was gone. This can be proved by Mt Auburn Hospital. There is also a picture that shows Joe’s vehicle turned upside down in a ditch.

Nisar Dalal


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