The Genius of Our Body System

Jews who knew “something” in regard to their body system, survived starvation, and torture by the Russians and Germans during the last world war  –  those that did not “know this of course died of starvation, and the “ovens” of course!

My blog is “meant” to open up “channels” wherein a person has “some” insights into the fantstic creation called the “human being”
I am only one person amongst six billion who had the “privilege” of having “direct experiences” with the GodHead – –  the “essence of everything involved with everyTHING on this planet Earth.
Second hand material means “nothing to me” – direct experience means everything!
Theories “corrupt”  “disrupt” the natural processes that overseer, overlair, anything and everything on our materialstic third dimension.
Education/theories go to gether like ham/eggs etc.
Have no “credence” when dealing with INTRINSIC TRUTH!  The idea of a theory automatically “wipes out” any indication of “truth” -since it is FABRICATED – truth does not require “fabrication”
What is, just IS”
According to the Old Testmanet our oringal forefathers lived hundreds of years  –  the word PRISTINE, comes to mind, what is “pristine”?
Once a person is “capable of living pristine, he/she has extended their life form!
WE HAVE POLLUTED OUR BODY MIND EMOTIONS AND SPIRITUALITY TO SUCH AN EXTENT THAT, hardly anything “pristine” is left to function.  Enabling the medical people to reap the benefits that disease “give them/money”.
Back thousands of years ago people had “built in equalibrium, which means “being balanced” true homeostasis,fortunately for them, this “built in function that “we come in with at birth” – evidenced by palm reading, deep lines, iridology, reading the iris of the eye which indicates “what a person comes in with in regard to “health, longevity etc” and I am sure many other “natural methods of detection”  –
I happen to be a palm reader also a person versed in eye reading/iridoogy and other alternative “sciences”- non drug methodologies – capable if the person is qualified of course, to give “accurate “readings” in “all’ respects.
Something  that  the “ordinary  person” has a “very hard” thing of understanding is the “fact”
That is, what   “incarnation” is all about” that is, “coming back” for another “try”  –   another chance to “discover who we really are” other than a son or a daughter of a male and female enjoying the pleasures that our “sex glands” gives us  -presto!  a child is conceived and born within a nine month period of gestation.
Why and how this new born is “meant” to become a “being with socalled “human” qualities – is a mystery to six billion people on this planet!
Many theories arise because of this socalled “natural act”  – animals copulate, everything natural in its own way “copulates” their way of course.
So what’s missing is not the hows, that’s easy, what’s missing are the whys”
Its exactly like buying a book based primarily on what the “cover of the book” not the contents is showing us  – its a “pig in the poke” as they say –
We know “absolutely” nothing about “what a body is “really” all about rather than the “fact” that the body gets “hungry” and needs food to take the hunger away.  Other than that we dont need to know anything about our body. That is until the “hormones such insisting that they also are “hungry” hungry for food called “sex” –  which institutes marriage since sex needs both a male penis, inserted into a space for it provided by the female.
That is the “sum total” of what life is “really all about” which means that we “know absolutely nothing about Who we are” other than, who are parents, siblings, friends at play and work, schools, etc.  – these are fine but do NOT give us a single clue as to who we “really are” – especially since out physical body and all of the mentioned above dies when the body dies,
This is perhaps the real reason for MY BLOG  – THE AWAKENING OF THE SLUMBER OF MANKIND  –   forget the cover of the book!  Open up the book of life, and find out “who you really are” not when you die, but while you are still alive”!!!
Who does that?  Noone of course, why not? ignorance of course, ignorance is a “form of stupidity” and stupidity is a form of STUPOR, and stupor is a form of “indolence” and indolence is a form of arrogance, and now we come
The answer lies in only one word and that word is EGO!  and for the hundredth time what IS a EGO?
Simply said an ego is the persons deep and biding belief and faith that everything that happens  in this world of time and space is TRUTH,- and what is “truth”?
For the socalled “normal ego person” truth is what people “experience” in their life not knowing of course that their thoughts, beliefs,emotions and aspirations have the “ability to transcend our time/space world” by going into the higher dimensions called the fourth and fifth dimensions; t he “world of CAUSE” and what IS this world of “cause” – and if the fourth dimension is the world of cause, what is the world of effect.  All cause, “causes” effect, even a kindergarden kid would understand this.
so since we, the six billion out there no nothing in regard to “what’s happening in and around us being wrapped heavily around with our insulation , comfort zone, prisonlike world, “the world of the EGO”,
We completely disregard the “fact” and it is a “fact” not a theory and why is it a “fact”  – our ego has been “defined exactly by the “fact” that it can only EXIST, in a frequency world of between 21 and 14 cycles per second.
My instrument , the BRAIN WAVE SYNCHRONIZER proves without doubt that the Beta world, the ego world is LIMITED, which of course “limits the “mind-sets” of people,   —meaning of course  ——-that people living in this frequency world CANNOT go beyond its limitations
which means, lack of CONSCIOUSNESS, which means IGNORANCE, which means IMPRISONMENT  – which means total ignorance of what?
THE TRUTH!  – it means that truth cannot exist on the beta 21-14 cycle per second WORLD, the result?
Read the history books going back thousands of years and what do you find?
When a person listens to an alpha tape which goes beyond the lower level, which is form 14 to 7 cycles per second; – he/she is “being one/relative with the ONE/universal  –
Man’s first sin was seperating from the GodHead and the Old Testmanet reveals that fact”
My blogs work is meant to “take us back to the beginning”  – take us bad to the idea of “purity”; take us back to “knowing the difference”
“to make a difference, one must “know” the difference”
Once the difference is “known”; there is no more “ignorance:, no more imprisoned by our egos; we now have become “one with the ONE

