again and again its the biblical admonition whether we like it or not!

                                 YOU REAP WHAT YOU SOW!
those who disregard this saying, already have reservations in Hell,
according to Dr. Swedenborg’ book, “heaven and Hell”
the problem that they are having in the spiritual dimensions is that they are running out of “space for the people who dont believe this”
that is Hell right now is over-loaded with participants  –  its  quartupled
its “offenders” over the years!
its a joke of course  – space/time does “not exist on the fourth dimension” or even the astral where demons reside”
according to my source –  we die and keep coming back because we did not resolved the reason why we incarnated again.
Once a person “cleans up his/her act, they have no need to return to this hellish world we call mother earth!
our original decendents – i.e. Adam/Eve listend to the wrong advice, chose the “serpent instead of he Lord Almighty and mankind has suffered since  –
some people come back to “spread happiness”, sponaneous wisdom and spiritual joy!
for some, suffering leads to realizations which automatically destroys false beliefs   –   many avatars, and professional people like the doctor that wrote the book, Dr Hawkins, called and Eye for an I  – who practiced “commercial psychiatry for forty years in New York City; had the biggest most successful “practice in the city”
when he got his first EPITHAMY h scuttled his practice f forty years, and turned to MetaPhysics as “his basis for FACT”
Turned to the teachings of Jung rather than Freud  –  turned to other teachings of the great masters  –  changed his practice completely!
those who call him a “fraud” are those even when they “pretend being hypocrites that they are “spiritual” remain firmly in the trench of the disbelievers  –
they still hold firmly their false beliefs that support the corrupt medical system –  with the help of our colleges and our government of course,
these hypocrites speak from “both sides of their mouth  –
and I have experienced these hypocrites in actio  – their words “betray their corrupt intent; they are usually referred to as “two faced”
here is something to consider according to my source.  It says that “illness is caused by “ignorance”  – which I agree!
ignorance of what?  ignorance of everything that my channel and my source has written, over 800 articles   -of which this is one of them of course!
lazy?  of course these ignorant people are lazy; they would rather keep believing in what they believe, in fact look for “sources, as hypocrite tha I know, seeks sources to “support his false belief systems”
so what do they do?  they find ignorant people who by the way can be “PHd’s  –  as my exwife was  – that did not stop her from popping prescription drugs into her body; – did not stop here from allowing the astral satanic forces occupying, heavily occupying, this part of the Universe, considered to be “demonized, highly demonized!
I witness the demons in action when my loaded down prescription wise ex wife  –  went “wild” with the  filtiest words that I ever heard in my life, with the sound and fury and venom poisoning the air I and moderator, had to breathe in -while this VENOM spread “filth” in the room that we were staying!
as I said in previous letters;  “being taken over by demons is a fact of life, EXORCIZM is not a theory  –  its as real as the rising and setting Sun  – not accepted by our phony psychiatrists however.
Jung accepted it; – Freud did not!
once we get it “right” we do NOT come back to this god-forsaken world of filth, corruption, hypocracies, hatred, anti-semitizm  – and other “poisons”  especially the power/control of our “depraved egos”
why is our egos’ depraved?
egos have taken over, lock,stock,barrel of our lives when it has NO right  IN THIS MATTER:   –   our ruler is our Soul; not our ego


we experience both sexes when we re incarnate –

personally, I feel strongly that my last life was female; and of course in this lifetime I am a male!
its obvious we “must experience both sexual experiences”
according to my “source”  “abilities cannot “develop” if we repeat the same sex as we re-incarnate on this time/space world.
personally over the years my intuition repeatedly informed me of “past life experiences mostly thru my dream period.
since we ‘create” our own experience; we are also creating our own lives, through our “inner life; our UN and SUB conscious faculties.
and of course thru what we call our “intuition” which is our inner mind capacities as mentioned.
another name is “our inner selves”
we know our “outer self, its our personality which of course is our EGO!
if we wish and have a need to “balance the ledger from past life experiences that were “unhealthy”  –  by allowing our “inner minds to operate correctly, our next life, either male or female can bring it all back to homeostatis/balance.
so if we dealt with “evil” in past lives  –  whether male/femal, every RE-incarnation offers us a change for retribution.
but for all of this to happen, it will require what our ego does its best for it to “not happen”, that is, gathering epithamies, realizations, which of course accelerate our spiritual and psychic growth to develop.
the reason why 98% in this world  –  live “in the woods” with no way of finding the “right trail” to find the right path!
the “right path” for those who “know the difference, is reading our over eight hundreds essays.
and why not?  what objection would anyone have for NOT reading these articles written by a non human source.
my job  is to put ITS word into a form that people, ego people primarily could understand what IT is saying!
it is not the “usual way” of dispensing “information” since the simplest words possible, with the contexual aspect of how “these words, are used,
insures that non college people like myself, can “comprehend how the words, the context that the words are in, forms a “picture” in the outer and inner minds, that “enable us “simple people”, can “escape from”
so what do we do when we ‘refuse to let go from the “inner lies” that rule our lives  ?
WE BLAME THE MESSENGER, and not the messege!
we say we want/need change but then how an we change if we are Unwiling to let go of false beliefs as Dr. Dyers book  “excuses begone”
a best seller, discusses at length!
people listen to all kinds of spiritual experts  –  take notes –  buy books, and still NO CHANGE?
they do not want to SUBTRACT ANY OF THEIR FALSE BELIEFS, for them they are “sacred”; for them its like an alcoholic who refuses to stop
his/her drinking  –  etc. etc.
they go through the motions of changing  –  thats both the beginning and end of these experiences.
so to get back to the title  –  we are constantly switching our sex from incarnation to incarnation for obvious reasons
the key sentence for this particular essay is:
we must without any doubt, “mine” the “wealth” of our “deep intuitional knowledge” of our inner self!
the main reason there is only 2% of the worlds people, who “know this”
the “outer self”, the knowledge that our certified authorities called our educational system – once out of high school  – chages big money for –
is base PRIMARILY ON OUTER KNOWLEDGE UTILIZING OUR SOCALLED OUTER SELF/ our personality  –  discounting completely
the “fact” that truth of “what is” is a spiritual component of the “inner workings of our DEEP MINDS: the UN and SUB CONCIOUS AND EVEN for those who have climbed the Kabbalisstic Tree of life to the top, the SUPER conscious mind!
the fact however is:    none of the above has a chance in hell of happening –  because  –   that literally takes hundreds and perhaps thousands of incarnational experiences  !
unfortunately the “personality has replaced the SOUL as the “key faculty” needed to affectuate these tremendous changes in a person’s life!
consider this “as a probable fact”  “if in a past life you hated women; its very possible, the next life incarnation you will be a woman.
KEEP IN MIND THERE IS A SUPREME INTELLIGENCE ‘INNATE” which we call our inner minds as mentioned above – that “runs the show”
it is NOT our ego! it is NOT our personality!  it is not our socalled “education”  – it is NOT our experiences!   – it isnot our socalled training!
that is according to my source and of course I agree with it!
PS. why do I keep repeating and repeating and repeating?  the answer is in this essay  – people refuse to change  – refuse to accept what they do NOT believe in!  – would rather argue “their point” than accepting the point!
the reason why there is no give/take in my blog situation
“when the student is ready”; he she will find our blog and not before!
its like eating when you are hungry, rather than stuffing yourself  with food that CANNOT BE DIGESTED.
for the hundred time  “when the student is ready; the master appears” and not before!
the master is not me; its my source, my non human source/ 
a source like my blog where NO money is exchanged because
ITS ALL FROM THE HEART AND NOT THE HEAD WHICH OF COURSE CANNOT BE TRUSTED SINCE IT LISTENS INTENTLY TO THE FALSE BELIEFS OF EGOS WHO are as confused as the false prophets, the “elites/erudites/scholars , that prevade our planet!




