Lao Tzu #52-54


The source of life
Is as a mother.
Be fond of both mother and children but  know the mother dearer
And you outlive death.
Curb your tongue and senses
And you are beyond trouble,
Let them loose
And you are beyond help/
Discover that nothing is too small for clear vision,,,,,,,,,
Too insignificant for tender strength,,
Use outlook,
And insight,
Use them both
And you are immune:
For you have witnessed eternity.
“the mother”? means the Source of course!  The Source is life,
Everything “is” source!  “outlive death” – Source=Spiritual . Do not
allow your ego/ loose talk  “destroy your life”  “clear vision” means
“clarity of purpose” “outlook,=insight- noble quallities of purpose,
protect you always since they are one “with” the ONE!
If I had any learning
Of a highway wide and fit,
Would I lose it at each turning?
Yet look at people spurning
Natural use of it!
See how fine the palaces
And see how poor the farms
How bare the peasants graneries
While gentry wear embroideries
Hiding sharpened arms,
And the more that they have the more they sieze;
How can there be such men as these
Who never hunger, never thirst
Yet eat and drink until they burst!
There are other brigands, but these are the worst
Of all the highway harms.
Lao Tzu idea of a highway is “life per say” calls life a highway.
Bemoans the “fact”  that people “are kept ignorant” thus beholden
to “evil people” who “live off of their labors”  Why is there such a disparity
in this world? Why should “evil people” get away with this injustice?  As they do obviously.  Why is there so much “injustice in this world”
Since true foundation cannot fail
Butt holds as good as new
Many a worshipful son shall hail
A father who lived true.”
Realized in one man, fitness has its rise;
Realized in a family, fitness multiplies;
Realized in a village, fitness gathers weight;
Realized in a country, fitness becomes great;
Realized in the world, fitness fills the skies.
And thus the fitness of one man
You find in the family he began,,,,,,
You find in the village that accrued,
You find in the country that ensued,,
You find in the world’s whole multitude,,
How do I know this integrity?
Because “it all can begin with me”

This stanza exemplifies what my life is all about –  When I worked I not only benefited me, my family, I benfited the people I served, made it possible for them to be able to afford my services.  At the ripe old age of ninety, I am still pursuing the manifestation of helping people, by interpreting the works of one of the greatest human beings that this world was blessed to experience, Lao Tzu of course. What does he mean by “fitness” – person in harmony “with ALL THAT IS, is a fit person; if not,k they are unfit to be in this world, unfortunately not too many are fit! their ego controls their life; egos profess only to serve themselves; not others of course. So can one person “make a difference” of course!

Lao Tzu #49-51


A sound man’s heart is not shut within itself
But is open to other people’s hearts;
I find good people good
And I find bad people good
If I am good enough
I trust men of their word,,,,,,,
And I trust                 liars
If I am true enough,
I feel the heart-beats of others,
Above my own
If I am enough of a father
Enough of a son.
Its apparent that this stanza “understands things that most if not
all people including myself, cant understand – good/bad etc.
The heart appears to be singular; the mind/head is not singular, thus right wrong, good/bad duality reigns supreme!  Even with two ventricles; the heart remains singular –  apparently the heart knows nothing about the ugliness that the head is constantly confronted with – treachery etc.
“the song, “my heart tells me “this is just a fling< etc.” says it all.
Reading the palm, indicates that the line designations put the heart “above the head/mentality – the heart is not the deceiver, its the head that deceives of course, but who knows that? noone of course!
Death might appear to be the issue of life,
Since for every three out of ten being born;
Three out of ten are dying
Then why
Should another three out of ten continue breeding death?
Because of sheer madness to multiply,
But there is one out of ten, they say, so sure of life
That tiger and wild bull keep clear of his inland path,
Weapons turn from him on the battle-field,
No bull-horn could tell where to gore him.
No tiger-claw where to tear him,
No weapon where to enter him.
and why?
Because he has no death to die.
“No death to die”  what does that mean?
The body dies; the spirit does not!
Those aware know what life is all about,
other so not!  He knows what “life is all about”
others do not!
Existence having born them
And fitness bred them,,,,,,
While matter varied their forms
And breath empowered then,
All created things render, to the existence and fitness
          they depend on,
An obedience
Not commanded, but of course,
And since this is the way existence bears issue
And fitness raises, attends,
Shelters, feeds and protects,
Do you likewise:
Attemdamt. not master,
Be concerned not with obedience but with benefit,
And you are at the core of living.

