again we turn to our “non human source”

it gives our Soul the opportunity  to expand consciusness!
in the “process” we bring forth “ideas” new perceptions, new value systems,
we discard self imposed restrictions and above all else grow in spiritual consciousness, by realizing our limiting dogmas, and conceptions of what reality is all about!
of course this blog attempts to aid you the reader in this process!
those that r ealize this, try not to miss any new publication;we now have over 800 publications  –
and repeating the same themes are meant to “expand the contexual understanding that “must accompany the growth of consciousness.
it is “not” the accumulation of knowledge as understood by our egocentric educational worlld
the words “discernment, wisdom, have no connecton whatsoever with the accumulation of “knowledge”
its a spiritual endeavor, not the other way around!
spiritual not religosity  – one frees the “spirit, the other “encloses the spirit”  –  one frees; the other enslaves   –
this has nothing in common with the Hebrew experiment back thousands of years ago where Moses on Mt Sinai for forty days/nights communed with Jehovah, the God of Earth, and returned with five books that Jehovah authored, called the Five Books of Moses.
religions that followed – as predicted by the Torah, was the work/effort of the Satanic forces that Jehovah created a a counter-balance that our time/space/physical dimension must operate with utilizing the electro/magnetic “spectrum” for polarity reasons!
polarity means duality; duality means “either positive or negative” there cannot be “anything created onthis physical dimension that can work without this polarity positive/negative
believe it or not!
resolutions?  not a chance in the world, the “only” option is compromise which splits the “truth right down the middle”
compromise splits the “truth” as said right down the middle< extracting the “true essence” of the “problem”
there can never be any solution or solutions in this physical time/space dimension since its limited by “the polarity system, (the electro-magnetic) compromised  impediments!
only the fourth dimension where the term singularity exist ( no polarity; no electro-magnetic compromises  –  can there be resolutions considered to be what we call “proof”!
the result?  only 2% of the worlds population have “any understanding” of the knowledge dispensed by our mutual non human  source!
my job as the interpretor is to make it “easy to understand”  –  hopefully I am doing that!
to say the least , its no easy task!
letters received when I first started, I had to stop people from writing me because of the danger to my blog; danger from crackpots of course!
but those that did write before I shut that down; – approved of what they read because ” ithey were able to “understand” the message; it was “not beyond” their understanding!
that is what seperates my blog from others who in the past/present deal with maaterial of the “same nature”; their methodology of transcription is too obtuse for the ordinary person’s ability ot understand.
they use “words” that are meant to “hide rather than its opposite –
as shown in some of the letters from a special contributor, to my blog.
He is certainly a “great writer” suitable however for those with the “same mind-set; same educational background   – certainly “not suitable” for the ordinary “guy or gal on the street” who do not under any occasion are “able” to to “cognize/understand”  words meant for the priviledge few able to attend “college” etc.
this “special language” is meant to seperate the chalf , the UNeducated, the chalf, from the educated ( the wheat.
a good example is Charles Dickens who did not get a classical education, and despite that, became a great writer of fiction, using his “innate faculties”\
his books depicted what I am now talking about, the social structure, that seperated the UNeducated from the EDucated!
the inequality  –  that has never changed  –  its now the difference between the Ivy League colleges, and the state colleges!
who gets the job?  the Ivy League graduates of course.
its like the time that during the depression in the thirties, and early forties, under the Roosevelt administration  – a young person could work one week a month for our government and get $28 for that week.
I applied to the custom house, an agency of the government and applying with me was a black person.  While we were both waiting to be interviewed the black boy said to me.
THEY WILL SELECT YOU, rather than me for the job, and he was right on the money!
he knew how strong anti-semitizm was during those days!
even the young black fella, knew that how come?
hatred cannot be denied!  who said that?
I said that of course since I experienced hatred; those that did not experience “hatred” would not, could not say that!
growing up as a Jewish kid, I had to run “like hell” not to get beat up by non Jews, who were told that I killed “their God!
that remark was made to me by an Irish  kid who lived in my Irish neighborhood  –
when I heard that I said to him  “how can anyone kill God; its an impossibility!
stupidity – ignorance  – arrogance  –  rules the roost  –  the solution?