For the people that enjoy reading my daily letters, many of them from sources I “believe in”; sources particularly emenating  from a none hun human category,  –

there are times when I personally express my own “views/opinions/beliefs” that “try to “tie in” with this source and other sources such as Dr. Swedenborg’s work, Mdm Balavaskys theosophical work, Plato/Socrates, LaoTzu, Hermies, and of course the Five Books of Moses, etc. etc.
my indocrination in all of the above however is/was limited since my life was taken up with business for over fifty years  – taken up with severe health problems which continue on at the present time – and of course, just “staying alive”
as I have said many times,  I did not know that “I was a channel” and again what “is” a channel? basically speaking a “channel is a “medium” and what is a medium”?

a medium to my understanding is a person that is able, capable of shutting out our ordinary mode of behavior, thinking, attitudes, beliefs, the whole works, as quick as a “blink of the eye”
and then able to “tune into anyone in the world, its called telepathy for want of a description  –  and can go beyond that level into “tuning into” anything that is “cogent” for that person, at that “particular time”
and over the years I did it not knowingly of course since my time/effort,concern was one hundred percent focused on making a living running retail stores.
it was doubly important since whatever I did to earn a living I never had previous experiences with, it was all ADHOCK as they say!
but then I was better at retailing than people with experience, training and education believe it or not!
I was offered a great job with great money by a major corporation despite the fact I never went to college!
I could not accept the position because that would mean I would have to close my retail business which I developed successfully –  and the income I got from it, take a chance working for perhaps “thieves, not petty thieves of course but corporate thieves and being scruplously “honest and supporting a wife and two kids, I could not take advantage of that opportunity!
my view of “humanity in general is asque because the “human is not particularly “defined”  –   in my opinion of course  –  defined in what sense?  in the sense if we compare the animal kingdom with the human kingdom since our bodies are the same  –  what is it “in man/woman that
makes us “HU-man” ?????????????????????????????????
if only two percent of the worlds people – are “integrated” which means able , capable of “living in two dimensions “at the same time” a feat considered impossible of course, but nevertheless true
if I am able to “leave my body and channel” what I call “my mind” goes far beyond what my “ordinary mind” can do on this time/space world!
obviously that is an ability that the “ordinary world view” says cannot exist, and “does not exist” even though Edgar Cayce did it for over forty years under deep hypnosis!

so boiling all of this down  –  the 98% out there have been extremely “brainwashed” to accept and believe – lies perpetrated by what I refr to as the “elites  –  the money power people   –  buying the knowledge of the “erudites”  so called “people in the know” and their puppets, the historians who get paid for dispensing lies!
I did not make this up!  this is a fact of life for people living in this egocentric depraved world!
what to do?  read my blog  –  as long as I live, and as long as my SPIRIT is linked with the causal plane called the fourth dimension, the information my channel gives me along with my non human source,