There is a bit of a dichotomy here between existence, obedience, and as mentioned “benefit”  -none of which means nothing to the “ignorant” as previous stanza indicate.  What is overlooked is the word “survival” which would be under the heading of “benefit” or the “core of living”:,

Lao Tzu #55-58


He whom life fulfills,
Thoush he remains a child,
Is immune to the poisonous sting
Of insects, to the ravening
Of wild beasts or to vultures’ bills.
He needs no more bone or muscle than a baby’s for sure hold.
Without thought of joined organs, he is gender
Which grows firm, unfaltering.
though his voice should cry out at full pitch all day, it would not rasp
                       but would stay tender
Through the perfect balancing
Of a man at endless ease with everything
Because of the true life that he has led,
To try for more than this bodes ill.
It is said, “there’s a way where there’s a will:
But let life ripen and then fall,.
Will is not the way at all;
Deny the way of life and you are dead.
The Nature of Things has its own Nature/destiny and since man is a product of Nature, we likewise but “abide” by its laws,principles etc.
Nature is in charge, not we, and when we “go against Nature, we suffer,
execising our will according to LaoTzu goes against the principles of Nature. “let life “ripen” and then “fall” – “go with the flow”   “deny the “way of life” and you are dead”
Those who know do not tell,
Those who tell do not know.
Not to set the tongue lopse
But to curb it
Not to have edges that catch,
But to remain untangled.
Is to find balance,
And he who holds balance beyond sway of love or hate,,
Beyond reach of profit or loss,
Beyond care of praise or blame,,
Has attained the highest post in the world.
Does a person described above exist? a true saint of course, a tryly enlightened person!  Where are they?  He is describing a pure saint of course, another Moses perhaps?  TRUE BALANCE, balance is the “key” of course! eliminate all extremes, that is his message, be objective at all times, both for the inner and outer aspects of life! what about karma? How is that resolved?
A realm is governed by ordinary acts.
A battle is governed by extraordinary acts,
The world is governed by no acts at all.
And how do I know?
This is how I know.
Act after act prohibits
Everything but poverty,
Weapon after weapon conquers
Everything but chaos,
Business after business provides
A craze of waste,
Law after law breeds
A multitude of thieves,,,,,,,
Therefore a sensible man says”
If I keep ffrom meddling with people, they take care of themselves,
If I keep from commanding people, they behave themselves,
If I keep from preaching to people, they improve themselves,
If I keep from imposing on people they become themselves.
According to the author, people are constantly “brain-washed” to the
point where “they no longer exist” everything is “orchestrated according to prescribed egocentric methods; he does not use the word ego, that is my designate for “evil”  He doesnt mince words when he says that people in general, poor people for sure, “have no say “in the matter”  Controlling minds is the means of the oligarchy to control the masses. LaoTzu is awakening these people of “what its all about”  – power of course, pure and simple, and whats happening today hundreds perhaps thousands of years latter, IS THE SAME, nothing has changed!  Perhaps worse?
The less a leader does and says,
The happier his people,
The more a leader struts and brags
The sorrier his people.
Often what appears to be unhappiness is unhappiness.
And what appears to be happiness is unhappiness,
Who can see what leads to what
When happiness appears and yet is not,
When what should be is nothing but a mask
Disguising what should not be? Who can but ask
An end to such a stupid plot!
Therefore a sound man shall so square the circle
And circle the square as not to injjure, not to impede;
The glow of his life shall not daze,
It shall lead
Falsity both “overt and covert”  Self lyomg. self denial is rampart!
Leaders are constantly lying to both their subject and to themselves. They are fortunate that their people are basically “stupid” – on all levles of course, despite scholarship, which is the greatest threat to “what is”.
Reason,logic,intellect, socalled faculties, enables, “those that dont know” to bluff not others, but themselves -who doesnt lie to themselves? noone of course!

