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The clarion call that everyone who is familiar with the internet system, keeps harping; and that is the word “content” well I will not be “short of content” meaningful content of course. Right now I am dealing with helping people overcome their problem with the word “concentration” First of all concentration has nothing to do with what we call “will power, and word “effort” neither is needed for concentration. If that is the case, what “is” concentration? The simple explaination is “simple”; all a person has to do is simply “direct their attention to ONE POINT, in other words dont allow your monkey mind to wander “all over the place”, and that in time should become effortless. So do not allow anything that would cause you to diversitize your attention. Unfortunately most if not all people, dont know this simple procedure – they resort to the word will, and effort which does not and should not work! Lesson two/concentration: There is something called controlled concentration, which for me means, “being totally in charge of the person’s “consciousness” which we will discuss in a moment. The word “meditation” comes into the process, and that can easily confuse what I am talking about. It for some reason people believe that only spiritual purposes deal with meditation, that can be true, but in this case, it appears that what makes meditation work also makes concentration also work! Without the spiritual aspects to it. So it appears that “intention” is the key – in this particular case the “intention” is basically involved with the simple word “concentration” As you all know the “monkey of our mind, goes all over the place, whether we know it or not; its called “chitchat” and for most if not all people, one way or another controls our thoughts, actions, behavior, the whole works! The idea is to “still the mind” and the best way of doing it is by concentrating on just one thing, at a time! I do it when I “channel” since that is “how my channel” works; its concentrated power, it works thru all my physical sense also: – clairaudio, clairsensitivity, and clairvoyantly – not all at one time of course. if it does I am not aware of it – That is all for the time being no. 2 will be coming up next. love

4 thoughts on “About my blog – Concentration

  1. Dear Sir,

    I have written over 150 blogs unfortunately they have not been posted, I will get them posted as soon as possible.

    Thank you for your positive outlook

    Dr.Maurice Rothman

  2. Dear Sir,

    what’s your problem? life is “more complicated than what we understand” truth is “not self evident” “it must be discerned”

    thank you for your impute,


  3. Dear Sir,

    Thank you for your great letter today, I am glad that you like what I write about.

    I need more people like you to come to my blog, the “more the merrier”. We have the opportunity “to make that difference” where ignorance stops ruling our lives. We need people like you telling other people to join with us in making the changes we need before we destroy ourselves.

    You can communicate with me personally by going to Mrothman@althealth.org.

    Those who “know” are obligated to help those “that dont know”; you apparently “know”, so our need is to work together and gather our flock!

    Thank you again for your great letter

    Dr.maurice Rothman, PHd Nutritionist, Humanist

  4. Dear friend,

    I am glad that someone was able to distinguish the “real thing” from the “phonies out there”.


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