I doubt if their is a solution for stupidity,k ignorance, arrogance, other than “humility” and this word has no place in our EGOCENTRIC world, regardless of all the “platitutes” that somehow sneak “into the picture”
“clones, puppets, – meant to be puppets, clones by their aristocratic “betters”  –  the serfs  of yesteryear   –  were the “slaves of their aristrocatic betters; that nomenclature change of course; they are no longer called “serfs” they are now called “workers”
and they now can “own their own farms, etc. of course having a “mortgage” with their local bank, that after a period of time when economic conditions fall apart, and the farmer’s crop dies  –
he loses what he thoiught he owned, his farm!
that has changed and instead of losing his farm, he now loses his home since he cant pay  the true owner, the bank, his monthly payment!
SERFS?  YES THEY ARE STILL SERFS whether they like to admit it or not!
nothing has changed, just the names of the transactions.
like the “reverse mortgage” another scam of course!  They tell the people that they “still own their home” once they sign the papers, they no longer own their own home  – its a lie of  course, they have signed the ownership over to the bank which guarantees them monthly payments.\
ITS A SCAM BY THE BANKS OF COURSE –  they are only giving you the equity that you have in your home; you are paying yourself, depreciating the wealth of your home in the process  – and guess what the bank “takes its cut in the process”
our government “on its own is a racket” when legislatures can be bought and sold to the highest bidders.
THEY ARE CALLED LOBBIESTS!  many defeated politicians become lobbiest.  Senator Dole became one, and why not? its there for the taking, isnt it?
who comes first, the people, or yourself?
UINDENIABLY SO, despite the goody goddies in this world!
who said so?  the bible did thousands of years ago  –


Special people specialize in “healing of all sorts” i.e. Edgar Cayce the greatest psychic in the world when in deep hypnosis, was capable of fantastic healings, all recorded of course!

these are not assumptions; they are as real as the Sun risse, and sets every day!
of course, the “satanist that unfortunately rule our  physical egocentric dimension.  – knowing the gullibility of the 98% out there, using this “lack of discernment, fill the heads of these “low consciousness individuals” and program them otherwise!
the bible again says it:  people “come in deaf,dumb and blidn”
my “channel” has a record in regard to fantastic “healings”
proof positive of course!
according to my non human source,  healing are done through the “manipulation of the reincarnational “patterns”, within the mold of many diversifications.
these healing have a psychic and spiritual component of course!
healers like Edgar Cayce while in his deep hypnotic state, dealt primarily with “spiritual maladies” covering a vast number of personalities.
for many of these “speciak people” they “incorporate” teachings, creating, and healing in one mode of “operation”
others have their own particular methods.
it is to be fully understood that in this dimension there are “no limitations” like we have in our egocentric dimension.
there are “no limitations” in the higher states of consciousness, as we have in our time/space/physical dimension  – non whatsoever!
the worlds have nothing in common    –   one uses “power for control’; the other uses love!
the reason my best friend Bernie Davidson who was buried,, the next day came to me in a dream with a big smile on his face, telling me that he loves where he is right now, knows that his body is dead; that he is still alive, well regardless of that “fact”   –
told me to to tell his wife, that he loves where he is now at and not to grieve over him.
WOW!  how would the atheists handle this problem, also the agnotists, and of the course the secularitzs?
they believe wholeheartedly that when the body dies, “its all over”
talk about a false belief  wow!
its only the beginning since what’s to be overshadows the whole previous lifetime, shrinking it into a size of a pebble on the beach!
what fools we wrought?  I dont know who said that, but I am sure that its as true as “true can be”
our belief systems are W WROUGHT AND WAPPED at the same time!
keep this in mind, according to my non human source, human beings freed from their self imposed prison called “falsse beliefs” have the “ability” to realize their intuitions to receive the necessaary “intuiitios in their life”
if a person says, “my intuition is not operable; what they are saying is:
I “believe” that my intuitions are not operable  –
its not their intuitions that are not working; its their belief that their intuitions are “not working”  the got it backwards!
like walking backwards, no different.


we must “again realize” that we dont “know our true identity!

