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The main thrust of the philosophy of this Blog is very simple, so simple that people would not, or could not believe it.

Although there are thousands of books written on the Hows of doing things, the simplest way of looking at life for me of course, and perhaps for others also is:

LISTEN TO THE LITTLE VOICE INSIDE – that loves you, cares for you, and needs you to need it. Disregard all of the “rubbish” telling you otherwise.

Our world which we call “mother earth” for some strange reason, created a lop sided system wherein “it” created more linear, left brain people, than right brain non-linear people, and for want of a better word, its called THE EGO.

It depends on the left brain AMYGDALA to control everyone’s thought and emotional processes. The outcome? Disaster of all kinds, wars, killings, lying, cheating, stealing, you name it, its all there, and the simple words that make it happen is: THAT’S THE WAY IT IS! take it or leave it, either play ball or your “out”

I never lived by that code – I never will, instead I wish to “blow up this phony balloon” before I die, and the only way would be to set up a BLOG, attract the right people into our fold, and do our work!

I am qualified many times over to assist people when they have physical, mental, emotional and even spiritual upheavals in their lives; give them the right information, not treat them particularly but put them “on the right path”.


22 thoughts on “About This Blog

    • Hi Jay,

      thanks for plugging “our blog” too bad that the boys are “not” putting all of the ones I sent them, – I have sent over one hundred and twenty blogs, our site shows perhaps 30 or so.

      Hopefully they will put “all of them on the blog” – people who write in want more! not less.


  1. I get more and more fascinating information from this site. I am very interested in seeing many more similar topics in the future. Great user friendly format and layout too.

    • Dear Sir,

      Very glad that you find my blog valuable in your life.

      Keep Tuning in because in time there will be hundreds of blogs.

      Thank you for appreciating and informing me of your appreciation.


  2. Amazing !! Stuff here.
    I am a lone Spiritual seeker living out my life on a childhood dream of achieving nothing and hanging out with horses in a remote part of the world which can only be accessed by boat.
    This blog has opened up my eyes to the fact that things on the outside are possibly not as spiritually bad as I thought.
    It has inspired me to catch the next boat once the Typhoon season is over and go to the nearest city and give it a shot again.
    Thank you Maurice…

    • Dear Sir,

      Thank you for your response, I appreciate hearing from people like yourself – unfortunately there are not too many people like you, only two percent of the worlds population thats all.


    • Dear Sir,

      I am glad that you appreciate what I and my channel have to say.

      I am also glad that you are a “true seeker” of the truth,

      Thank you for telling me that you like what I and my channel wwrites,


  3. Hello Mr. Maurice and fellow seekers of the truth. I myself am quite an advanced spiritual practitioner and have attended several culturally significant spiritual gatherings ranging from the shaman convention in Ulanbator, Mongolia to the Kumbh Mela in India. I have had several spiritual advisers some of whom have taken me for quite the ride. I feel a strong connect with this blog, and the content makes me feel like the top of my head has been neatly sliced open exposing my brain to the light and knowledge you possess.
    I would like to invite you to stay with me, like i have done with other spiritual advisers if you are ever in my corner of the world.
    Love Peace and Harmony

    • Hi Tarum

      Nice to hear from you. One day who kknows I may take you up on your offer. What country do you live in?

      Tell your friends about our blog; spread the word as they say,

      I have many blogs that I have wwriten that you will receive soon.

      God Bless

  4. This is very nice blog, I am counting lots the days when i can think in this way. i am liking the philosophy of these peoples who are writing in this place. I am thinking of making a school in Srilanka for teach philosophy like this, Is there possibility you join for teaching in staff. of my school.

    Brave Heart Carry on shedding light on darkness covering all

    • Dear Sir,

      Thank you for sending me a nice letter; I am glad that there are people like you still on the planet; unfortunately most if not all are either chasing “skirts” or the skirts are chasing pants!

      Hormones rule their life not spiritual knowledge that can “make the difference” in their lives

      thank you again,

    • Dear Sir,

      Thank you for your kind letter.

      I am glad that you appreciate what I have to share with the world; unfortunately there are not too many of you –

      So thank you again,


    • Dear Sir,

      Thank you for sharing your thoughts with me; I am glad that you treasure what I write.