Hi Jose,

1)  from my understanding in regard to your questions, it appears to me that you are having a probem with nomenclature which means to me –  the basic method of using words that must apply to both the physical and spiritual world.
that is why you are mixing apples and oranges   –  these two “worlds” have nothing and how I understand your questions, your present belief systems, applying the same nomenclatue to both tells me that!
as I said in my previous letters; there is a special dictionary for the uppers metaphysical worlds  –
this is a clash of civilizations  – whether we want to believe it or not  – I can show you “literature that you could, and would not be able to understand despite the fact it is using words that we are familiar with and use constantly.
that is the core of our supposedly “misundestanding”  I am not coming from the “same place as you and Seth’s teachings do the same thing, the reason for my blog.
Neithe Richard with three college degrees, and a personal friend of mine living in Lexington, Tony Mazza could NOT understand what Seth is writing.
so college degrees cant “cut it” as they say.  I without any college degrees can “cut it”, so automatically education as we “think we know it” doesnt work!
which for me means;  reason,logic,intellect, which supposedly involves critical thinking, also doesnt work.  so what works!
using myself as the “model”  all I can say is just one word and that word is what Dr.Hawkins discovered, which I discovered over perphas over 25 yrs before he discovered it.      –   keep in mind, he practiced psychiatry for over forty yeas before he got his epithamy and like the “masses” thosse with and those without “education” believed   “as truth” bought hook,line,sinker as he did of course along with the other millions out there, worldwide,
OUR EDUCATIONAL SYSTEM, the belief system generating it, was exposed by Seth back in the late 60th, followed by Silva Mind that exposed it in the seventies!
my blog for the past three or so years has been exposing it  thru Seth, and my channel  –
the reason I mystically magically became a writer!
how would you explain this mysstic, magic that happened in my life when you of all people knew I couldnt write, – most if not all the people that knew me, not as a writer but as a speaker  – my talent is more involved with my inherent speaking ability, not in my incapacity in writing!
so how do I fit into this “cosmic picture” which I do of course, but then I cant expect people in general to understand what I just said since for them there is no place in their “idea” of what reality/belief is all about.
and you are also grappling with this problem  another magical thing happened to me when I started composing not note by note but the composing “on the spot” classical music that people loved!
can our ordinary mind, the mind we all use to conduct our lives undrestand this anomaly?  also using words like anomaly that I never used or ever consider using>
for the ordinary mind, including my “ordinary mind which of course “is our ego”  –  which when defined means  –  the “beliefs systems generated by the world of time/space; the physical materialistic dimension.
which of course is inadequate, unsuited, undesired, unintelligable for the spiritual higher dimensions
that you use as a contrast to what Seth teaches   –  its incompatible, one is the time/space world; the other the non time/space world where there is no basis of “fact” as we understand it.
and of course the Cabalistic Tree of Life DEPICTS ALL THIS, but people’s belief rooted in the world of time/space cannot cognize this “fact”
inconsistences, congradictions, and all of the other things,words, actions that go counter to our time/space concepts cause what you complain about, the you of course are your entrenched time/space ego beliefs, that you believe, think and argue over  – saying”  something stinks in Denmark!
of course something stinks in Denmark, that is the way “it should be”  The 3rd dimension has nothing in common with the 4th dimension.  One is the world of polarity, the world of the positive and the negative;  the other world is the world of singularity where there is NO NEGATIVE; NO POSITIVE.
and that obviously disturbs many people, and in your case also according to the letters you sent me.
the idea of ego is simple to undersstand   –  to live in our time/space world one MUST HAVE AN EGO.  The ego and the words time/space/materiality cannot exist without an ego since only an ego can exist in this dimension.
and again what does this dimension need, desire, indicate  – without question is desires the importance of what we call “individuality, PERSONA, the necessary requirements to live in a dog-eat-dog world which it is, and the proof of that is our “history books” recount with tortures, hangings, and all the other “goodies” that go with this ego possessed world.
The bible entered the picture and the result was just as bad since other ego systems entered the “fray” other competing powers/religions ready, willing to take over the minds of victimized people.
that includes the three forces my channel has been accusing, the ELITES, the ERUDITES AND ITS HENCHMEN THE SCHOLARS.
these forces are the armies for our educational systems for without them people cannot be BRAINWASHED!
add corrupt governments  –  what ‘s left?  zombies that look human of course, but are puppets   –   like my exwife, a PHd that I spawned, without a brain in her head  these people are called “educated fools”
for people seeking “truth”  Dr. Swedenborgs work went way back into the seventeen hundreds,; before that the Kabbala emerged in around the twelth century; someone gave you misinformation regarding  the emergence of spirituality!
and preceding that of course was THE FIVE BOOKS OF MOSES, –  its apparent to me that much “misinformation regarding the word Spirituality has been spread by the Satanists in this world!
disbelievers of all sorts gravitaate to the Satanists views for their belief system  –   education as we know it today does its best to discredit any vistage of higher dimensions etc. etc. and people buy it “lock,stock,barrel” to their ultimate end, their demise!
why?  isnt it better to go with what “advanced souls say rather than the false beliefs of their enemies?
4. the ego as you think it is; does NOT forge people into higher dimensions, since its purpose is quite the opposite  –  the ego as I understand it, and how the Torah understands it, and people involved and “evolved” understand it, is Satanic in nature; its the epitomy of the “opposition” in the Torah  –
in our physical dimension which MUST work on the basis of polarity whether it likes it or not, even the mechanical system called electro/positve magnetic/negativity –  systems  – MUST BE UTILIZED TO ITS UTMOST,
Nothing can happen on our physical planet without the DIRECT ifnluence of these positive and negative forces.
this “fact” disturbs people whose beliefs DEPEND on this polarity, cant fathom that there can be a world that SUPERIMPOSES ITS POWER over us, and that world is the world of the FOURTH DIMENSiion,
can this world be experienced?  of course, the reason people CHANGE in their lives!  without that there “is no changes”
but then like Dr. Hawkins these negative forces, attack, attack, attack, instead of doing the opposite, why???????????????????????
satanic influence which is the same influence we call our EGO!
why do the words Spntaneity, Synchronicity, Seredipity; three words that our “ordinary dictionary” cannot really define, “exist? when our socalled “betters” our educational system believes the opposite!
for them Randomness is what our Universe is all about  –  the socalled Big Bang etc.  so what does these words convey?
it conveys that there is something beyond man, beyond the time/space barrier that is RUNNING THE SHOW, and not our scientists!
that there are other worlds involved “in our world” which means that we are full of sh-t!; thaat we have concocted false beliefs” to support our misunderstanding of what the Universe is all about, and that we must “get rid of the people who are our enemies!
which of course would target me, target Seth, target Jane Roberts, and in your letters, you did that course; not the “real you” but the ego you!
reread your letters, and find that out for yourself  –
5/  when my channel said that we cannot mix apples with oranges its the same way of saying we cannot mix the chalf from the wheat!
common sense indicates that what is pure cannot mix with things that are impure  –
the physical materialistic time/space world, the world of the ego is IMPURE, and meant to be “impure” because its dealing with what we call EFFECT, and not the CAUSE  –
we have given it the primary spot, instead of its opposite, its like putting the “cart before the “horse”
we have been “sold a bill of goods” and bought it hook line sinker; the reason why only 2% of the people “have any access to the truth” also the reason for my blog; the reason for LaoTzus work, the reason for Hermes work, the reason for Socrates work, the reason for Balvasky work, and the many others that have been “tortured”  – i.e. The Romans are a perfect example of a people who represent the enemy  –  they tortured Rabbi Akiba by pulling off all the skin in his body , would you call them HUMAN BEINGS, or the present Islamist who cut people’s throats etc.
why would anyone want to DEFEND this EGO WORLD, support it, support its instiitutions of learning when much of it is a “pretence by the Satanic forces playing “goodie goodie”
why were and right up to the present time, people such as myself and others who “knowthe difference” vilified by forces that feel threatened by the “truth as I see it” of course!
Satan is another name for EGO, and ego is another name for “do as told, and dont make waves, if you do your days are numbered!
6/  it is obvioius to me that you misunderstand the role that Jane Roberts played being the medium for Seth.
I am also a medium and know what a medium is all about, obviously you do not otherwise you would not have made that statement.
I and Jane are “totally out of the picture when we act and become mediums< we in fact are literally”out of our body”  your implication with Jane is way off base, totally unequivaclly way of base”
neither her or I, are involved as we “channel” none whatsoever! in fact where we go is beyond me  – we are totally “blacked out” so when you imply that she had influence, again you are “way off base”
it shows that you hold on to false beliefs otherwise they “would not surface” as they are in your remarks.
THE SOUL HAS NOTHING IN COMMON WITH OUR EGO, NOTHIGN AT ALL   –  our ego dies when the body dies, the Soul remains, its mixing as I said with apples/oranges.
Our egos need to exist to survive on this contaminated, depraved world we call “reality” our time/space, physical dimension, the world of effect; not the world of cause, a world loaded with DEPRAVED PEOPLE, pretending to be HUMAN BEINGS;  in my opinion they are “not human beings” ! human beings must have belief systems that are not contaminated  – unfortunately that does not meld with what history proves over the centuries, its quite the opposite!
in regard to what you consider a “contradiction”  – using your engrained belief system which plays God of course as to what is and what isnt whether you know it or not, you select contradictions that just wont fit your model of “what is” it has nothing to do with you judging Seth since you and everyone else is not in a position to judge Seth, you and others are not “at his level of conscioiusness” thus its your ego that is doing the judging , of what is and what isnt, which of course, is playing god!
beliefs are a method of playing god of course  –  no one is immune in playing god, the god I am talking about of course is our EGO
7/  in regard to “Seth’s statement that “we create our own reality” that subject has been discussed in many of my blogs, but to repeat:
without a belief or beliefs, nothing can be created, that is the “fuel for creating anything”  –  so when Seth says that we “create our reality” what he is saying basically that whatever our “beliefs are”  these beliefs will materialize.
that is not hard to understand, its simply english.  Now how the beliefs materialize has been discussed many times in my blogs.  I will repeat.
the conscious mind endorses a belief; sends it to the UNconscious and SUBconscious minds which makes “damn sure” that these beliefs if strong enough will materialize since they “have the power to get the job done right”
now you and your beliefs as with others, do to your backgroiund have set opinions which are beliefs of course, and if Seth says something that doesnt “jive” with these opinions/beliefs, for whatever reason, Seth is contradicting himself/itself whatever.
it appears that your opinion/belief has “dominance over Seth’s work” why?
Seth never got paid for his work  =  you believe that he is a mirage out of the mind of Jane Roberts; why you hold this belief is beyond me since you will not accept how Seth got in touch with her and her husband, why?
I do of course, and others do, but according to your writing, you d o not, again why?
They were the “start of the socalled New Age; the started the New Age, are you infavor of the New Age, if not, why bother with me and my blog?
I know Sumner is a disbeliever so he and I other than what he sends me have nothing in common, since he is a bonafide “disbeliever” I am not out to convert him or anyone.
“when the student “is ready”; the teacher appears.
how ready are you?  or is your ego still fighting for its life! by looking for contradictions in the writings of Seth?
8/ what is wrong in the statement you claim is  an inconsistency.  That statment “we create our own reality”  why do you say that is an inconsistency, I dont see that that way?
the fact that you “cannot understand” what Seth is saying doesnt mean he/it is inconsistent  that theme is throuighout the whole book, and he is not the only one making that statement, all of the avatars, the high souls say the same thing, and what’s wrong with believing that?
so its not Seth’s so called inconsistencies, its your idea of what, and how things must happen, and if they do not “fit the lock the way it should its
the other guy’s fault.
if you lack the insight to know what Seth is saying dont blame Seth and dont blame Jane.
in that respect the people reading my blog when they cant “understand” my message would “blame me for not doing a good job” not themselves, god forbid, so its apparent to me that the person’s ego is “playing games with either her or him”
your friend, always,\