consider for one moment  –  other than our parents at birth; who “also” dont know “who” they are; all we can say is that we are “another ego”
and it comes a time of course where “death is at our doorstep” whether we like it or not, forcing us once the ego disappears – to “go back home!
so – this is “the time for reckoning”  –   the ego long gone and unable to “guide our life any more”  “good riddance to “false beliefs”
now to come to “some insight” which informs us what and who is our “true essence of beingness is all about”
the “inner core” of our “being is now in charge of our life, not our false prophet, our ego”!  Our Soul now appears on the “horizon”, the true “inner core” of who we are, the sum total of all of our reincarnational pesonalities ( the multitude of lives of course)
hard to believe, but no competition exists between reincarnational cycles since all “personalities differ” in each  lifetime!
we develop different abilities in different lifetimes.  In my particular case, and I consider myself to be a perfect example  –
I was never taught or trained in any specialty  – even my typewriter skills, I hit one hundred words a minute on the old mechanical typewritiers; taught myself how to type!
all of my other skills were “innate”  –   nothing taught!  I taught myself how to become a good jazz piano player  –
the manager of the Hotel Lenox in Boston,, Ma. heard me playing on the hotels piano during a break in a  review of the Silva Mind training, and asked me “where I was performing in Boston.
that statement knocked me for a loop as hey say, since I only played for my pleasure.  I did study for one year, how chords work in regard to jazz piano playing  –  once I “knew the chords” using what they call the “fake book” which only showed “one note at a time for all music pieces”
with the chord indicator on top of the note denoting “what the sound should “sound like”  – I was on my way!
unlike the system that the classical piano players use  –  they have to play it “as shown”  –  with the socalled “fake system indicating the chord< how the “piece should be played, arranged is up to the piano playing himself.
at one time, I taught myself how to play a song, ten different ways, styles, improvisations!
my creative piano playing dwarfs any classical player since its definitely more creative than the prearranged classical piece!
back six or seven yrs ago, I started composing my own “classical music”  Not composing in the usual way note to note written down, but the same way that I developed, arranged my jazz pieces.
my fingers touched the keys and off we went! as said, no note by note, the whole works, –  as if I practiced the “piece’ ahead of time!
no practice was needed, none whatsoever –  how come?
it all past life stuff of course  –   this present lifetime of mine without a doubt including my “beefs” my unhappiness with two people in my life, my biirth mother and he woman I chose to be my wife  –
both in my opinion carry-overs of previous lifetimes  –
along of course with my innate abilities  –  commandeered who and what I would be in this particular lifetime, which apparently still has some years left with it!
my blog is another “indicator” of past life skills”
according to my non human source, when a lifetime cycle is finished, and this is for everyone of course,  and what this defined cycle is at this moment uncertain since everyone is “on their own path”
we should have knowledge of all of our past lives.
at tht particular time, all of our experiences, abilities are “exposed”
seen, reviewed etc.
at this time we have privy to the understanding of the “multidimensional reality of existence, practically speaking.
at this particular time everything is known, nothing is “occult” hidden from our true selves/soul.
keep in mind that our reincarnational lives/existences, our probble realities are also functioning simultaneously
we are no longed Dumned, Numned,  –   our ego is  long gone!  “dead as a doornail as they say  –
the dictator in our lives, has abdicated its throne –  went to its home – in hell of course, where it belongs!
for those who have “unfinished business” that have a need to reincanate, “reincarnate”
those that wish to incorporate the multidimensional world in their teaching which I of course  I am doing this very instance  –
do so!  my blog’s over 800 essays dealing exclusively with the multi-dimensional world, other than my personal opinions thrown in at the same time, to indicate how certain “egos (my mother/wife)  interfere
hinder the “inner purpose” of certain individuals such as myself.
I cannot talk about others since if I did I would be using second hand material which is not an honest approach.
the “fact” that my “source is a non human” gives credibility to the knowledge that “it imparts”
obviously my willingness to “talk about the “dirty linen” in my closet; is meant to show the craftiness, scheming, evilness, connected with our socalled “real world supported by the false beliefs” that uphold its faulty structure/ego.!
keep in mind what we call “root assumptions can be and are “false belief systems”  –
only on the ego world that we live in can “false belief systems, triumph, and “run the show”
on the fourth dimension where opposites do not exist; where duality cannot exist, where only “singularities, (lack of the elctro-mgnetic spectrum)
the only dimension in our Universe that can/does deal with TRUTH!
truth cannot under any condition including “compromise”  EXIST!
its an impossibility; the reason why INTUITION, is and should be the major force in people’s lives  –
without intuition, truth as mentioned cannot exist  –  so if 98% of the worlds’s people do not have “access to their intuition, for any reason” they are “privy” to the source of Truth”
and as said compromise?  how can anyone compromise truth? its an impossibility to “compromise truth”~
only stoopnagels continue to compromise truth and “supposedly get away with it, its called “lying to oneself” “being in denial” and other expessions of course!
read Dr. Wayne Dyers book “excuses begone”; he does a real job in identifying ” people’s lying “habits”
so to recap:  we believe in false root assumptions promulgated by the egocentric forces on our planet.  These assumptions of course are both philosophical and scientific in nature!
