From: Rothman, Maurice
Date: Wed, Oct 21, 2015 at 5:21 PM
Subject: Re: Auto-deception
To: Jose Luiz

Hi Jose,

your letter today – “tells it as it is”  –  right on target, and you are
“well equipped, qualified” to make the statements you made.
and you are more qualified more than I since I am no qualified at all.
most of my worldly experience other than waiting on customers, buying, selling mdse. had nothing involved with what “my channel” is talking about today   – NOTHING!
as far as I am cncerned, is all the “wishes” of my channel” of which the blog is ITS MEDIUM, not MINE!
as Jane Roberts a total “neophyte” being chosen by Seth, to be “its” medium  –   I am the “medium for my channel” which unlike Seth, has noone except Maurice’s Soul’s need for “expression”
according to Einstein and other “great souls” our “true self” is our Soul”  they are “one-and-the-same”  –    which is the real SOURCE for KNOWLEDGE, not the history books, etc.
the “knowledge referred to is “INNER KNOWLEDGE” –  outer knowledge is strictly used for “ego purposes”
Einsteins quote had reference to the nefarious systems devised by out socalled  qualified instituions, and certainly not to the 2% that “know the difference”
your letter today was “outstanding and provocative”
your friend, always
On Wed, Oct 21, 2015 at 5:03 PM, wrote:

Hi, Maurice

Yes, Einstein was addressing the propensity of the general masses to ‘blindly’
adhere to the prescribed conventionality of authority which, for the most part, 
is predicated on all authority’s self interest and the perpetuation of its power and
control. Those who are not able to see through this perception uncannily lie to
themselves in order to ‘blindly follow were authority dares to go”; that’s why
I titled my e-mail “auto-deception”–a most dangerous path for our country, as
Thomas Jefferson caution us about 200 years ago that “Freedom is eternal vigilance’.
Part of these deceptive practices are the result of ignorance or outright apathy
or the desire to justify any ego having an ‘ax to grind’. However, in these days
of a ‘democratic Internet’, any human being with the desire to find the facts will
eventually find the facts. But some don’t want to know the facts, i.e., the TParty,
for facts do not serve its hegemonic purposes, be they either social, religious 
or political. That’s why any ‘agenda’ coming from this group is solely designed to
‘poison the well of public opinion’ and pit one American against another. In other
words, being in the minority, the TParty must follow the deceitful practice of
divide and conquer in order to attain supremacy. And those who ‘blindly’
follow auto-deceive themselves.
This is totally unacceptable to our well being and survival, and it’s un-American.
The word “unthinking”, as used by Einstein, relates to the psyche in its totality and
that would include any individual human being accessing his/her innate intuition. Yet,
the majority of people will even reject ‘going beyond the obvious’ in holding authority and
its conventions accountable to the society-at-large. As you known, this is presently true of
our dysfunctional Congress and its inability to serve our country in any way, shape or
form, denigrating the voters who elected them to office for the sole purpose of governing
by doing just the opposite.
However, many special interests have aligned themselves to reduce the American
Citizen to a mere cog in the machine, to something alike a disposable diaper. Included
among these nefarious interests are the Right Wing Christian Coalition, the TParty, the 
de-facto American Plutocracy, the Military-Industrial Complex and the Materialistic Bent 
of our apathetic culture, in general.
In order to do so and reduce the American Citizen into a sort of indentured servitude, a 
campaign of deception has been strongly coordinated by the powers mentioned above. 
This campaign has been merely based in fanning the innate fears of the human being with 
a backdrop of half-truths, innuendo, misinformation and disinformation. And to our country’s
detriment, it has worked so well that even Congress is in total chaos and this could lead us
to oblivion. So, to address your use of ‘brainwashing’, this is exactly what has been done to
the American people by the powers mentioned above. And, I’m sure of this, only those who
can transcend the physical plane can rise above this brainwashing–not many!
This is the ‘unthinking respect for authority’ that Albert Einstein uses in his quote. In other
words, allowing oneself to be ‘brainwashed’, for whatever reason, to the conventions of
egotistical authority.
“Lawyers’ language’ is not really English; it’s a form of ‘legalese English’ that no one can 
decipher or understand. That’s the reason why there are so many different interpretations
of our laws. In any case, it’s not, in any way, ‘academic English’. Academic English uses exact
terminology to achieve disambiguation and avoid the uncertainty of verbosity. Thus, to a layman,
it can be frustrating, especially to those not tuned in to academia. Of course, not every author is
able to accomplish this goal and often fall prey to ambiguity and verbosity–the curse of the ego.
Now, Maurice, in reference to you improving your writing skills, please, remember that some
time before you even considered a blog (even before you were working on the
you requested help from me to develop your writing skills, as you were being derided by Sumner. 
If you’ll recall, we exchanged several e-mails on this topic (I believe I can access them) in which
I provided you with specific guidance to achieve this goal. The rest you’ve done by yourself and,
as you are an intelligent human being and–aided by your channel–can readily adapt and overcome
life’s complexities. Also of value has been our ongoing exchange of correspondence, and you have
progressively developed good writing skills. In my eyes, this has a lot of merit and I wish you success
in continuing to advance your writing expression. I certainly welcome it.
Obviously, your channel supplies you with information and vision. Needless to say, I don’t have a 
specific ‘channel’.
Jose Luis
—–Original Message—–
From: Rothman, Maurice
To: Jose Luiz
Sent: Wed, Oct 21, 2015 11:37 am
Subject: Fwd: Auto-deception

