A Self Healing Mechanism

Unknown  to the world at large, our physical body is a “self healing mechanism – there are “good viruses and bad viruses” such as there are

good t houghts and bad thoughts.
Our body is a mystery to all even to the socalled physciians – who are
ignorant  of that “fact”.
It is our responsibility to “love our body” not  “kill it”  -“insult it” and degrade it” as the 98% have done due to “ignorance of course!
Our body detest  pharmaceuticl drugs since it is a “poison”.  Just like our birds will not eat fruit that has been sprayed with poison; our body will also “reject” poisonous food, poisonous prescription ddrugs –
its called having “after effects” aftereffects is the “result of poison”
Give the body “natures food” and it wont have an after effect – its knows itself, it does “not know” chemical prescriptive drugs”
The final arbiter of course is the “self” of the individual; he/she makes the “difference”.
What is our “soul” doing while everything meaningful is swirling    around every minute, second of a person’s life?  The soul is “watching the action of course” waiting “its time” – which of course means “allowing the “ego” to deplate itself to the extent where it the ego has “fallen on its face”, lost its power!
as they say “every dog has its day”  – just replacing the word for dog with ego, says it all!
The Soul watches and waits – and acts when the person finally says” I give up! my ego has proven itself to be a “fraud”; I need the “real thing”  I need my soul “in the drivers seat, not my ego”
NATURE IS, WAS AND WILL FOREVER BE MY GUIDE AND MASTER, not the false promisses, aggrandizements of my ego!
The final death of the body -ENLIVENS the soul which never dies!
We “exist” before and after death of the body  – again my proof was the death of my best friend who a day “after” he was buried, came to me in a dream, spoke to me, and said ” I like where I am  tell my wife I am fine!
Dying is normal, as normal as living –  the socalled “fear of death” is a tactic used by the “negative forces in our world and the negative forces in the worlds beyond our world, uses to keep people in “bondage” to them of course!
As mentioned in some of my earlier blogs  – old cells continally die making room for new cells – our organs thus change constantly.  The liver you had three years ago, is not the same liver you have today.  Our medical system I believe do not know this, if they do they do not inform their patience of this “fact” why?
keep them “deaf,dumb,blind” simply said  – ignorance is a tool of our medical system.
Our body is “programmed” at birth  –

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