Lao Tzu #59-64

#59 stanza

To lead men and serve heaven, weigh the words
Of the one source:
Use the single force
Which doubles the strength of the strong
By enabling man to go right, disabling him to go wrong.
Be so charged with the nature of life that you give your people birth,
That you mother your land, are the fit
And ever-living root of it:
The seeing-root, whose eye is infinite.
“The “seeing-root” whose eye is infinite”.
“use the single force”
“Nature of life”
All of the above designates “what has to be considered” “ever-lving
root of it”  “whose eye s infinite” “keep your “eye” on the “prize”
The bottom line of “what is, just is”  is the ONE of course!
Handle a large kingdom with as gentle a touch as if’
       you were cooking small fish.
If you manage people by letting them alone,,,,,,
Ghosts of the dead shall not haunt you.
Not that there are not ghosts
But that their influence becomes propitious
In the sound existence of a living man:
There is no difference between the quick and the dead,
They are one channel of vitality.
My understanding of this stanza centers around “humility”- “dont muddy the waters” as they say, “let the dead lie in “peace” “dont cause trouble” same as with “running a kingdom; less rule, more peace. Yes, the dead are “not dead in respect to “vibration/vitality” spirit can never “die”
A large country is the low level of interflowing rivers,
It draws people to the sea-end of a valley-
As the female draws the male.
Receives it into absorbing depth
Because depth always absorbs.
And as a large country, inasfar as it is deeper than a small country,
Absorbs the small—
Or a small country, inasfar as it is deeper than a large country,,,,,,,,
Absorbs the large.
Some countries consciously seek depth into which to draw others.
A large country needs to admit,,,,,,,
A small country needs to emit,
And so each country can naturally have what it needs
If the large country submit.
“Give and Take” “one without the other cannot exist””i.e. interflowing rivers
Submit – Admit  – Emit  – “surrender   – accept   – display”  The world is “out of balance” all ways when it “forgets” that everything depends on everything working in sync!  – when not, there are no winners, all losers.
Societies which function with winner take all, have short live spans. History is replete with proof of this “fact”
Existence is sanctuary:
It is a good man’s purse,
It is also a bad man’s keep.
Clever performances come dear or cheap
Goodness comes free;
And how shall a man who act better deny a man who acts worse.
This right to be.
Rather, when an emperor is crowned, let the three
Ministers whom he appoints to receive for him fine horses and gifts of jade
Receive for him also the motionless gift of integrity,
The gift prized as highest by those ancients who said,
“Only pursue an offender to show him the way”:
What men in all the world, could have more wealth than they?
What is existence?  what does it mean “to exist” Are there special laws pertaining to “existence” apparently not despite what people think.  The conscience of a person, some people have it, others do not! sometimes “impacts” existence-throws it “out of wack” Behavior? what is that?  who is to judge other than the person themselves – what is really important in existence/life?  Integrity, the highest prized gift of the ancients”says it outright” only pursue an offender to show him the way”  “what men in all the world could have more wealth than they?  none of course! wisdom lives within the heart of those “who know the difference” One day we all have to meet “our Maker”
Men knowing the way of life
do without acting,
Effect without enforcing,
Taste without consuming,;
Through the many, they find the few,
Through the humble, the great,
Though ‘respect their foes’
They face the simple fact before it becomes involved,”
Solve the small problem before it becomes big,
The most involved fact in the world
Could have been faced when it was simple,
The biggest problem in the world
Could have been solved when it was small
The simple fact that he finds no problem big
Is a sane man’s prime achievement’.
If you say yes too quickly
You may have to say no.,
If you think things are done too easily
You may find them hard to do:
If you face trouble sanely
It cannot trouble you.
lao tzu  seperates man into two categories,  “sane” and “unsane”
How do we seperate man?  for me its either the right or left hemispher-
the lefft deals with the logical, linear mind; the right the opposite, not logical, more non linear mind.  One uses what we consider the “ego”; the other uses intuition/higher mind. So “sane” for the author boils down to our inner senses, unsane the outer senses.  The left brain stores the amygdala, which is our survival gland, reacts when threatened by any kind of trouble, mental,emotional,physical and even spiritual; its referred to as the “old brain”  LaoTzu tells us to respond to the right brain area; not the left brain area which depreciates our soul.
Before it move, hold it,
Before it go wrong, mould it,
Drain off water in winter before it freeze,
Before weeds grow, sow them to the breeze,
You can deal with what has not happened, can foresee
Harmful events and not allow them to be.
Though—as naturally as a seed  becomes a tree  of armwide girth–
There can rise a nine-tiered tower from a man’ handful of earth
Or here at your feet a thousand-mile journey have birth,
Quick action bruises,
Quick grasping loses.
Therefore a sane man’ care is not to exert
One move that can miss, one move that can hurt,
Most people who miss, after almost winning,,
Should have “known the end from the beginning.”–
A sane man is sane in knowing what things he can spare,
In not wishing what most people wish,
In not reaching for things that seem rare,
The cultured might call him heathenish,
This man of few words, because his one care
Is not to interfere but to let Nature Renew
The sense of direction that men undo.
Man interferes with “change” – man tries to control “change”
man’s trying to change Nature, these men are “insane men”
They are not attuned to who they are which is “part of Nature”
man is Nature, but doesnt know it/ !  Common Sense is no
longer understood; doesnt exit any more.  “culture” has replaced
“common sense”  wisdom does not exist anymore”; rhetoric,
embraced by false knowledge, has replaced it!  People think thye
have to “force change” without understanding what “change is”
“if people knew what change is/was it would “change their lives”
But they do not!