Hi Jose,

Getting back to Einsteins’ quote   –
he is saying what Seth and my channel has been saying al along,
He us saying that our “socalled authorities are full of sh-t!
conformaty again according t o Einstein which means our socalled
experts/scientists particularly since he was a scientist first and fore-most whom we respect highly are as mentioned “full of sh-t” and that also means:
that our educational systems per se are also full of sh-t! thus what we call conventionality based of course on the system that I call 
is a first class HOAX!       –  thus what we, the average person basing
his/her truth on “conventionality”  has  been highly  “brain-washed”
I havent been  neither  apparently was Einstein “brainwashed”
of course people reading Seth’s books, interpreted by my “channel” since brain-washed people with many “degrees to their credit” from my experience found “it hard” to understand/know what Seth is talking about!
and those that “pretend” that they do  –  are using the same  “mind devices” instituted by our educational manipulators, disqualifying their
certified aspirants to “fathom the socalled “UNfathomable writings of Seth!
I was schocked before my channel gave me writing skills to read the interpretations of socalled “experts” of Seth’s work, that I am sure prompted me to seek someone to set up a blog system for my channel
This “particular writer” made Seth’s writing MORE AMBIGUOUS than the original   – boy was I furious!  instead of making it “easier” for the person to “gain this valuable knowledge, this particular person made it “more academic”   –   more confusing as said than the original.
my blog makes it “so simple” that a grade school kid can understand.
Using academic “language” and speaking to friends of mine who are academics, agree that there is “academic language meant strictly to confuse  –  instead of speaking in ordinary language, or write in simple language which is the “first person”; they use special terms/words that speak in the 3rd person thus emansculating the “essence” which of course does “not” speak in the 3rd person.
words thus are no longer “personalized” but “sanitized” to such a point that “no human being” is ostensibly connected to words meant to
“take the human being “out of the picture”
the why’s and wherefores of this language?
I would say from my limited experience is the “use of power” ego power of course wherein the slimy ego can maneuver successfully whenever the “need arises”
its also meant to “seperate the UNeducated from the educated”
a highly charged system protrayed by English Nobility- and still effective today as it was way back when.
Dickens writings nails these “so called high blown phonies” to their
own crosses.
all I know when I read as mentioned, the writings of an apparent educated phony, I was “literally appauled”  “disgusted” and insulted
all at the same time since Seth’s great work instead of it being given
to the world was denigrated by our socalled  “truth seekers”
I am sure that our blog induced by “my channel since I am only its medium as Jane Roberts was Seth’s medium.  –   will eventually when
done to my channel’s approval will be the “only of is kind on this planet!
your friend, always,
On Tue, Oct 20, 2015 at 4:44 AM, Rothman, Maurice  wrote:

Date: Mon, Oct 19, 2015 at 6:05 PM
Subject: Re: Auto-deception

Hi, Maurice

The actual quote is “The unthinking respect for authority is the greatest enemy of truth”.
Einstein was conscious of the fact that people don’t think things through; that people,
for the most part, unconsciously adhere to false beliefs without using their psyche. He
obviously believed that to be true in all fields of human endeavor and belief, where apathy, 
fear of the unknown, blind faith or pure hedonism of the ego rules them, and not the other 
way around.
My view on this saying is that people will abrogate their own soul to satisfy their ego,
without even giving this process a second thought. Thus, people will believe in one way
or another because it’s too painful for them or are too afraid to search for the truth and, therefore, 
fall prey to the whims of any ‘earthly’ ruling authority, as Einstein states above.
It’s possible that Sumner falls in that category of “unthinking respect for authority”.
Jose Luis

—–Original Message—–
From: Rothman, Maurice
To: Jose Luiz
Sent: Mon, Oct 19, 2015 2:10 pm
Subject: Re: Auto-deception

 Hi Jose,
I agree with Einstein  –   what he is saying is what my blog has been saying that:  only less than 2% of the world’s people, “depending on their inner minds “the UN – SUB consciousness minds + the souls
“the source of our intuition” should be the “SOURCE” of SUPPLY not our physical sense called “thinking”  –
“people who use their inner mind/soul as their source for truth” know what I am talking about”
of course Einstein “knew the difference”
the EGOMIND/98%  DO NOT!
our educational systems have nothing in common with  “intuitive
faculties mentioned above”
our physical dimension supports 100% our EGO worlds  view of what truth is all about!   They us EGO for the word TRUTH!
                                    nothing involved with EGO
your friend, always,
thinking and truth in my opinion, have “nothing in common”   anyone can think, even idiots!
your friend, always,

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