“the earth is flat” is perhaps the greatest scientific fable”  –
why is it that the truth of the metaphysical world is unknown  in our socalled “real world of science”
is it possible that our scientists have a very “low consciousness score”?
its not only possible or probable ;  its a fact!
they base reality on their ego facts; in contrast the metaphysical world which has “no ego” basis its socalled “facts” on the opposite of the ego world; the world where my non human source emenates from!
unfortunately 98% of the worlds population go with our scientists and we still want a “world that is liveable?
that is an impossibility; that is a world of fantasyland!
and dont forget;  –   probable systems  intrude into our lives  –  during the death period!


according to my non-human source in regard to “coming back for another try in a physical incarnation.

it can happen “right away” or take hundreds of years!
obssesive desire for a physical body, has many return immediately.
some with a “great purpose also incarnate immediately!
those with “unfinished business” particularly inolved with spiritual matters, desire as mentioned to return immediatley.
I remember years ago when my psychic faculties were amazing; I gave a “quick reading” to a father who lost his daughter in an car accident, who had another daughter pregnant at the time.
my “channel” told her that the newborn will be the daughter that he lost!  I will never forget that prediction; and he believed it!
here is a “factor” to be considered in regard to future “incanations”
at this “point in time” people in general “identify themselves with their present egos, so when the question arises in regard to “death and future incarnations, or future lives, its our ego that we are identifying with –  since that was the modus operanti we used while “alive”
however, as we continue to reincarnate, in time the “truth arises”; the truth of who we really are, the “inner core” of our being, which of course is our Soul, the sum total of all of our reincarnational personalities.
so to sum it all up in a neat package simply said:
our personalities are but “divisions” of who we thing we are while living in a physical embodiment!
and according to my “source” there is “no competiotion amongst these various personalities!
in truth there “cannot really be any divisions/seperations” sine who we really are, certainly not egos since once the body dies, the manufacctured phony our ego dies with it!
we cant take our billions with us,; we cant take our pumped up egos wit us also!  sorry Gates; sorry Buffet! sorry Trump, and his buddies!
sorry Obama, – along with no money, power cant also be taken with us  – our conflict with Iran and other terrorists religious groups  –
“experience deaths that defy description since they all land in HELL!
along with the Roman emperors, and all of the others who thought that they had special dispensation!
that includes all of the Roman Popes of course since their oath ws to uphold their church which according to my non human source, the last vestigate of a pagan religion  -Constatine was a pagan emperor  – pagans that threw Christians to the lions because thier belief went counter to their pagan gods!
history recounts all this of course despite the protestations of the prest heirs of Constatine  –  who never believed in Jesus, but knew how to be a clever politician  –  either you convert or you die, take your pick?
Spain, Portugal run by kings, queens did that with the people that helped them “govern their countries” the Jews who never after the destruction of their Temple and their country never
belonged to any country; they were used by countries to govern their specific country until the kings/queens of the countries with their crzy clerics  –  either converted them, killed them, and simply throiugh them away bodily speaking!
these facts exist in the major libraries in the world!
again “SERFS”  were owned by all of he kings/queens of every country on this planet, there was no personal ownership of anything, nothing!
they did what they were told to do being serfs  – there was no ownership of property unless the person had status; serfs do not status, never got status  –  the power always rested in the hands of the “few” and their friends.
and that exist right up to this very moment  –  in every country in the world  – all that is needed is a “change of uniform”  –  which the royalty makes damn sure it “wears” when the occasion arises.
which “denotes” class distinction   –  army, navy air force, dignitaries of all sorts
they do it to seperate the chalf (the common folk, from the wheat, the rich,powerful  –
the corporate triangle is the best “indicator” of how and why power is distributed in every country on this planet!
despite what we say  – despite what we do  –  not until the Aquarian New Age comes into view, will this “suppression” end!
people are “serfs”; that is the bottom line  – “our corporations own us lock,stock,barrel  – our banking system ; our stock market, our educational systems who supply “fodder,human workers”  –  all in one neat package  –  along with our “bought” political system”   – makes damn sure, that there is “no changes down the line!
who knows this?  everyone knows this, even the “kid in the block!
that’s the way the cookie crumbles; of course you have heard that statement!
either “play ball” or you are “out of the game”
we make the rules, you just “follow them”
I was fortunate, I made my own rules, lived by them, and prospered!