Nervous System Interplay

Thinking (thoughts) needs a nervous system that is capable of transcending the time/space barrier  – going into alpha makes that happen since the nervous system and the frequency system is one and the same.

If the person is in BETA, he/she is incapable of going beyond the time/space barrier; their nervous system is too DULL, to operate at the higher levels of consciousness.
Thus thoughts/thinking makes it imperative that the person’s nervous system is ATTUNED to the higher levels of Alpha/Theta.
Also the belief system of the person was “NOT be neative – otherwise its all a “sham”.  Uri Geller was on the Tonight show with Johnny Carson, and refused to do his “tricks” because there was “too much negativity connected with his performance.  Of course Carson poo pooved his statment since Carson knew nothing of how the metaphysical system works.
Uri made a mistake going on Carson’s show.
So the bottom line appeas to be dealing “exclusively” with frequencies which are of course connected to the “nervous system” of our body  – psychic people are called “sensitives”  –  their sensitivity is perhaps two to three times stronger than socalled “normal people”
Intuitives are called “sensitives”  –  they are able to deal wih the chakras etc.
So when the thoiughts, emotions, beliefs nervous system work in sync, harmony – the body is capable of transcending the egoworld that we live in, and enter the higher worlds.  We do it when we sleep of course!
The word electro-magnetically deals exclusively with the word CODE, as I mentioned everything is programmed/coded before hand.  Much of this advanced information is gleaned by astrology.  In my case my chart indicates my ability in regard to doing “intuitive work” being a Pisces with the right planets aspects.
For  me its “inspirationally inclined”.  My thought process do not work very well in contrast to my inspirational imputs.  One is manufactured; the other not manufactured, inspired.