Lao Tzu #65-68

# 65

Sound old rulers it is said,
Left people to themselves, instead
of wanting to teach everything
And start the people arguing,
With mere instruction in command,
So people will understand
Less than they know,woe is the land;
But happy the land that is ordered so
That they understand more than they know,
For everyone’s good this double key
Locks and unlocks equally,
If modern man will use it, he
He could find old wisdom in his heart
And clear his vision enough to seek
From start to finish and finish to start
The circle rounding perfectly.
Teaching,instruction is counter productive
teaching is unnecessary, that is formal teaching
Teaching eliminates  “inner learning” since “knowing” knows!
So a wise advisor does not teach, he/she “implies”invokes,precipitates”
Everything, everyone benefits when formalized teachings no longer reigns.
Inner wisdom means inner understanding,
inner understanding gives inner wisdom”
What the world calls “knowing” is not “knowing” in the true sense!
Which would you choose the knowingness of the outer or inner world?
To know and experience the difference that is the quest of course.
Why are rivers and seas lords of the waters?
Because they afford the common level
And so become lords of he waters,,
The common people love a sound man
Because he does not talk about their level,
Because, though he lead them,
He follows them,
He imposes no weight on them;
And they in turn, because he does not impede them Yield to him, content;
People never tire of anyone
Who is not bent upon comparison.
rivers? seas?  do “what they do” man must “do what he does”
The “common level” is the way the author describes this natural process.
What is a “sound man”?  A man with “no pretensers”; a man as natural as the riivers,oceans.
Men in power, Sound men particularly, always “do the right thing” listen to the truth within, treats his friends , subjects  soundly!
Everyone is an “equal”; everyone is a “soul”; souls do not suffer from discrimination, they are all equal –
Everyone says that my way of life is the way of a simpleton.
Being largely the way of a simpleton is what makes it worth while.
If it were not the way of a simpleton
It would long ago have been worthless,
These possessions of a simpleton being the three I choose.
And cherish:
To care,
To be fair,
To be humble.
When a man cares he is unafraid,
When he is fair he leaves enough for others,
When he is humble he can grow;
Whereas if, like men of today, he be bold without caring,
Self indullgent without sharing,
Self-important without shame,
He is dead.
The invincible shield
Of caring
Is a weapon from the sky
Against being dead.
In the world of maya/illusion, LaoTzu is considered a fool
In the world of the dominance we call the world of  ego a world complete “opposite” of what “the way of life” is all about.  Where humbleness, caring, soundness, fairness; where self indulgnece, self importantcy is considered normalcy.  Lunacy rules not soundness.  It is apparent that the “times that LaoTzu lived hasnt changed one iota; its no different nowadays.  Chaos rieigns supremely; egocentricity is the “name of the game”
The best captain does not plunge headlong
Nor is the best soldier a fellow hot to fight,
The greatest victor wins without a battle;
He who overcomes men understands them,
There is a quality of quietness
Which quickens people by no stress;
Fellowship with heaven, as of old,
Is fellowship with man and keeps its hold,
The handbook of the strategist has said:
‘Do not invite the fight, accept it instead,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,’
‘Better a foot behind than an inch too far ahead,’
Which means:
Look a man straight in the face and make no move,
Roll up your sleeve and clench no fist,
Open your hand and find no foe,
But as long as there be a foe, value him,,
Respect him, measure him, be humble toward him,,
Let him not strip from you, however strong he be,
Compassion, the one wealth which can afford him.
To accomplish what the author says in this stanza requires something that is outstandingly difficult; i.e. love your adversary”  tell that to the Jews that Hitler burned alive in his gas chambers!  “turning the check” is not easy. I dont disagree with what he is saying, in my personal life history, I find it very hard to “forgive people who have disregarded me as a human being,; my deceased mother, and my living exwife.  Their acts in my humble opinion are “not forgiveable”; but they are forgiveable as “diseased human beings controlled by astral spirits, documented evidence of course! real experiences of spirit possession.  Apparently this stanza says, “make peace with your ostensible enemy; what if they dont want peace like the Muslims, called extremist?  Up to now the socalled “peace methods” are counterproductive; these infused crazies want to kill everyone who is not a professed Muslim!  Compassion with “crrazies is a waste of time/effort”
So I differ somehow with TaoZen in this respect – even though what he says “can work of course”