I worked “for myself”  –  depended wholly on myself  –  did innovations that “put me in the drivers seat”  – and at the right time, quit that process too  – since I got tired supporting a whole structure “living off my work! i.e. the utility companies, the insurance companies, all of the city,state government taxes  –  the heating companies  –  and all of the hidden taxes thrown in as a “bundle”
I TOLD THEM ALL TO GO TO HELL, EVERY LEACH, EVERY LOUSE, EVERY crooked politician from the city,state and government!
sorry folks, I am not working for you any longer; find yourselves other suckers! also got rid of the biggest leach,  my exwife of course!
she was no on her own  –  plow your own gardent!
so that lifetime ended over forty years ago; when I was at the age of exactly fifty yrs old  – bought myself a motor home, and took off, FREE AS A BIRD, with no attachments.  Both sons were in college which I paid for of course!  – they also were on “their own”
one made it! the other did not make it!
I had no control in the matter other than put the money up for their education; the rest was up to them, and them alone!
one turned to drugs; the other did not, saw what they did to his brother, got scared, kept away from drugs –  lucky for him of course!
yes, my blog is meant to serve two purposes  – my auitobiography and my undersstanding, and compliance with the writings of a non human entity that has written sixteen books on subjects that makes a monkey out of our so called “elites/erudites/scholars” who depend on their socalled educated opinions to “guide their lvies”
a perfect crap-shoot  of course   –   opinions are “a dime a dozen” mean absolutely nothing, nothing at all !  even a five yr older has his/her opinion, which most likely is more accurate than its parents!
this blog is free to anyone that “wants to be free”  –  most dont know that they are in their “own jail sell and the guard guarden them are their false beliefs instituted by their parents who suffers from the same maladies, their peers, their professors, the books they read, the people they  “hand out with”
in other words, the truth of the matter is that THEY HAVE BEEN BRAINWASHED, completely brain-washed and dont know it!
talk about being “used”  –  talk about being a sacrificial lamb, a real stoop?
only less than 2% of the worlds people have any connection whatsoever with their “real self”; their inner selves i.e. their UNconscious and SUBconscious selves!
why? this blog tells you why  –  the authorities want to keep you  in “their power, not in “your power”
they control you like your “ignorant parents, particularly controlled you” the way they were controlled of course, right down the line
my essays backed up by a non opinion source, wants to FREE YOU from this word CONTROL  –
I married a young woman that I fell in love with who was a very quiet person and I like that quality in her.
that is until with my help of course she “went right up the ladder in received her dream, the PHd status in Microbiology, and I was of course very proud of that, in fact I tyiped her Masters thesis for her, and supported her in all ways for nine years.
the result?  this woman change 360 degrees, she was no longer “quiet< she became quite the opposite, a fiery fierce person bossing everyone including myself around, –  she became tyranical!
end result, she got taken over by “satanic forces” that do exist in this world, spouting filty words that I never heard in my life  –
that was enough for me  – its over  –   she was the culmination of a soul taken over by “astral spirits” that do roam the middle world where dead bodies, reside when the persons physical body dies.
she gave me my freedom”  –   she was now “on her own  –
this marriage experiment was a failure and a success at the same time
instead of being a true human being which my exwife was not!, she became quite the opposite; she became an “animal” withoiut any feelings of love/affection in her heart  –  power took over her life, not gratefulness, love, appreciation
is that possible that a socalled human being could reach this “low level state of consciousness”?