A Self Healing Mechanism

Unknown  to the world at large, our physical body is a “self healing mechanism – there are “good viruses and bad viruses” such as there are

good t houghts and bad thoughts.
Our body is a mystery to all even to the socalled physciians – who are
ignorant  of that “fact”.
It is our responsibility to “love our body” not  “kill it”  -“insult it” and degrade it” as the 98% have done due to “ignorance of course!
Our body detest  pharmaceuticl drugs since it is a “poison”.  Just like our birds will not eat fruit that has been sprayed with poison; our body will also “reject” poisonous food, poisonous prescription ddrugs –
its called having “after effects” aftereffects is the “result of poison”
Give the body “natures food” and it wont have an after effect – its knows itself, it does “not know” chemical prescriptive drugs”
The final arbiter of course is the “self” of the individual; he/she makes the “difference”.
What is our “soul” doing while everything meaningful is swirling    around every minute, second of a person’s life?  The soul is “watching the action of course” waiting “its time” – which of course means “allowing the “ego” to deplate itself to the extent where it the ego has “fallen on its face”, lost its power!
as they say “every dog has its day”  – just replacing the word for dog with ego, says it all!
The Soul watches and waits – and acts when the person finally says” I give up! my ego has proven itself to be a “fraud”; I need the “real thing”  I need my soul “in the drivers seat, not my ego”
NATURE IS, WAS AND WILL FOREVER BE MY GUIDE AND MASTER, not the false promisses, aggrandizements of my ego!
The final death of the body -ENLIVENS the soul which never dies!
We “exist” before and after death of the body  – again my proof was the death of my best friend who a day “after” he was buried, came to me in a dream, spoke to me, and said ” I like where I am  tell my wife I am fine!
Dying is normal, as normal as living –  the socalled “fear of death” is a tactic used by the “negative forces in our world and the negative forces in the worlds beyond our world, uses to keep people in “bondage” to them of course!
As mentioned in some of my earlier blogs  – old cells continally die making room for new cells – our organs thus change constantly.  The liver you had three years ago, is not the same liver you have today.  Our medical system I believe do not know this, if they do they do not inform their patience of this “fact” why?
keep them “deaf,dumb,blind” simply said  – ignorance is a tool of our medical system.
Our body is “programmed” at birth  –

Our Physical Body

Now that we “realize” that our physical body “is an expression of our spiritual nature” and not the other way around; we then show “it” the respect that “it deserves”.  —-thus—- we “do not eat poisonous foods, drink dangerous drinks, think dngerous thoughts, allow our negative emotions to “destroy our body –  which is an eventuality where “negativity is involved”