Lao Tzu #69-75

#69 stanza

The handbook of the stragest has said:
“Do not inviite the fight, accept it instead,’
‘Better a foot behind than an inch too far ahead’,
Which means:
Look a man straight in the face and make no move,,,,,,,,,,,,
Roll up your sleeve and clench no fist,
Open your hand and show no weapon,,
Bare your breast and find no foe…
But as long as there be a foe, value him,,,
Respect him, measure him, be humble toward him;
Let him not strip from you, however strong he be,,,,
Compassion, the one wealth which can afford him.
This is an amazing stanza! It turns “everything” upside down,!
Disarm ‘your enemy” by befriending him/her. Show no animosity
COMPASSION, must always ‘front and foremost.  Be humble
towards him, why? “transformaton is the “key” – change him/her
dont combat “evil” – transform evil – do the opposite of what “evil’
wants to accomplish.  Dont put more wood “on the fire”  Make a
friend out of your enemy!
My way is so simple to feel, so easy to apply,
That only a few will feel it or apply it.,
If it were not the lasting way, the natural way to tryi,,,,,,,
If it were a passing way, everyone would try it,
But however few shall go my way
Or feel concerned with me,,
Some there are and those are they
Who witness what they see;
Sanity is a haircloth sheath
Withh a jewel underneath
Lao Tzu bemoans the “fact” that what he says very few will pay attention to it!  Fortunately the “few” will remain who will abide by what he is saying.amd recomending.
A man who knows how little he knows is well,
A man who knows how much he knows is sick,
If, when you see the symptons, you can tell,
Your cure is quick.
A sound man knows that sickness makes. him sick
And before he catches it his cure is quick.
What does LaoTzu mean when he says “who knows how much he knows is sick”!
The persons “belief system(knows how much he knows) apparently “false belief systems that “rule” the egocentric world we live in today,yesteryear etc.  Symptons are meant to “identify the problem”; which the sound “common sense person” is then capable of utilizing.
Upon those who defy authority
It shall be visited,
But not behind prison walls
Not thru oppression of their kin;
Men safely led
Are not led by duress,
To know yourself and not show yourself,
To think well of yourself and not show yourself,
To think well of yourself and not tell of yourself,
Be that your no and your yes.
Lao Tzu is giving instructions to people defying authorities,
to be very careful in how they dispense information.
“are not led by duress”
Everything within must “stay within” not without!
A man with outward courage dares to die,
A man with inward courage dares to live;
But either of these men
Has a better and a worse side than the other,
And who can tell exactly to which qualities heaven objects?
Heaven does nothing to win the day,
says nothing——
Is echoed,
Orders nothing—
Is obeyed,
Advises nothing—
Is right;
And which of us, seeing that nothing is outside
 the vast
Wide-meshed net of heaven, knows just how it is cast?
People are complex, very complex which means that their behavior can be complex , unpredictable.
Heaven also complex also does its own thing – to such an extent that we are kept in constant ignorance as “to its workings on us and in general”
Which has dominance?  Heaven of course, it rules the eccentricities of us humans on this planet, since being ‘in ignorance’ means know nothing!
Death is no threat to people
Who are not afraid to die;
But even if these offenders feared death all day,
Who should be rash enough
To act as executioner?
Nature is executioner,,
When man usurps the place,,
A carpenter’s apprentice takes the place of the master?
And ‘an apprentice hacking with the master’s axe
May slice his own hand.’
This stanza points a finger at “jesus” or facsimile, he mocks Jesus of course!  “nature is executioner” –  mocks man also!  Nature or facsimile is LaoTzu’s first and last word -Naturespiritiual nature rules our planet earth now and forever.
Man, born tender and yielding,
Stiffens and hardens n death,,
All living growth is pliant,
Until death transfixes it,
Thus men who
ave hardened are “kin of death’
And men who stay gentle are “kin to life’..
Thus a hard-hearted army is doomed to lose…
A tree hard-fleshed army is doomed to lose,,
A tree hard-fleshed is cut down;
Down goes the tough and big
LaoTzu is comparing human growth to tree growth, since man and forest live the same principles which all abide in Nature of course ! whether we like it or not – Science of course interferes with the process or rather tries to interfere with the process; in the end it will fail; i.e. Atlantis destroyed when it tampered with the natural forces; our day is also coming. Nothing can withstand the power/effect of the natural forces in our Universe.
Up comes the tender sprig,