I and a mediator when we tried to get together again, witnessed this wierd behavior pattern  –  the filtiest words that I ever heard in my life, “came out of his mouth”  –  why?
the answer to this question is simply  –   humans   can be “taken over” by forces in our Universe, proof of course was my exwife, with me and a moderator who witnessed this behavior , by inimical “demons” residing somewhere up there somewhere!
exorcizm proves without a doubt that these “demons” can easiliy infiltrate the consciousness of people like my exwife and others of course!
so what makes a person human?  that is an excellent question –  not much?
being truly “human is indeed speculative”  –  are greediy people human”
are power hungry people human?
the answer again goes back to the truth which is:
only 2% of the worlds people are “truly human” the other 98% JUST LOOK HUMANS, and I will repeat that again.
only  look  human    –    the qualities that consititute that make a person truly human  _ DOES NOT AND CANNOT exist on this planet, unless these people, represent the 2%  –
take it or leave it!  of course your ego resents all of this , more proof of the fact of what I am saying.
is the ego human?   of course not!
the motto of an ego?  what’s mine is mine; and whats yours is mine!
who would call that human?  noone of course
PS. I feel indeed fortunate to have a blog where I am “free” to express what I believe – and back up what I say with a non human source as proof!  I dont believe that there is another person on this planet, that can make the same statement.  Of course egos will differ with my comment  since it indicts them noticeably!


our intellect has “no idea” that “the intuition exists at all”!  hard to believe but true nevertheless>

 why is this so?
that is an excellent question!.  you would imagine otherwise since we human beings “should be “favored” with this faculty attribute”!
unfortunately we are “not” for the simple reason, to have this scarce faculty one must “earn it”  –  thus the “reason” for gradations in consciousness from 150 up to around 600 which only “avatars are capable of attaining!
its a rigorous “climb” in consciousness taking many hundreds of lifetimes, and perhaps thousands of lifetimes!
again its unfortunate that this “scarce commodity” is “kept hidden from the people”  – relegated to an “area”  which instead of being “lauded” is constantly “depreciated” —-   as “hairy scary stuff  –  warning people not to get involved with the metaphysics that the “intuition” cohabituates with since  “it” transcends the “laws” of our egocentric materialistic world.
Hermes laws are a good example of these principles/laws, and for those of our readers interested, can find these laws right on our list of articles, etc.
we have two brilliant people Hermes, and LaoTzu availalbe for our readers for their examination.
keep in mind that the purpose of all of our work,writings is to “simply that which is “not simple”, thus need repeated and repeated methods of
articulation, constant “upgraded contexual information” meant to “break thru the intellectual haze meant to confuse rather than suffuse, – meant to enlighten rather than “disenlighten” using intellectual “garbage” as a cover-up for “sheer ignorance”
of course those that “dont know”, just dont know regardless of the impresssion and the qualification after their names  –
its still the “blind leading the blind” perpetuating the “false beliefs” that “continue” to plague the world with its egocentric “proof ”  –   proof limited by their inability to go beyond their own “nose”
short-sightedness is a “common problem” for those with “limited understanding”  \\
remedy?  the only remedy for this “dis-ease” is of course our intuition, that by-passes limited “understanding”  –  is capable of entering a new\
dimension “in thinking”  – allowing participants to “savor what truth is all about”!
an exquisite experience to say the least!.  I have feasted with it for years, practically all of my life  – but then  –   it did not come easy, I had to overcome a lot of bad Karma “in the process”
had to “resolve” this karma before I could enter the “promised land”
that happened when two antagonists from past lives, disappeared from my life  –  giving me my freedom.
of course my intellect kept this “freedom from me”  –   since it was incapble of “breaking thru the false believes that I supported in regard to the two prominent people in my life   –
once those false beliefs were OVERTHROWN, and DISCONTINUED FOR EVER   – I was as free as a bird  – bought myself a motor home, got rid of all of my attachments as Buddha said to do, and felt free for
THE FIRST TIME IN MY LIFE  – MY BY POLARIZM WENT THE WAY OF THE NON EXISTING THREATS OF MY LIFE!  ended up in the sh-t house where it belonged all of my life!
this blog of course is informative and at the same time biographical since I cant seperate myself with what I write about since they are the same, one without the other cannot exist!
those that do seperate themselves  –  have “little understanding of the mechanizm that is “controlling their lives”
they write in the 3rd person, not in the 1st person because “they dont know the difference.!
“to make a difference, one must “know” the difference”
they are sheer puppetry, but dont know it!  – monkey see; monkey do!
they “fit the bill” for mockery  –  instead of making changes; they uphold false belief systems, and dont know it!
insight, intuition does not exist in their lives; what exists is as said:  puppetry; pure unadulterated puppets, clones  –  who dont know that their address is not what they think it is;  –   their address is:\
                                    I M P R I S O N  M E N T
they are imprisoned by their “false beliefs” and dont know it of course!