Hi, Maurice

Let’s clarify:
1)  The idea that there may be different levels of consciousness does not disturb me.
2)  To grow in spirituality, one must first develop consciousness.
3)  Where does the concept of Ego come from and why does it exist? The concept itself
     did not exist prior to the 19th-20th Century.
4)  In the physical world, is the Ego instrumental in forging people into consciousness
     so that they can have epiphanies?
5)  “MIXING APPLES WITH ORANGES, means that what works for us in the physical 
     dimension does NOT work on the higher dimensions.” Isn’t everything that exists 
     connected and vibrating in unison? If so, how could we, human beings, be able to
     differentiate Ego from Soul given the parameters of our limited physical dimension?
6)  If Seth states that “everybody creates his/her own reality”, wouldn’t it be in the realm
     of possibility that Jane Roberts did just that to comply with Seth’ dictum?
7)  I’m not insisting that Seth’s body of work is contradictory. I do agree with a lot of it.
     However, I gave you a specific example of a contradiction within it. Can there be more?
     I don’t know. Have not read the whole book.
8)  …”our idea of what reality is all about is FALSE!”. According to Seth’ main message,
     everybody has the potential and ability to create his/her own reality. Is this an inconsistency
     or a contradiction?
9)  We do agree wholly that people espouse different belief systems. That would be a consequence
     of the different cultures and lifestyles that abound on Earth.
10) It’s as much a person’s responsibility to understand Seth’s message as it is Seth’s responsibility
     to offer it in a clear and easily understood manner. After all, he is the one ‘in the highest level of
     consciousness’. And, yes, your blog is very helpful.
11) Teaching/learning is the only path to the ultimate achievement and evolution of humanity, both physical
       and spiritual. All the psychic sages you quote teach to their student/followers to understand their spiritual
       systems and achieve transcendence.
12) Anyone can have an epiphany but that usually comes after much learning and life-experience, and ‘the innate
      ability to connect the dots’, which in the physical world is called ‘critical thinking’. Self reflection/meditation is the path.
13) One source of knowledge alone cannot replace the whole spectrum of eons of human evolution and human
      spirituality. That’s why a seek knowledge and understanding from as many sources I can find, for ‘absolute truth’ is
      as illusive as the shifting desert sands.
And finally, we have exchange correspondence on these topics before, which simply means that I seek and you may
have found your level of consciousness. 
Jose Luis
Hi Jose,

There is no short cut to “spirituality”
what says that better than any other spiritual “system’ is the Kabbala Tree of Life.
a person could ask, where am I “stuck on the Tree of Life”  –  if there was a simple way to the top, everyone would take it, but there is not, any short cuts to truth!
and truth as understood by people who have “not” reached the top of the tree, is “different than the truth of those “whose consciousness thru perhaps thousands of incarnations”  have “developed to this point”
and Seth talks about it, not particularly using the Tree of Life  – as its example.
again that points the finger on just one word, the word that started our conversation lately  –
consciousness is perhaps the hardest thing for people who “strive to
grow spiritually.
the idea that there are “levels of consciousness” disturbs people like yourself who believe otherwise; that everyone should be “equal” when it comes to
growing not so in consciousness, but growth in spirituality which you seem to be interested in.
people in general dont like the “idea” that some people “have it” and others do not have it”  they want true democracy where everyone is equal; and you said that many times recently.
according to Seth, all of this is “arrange on the higher dimensions certainly not on the ego dimension.
so the problem is a very old problem,
it is a known fact without any dispute, that our time/space/world =physical dimension is a satanic system, certainly not a spiritual system, and the word that describes it is the word ego.
once we know that we are controlled by this satanic power/egocentricity, which of course means that –
our idea of what reality is all about is FALSE!  the beliefs of people engraind, entrenched in our egocentirc dimension are also FALSE!
MIXING APPLES WITH ORANGES, means that what works for us in the physical dimension does NOT work on the higher dimensions.
and it appears to me that the socalled dispute we have with each other; is your insistance that Seth’s teachings are contradictory; which I of course disagree vigorously with you  , and also the teachings of Dr. Hawkins which I also disagree with the comments of the people you use, also for muscle testing which I also disagree with.
I also disagree when you say that  Jane Roberts invented Seth  –  that for me is “way off base”  way way off base.
your mind-set/ego in my opinion of course  –  which “demands reasons, and socalled “no contradictions” –  has nothing “in common” with who I am , and what I pesonally believe!
so the bottom line is just one word   –  BELIEFS vs. BELIEFS   –
people reading my blogs would NOT be the same people with beliefs that question the authenticity of what Seth is talking about!
the ego of course does not allow “their victims”  to  embrace anything that cuts out their power  – the ego sets the rules, and determines what is “truth and what is “not truth” i.e. as you say contradictions.