Our entertainment industry makes a “living” depicting the “worst of the worst allowing the destructive impulses of mankind to “explode” on the “screen”, giving the impression that the “scene” is a true “picture” of what “life is really all about”.
A bad example for young impressionable minds – before they discovered that “smoking cigarettes destroys our lungs, the tobacco company paid millions to the movie industry showing prominent actors smoking, bot male and femaile of course.  That is not so today since smoking is not only a bad habit but “deadly”  Now we have to have the actors stop “drinking booze”, called “cocktails.  This word being sophisticated has the approval of  the FDA and other agencies in our government.  Alcohol destroys the liver, the cigarette destroys the lungs – McDonalds destroys both “in one fell swoop –
Getting back to this blog insertion , it is important that the person has some kind of “formula” where he/she has “some” advanced knowledge of who “they really are”.  They are not their body, nor their ego, who then are they?
What the person needs of course is something that “forces them to think DIFFERENTLY, than they do  –  once that is done, the next step is to allow the desire to surface, a “desire” that goes “contary” to their usual ego driven desires, as oiutlined above , what needs to be added of course is the word “sex”  –  the “power of sex”  –  animals “get the urge only once in a years time, or perhaps more I am not “up” on this subject; we humans with the help of Viagra, is ready and willing “all of the time” that is until the:”well begins to dry up” as evidenced in young men nowadays,- the reason why Viagra and other drugs are raking in billions, not millions but billions “erectile disfunction with men of course!
OUR BODY KNOWS ITSELF, ACTS AND REACTS APPROPRIATLY.  We socalled “humans” come in deaf, dumb, and bland, and go out “deaf dumb and blind, why?
That is an excellent question, the only answer is simply  –   ignorance!  and this “ignorance is enhanced, expanded by the “ignorance of the “masters” that we have “selected” to guide our life, our PHd educational system, which also came in “deaf,dumb,bland and will also leave “deaf dumb blind”
Simply said, simply done!
SO THE FIRST AGENDA IS TO RESPECT PROTECT DEFEND OUT BODY FROM the EGO influence and power out there  –  learn to know the difference between what is chalf and what is wheat!  without that your imprisonment for life “is assured”!!!!!!!!!!
What is conscious thought? and what is the desire that enhances “conscious thought”, I am sure the egos out there have no conception of what\ “conscious thought and desire” is from start to finish.
thus we are living in a world  of “confusion” instead of “fusion”  What is up, is actually down, and what is down is actually up  – what to do?
What this blog is telling you is to use the word RESPECT, the right way; up to now people have shown little or no respect to their body, non whatsoever, that is until “it breaks down of course” but then that is “not the respect I am talking about!
LOVE YOUR BODY AND IT WILL LOVE YOU!  how many people “know that” only one or two percent at the most!
We must learn to know, understand, and depend on just one word and that word is ENERGY.  Very few people have “any” idea of energy unless we apply this word to technology.
A good example of “energy”{ is a healing that my channel gave to a person who was literally paralyzed, could not walk  – I applied “energy” before doing so erased the “blocks in his energy circuit, and then within a few minutes told the paralyzed person to walk, and HE DID!
He stupidly went back to the same chiropractor who put him into this “state” and he again got paralyzed, I returned and within less than five minutes, he was walking again!
What healed this person?  energy of course – but as said, the old blockages, impurities had to be destroyed which I did of course, once done, new energies came in and saved this person from  being paralyzed.
This “energy” is unknown in our medical system – said its all phony, but the truth is, it worked two times!
Energy is unknown to our medical world, and the question is, why is it unknown?:
The answer is simple of course,  $$$$$$$$ is the “bottom line” when it comes to the medical profession  – no “tickee, no washee”,  no money, no treatment!
ITS BASICALLY MAN’S INHUMANITY TO MAN, plain and simple!  We live in a GodForSaken World whether we like it or not!
Keep in mind that the atoms and molecules that “make up what we call our body” are intelligent, more inteligent than we are!  In comparison “we are “not” intelligent in comparison, in fact, there is “NO” intelligence or comparisons.
The “bottom line” when all is said and done is simply one word and that word is SOUL.  We use that word with different spelling, SOLE, and for different purposes  – without realizing the the definition of the word is the SAME, one, the “sole” is used by the ego for the purpose of differentiation; the other word SOUL, is also used for differentiation in regard to two word, the word maaterializm and the word spiritualism.
Unfortunately our ego wants nothing to do with the word “spirit”, since it considers “spirit” its “arch enemy in all respect.  Materializm/ego vs non materialixm/ spiritual.

What Our Body Truly Is

The body is “not what we think it is because we “treat it” like it is “ntohing but flesh”  – the same “flesh we eat when we buy a hambruger from McDonalds” or a hot dog we eat at ball games- we treat it the same way that “nature does” when it becomes us to go to the bathroom.