I of course “know what imprisonment is, since I was imprisoned for fifty years of my life  –   being controlled by my so called “betters” ;  in this particlar case,  my birth mother, a pure tyrant if their is such a person, and a wife without a “soul”  –   of course, my tyrant mother also lacked a soul  –   her cleverness “covered “all of the basis bigtime”
why do I continue bringing up “this story”  ???????????????????  that is what people say, enough is enough.  of course I agree however, as I and we continue on this “path of illumination” having good examples of the enemy, always “comes to the fore”   – and     why not?
if its appropo, then use it as “an appropo, when it is no longer an appropo then discard it, so faar its an “appropo  –
THAT IS WHY MY NON HUMAN SOURCE ALSO KEEPS REPEATING THE SAME THEME UNDER DIFFERENT SCENARIOS  , ITS CALLED BEING CONTEXUAL  – which means of course that when the “context” of an “idea” changes  –   the necessary “understanding of the change of context” must “again” be “made understandable”
context is the key to understanding; and not the other way around where we think/believe that understanding can stand on its “own two feet”, that is a LIE , big time lie since understanding cannot “fill any bill , its the CONTEXT, that fills the bill.
another false belief that must be “overthrown’ from out lives!
according to “my source”  it insists that our “intellect” wants to understand things “in neat packages” i.e. if there is an “up”; there must be a down”, there “must be a balance etc”
that of course makes good sense however, when considering the “fact” that we have a faculty “able” to go beyond the “intellect”; which of course deals “exclusively”  with our “inner self” in contrast to our intellect that must “stick to its “limited ability”  –   we come to this estrangement  –   the outer self pitted against the inner self  – one deals exclusively with the ego physical dimension; the other with the non ego world, the spiritual dimension.
one again represents our intellect; the other our intuition.
they have obviosly “nothing in common”  –   thus repel each other!
according to our inner self, according of course to “our source” our inner self does not see things “as evil” rather just simple “ignorance”, and alos says that, “space” is “not involved” wherein the higher dimensions enter in into the equation. Time/space only exists where the intellect is involved, the physical dimension; again, the higher spiritual dimensions, has no need for time/space since everything happens simultaneously, with spontaneity, and serendipity influences.
neither “worlds have anything as said, in common” other than the “fact” that special people are capable of “transcending the time/space world thru their “experienced intuitive faculty”
I happen to be one of those people through what I call “my channel”
if I have a problem that needs soliving I present it to “my channel” and it can respond “immediately” which is does most of the time!
I have to be “open to receive”  –   like the phone lines must be working properly to receive an expected phone call/
as a reminder of the essence of this letter; it is highly important to “really know” that strong beliefs which of course act as opposing views, act as a detriment rather than otherwise because it “prevents, the person from understanding  facts that emenate from our inner world meant to unify rather than seperate dealing “exclusively with the ONENESS of the inter-connectivity of our socalled opposing views.
in other words our entrenched beliefs instead of helping us bring peace into our lives, do quite the opposite  –  embraces duality to the hilt, i.e. right, wrong, good/bad  love/hat  etc.
we identify by using opposites   –   instead of seeing the world in a form of “degrees” –  rather than in terms of opposites!
that is the world of ego “in action” of course!  seperate, divide and conquer!
nothing can beat that of course!  Napolean did that successfully, within the tactics of warfare!
politicians do it all of the time  – they appeal to the people that only the world in a black/white situation  –  the world of duality rules supreme!
unfortunately the above people “never ever experienced harmy and oneness in their lives    –    their false beliefs make sure of that!

——- BE AWARE belief in “evil” – CONTINUED


BE AWARE! belief in “evil” theologies of opposites,etc. are dangerous!



whatever you believe, consciously/ unconsciously “will” materialize!