would a person who has attained a high spiritual state, call Seth’s work contradictory?
I SAY NO! vehemently NO!  just because a person cannot “fathom” what Seth is saying, does not mean that Seth is dishonest, etc.
your letters whether you “realize it or not” implies all of the above.  Give it to anyone who is “not discriminating” and I believe that if they have the “ability” to understand what Seth is saying, would without a doubt say that:
the reason why only two percent of the world’s people are “qualified ” to know what Seth is saying; the reason for my blog of course!
I did not make up that percentage; its an agreed % by people involved with consciousness.
consciousness CANNOT BE TAUGHT
perhaps meditation would do it!  it has nothing to do with “learning which we all have been taught to believe is responsible for growth in consciousness.
again, consciousness cannot equate with the world of learning.  When people experience epithamies as Dr. Hawkins experienced, changed his reality (consciousness).
your friend, always,

Hi, Maurice

You know I consider you a friend whose psychic consciousness and channeling come from the heart,
based on passion, honesty and the conviction of a life-long belief. You do not aspire to make millions
from your estorerism, unlike others. Rather you place all of your energy to teach the uninitiated. I have
the utmost respect for that and take your blogs seriously. That’s the reason I read them and comment 
on them.
Your comments place me in a most difficult position because you appear to question my integrity. You
dismiss my belief system but you must know by now that my belief system is premised on transcendental
philosophy, not on mundane materialism and the acquisition of fame and riches. That’s very much antithetical
to my life goal, which is the pursuit of knowledge from every source available to me in order to expand my 
Re Seth. Actually I set out optimistically to find out what this book was all about. Mostly because you are
constantly making references to it and had at one time recommended its reading. Thus, my criticism of Seth
(Jane Roberts) was not preconceived or planned. I just happened to read it and concluded that most of Seth has
great offerings but is also constrained by some confusing language and contradictions, which is to be expected
if the ‘medium’ was a human being, Jane Roberts. Please, note that I’ve read enough psychic literature and
watched esoteric documentaries with an open mind to have some understanding of it and be able to pick  the
corn the chaff.
If Seth appears to mix apples and oranges is because ‘in the reality he creates for himself’, he does. I have
delved long and hard upon the contradictions I presented to you, and I almost did not send them to you 
because I did not want you to think I was being dismissive.
As to Dr. Hawkins, he is too much into money and fame to articulate a cohesive transcendental message.
Besides, he does not believe in ‘channeling’.
To admonish someone is a negative and demeaning undertaking. My comments to you are directed only and
exclusively to help you with your blog so it can be a success. Perhaps your experiences through your blog cast
me no different than those who would attack it on principle or simply wish to discredit you. That’s the farthest thing
from my mind, as I try to assist you with your language expression the best I can. From our long correspondence,
I would think that you would know me better and place me in a different light.
BTW, “complex material” can be made simple if the individual transmitting it has a deep and exact understanding
of it. That’s why some so-called experts have a limited following. You are much better at it than most of the ‘esoteric 
sages’ you quote because your language can and does reach the average uninitiated, and that’s why it will stand the 
test of time.
Jose Luis
Hi again,

rereading your letters, you seem to put blame on the “messanger, Jane Roberts why?
she has nothoing to do with Seth’s writing she is simply a conduit!
when I channel, I have no recall whatsoever of what I channeled, and this goes for all channels  –
you seem to have a preimposed “idea” of how things should be, and when you have trouble with some of Seth’s premises because they dont fit “propery” in your preimposed idea, or ideas, you cry “foul”
I see no contradictions at all with what Seth is writing  – I am sure there are others like yourself that see “loads of contradictions”
the question is why?
the simple answer of course is their “presupposed “ideas” of what they should be  –   already formed beliefs of what the socalled answers should be, and if it doesnt fit, is thrown into the garbage as false teachings.
that is why “consciousness” is vital   –  consciousness is the “only” way that a person can “discern the differences”
“to make a difference, one must KNOW the difference” and only consciousness can do that!
one fits all, does not work, but that is what you and perhaps others want,  “make it easy to understand”  that’s fine but the right equipment called “higher consciousness” makes this possible.
wisdom is not given to everyone  – and wisdom deals “exclusively with consciousness”  – has no connection whatsoever with the 98% out there since the 98% out there wouldnt “KNOW’ what to do about IT!
the Cabala Tree of Life depicts “exactly” what I am saying.
you and the people who reject in this particular case Dr. Hawkings, want nothing to do with the “tree of life” which as said depicts clearly that
what you are asking for, making it easy for people to “understand what my channel, and Seth, is writing about!
that takes a “growth in consciousness that Dr.Hawkings, myself, Seth along with Hermes, Swedenborg and a host of other “realized souls” have preached during their period on earth.
make it easy!  make it easy!  make it easy!
again, if Seth appears to mix apples with oranges and this confuses the reader, what he/she must do is go into a kind of “meditation” that switches the person”s mind-set that I call “consciousness” enabling the person to “go beyond their limitations”
according to your admonition  –  make it easy to understand  –  I do my best when I write my blog  –  but know of course, that there will be many that wont understand one word of what I write  –
it is no easy task to make something “simple out of complex material”
anyone can do that is truly a genius.
that is what you want but resist when it bucks up against what you believe, which is to be expected!
in regard to my blog  –  its apparent to me that the shakeup will come, those that KNOW will carry on after I am gone!
just like the society I formed  – only less than one percent of the people in my society “knew what I was trying to accomplish”
as for my site, years later, the same thing!
that is why only less than 2% of the worlds people- KNOW that they know that they know THAT THEY KNOW, they know!
others despite their PHd’s  –  continue on their merry way being superficial !
your friend, always,
Hi jose,

just re read your august 3rd letter wherein you show discrepancies in Seth’s teachings.
I dont see any discrepencies, while you do  – and its beholden on both of us to find out why!
as I read this letter  –  what he is “basically saying is “that we create our own realities”
how we “interpret what “these realities are ; their foundations” is left up to us, not up to Jane Roberts who has nothing to do with the process being only the “medium” –  and  –  Seth this mystical identity outthere somewhere.