Lao Tzu #77-81 (End)

# 77

Is not existence
Like a drawn bow?
The ends approach,,
The height shortens, the narrowness widens,
True living would take from those with too much
Enough for  those with too little,,,
Whereas man exacts from those with too littlel
Still more for those with too much/
Now what man shall have wealth enough to share with all men
Save on who can freely draw from the common means?
A sane man needs no better support, no richer reward,,
Than this common means,,,
Through which he is all men/s equal.
“mens equal”?  those that have, must give to those who havent!
“share wealth” –  the rich man is “equal” to the poor man; vice versa.
“in truth”
What is more fluid, more yielding than water
Yet back it comes again, wearing down the rigid strength
Which cannot yield to withstand it,
So it is that the strong are overcome by the weak,
The haughty by the humble
This we know
But never learn,
So that when wise men tell us,
He who bites the dust
Is owner of the earth
He who is scapegoat   is king
Is owner of the earth
He who is scapegoat is king
They seem to twist the truth.
“the meek shall inherit the earth”!
The “meek” has “nothing to defend themselves”
The haughty, arrogant are “always on the defensive”
guarding protecting their “wealth, properties, position, status “
If terms to end a quarrel leave bad feeling,
What good are they?
So a sensible man takes the poor end of the bargain
Without quibbling,
It is sensible to make terms,
Foolish to be a stickler;
Though heaven prefer no man,
A sensible man prefers heaven.
This is a very easy stanza, “says it as it is”
If a land is small and its people are few,
With tenfold enough to have and to do,
And if noone has schooled them to waste supply
In the country for which they live and would die,
Then not a boat, not a cart
Temps this people to depart,
Not a  dagger. mpt a bpw/
Has to be drawn or bent for show,
People reckon to knots in a cord,
Relish plain food on the board,,,
And they remain content to dwell
In homes their customs can affordm
Though so close to their bark and its roosters, crow,,,
Yet glad of life in the viillage they know,,
where else in the world shall they need to go?
Siomple people, relish simple living, simple food, simple understanding, nothing embellished, nothing added; nothing subtracted. JUST WHAT IS, JUST IS.
Real words are not vain
Vain words not real;
And since those who argue prove nothing
A sensible man does not argue,,,
A sensible man is wiser than he knows
While a fool knows more than is wise..
Therefore a sensible man does not devise resources;
The greater his use to others
The greater their use to him,,,,,,,
The more he yields to others
The more they yield to him……………….
The way of life cleaves without cutting:
Which, without need to say
Should be man’s way
A wise man knows “when to shut up”; a fool does not!
Wisdom is an “innate faculty” cant be “bought thru learning
since “learning is from the outside; not the “inside” where truth resides!
Helping others; helping yourself thru the “medium” we call Natural Laws,
or rather Universal Laws, that “uphold our Universe”  Truth cannot be known by our egos which unfortunately dominate common lives. Those they know they know, make the difference; those that “think they know” using thier ego mentality for discernment, are living in the maya world we call “illusion”  Lao Tzu has no love for academics; I personally feel the same way.
God Bless
PS.  this is the end…………………f i n i s h ……………………………………………..