Unfortunately we are “irresponsible human beings, and then I question the “idea” that we are “human” beings” because to be HU-man entails responsibilities that being “ignorant” we know nothing about. – the “science” behind it, the “metaphysical science” – a science that our ego world knows nothing about, disproves wholeheartedly the “human feature” of socalled “humanity”
Proof?  there is no great acclaim for that powerful word called EGO! none whatsoever!  in fact all definitions of that word are NEGATIVE, disparitive, and most of all, UNDESIRABLE!  egocentricity is perhaps the worst compliment that a person can receive – it has “no saving” graces to it!
ONLY FOOLS WANT BIG EGOS, and of course there are millions of fools out there including members of our Supreme Court and other courts of socalled “justice”
Who can “judge a “judge”?  who on our third dimensions are mini-gods of course!  – that includes both honest and corrupt judges of course  – their position “enables” them to “play god of course”!!!!!!!!!
So we “must respect” our body since our body is also “spirit”; manifested of course!  – when we eat McDonald we “disrespect” our body, when we allow our faculties to “tell lies” we disrespect our body, when  we do things endangering out body; foolish things like taking prescription drugs with their dangerous “side effects” we are disrespecting out body – when we put bad food, bad drinks into our body we also disrespect our body, and of course when we use dangerous negative thoughts allowing the astral world with its dangerous insidious “spirits” into our body, we continue polluting our bod
and all of the above add up to just one word and that word is EGO  –
We must “never” forget that our body is nothing but “cells” or “atoms” and never forget that  IT IS ALL THE SAME, supposedly UN Differentiated<
each “cell” “knows itsself” has a special purpose  – as proven by the birth of our bodies as we enter into this third dimensional world.
Every cell KNOWS itself, knows what its “mission is”  –
and each cell as shown in the HOLOGRAPHIC PRINCIPLE, knows its ORIGINS  –  which means of course that “it does not need direction from our socalled researchers who “think up a theory and then “try to prove that theory” doing everything BAC
What we need is simple “observation without theories attached to them” let Nature and “its inherent wisdom” teach us, not us teaching Nature!
The bottom line of course is that every cell in our body and we have trillions of them, KNOW WHAT TO DO AT ALL TIIME, KNOWS ITSELF.
and one cell is like all the other cells with the exception of  “its uses” “its purpose or purposes.
Again the hologram proves “without a doubt” that seperating them is an “impossibility” cant be done!,the part and the whole are ONE, now and forever!  the socalled “relative and the “whole” – can NEVER be seperated!
The bible says it of course,  YOU REAP AS YOU SOW,  which means that “if you allow your EGO to control your life, detaching “you” from your SOURCE(the whole)you suffer the consequences.
As an example if you eat “bad food, drink bad drinks, do bad things that go “against “truth/purity” you pay the consequences
Even with the corruptness of our “courts”, not all of course but as history recounts, courts of “justice” have not always been used for “justice” since” “beauty is in the eye of the beholder, justice is also in the “eye of the judge or jury”  –  misjustice is as common as “common pins” are today!
Not in the after world of course, both corrupt judges,wrong verdicts by juries, all of this “injustice” is balanced out in the after life, if not in this life time! why?
as the bible states  – YOU REAP AS YOU SOW  –  this is a natural law, not interfered with by either judge or jury  –  in the higher dimensions of court.
As it happened to me personally “in this lifetime with my erxwife” who could not “hold within herself the treachery that she did to me, during our marriage; her “soul” escaped from her ego by using the astral dimension to reach me early in the morning as the sun started to rise, asking me for my forgiveness.  She did not come to me as an “old woman which she is today< she came to me as the young 21 yr old woman that she was years ago.  I did not hesitate to say:  you are forgiven.  But then her true forgiveness was not “left up to me, it was left up to the “high courts” of our spiritiual dimension, the ArchAngels of course!  She broke natural laws, and must pay the price, if not in this physical world, but in the afterworld, these are IMMUTABLE LAWS THAT NOONE CAN BREAK!
again you REAP AS YOU SOW  – despite the injusticies in this physical world!.  The Whitey Bulgers of the world, will suffer the consequences of thier acts, as others who have lied, cheated, and did horendous things will also suffer since this law:  YOU REAP AS YOU SOW, cannever be amended, thus my exwife once she leaves this dimensiona, must face the music, asking me for my forgiveness DOES NOT CHANGE THE LAW!
That is true forall MISDEEDS in this lifetime, there are no exceptions which means that Supreme Court Justices and all other Justicies, will also pay the price for their “misdeeds” – i.e. giving corporations the rights that they should not have, just as one example  –  Theodore Roosevelt did not believe that of course amongst others of course!
So we must “respect” every cell in our body “at all times”  –  since the individual cell is “one with the ONE”  the ONE being of course, for want of a better word GOD ALMIGHTY,
right now that word is being assalted by religions ofall sorts, each claiming that THEIR GOD, is the right god etc. etc. a bunch of nonsense stupidity of  the highest order – killing each other, doing the “opposite” of what they should be doing  – thru
Cain killed ABel,  why?  the same reason why religionist kill each other, its all EGO of course, disguised as “truth”  –  ignorant fools galore!
The twelve tribes of Judaism, also killed each other, turned to idolworshiping, and ten were lost forever!  why?  EGO OF COURSE!