as I reread what you write  –  I see no contradiction in what Seth is saying, none whatsoever  –  you do of course  –   so their is a clash involved somehow.
what are the contradictions what you list are not contradictions for my mind-set!
our beliefs, bottom line, materialize themselves, and that is the “bottom line”  our “expectations also materialize themselves” that also is the bottom line!
do we “blame the trumpet or the trumpet player?
do we blame the message or the messenger?
do we blame the “channeler, Jane Roberts, or Seth?
unfortunately that is the socalled “sticking points”
in our culture which is the ego world; the beliefs(culture) we
according to your use of the words, eliminates the responsibility
of the human being, puts it somewhere else called “culture”
beliefs can be “culture” but at the same time does NOT have to man
culture since with every incarnation culture changes appropriately!
also when we put the “onus on culture” we take it off the onus of the what Seth is talking about.
He is not talking about culture as I understand it, he is talking about the individual, they are not the same, since with every incarnation that changes
only in  a  hologram, the part and the whole work together  –
 the part and the whole know themselves.
obviously that is not so under the aegis of “beliefs” which can
continue on for hundreds,thousands of incarnations.
your friend, always,
PS. clearing the air without “malice” as said is “honorable”!!!!!





Creativity, Natures creativity in particular, storms etc.serve a good purpose and should “not” be considered otherwise!

we of course “despoil nature” by burning fossil fuels, spreading poison into our atmosphere, putting pesticides in our soil  – polute our oceans,
and what is the “cause behind all of this stupidity”?$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$
CAN WE EAT MONEY?  CAN WE WHEN WE DIE TAKE MONEY WITH US?  SO WHAT GOOD IS MONEY if its a trade-off  or less of a trade-off  –
We end up giving it to the pervayors of death  – the meeical, and pharmaceutical industries, and the stock market manipula
cancer cures do they exist?  they sure do, but the Cancer Society makes damn sure noone knows about them!
that includes the FDA of course, and our public officials from the top to the bottom!  conspiracy? damn well of course its a conspiracy!
NATURE BE DAMNED  –  what comes before nature? $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$
its payolla time from the top to the botton, and from the bottom to the top!  rest assured of that!
single pay plan?  we have it, its called Medicare  –  why do we need the insurance racketeers involved with out medical problems.
WE DO NOT NEED INSURANCE RACKETEERS  – we need a single payer plan and that plan is already in existence.
same as paying our taxes   –   we need a flat tax  –
Government has been ruled by the Oligarky now for years  – of course its a dictatorship of sorts, with both sides of the aisle, sticking their hands out  – payola of course!
i.e. a Dick Durbin working for the pharmaceutical industry when it  presenting bills to eliminate suppliments from the market>  That is only one example of how payolla works!
the money is not in supplements; the money is in drugs, drugs, drugs, supplements is “chicken feed in comparison profitwise”
he failed and he should fair!  Before him the rep from California who recently got defeated, was a shill for the drug interests, people finally caught wise to him; now its Durbins time “to hit the dust where he belongs  –  the people’s party democra
es, thats a farce and Durbin proves that of course!  The Republicans can be worsse they want to eliminate Medicare; the democrats have not as yet ” reached that level of depravity”

WHAT ARE THE ONLY TRUE REALITIES, according to my source?

my “source” the “only true realities” as “it” sees it thru the eyes,ears, nose, throat etc. etc.is the “experiences that we “experience” within the world of OUR INNER SENSES, not our outer senses which includes are emotions of course, also includes are beliefs, false or otherwise!

they seem to perpetuate at each new life/incarnation  –  the source says that our “life is a continuum; not what the egoworld thinks,believes it to be.
“once dead, always dead”  has  “no validity to it at all”  –  its a “foolish fancy notion promulgated by “foolish fancy f-ucked up individuals who
believe upside to be downside  –  they all have it backwards!
again the “deaf,dumb,blind” – igorance is “bliss” crowd with many initials after their surname proclaiming to the world that “they are worth listening to”  – certainly not to the people, that directly and indirectly support their “lifestyle”
i.e. the seperation of the “classes of course”   –   the delegator, and the people meant to be delegated  –
god forbid that the “delegator mysteriously lost he/her staff  – no greater calaminity to happen “to any individual in their life”
how can I live if I cant “boss people around”?  as said no greater “calamaty” happen to people who “cant live without their servants!”
talk about being “a dependent creature”  –
there are many “calamities in this world” but none so calamatious as
not having servants who must “be delegated continuously so that the
“elites” can remain being “elites.
according to my  “source” this “elitizm” does not and cannot exist, once the body dies  –  and what remains of course “is the spirit”
spirit does “not approve of the word delegate”  –  for the “simple” reason it implies that the “person is irresponsible rather than responsible for themselves  –  pushing people around using the “brute force of the word “command”    ”   “I command you to do this, that, whatever” and you have no choice but to “obey my command”
so the three words, three categories of “elite  – erudite  – scholars  –
with the helplessness of the socalled “lower class unable to survive in a world of hate, domination, obeisance, and all of the other adjectives describing the “plight of the poor”   –
usually understood as CHEAP LABOR!  Our country a pure unadulterated country of imigrants since it belongs to the indigenous people who we literally massacured, the American Indians of course,
with the “blessings of the “current religion at the time”; whatever it was,
most likely the English Protestants, and later the poor Catholic Irish, etc.
once educated; once established; once in power thru the political power, i.e. the Irish controlled the city of New York, the Tammany crowd, –  made sure that their clones, voted many many times using the names of dead people  –  and other criminal acts  –
with the help of their religion of course  –  the Catholics, being serfs of the elites, being brainwashed, did as told; exactly like wht’s happening today  –  using different tactics of course!
the brain power of the population today has not changed for thousands of years , none whatosever   –   brainwashing is as strong today as it has been for hundreds and perhaps thousands of years, as mentioned recently, using the 15,000 Piscean age as a model for this “unbelievable but true state of mind we call “our brain  “
we can train animals, and our educational does the same with individuals, they brainwash them to believe everything taught in our schools,, colleges etc.
Freedom of thought “does not exist”  –   puppets, clones galore   –  my good friend Paul Laffoley a recogized genius, was kicked out of several colleges for “not doing and believing what he was supposed to do and believe.  He refused to be a “puppet”   –  others just dont have it “upstairs” and continue to “play the game”
however, there is hope down the line because the special 2% – of which my blog is part/parcel; has the capability of exposing the “elites/erudites/scholars” calling a “spade a spade”  –  gathering in its “flock” widening “our base of influence” –  cleaning out the cobwebs in their brain, and making them “able to see the light of truth”
also knowing the power and significane of their past life experiences; also the power and significance of how their inner mind/senses operate, power to “know” what “knowing is all about” and the truth of what “knowledge on its own is also “all about”
A perfect example of what hardheaded scientists is all about!
again according to “my source,  – the spark of truth, intuition, love, joy and creativity  –  is the “spark within” not without as our elites, erudites/scholars want us to believe and are obviously “successful since only two percent “know the difference” between “what is and what isnt”
MOST PEOPLE ARE DULLARDS in this respect  –   they are already “dead” but dont “know it”
what they call “being alive” is getting drunk,  chasing each other, the female and the male for “coitus” /  sex  –  and  –  continually looking for “excitement to keep them “awake” otherwise they will “sink into oblivion!
is that being alive?   they of course think so  –  the reason why whats happening worldwide  –  is simply in a state of chaos!
again the bible said it:  “THE BLIND LEADING THE BLIND” no betters description exists, depicting the  “stupidity of mankind”
our leaders are no better equipped than the guy doing ditch digging, other than he is wearing a fancy suit, stuffed his head with “knowledge” that his “betters told him to stuff himself with”  Found an “elite to get him/her a good job”  – found  erudites that he can emulate   – and scholars to substantiate what the erudites promulgated (made up of course).