Lao Tzu #31-35


Even the finest arms are an instrument of evil,
A spread of plague,
And the way for a vital man to go is not the way of a soldier.
But in time of war men civilized in peace
Turn from their higher to their lower nature.
Arms are an instrument of evil.
No measure for thoughtful men
Until their fall all other choice
But sad acceptance of it.
Triumph is not beautiful.
He who thinks triumph beautiful
Is one with a will to kill,
And one with a will to kill
Will never prevail upon the world.
It is a good sign when man’s higher nature comes forward,
A bad sign when his lower nature comes forward,
When retainers take charge
And the master stays back
As in the conduct of a funeral.
The death of a multitude is cause for mourning;
Conduct your triumph as a funeral.
Warfare is murder!
Truth “dies” when there is warfare
The bestial nature of “man” emerges
Their lower nature takes over.
“triumph” should not be glorified, put on a pedestal
Killing should not be glorified -it should be “otherwise”
“evil” does exist in this egoworld but not tolerated but condemned
Our higher Nature should determine “what to be” not our lower nature.
Existence is infinite, not to be defined:
And, though it seem but a bit of wood in your hand,
             to carve as you please,
It is not to be lightly played with and laid down,
When rulers adhered to the way of life,
They were upheld by natural loyalty:
Heaven and earth were,joined by natural loyalty:
Life was a freshness of rain,
subject to none,
Free to all.
But men of culture came, with their grades and their
And as soon as such differences had been devised
No one knew where to end them,
Though the one who does know the end of all
Is the sound man;
Might be likened to the course
Of many rivers reaching the one sea.
It is apparent that Lao Tzu had a mighty disdain for cultured people
who in his opinion, “muddied the water, took over Natures normal
responsibilites, used their “cultured idea of what “life is all about” what Nature is all about, set up anomalies that never existed before, set up
“distinctions” that never existed, made the rules and regulation that people must abide with/in etc.  A man of my own heart of course!
The danger of “knowledge” – when “it” is not linked with “what truly is”!
Knowledge studies others,
Wisdom is self-known
Muscle masters brothers,
Self-mastery is bone:
Content need never borrow,
Ambition wanders blind:
Vitality cleaves to the marrow
Leaving death behind.
This stanza is very poetic in contrast to the others.  The first two sentences says it all, the difference between “learning and knowing”
knowledge is learning (others) wisdom is “within” self knowing. What we need “we got” even though we dont know it! “content need never borrow explains that of course” – noone can serve two masters, one must rule.wisdom is the key, innateness, intuition is the answer; its all “inside” not “outside/knowledge/ego etc”
Bountiful life, letting anyone
Making no distinction between left or right
Feeding everyone, refusing no one
Has not provided this bounty to show how much it owns,
Has not fed and clad its guests with any thought of claim:
And, because it lacks the twist
Of mind or body in what it has done,
The guile of head or hands,
Is not always respected by a guest,
Others appreciate welcome from the perfect host
Who, barely appearing to exist,
Exists the most.
People pay no attention to “what is, IS” the word “natural” says it all.
What people do natural, what nature does “natural” is the “key” to
what we and the world is “really” all about.  our schools, colleges etc. do do more harm than good for the simply reason, “natural has no place in its curriculum”- the word “knowledge which “presumes to “inculcate” natural, but doesnt of course, has taken over as our egos have taken over our psyche!  Evil triumphed!
If the sign of life is in your face
He who responds to it
Will feel secure and fit
As when, in a friendly place,,,,,
Sure of hearty care
A traveler gladly waits,
Though it may not taste like food
And he may not see the fare
Or hear a sound of plates
How endless it is and how good!
Always be one with the ONE! the “sign of life”
your life depends on it(IT)!

