The Secret

The “secret”    is  the “secret” that nothing is “seperate”  everything is connected, not DISconnected!

those that know, KNOW – those that dont know, DONT know!

What does it mean to be connected and DIS connected?

if our SOUL, is the “soul” of the ONE, which we for want of a better name we call GOD  –

this GOD is an amalgamation of trillions of souls – and since every-thing IS ONE PROVEN BY THE  ATOM, =13= 4 – four represents “materialization”


this GOD = 17=8 which equals the ellipitical which means of course, “ebb and flow  – nothing more, nothing less which means NATURE, which means

which means #7 which means  in the Taroh cards Victory, everything in our world operates on the number #7 something everyone should know of course.


So it appears “ignorance” of “what is” is the “secret”


get rid of “ignorance” and we found the secret

ignorance= 3rd dimensional  idea of “reality”

to recap  –  the hologram proves CONCLUSIVELY that the whole and the part are ONE AND THE SAME !  which means of course that the PART IS CAPABLE of utilizing the faculties of the WHOLE, and vice versa of course!

so ignorance, means that  ‘WE ARE NOT UTILIZING THE FACULTIES OF THE WHOLE/GOD, according to Rudolph Steiner, “man has fourteen or more faculties he only uses from four to six –

socalled geniuses, savants, who have no “interest” in living a life of ego for whatever reasons, utilize many of these “faculties” i.e. the great chess champion is a good example.

I am an example also using my amazing experiences –

living in many worlds is not an “easy task”; many of these people “are put away –  I was lucky I was “able” to overcome many of my obstacles, even without taking drugs – most of these people are put on drugs of course!

THEY ARE MISFITS, we call them bi-polar for want of a better word.

Did You Know – 1


It is a know “fact” that there are people who have supersensory experiences such as being clairvoyant, clairsensitive, clairaudio.
They are all classified as physic phenomena
Personally I was a combination of all three; my major sense wass clairaudio since I “channel information”  –  at time I am botgh clairvoant and clairsensitive.  MSy clairsensitvity comes in in a form of a “chill down my spine, my clairaudio is when I get thoughts entering my consciousness, and my clairvoancy is when I actually see images –
I never knew I was a “sensitive” until I took Silva Mind Control back in 1971; discovered that I was “highly sensitive; I had no way of knowing otherwise. People I knew, my siblings, friends were not like me; never found anyone like me; had to settle for what I got.  I saw life, the meaning of it differently than those around me, thought I was “nuts” – since I had to live in two worlds, not one as most everyone does now and before, and found that both worlds had nothing in common with each other.  That left me quite confused of course, my inner self, the supersensory system of mine, never agreed with my ordinary senses since as said, “they had nothing in common”  The professionals I went to knew absolutely nothing about the “fact” that supersensory systems exist, and even today “are not aware of that “fact”. Hard to believe but “it is true” even though Wikipedia has given a lot of space to “clairvoyancy,( ability to “see” beyond the physical dimension Clairaudio, the (ability to hear beyond the physical dimension and Calirsensory ( ability to feel beyond the physical dimension.
As I said, all of those supersensosry traits I have experienced before and today constantly.
The ability to “see the future” i.e. years ago I had a retail store earned my living that way.  Went to my bank and asked if they had a certain service that I wanted; they said that they dont and wont have that service.  I told that they will; the next day the local newspaper had on their front page a notice that my bank’ Now has that service, the one I wanted.
My audio ability was expressed thru paino playing which I practically taught myself – primarily jazz; later years I composed classical pieces, without being taught of course.
I was really never “taught in a classical sense anything”; most of my expertizes were “achieved thru my supersemsory systems.
Even my business acumen.  Never had any experience in any of the three business I started, all successfull .  Did not need to read books etc. my inner senses “were my teachers”.
To Top It All – I discovered later in life that “I channeled”.  The best definition for that would be “hearing a voice within me; a voice that emerged sometimes for “my sake” or other times for the sake of others; a voice  emenating from where I do not know, but this voice healed people who had
serious problems mental emotional physical and even spiritual  –  I did not go in business “with it” –  never got involved with money etc.,-  did it for the sake of “humanity”; the same reason for this blog.
It is a voice of “common sense”, understanding, and discernment.  It has been with me all of my life of course -advising me especially in business matters –  as said, my ego and it did not get along very well – luckily it always shut out my ego which is no different than any other ego on this planet, not to wise, in fact quite the opposite!
For fifty years I was confused of course, living in two worlds at the same time; worlds that constantly collided.  It took fifty years for me to “discover that my soul which is my channel of course, to direct my life, not my ego as in the past when “I was like everyone else, bent on being “like everyone else” which means bowing down to our egos, believing that our egos deal exclusively with “truth/reality and whatever other words fill the bill”
So for the past forty years I have been a “free man” – customs traditions, teachings by egocentric people, schools, etc. had “no billing” in my life.
Stopped going to Harvard college night school since the purpose that prompted me to go for ten years, was no longer there.
My “new” life was dedicated to knowing the truth of “what is”, going way beyond the limited knowledge, understanding and discernment that our educational system promotes lacking the “real tools” that true human beings need to elevate their consciousness and in doing so “elevate the massmind mentality that false belief systems promoted by “egos of course” The aim of this blog and my future site that presently needs volunteers knowledgeable in setting up technologically speaking, sites.
My aim, purpose is “altruistic in every way”; I havent had an ego for years and years since I have no need for an ego.  Dont think that I really had an ego in the beginning since I saw the world with different eyes; made sure I never got too involved with the “seedy side of life which egos generally love”; call it by fond names of course.
Looking for other altuistic people out there; we “can make a difference”! how and why I will in time “lay it out”.  The world that we presently life in is destructive “to the core”; in every way shape or manner.  Looking for an “honest man” is like looking for a “needle in a haystack” a familiar saying of course!
Nevertheless, as long as I am living I will never “stop looking”
I have been called by many “bad” names; not because I am looking for trouble per se, but because “I am different, I didnt join “their club of ego purveyors!
loveya all