here can be a plausible reason

there can also be “group connections”
families can be “gestals dealing wit psychic reasons!
of course these are not considerations since this subject is new to me.
its my source, making these statment.
he also states that “families have subconscious purposes; –  its also possible that people while alive in their own mind set up with their subconscious faculties, ways/means of getting together with people for future incarnations together.
so we can reincarnational “families” ready to get together at the right programming time.
I am sure that when I set up my psychic society, “out of the blue” it was already “in the works”   using this theory.
how do we handle the concepts called right and wrong?
according to my “source” there is only one way to handle this problem.
“It” says that only compassion and love, can solve this major problem n all of the societies on this planet.
only “true”an make it hapen compassion/love which opens the “understanding faucet”  can institute change.
that, these ”  qualities” can/will “annihilate, what he considrs is the erroneous and distortive “concepts of evil
right at this moment I am a bit “conflicted” since the word “evil, using the four letters  E V I L, if transposed  can be  read backwards to appear as LIVE.
so what “is” evil and what is “live”???????????????????????
of course before “knowing the difference”  we must return to that famous saying of my channel.
” to make a difference, one must “know” the difference”
obviously we humans in general, think we know when we obviously DONT KNOW/ again thinking is not knowing!
that is the crux of the whole works  –   the right interpretation of thought/thinking and know/ knowing!
the way I look at it, is one is suitable for our egocentric world/ thinking; the other sutiable for the higher worlds “knowing/knowingness.
they obviously “have nothing in common” other than “confliction”
so considering the idea of “evil” = it is obvious that its easy to define this word since “its all over the place  – even little tots know what is right and what is wrong  –  I had a great experience with a three yr older, a son of my niece, who I had to question in regard to something that needed an “honest answer”
and at that age, he knew the difference and I was impressed, highly impressed  – he was able to “know the difference” so their is a sort of a “moral aspect” to “evil since reading it backwards says “live”
so why being “evil is to be lived”  what “is” the connection.
I just asked my “channel and this is what it just told me”
on the time/space/physical dimension , comparing it with the higher spiritual dimensions,  its “observance is “primitive” in all aspects that take into account “what life is all about!
the word life and the word “live”  – are synonymous of course  – lfie and live constitute the same foundation in “fact”
so here we have two dimensions, one dealing strictly with the plarity which is what I am now discussing,  the existence of two opposites, the world live and the world evil, which contains” the “same letters, just reversed.
so again listening to my channel  –  it depicts quite vividly without quetion that the world of duality “evil” is the opposite of the world of non duality which is of course “live”
so if you want to “live” you must understand what evil is  —  a world where “live” cannot exist without “evil” – the duality world, the polarity world of good/bad  right/wrong,  yes/no etc. etc.
I thanked my channel for that information  –  it just told me that “it tries to reach people but the people are just not “sensitive enough” to hear what they say, I just happen to be “sensitive enough to pick up what it tells me, and it comes in very quickly in a “split second”
so its the lack of “awareness that prevents people from “inner hearing”
our problem of course according to my source  is the “rigid concepts that we believe in regard to “right and wrong”
so if a person believes in “evil” without knowing why, he/she will embrace and see it everywhere  – not saying that “it doesnt exist, since it does exist, it has no choice to exist as explained above, its tailored into our egocentric time/space world; our egosystem depends on it, whether we like it or not!
we of course must learn how to transform the evil to live  –  that is what we need to do, and our blog is set up for that explicid, implicik purpose.
according to my source, “love” is another word for “freedom”  In regard to more understanding  of “evil”   If we are “hung up” on evil, we will see it constantly since it is “everywhere, has no choice in the matter”  the word electo/positive and the world magnetic, negative  – must alwasy be present in all of the transactions of this “evil world” whether we like it or not!
what takes a person “out of that range” that consternation”?  meditation of course  –   epitamies of course    – relizations of course   –  compassion of course but most of all the word WISDOM  – knowingness!
the purpose of this site, the althealth.org/blog  –  which “attempts to convey what my non human source wants to convey  –
I do my best to get it done right  –   I have nothing to gain by not doing it right  –  there is nothing “in it for me” one way or another!
so the end result can of course if we continue to hold “false beliefs” continue from carnations to incanations endlessly!
so if we want love, if we want freedom we have no choice but to release ourselves from the bondage that we put “ourselves into” by holding on to evilness, in our reincarnational processes.
the reason for this particular blog of course.
we are in “jail and we are are own “enforcer/guard” but dont know it!
this is called “living in ignorance”
if we want to be less “restrictive in our life” we must eliminate our ingrained false beliefs not just our belief in evil; this is perhaps one of the big ones that needs to be addressed!
In my life, evil for me was my birth mother  – and the woman I married  – what they did would be considered to be “evil” by any impassioned observer, without “any doubt”
and if they have to “reap what they sow” according to the Old Testament, then “on the surface” there is justice, justification for whatever happens to them when their body dies.
it would be “totally out of my hands”
that is “if there is “justice on the higher planes of existence”  –  that is something as I keep pursuing the teachings of my non human source, will eventually “show up in the process”
according to Dr. Emmanuel Swedenborg, there “is” justice once a person leave this physical plane of existence!.
if not, then coming back for another try would only compound their “their evilness” instead of doing otherwise!
perhaps where the personages of Hitler and Stalin and other meglamaniacs –  using their homed tools of evilness  –   return to finish the job that they did not finish!
we now see this in the part of the world called the middle east where killing the “infidels” is one of the great pleasures of deluded souls!
we saw that in the “middle ages” where the Christians did the same things to their infidels, the Jews primarily, and their competitors, either side of the ledger  –   Christians, Protestants  -now we have the Islam people killing their competitors
its history repeating itself of course!  –  and why not? since when do, can people learn from history when they dont have the capacity to “know the difference,
to make a difference, one must “know the difference” only 2or less of the worlds population know “the difference”
by now our readers, have some ” idea” of what and why they are reading our daily blogs  –  some of course for the purpose of  curiosity; others for the purpose of discussion, and some for the purpose of ” going beyond “reason, logic, intellect into a “world beyond our present world  –
stretching – themselves  – exercising areas of their “mind” never stretched before  – allowing “fresh air” to clean out the cobwebs
                           AND    WHY     NOT!