Lao Tzu #29-30

# 29

Those who would take over the earth
and shape it their will
Never I notice, never succeed.
The earth is like a vessel so sacred
That at the mere approach of the profane\
it is marred,
And when they reach out there fingers, it is gone.
For a time in the world some force themselves ahead
and some are left behind,
For a time in the world some make a great noise
And some are held silent,
For a time in the world some are puffed fat
And some are kept hungry,
For a time  in the world some push abroad
And some are tipped out:
At no time in the world will a man who is sane
Over reach himself, over spend himself, over rate himself
This stanza “tells it “as it is” a world of illusion, maya, “egomania” which has “utterly no connection whatsoever to the “real world”- its all ego manifestation!  Sound people, “know the difference” unsound people do not, its a simple as that, people chasing their tails is another way of seeing it of course!  “every dog his his day” etc.  The wise are “wise” because they are “wise” and what “is wisdom”, the highest faculty of Mankind.
Wisdom in simple words is “plain common sense” no rules to follow, no PHd telling you how to conduct your life, no socalled guru etc. Wisdom is self induced has absolutely nothing to do with anyone in general; its called our intuition – which “should always be “in charge, at all times”
One who would guide a leader of men in the uses of life
Will warm him against the use of arms for conquest.
Weapons often turn against the wielder,
An armies harvest is a waste of thorns,
Conscription of a multitude of men
Drains the next year dry.
A good general,  daring to march,dares also to halt.
Will never press his triumph beyond need.
What he must do he does, but not for glory.
What he must do he does but not for show.
But what he must do, he does but not for self;
He has done it because it had to be done,
Not from a hot head,
Let life ripen and then fall,
Force is not the way at all:
Deny the way of life and you are dead
Common sense/wisdom must always “be in charge” in a persons life.
Humbleness is the main virtue, in all circumstances.  Brute force, should be recognized and dealt with, eliminated.  Humanness is the key at all times, not reason,logic,intellect which has no humanness connected with it!

Lao Tzu #27-28


One may move so well that a footprint never shows,
Speaks so well that the tongue never slips,
Reckon so well that no counter is needed,
Seal an entrance so tight, though using no lock,
That it cannot be opened,
Bind a hold so firm, though using no cord,
that it cannot be untied,
And these are traits not only of a sound man
But of many a man thought to be unsound.
A sound man is good at salvage,
At seeing that nothing is lost.
Having of what is called insight,
A good man, before he can help a bad man
Finds in himself the matter with the bad man
and whichever teacher
Discounts the lesson
Is as far off the road as the other,
Whatever else he may know,
That is the heart of it all
This is a very complex stanza in the sense that it doesnt mince words
that imply that people have “double natures”  good/bad etc. a good man can go bad, and vice versa.  teachers? they are also complex since not too many are involved souls as yet.  So it is vitally important not to “judge anyone” just accept what they are “at the moment” because that can “change “in a moment”  take nothing for granted dealing with “beings” in general; they are so complexed that few really know “who they are”? that is “in truth of course” not egowise.
“One who has a man’s wings
And a woman;s also
Is in his self a womb of the world,
Continuously, endlessly
Gives birth;
One who,
preferring light
prefers darkness also
Is in himself an image of the world
And, being an image of the world
is continuously, and endlessly
The dwelling of creation;
One who is highest of men
and humblest also
Is in himself a valley of the world,
Continuously, endlessly
Conducts the one source
From which vessels may be usefully filled
Servants of the state are such vessels
To be filled from undiminishing supply.
Nature is constantly creating life
What constitutes Nature, darkness/light,
male/female  the “one source” is always in charge
we are its “vessels” and when we go against these
natural forces which  is “undiminishing supply” we
suffer the consequenes.  major lessons – lack of
humility, too much ego, not being one with the ONE!
Noone knows what a “god” we do know Its “graces”
however and its powers – omniscient, omnipresent and
omnipotent.  Most if not all egos consciously overlook
arrogantly dismiss these attributes altho they can be
prove, and have been proven, believe it or not!