whether “you like it or not”  why? as I have said a thousand times  – “one a belief is “fixed”; it automatically goes to our UNconscious and SUBconscious minds” for fulfillment!/
remember? neither the UN or the SUB conscious mind, have a “say in the matter’ their job is to fulfill the “commandments, edicts of our CONscious mind which of course, unfortunately is our “dispicable, unreliable, CORRUPTED EGO!!
which is as “false as false teeth”
once our body dies; its a whole new ballgame, from sttart to finish!
without a “source such as my blog “uses” to inform its readers;  –  all else is a “form of guesswork”  –  nothing authoritative!
we dont need “guesses” when we have a “direct source” “uncontaminated by the “thieves,crooks, that “ply their trade” on the massmindmentality idiots  and of course “get away with it”
they can appear to be like, “preachers, billionaires who become “savants” due to their vast wealth, i.e. Buffet, Gates, and all of the others!
money and wisdom are “NOT conducive in any way  form or shape” but the massmindmentality people, do NOT know this!
they equate wealth with wisdom  –  wisdom can make wealth  –  tht is for sure, – but wealth again “cannot make wisdom”  i.e. Donald Trump, but then he could be a disguised “idiot”, only time will tell  – right now he is playing “his part to the hilt appealing to the massmindmentality crowd who loves his banter because for them , he is blasting their socalled enemies  –  truth of what is, is not their message; their message deals primarily with ”  saying it “as it is”, which in their opinion of course is the truth that they in truth have no connection  with whatsoever.
their consciousness prevents them from going beyond their limitation which is only a hair higher than the animal world!
but then that is what “democracy is all about”  – everyone is equal which is a lie of course!
they are NOT equal in consciousness  – a subject that is well over the heads of even Buffet,Gates, and of course Donald Trump.
that also includes our president Obama  –  he is NOT exampt when it comes to “level of consciousness”   –  proof?  socialism says that we are all equal   – that has been proven false, politically speaking  –
so what’s missing?
what’s missing is people reading our blogs to “awaken their “slumber” that keeps them imprisoned by their “false beliefs”
so its obvious that people willing to “dump beliefs that “cant hold water” and I said “willing” since that is the “key”; the will must get involved to make the changes needed  –
and continue to “listen to the advice/counsel of the non human entity that although “unpaid” is willing to give it to them “for free” thru of course  this medium, myself, and  the non-human entity!
of course “arrogance” comes into the picture  –  instead of its opposite, humility, thankfulness, –  the EGO comes into its prominence, with its
socalled “experts”  – the infamous  “elites,erudites/scholars, putting their two cents in the pot!
of course supported by the billionaires who because of their vast wealth, believe that they are in a position to take over god’s duties
                          and  BECOME  DEMI-GODS!
this is no joke, our President whether he has arrived at this conclusion, could feel at times, the power of a “demi-God” withouit even knowing that he “has been taken over by the Satanist of this world!
wisdom is not compensatory with “power”    –    there is no connection between the world wisdom and the word power, none whatsoever, but who knows that?
noone of course !!!!      ignorance breed ignorance, its not the other way around  –  the ignorant put people in power with the belief that the person is “all wise” and “capable” of fulfilling their wishes/needs.
                             A FALLACY BEYOND BELIEF
our leaders are FALLIBLE, not INFALLIBLE!   we have it backwards!
the people “in the know” that know that they know THAT THEY KNOW!
are “hard to find in this world”, know that “compromise”  is a “failure in governing” since compromises in general, start with nothing and end with nothing!
                          THAT  TRUTH   CANNOT BE COMPRISED
no truth to be truth –  once comprised   –   cannot be considered a “truth”
its an exymoron method of solving problems beyond the understanding of moral minds who lack the conscioiusness of accessing the soalled “world of Truth!
what’s needed of course is the full undrestanding of what a BELIEF is all about!
once that bridge is crossed  – WISDOM comes into VIEW  –  Truth of the matter also comes into view!
even an idiot, at this “junction” can comprehend wht truth is all about!
Unfortunately our egocentric world has not “reached to pinnacle of understanding called “wisdom”
in time as long as my body is “willing to stay in this GodForSaken egoworld, my channel and I will continue to work with our non human source   –
and hopefully in time enough of our “loyal readers” will change their false beliefs which will “enable them to “transcend the prison like
environment, into the higher worlds wherein what they need in regard to their circumstances, is given to them; most likely the wisdom of knowing
                                RIGHT   FROM   WRONG
the difference between the “chalf and the wheat!
especially for the Aquarius Golden Age which is “right around the corner!
and why not?  what’s more important in this world than being “able to DISCERN’  what is and what isnt?
                                  N  O  T  H  I  N  G