according to my non human “source”  plans made today, “when this life is over I will depend on my experiences in this lifetime to “guide me”

again, according to my “source” it doesnt work this way!, it like saying to oneself, “when this lifetime is over, I will depend upon what I learned in tis lifetime -or saying “when I grow old I will I will use the skills that I learned in my life”
you are setting the “stage for your “new lifetime”, – the thinking that you set “in motion today, will become the “material/fabric of your next incarnation”
there are wiser ways to utilize your next incarnation, and it all lies with the “thoughts and everday experiences happening in this present lifetime.
Obviously my daily blogs, over 850 of them  –  is part/parcel of what my “source” is talking about!  some know it, most do not!  The siome of course is the 2% that “know that they know, that they know THEY KNOW THEY KNOw.
the 98% do not “know” that they “know, that THEY KNOW THAT THEY KNOW , THAT THEY KNOW!  thee must be five knows the representtion of our five “knowing sense”  – touch,taste,feel, smell, see!
knowing is NOT connected with our ordinary faculties called “reason, logic, intellect  – these faculties have “nothing in common with the faculty of “knowing-ness.  They are the ego representation of what “reality is all about; knowing-ness is the  non-ego representation  of what  “reality is all about”
one deal exclusively with touch,taste  see, hear, feel; the other uses these faculties with the addition of perhaps six or more added i.e.
clairsensitifty clairaudio, clairvoyance  –  spontaneity, serendipity, synchronicity  –  these attributes also “work through the orifices of our human being family; so are also included
the major faculty is of course would be the faculty of WISDOM  – the understanding of what LOVE consitutes  –  the Tree of Life, covers most of the bases  –
so we see that our five senses keeps us in “bondage by giving us the impression that they are the “prime moves” in our life”
very few people know that the five physical senses, are not only “restricted to our egocentric physical world; that people like myself, over many lifetimes I am sure, have gone beyond  physical proof  – which of course allowed the inner senses to “surface”
we are referred to as “old souls”; the new souls do not have “any reference” for them to “know the difference”
unfortunately the new souls depend on the satanic “ego system” as their basis for “fact”   – “if you cant, feel it, see it, hear it, touch it, “it does not exist”  a false premise of course, but then that is the basis for all of our socalled scientific “proofs”
people like myself I am sure in the many thousands of lifetimes that I have lived, —  were tortured, raped if a woman, hanged etc. every type of cruelty imagninable  –  because we “knew the truth”!
the last astrological cycle, the Piscean age is no coming to a close  – thank goodness  –   my next incarnation if I have one, will be in the New Age of Enlightenment, the age of Aquarius! ruled by Mercury/mind and Uranus/ the Higher mind  –  a mind that “cannot be tampered with by the Satanic forces, as they have in the Piscean Age  –  I am a Piscean in this particular incarnation  – with the planet Uranus in my Sun Sign  –
which indicates my present lifetime which of course is meant to ‘rock the boat”  –  I did that when I was in business; I rocked the boat when I opened up a hardware business I knew nothing about  – opened the first self service discount hardware store n the city of twenty three hardware stores –  I did it for the family I grew up with  – got married, and opened up my own store which was also very innovative, first discount store operation  –  first toy operation that allowed people to lay away their Xmas toys months before Xmas.  The last year we carried toys, I had over 850 layaways in my basement without one person complaining – every toy was checked before the customer took their layaways, once checked they signed that they received everything they both. and each receipt listed all of their purchases proving to them that we “did not overcharge them, a procedure that was current in those days; most places did not give printout as they do today, it wasnt that organized, so there was plenty of fraud going on especially for small operations, which I was  I was not a chain operation, just one simple 1500 sq ft store selling all kinds of goods other than toys; toys was from Sept to December after that it was baby furiture, rugs linoleum, automotive supplies  –  I dropped toys when the discount houses gave toys at cost, advertising on TV, just to bring t he customer in.  They instituted Layaways for Xmas, took my lead, but it didnt work for them, the people that did layaways for them found that they got screwed; they told me that the following year!
I also set up the first Home Owner Club special discounts for bonafide home owners, I go the list from the assessors office  –  that was also my innovation!
my furniture store was also discount  –  there were no discount furniture stores in my area  –  the poor people that lived in my neighborhood bought all of their furniture needs from me  –  I was their source like my blog is doing for people who did not buy the “truth” of the “usual” sources for knowledge/truth; our established educational systems  –
how do I differ with them?
I use non human sources  –  there are non human source publications  –
Edgar Cayce is one  –   Alice Bailey is another Source   –   the writings of many people, Madam Balavasky is another   –   these are called “mediums”  people who are able to “shut off their own – you might say energy  –  and allow another “energy to come in”
I am one of those people  –  its called “channeling”  –  I did it all of my life and did not know it, until I was around 54 yrs of age when I went to California for health reasons  – California was a “mecca” for people looking for alternatives in their life styles  – I went because my channel told me to  –  my channel ran my business, not I since I had no background in business whatsoever  –  its called the “gut feeling”