      Thank you again,


    • Dear sir

      Since only 2% of the worlds people know what I am talking about; you can consider yourself one of the 2% the other according to
      the oldest religions of the world the Hebrew religion, that the Romans back when during Emperor Constantines time USURPED, forcaes
      millions of people to convert from paganizm to Christianity, the phoney religion that Paul instituted, refuting the teachings of
      the five books of Moses – he I am sure ended in Hell also usurped the teachings of the ultra orthodox Jew called Jesus, added his
      own bastard teachings in the process –

      The Old Testament ADAMAMTly SAYS: THAT gentiles cannot be permitted in the religion of the FIVE BOOKS OF MOSES; Paul took it upon
      himself to REFUTE JEHOVAHS TEACHINGS – the great PROPHETS OF THE PAST, said the same thing, still Paul hundreds of years later wrote
      his own “version” that is called the New Testament. The Old Testament states: THERE WILL NEVER BE ANOTHER TESTAMENT; Paul IGNORED the
      old Testament, set himself up as a pseudo merssiah, somehow or other put Jesus on a pedestal, installed him AS THE MESSIAH, encouraged
      heathens, gentiles, non Jews to join his churches s – that is as long as the Romans allowed him to – that did not last long since Paul was
      either crucified or hanged; his followers in time converted to Christianity , the only people that did not of course where the REAL JEWS, the REAL HEBREWS WHO CHOSE DEATH INSTEAD OF CONVERSION –

      the roman empire did not dissapeaar like other empires, that act by the emperor, made it possible for the Roman Empire to exist for thousands of years, not as an obvious political system, but the opposite a political system ruled by the PRIESTS, CLERICS of the Roman Empire – and that exist right up this very moment – Hitler did not invade Italy, he didnt have to since he had the VATICAN IN HIS POCKET, THE PLACE HE PUT THE GOLD, PAINTINGS, VALUABLES IN THE SAFEST PLACE ON EARTH, WITH THE BLESSINGS OF THE CHURCH OF COURSE. IN THE MIDDLE AGES, THE CHURCH DID THE SAME THING AS hITLER DID, INVADED COUNTRIES, PUT THE GOLD/SILVER PAINTINGS SCULPTURES IN THE VATICAN WHICH IS A COUNTRY ALL ITS OWN!

      My channel predicts the downfall of this pseudo religion, still a pagan religion despite the “coverings it uses, the ceremonial crap that it uses to influence “ignorant people” IT IS A DEFINITE DISGUISE BY THE ORIGINAL PAGAN RELIGIONS THAT THE ORIGINAL ROMANS, PAID ALLEGIANCE TO FOR THOUSANDS OF YEARS – all they had to do is “change names” like Emperor Constantine did when he proclaimed that Jesus was the Messiah sent by
      God Almighty, a master political stroke of course. The Vatican proves that the Roman Empire never failed, its original power is INTACT despite the lies, deceit of its clergy – stupid people still believe in lies unfortunately. Stupidity breed stupidity, like rose, always a rose


  5. hello really you have done a great job which is really expressing the true soul consciousness. i am very lucky to be your friend and thanks for the destiny too.

    • Hi Neetha,

      Found time to send replys to people who posted in my blog,

      I am as happy as you , having you as my friend, and of course my doctor.!


  6. I am enthralled by this blog and these continiously flowing ideas and inspiration concepts.
    I am convinced that this will help us improve our vision of the most well known issue, ideas and facts that we take for granted.

    • Dear Sir,

      I am happy to know that you appreciate the comments of mine and my channel.

      Unfortunately there are “not too many people like you” most have “low consciousness” which means that they are “unequipped to understand the information in my many blogs.

      thank you,

    • Dear Sir,

      Your letter is much appreciated.

      You are a special person, – special people recognize “truth” I thank you for your keen judgement, and great appreciation of my attempt to “enlighten people” who need enlightenment, unfortunately “I am preaching to the choir” as they say:.

      Thank you again,

      God Bless

  7. Dear Sir,

    You are a very special person, why? only less than 2% of the worlds people, understand what I write about.


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