We are now getting “understanding what health is really all about” something that now a day medical doctors know nothing about.  Of course the Chinese systems TaiChi  acupnuncture etc. DEPLOY the life energy, since that is the “basis” of their system.
As we progress we will get to know and understand how “thoughts which everyone is plagued with daily, talking about negative thoughts of course, deplete our life energy; while positive thoughts “increase our life energy”.
Unfortunately understanding where thoughts in general come from, is much lacking – one of the main reasons for “meditating of course”; the elimination of the “negative FORCES, that inpinge on “everyones consciousness” UNKNOWINGLY of course !  if people  actually knew how negative thoughts come into their consciousness, they would “know how to eliminate them” aside of meditating of course!.  Fear, the amygdala the survival instinct of course is the culprit, along with the astral forces “loaded with possessing spirits of all kinds.  As again we progress, these evil spirits will be “named, indicted by the force of the ONE, and put away “where they belong, in hell of course!  That CAN BE DONE once the person is “liberated” – and what we are doing right this minute, page by page IS LIBERATING THE PERSON READING these blogs, whether they know it or not.
We agree that everything bad, ugly, fierce, futile, and all the other negatives in this world we call Mother Earth is CAUSED BY IGNORANCE.  We shall now discuss as much as possible again what ignorance is all about –
Ignorance comes from the word IGNORE  –  if that word “did not existe’ there would not be any “ignorance n this world”\\
They, the shrinks are now discovering that EGO PEOPLE are suffering from the word DENIAL  –  more the enlightened shrinks of course; the regular medical, thoroughly corrupt system prevading today, use drugs to allay psychological problems, in contrast to the non medical systems called alternatives – which rely on “educating, exactly what this blog is doing this very moment in time, herbs, homeopathics i.e. Bach remedies and others of course, plus this takes us back to the word “meditation” which for eons and eons of time immorial has proven that “IT IS ABLE TO SEPERATE THE CHALF FROM THE WHEAT, thus allowing the person socalled ego/duality state to resolve INTO A NON DUALITY STATE,; the linear mind  into the non linear mind.  THE EGO IN TIME BEING DESTROYED AND REPLACED  with the URGINGS OF THE SOUL!
That is as simply said without going into all kinds of scholarship rhetoric that only complicates rather than enhances.
Common sense IS wisdom  – common sense is simple  – simplicity then is what a person wants in his/her life, not complications which is the ego way of diffusion and control!
So for a person to tap his/her life force, all they have to do is simply “know the difference between the frequency of their EGO which is the BETA frequency of 21-14 cycles per second, and ALPHA frequency which is 14 to 7 cycles per second –  meditating is one form of “knowing the difference in all respects; also there are other ways that I will in time inform you folks out there!
ONCE A PERSON IS IN THE HIGHER ALPHA FREQUENCY, they are no longer living in this dualistic egocentric world – since our bodies do not enter this physical body knowingly, the difference between the alpha, and beta frequencies, which is the beginning of “ignorance of course”; IGNORANT of what the truth is all about; and since “monkey-see monkey-do – our educational societal system – family bred system – traditional systems, all of them the product of the BETA FREQUENCY, we newcomers to this world, enter a world of IGNORANCE, not a world of KNOWINGNESS. And to add more “wood to the fire of ignorance” tradition customs, knowledge, ego knowledge – makes “damn sure” that the newborn is ‘TAUGHT RIGHT FROM WRONG”  – what is egocentric is RIGHT, what is ALTRUISTIC is WRONG, despite the appearance of the bibles of the world.  What the “bibles of the world lack” is the “ability to INCULCATE THEIR TEACHINGS INTO THE HEART/MIND OF THE CONSCIOUSNESS, of the student – is that happening, has it happened? In my humble opinion IT HAS NOT HAPPENED.  Learning by ROTE in my own religion IS forbidden!  why is learning by rote forbidden?
LEARNING by rote INDICATES THE LACK OF comprehension/understanding discernment and above ALL ELSE WISDOM.
All religions baring none are all taught by rote!  memorization, repetition, and again above all else “DEVOTION without questioning”
