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Our blog is meant to “open people up to information “not known by our scientif ic community today, there are exceptional scientists of course, “that know the difference; I would say that perhaps 2 or 3 percent, “know the difference” and what is the difference?
The diference is the difference between our physical sensory system, and our socalled for want of a better word, our spiritual sensory systems which  my previous blog message described who I am in regard to my psychic senses. Unfortunately our egoworld knows very little about these “higher faculties”
My blog will present “knowledge” about this supersensory faculties, which of course deal with both our inner, higher consciousness, and our outer, our ego consciousness – which my favorite saying, that is “channels” saying; again “my channel” is my “inner voice “inspirational voice”  that I hear as clearly or more clearly than my outer hearing senses.  This “inner voice” for me is my spiritual “essence” of course!.
I will be discussing  knowledge that this “inner voice tries to convey to me/you because “its purpose” is “not the same purpose that our egocentric mind/emotions convey.  one refers to the linear mind which deals with what is called “duality” which when properly understood,  means that there never can be a “resolution” in a person’s life because the world of duality, which deals directly with two powerful forces each demanding dominance over the other thus instituting a negative result over people and conditions in this world.  In the non linear world which deals “exclusively eliminated duality of all sort since “truth in “itself” has no place for the negative egocentric world of duality.  There are no winners, no losers in the non linear, non dual higher worlds.  Consciousness which societies in general know very little about; is the gauge/measurement of what reality is all about.  All of this “in time” will be discussed on “our” blog.  So the socalled “bottom line” is:  what state of consciousness “knowingness” is an individual living in; that is the “measurement of where the person is at, and again that can be measured of course!  The blog  will not get involved with the measurement of anyone, at any time etc. that is not the purpose of the blog; however our blog in time of course, publish books that deal exclusively with that subject.
So again the “bottom line” for our blog is “wake people up, mostly people that “want to wake up”; those that dont, dont need our blog; they are faithful to their faithless egocentric world, that is until it “crashed down on their head of course, and for many “that will happen of course”  The world of duality is the “dog-eat-dog world; a world of lies, deceit, murder wars, every kind of criminality that exist on this planet – now who knows that?  not too many, if any.  Why dont they know that? The simple answer of course is  that they are emersed into a world of “false belief systems, that constantly prove the failure of “what they ignorantly “believe in”
Its a carry over of “old lies” called customs, beliefs, tradition, misinterpretation by low consciousness adherents, who certainly “do “not” know that there are any differences “to start with”.  That is called “being in ignorance”
So this blog will not “dig a hole for itself dealing with socalled “current events” because current events are basically egocentric , relative  changes that change constantly.  This blog will deal mainly with the “whole” not the part, as mentioned “current events” and what “is” the “whole”.  Whole Foods as everyone knows today, the organic food company that is going to spread itself all over the world, considers the fact that the “whole” represents  the soul/sole of the matter; and what is the “soul” of the matter?  The soul of the “matter” means that  matter as we understand the word,  must always “take preference over the “mere part of the matter” even though holograpically speaking the “part contains the whole/soul” despite the “protests of the egocentric “maniacs” out there.  Why should people have to die to determine “what the truth is all about”; why wait for death?
Our blog will entertain many of these questions since the answers do exist. Answers that High Souls, human beings that were able to “transcend the time/space world into the Higher Worlds where time/space does not exist. Have I experienced that?  Of course and many thousands of people have also, so why do the egocentric scientists deny “its existence”?
I will let my audience tell us why?  I certainly have my own idea why, but by now that reason should be quite self evident!
I have documented evidence that the higher dimensions exist, but “only on the higher dimensions” they do not exist in the “lower dimensions which our planet earth is one of them.  Reason, logic intellect, are unnecessary faculties “in the higher dimensions”; they are exclusive only on the “eogcentric dimension where we reside today, the socalled “materialistic world.
Again , this blog is meant to help people realize that what they believe is true, could possible “false belief systems”; It will be my responsibility to “show “concrete proof” which I will of course; all personal experiences, no second hand knowledge; I do not accept second hand knowledge nohow!
God Bless

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