Thus to approach the work that I and my channel is doing with the blog; it must be fully understood that the major problem besetting humanity is the “fact” that with a very low consciousness rating between 100 and 200, the ability of the person denies him/her the opportunity of going BEYOND this demarcation line, keeping them in ignorance, thus giving whatever religion that he/she is involved with, the opportunity of “owning the person, lock, stock and barrel”  –
thus the truth is unveiled  –  we now have the reason why only one or two percent of the worlds population is AWARE of wht they should be aware of – leaving them “VICTIMIZED BY THEIR EGO WHO WORKS HAND-glove WITH THE wicked forces in our Universe!  and who and what are the wicked forces in our Universe!
Since the life forces work top to bottom, like the higher mountain SUBSUMES the lower mountain etc. etc. the contention on the Universal Stream world, filters down into the world lower than they, similarly like the cabalisstic TREE OF LIFE.  When this blog is thru with what I and my channel are doing now; the tree of life will be discussed in time.
FILTERING is how it works, filter filter filter filter, cleaning out the DROSS, and this keeps going on and on and on, not only on that spiritual level, but also in the physical level – the Old Testament says it outright:
THE PURE CANNOT EXIST SIDE BY SIDE WITH THE IMPURE WORLD.  But then where we all exist today physically speaking we are “attempting ” to live side by side with the pure and impure.
How can this be reconciles?  Since the impure world the world of the possessing spirits and “fallen angels” cannot, do not have the facility/power  wherewithout to compete with with the purity, sacredness, holiness of the ArchAngels – there CANNOT BE ANY RESOLUTION TO THIS PROBLEM, despite the “holier than thou religions that want people to believe that they have the answer, which they dont of course since they are NOT PURE ENOUGH to be sitting side by side with the “holiness” of WHAT IS”
thus when my channel insists that our physical world, our egocentric world, cannot be cleansed thru any religious system out there, since no religious system is PURE ENOUGH, HOLY ENOUGH to engender a ONENESS between the holy and the profane  – an impossibility – truth of that statement?
THE MAYHEM THAT EXISTS IN THE WORLD, do I need more explaination? of course not, its all SELF EVIDENT.  there is no holiness in this world, of course there are “pure spirits/people” in history and in the present that go against this premise – the reason why one or two percent of  the worlds population – lays claims to the consciousness ratings that go way beyond the four hundred range, reach into the higher and higher numbers – they are the AVATARS OF COURSE!
Most egominded people if they even attempt to read my blog which they wont of course would call me a bigot, and other names saying that I am
“facing the truth” which for them relies of course on the experiences, and events happening today, and in the past – that I am a “dreamer” impractical and other names of that  kind –  and  since they are mightedly involved with the majority, consensuswise, then I am a certified “nut” – like the great minds of the past who disagreed with the “status quio” – they either got “burnt at the stake” or other demonical ways of “keeping them quiet” not to upset the applecart as they say.
I thank Amos,Kav and of course Jay for giving me this opportunity of expressing what I believe to be something that is ‘USEFUL’ for a persons life to be what it is suppose to be, which isP:
KNOWING THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN THEIR EGO, AND THEIR SOUL.  Once that is “bridged” the person must make a choice which way ot conduct their life”  –  a life of  the laws of the egoworld; or a life of the laws of the Soul world, which should it be?
One dies as the body dies, and is forgotten lost to eternity; the other continues on and on and on, taking on “more responsibility which each new incarnation, making the difference in their life and in the lives of the people that want to emulate them in all respects of course, and
This blog is meant to fulfill that obligation that they have to HUMANITY, and TO THE GODHEAD involved with humanities chosen methodolgy, methodolgies that go far in “advanced regarding how the physical, mental emotional and spiritual LIFE FORCE dictates for the survival of the species, and the survival of the tenets of the GodHead and the ARCHANGELS that mesh with the GODHEAD keeping the UNIVERSE AS WE KNOW IT, functioning in all respects.
and what describes that perfecting are three words that my channel has used for years:  They are:
The Metaphysical LIFE FORCE of our UNIVERSAL LAWS!
in time we will discuss ALL OF THE UNIVERSAL LAWS




Last week I said Mercury would be between Earth and the Sun interfering with solar emanations, but it only starts interfering with the Sun’s radiation which is called retrograde by astrologers.


Interference is much wider than the small dot that we see with our eyes as the planet Mercury.  Apparently there is an “aura” around Mercury and probably all planets that makes the influence of the planet much larger than would be expected by just the physical size.


The Moon is exactly lined up with Pluto on Saturday.  Which lies a few degrees physically past the Galactic center.  I have discovered that Pluto relates to a spiritual influence on people and also to cold and stormy conditions on Earth.  Even the southern hemisphere reflects this, although less so than the northern hemisphere.  Perhaps this is a good time to stay indoors and meditate.


For an inspiring guided meditation I highly recommend Rite of Passage called ‘the rite of charity’ by Tiara Kumara.


A simple invocation I use to greet the rising Sun is below.


Oh Sun, Source of Love, Light, and Power In the universe,

Whose radiance illuminates the whole Earth

Illuminate also my heart,

That I too may do your work.

See you at the astral level



The Amygdala


The amygdalae are almond-shaped groups of nuclei located deep within the medial temporal lobes of the brain in complex vertebrates, including humans. Shown in research to perform a primary role in the processing of memory and emotional reactions, the amygdalae are considered part of the limbic system.




Future studies have shown been proposed to address the role of the amygdala in positive emotions, and the ways in which the amygdala networks with other brain regions.

Sexual Orientation:

Recent studies have suggested possible correlations between brain structure, including differences in hemispheric ratios and connection patterns in the amygdala, and sexual orientation. Homosexual men tend to exhibit more female-like patterns in the amygdala than heterosexual males do, just as homosexual females tend to show more male-like patterns in the amygdala than heterosexual women do. It was observed that amygdala connections were more widespread from the left amygdala in homosexual males, as is also found in heterosexual females. Amygdala connections were more widespread from the right amygdala in homosexual females, as in heterosexual males. Current evidence suggests that formation of an individual’s sexual orientation occurs during fetal and neonatal development.

Social Interaction:

Amygdala volume correlates positively with both the size (the number of contacts a person has) and the complexity (the number of different groups to which a person belongs) of social networks. Individuals with larger amygdalae had larger and more complex social networks. They were also better able to make accurate social judgments about other persons’ faces. It is hypothesized that larger amygdalae allow for greater emotional intelligence, enabling greater societal integration and cooperation with others.
The amygdala processes reactions to violations concerning personal space. These reactions are absent in persons in whom the amygdala is damaged bilaterally. Furthermore, the amygdala is found to be activated in fMRI when people observe that others are physically close to them, such as when a person being scanned knows that an experimenter is standing immediately next to the scanner, versus standing at a distance.