WANT TO USE YOUR INNER SENSES? “switch off” your physical senses


BEING CO-CREATORS, we are GODS’ wake up smell – the roses!

we make gods out of our egos, who doesnt?  everyone does other than the 2% that are “awakened human beings who “know the difference”!

its time we learned what the word “responsibility” is all about?  dont you think?
we should be leaarning how to utilized our “individualized conscioussness, and learn how to handle “that is ourselves  –  not like acting like Humphry Bogart or other socalled know-it-all characters!
as said, we must “know the difference” between the hatred, egotizm of the “chalf” and the “love” of the wheat!
unfortunately that is “not how the ball bouinces, it bounces “the other way!
our kids heroes unfortunately “go the wrong direction; their rock stars many of them “can” be depraved human beings looking for an outlet for their hatred and frustration which “our kids” follow.  i.e. Isis is a perfect example  –
we need a spiritual overhaul, and since we cant use religion per sse, since religion per se, generally speaking of course “can be” the rooted cause behind “what I am talking about.
who says so?  the history books say so, written by honest erudites/scholars of sorts!
again unfortunately the erudites/scholars today try their best to prostalize, propogandize “innocent minds” under the banner of, guess who
god’s of all sorts  –  god’s willingness to allow young souls to “blow themselves up” for the sake of their god  –  who would believe this?
we are now in a maniacal world, perhaps end times, since all governments are “in a holy mess”  -knowledgeable people “also in a “holy mess”-  chasing their tails of course  – is it the head or the tail that is wagging?  the tail of course, what else!
economies are being “blown up” monetarily speaking with a great air pump, making innocent people believe that we are in “good times” when of course, in time they will discover that for themselves.
all our media “are in the same boat” to keep the Ponzi scheme going  – perhaps Bernie in prison, is the guy telling them “how to do it” who knows?
as mentioned in several blogs what makes “this charade” is the word “camouflage”  – which most if not all controlled media, with the government of course, is in “collusion”
the next 2008 is right around the corner ; smart people are warning people, but unfortunately the 98% still believe the wrong people, like they did in 2001, the crash of the internet companies, and 2008 the crash of the “executive thieves from insurance companies to the biggest banks in the coiuntry who knew “in advance that they can get away without going to prison.
big banks some of them “was allowed to faill “to pacify people who lost their shirt; no executive from banks to insurance racketeers went to prison!
why?  by now everyone knows why; our government is “controlled” by the same thieves, with the major thief being the “federal Research” that is no more “federal than you or I”  they are criminals who just happen
to run our government and “getting away with it!
although we are living in a camouflages world – as said wherein 98% are some way or another “sucked in”  – the remaining two percent like this blog, with the help, assistance of the higher dimensions, will “in the end – end up the victor – as it has for thousands and thousands of years.
that is until corruption seeps into the “souls that havent as yet learned what they are here fo and succumb to the lures, money, power, position,   – fall “prey” to this curse, and at the same time allows the astral world and its “devils” to “take over their whole “beingness”
how is that done?  “to make a difference one must “know”the differences and the 98% DO NOT KNOW THE DIFFERENCE between the socalled good and bad energies that our physical time/space world is subjected to constantly!
when you speak to a masmindmentality person and ask him/her how many senses that they think they have, and their answers of course is five senses and “perhaps” a socalled undefinable sixth sense.
ask a person washing cars “for his/her living or other menial work, or better still as a present of any major corporation and t will surprise you that both  answers are the same!
other than our physical senses of touiching feeling seeing hearingtouching – the 98% which can included even PHd’s  – even great scientistss etc.  they will all say five with the exception of perhaps a 6th sense, undefined of course!
why is this so?  its so because the higher senses have nothing in common with our egocentric time/space world which “must be” directed by the elites, erudites/ scholars  since the 98% in their opinion do “not” have t “upstairs” as they do!
I mentioned  an American Indian living on a reservation that cme to Cambridge to work for a company making wire/cable, who in my opinion was the most developed human being  on this planet, Went to the sixth grade only  – did things that the ordinary person “could not do” better than professionals with their training  – he had an outstanding mind,
Unfortunately being an american indian he succumbed to “booz” and lived a short life, died at the age of about 36.  He worked part time for me for many years where I could observe him.
getting back to being co-creators, for that to happen, we must go beyond our five physical sense  – must go beyond the third dimension and enter the fourth dimension wherein the other senses come to the fore!
there is tremedous resistance to this by the elites , their clones, the erudites and their clones, the shcolars
they have the acceptance of all of our educational systems  – something that Jose Silva the creator of the Silva Mind company found out to his sorrow; he had to stop teaching people like myself and PROVE IT, right on the spot, something that no other socalled spiritual system could or would do  –
he was forced to eliminate”that aspect of his teaching”
it scared the hell out of all the educational systems out there including religions, and of course our government!
one of the purposes of my blog, is to TO TELL THE TRUTH, as I was there in 1971, a first hand review of the Silva Method!
so we are now at a point of accessing these higher sensorial powers; powers that ouir ego world wants no part of; powers that enabled the greatest psychic in our century, Edgar Cayce, predict things that even today astound the world.
predictions that were one hundred percent accurate; also saved lives when asked how to heal people suffering from deaded diseases of all kinds.
HE WAS A THORN FOR ALL OF THE EGOCENTRIC POWERS RULING OUR PLANET  – luckily he was not assisinated by the astral demonic forces, that our egos are “beholden to” even thoiugh we do not know this.
I witnessed this as I have said in previous blogs; with my mother and my exwife along with a mediator who was there at the time.
that’s it for now
PS. there is “no doubt” that I “repeat” alot of things and the reason for that is contexual” when the context changes, then experiences dealing with the new context comes into play, and I use it of course!  The more contexes, the more understanding, the more understanding, the more consciousness, the more consciosness the more being  at “one with the ONE! and what is this ONE? in time you will get it of course, one way or another thru the word “context”
putting things in our “memory” kills, destroys, the underlying forces that “need contexts” to put “life” into the “message conveyed”  when people say “I know”; what they mean to say is “its in memory” memory and knowingness “HAVE NOTHIGN IN COMMON iin fact their in opposition to each other!  one is puppetry; the other is creativity, which would you want in your life, puppetry or creativity?  take your pick!

ponder on this? WHAT OUR SOULS DOES; we know nothing about!


something to “ponder” OUR SOUL IS INDIVIDUALIZED spiritual energy!





did you “ever wonder” where thoughts comes from? and how they “form matter”  if so this letter should help you “fathom this socalled miracle”

first thing to “wonder” is “how the “letters of the words we write” get “their power”?  the letter itself “is not a thought unless used and understood as explained in the Kabbalah which deals “exclusively with Hebrew letters which to my “knowledge” IS THE DERIVATIVE our our
English letters, and used accordingly with the Gematria teachings in the Hebrew bible, and in the English system called Numerology!
IT IS AN EXACT SCIENCE ACCORDING TO KABBALISTIC TEACHINGS  –  which predate our socalled modern world statutes!
so again as you read the letters on this letter, you are NOT receiving the “attribute” of the words and letters themselves!
we take all this “for granted of course” not “knowing” the ins/outs of what we are “witnessing first hand”
in this respect we are “deaf, dumb and blind as the Bible states COGENTLY!
keep this in mind  – what you see and read, the printed word does “not” contain information  –  just like the computer system words are turned into a “code”  – check it out for yourself!  the principle of “zero/0 and one(1) sets up the machinery known only to professionals, selectively speaking of course, – using mathematically proved methods “in the process” – again using the zero and one principles  + other more guided knowledge, —–  again mathematically speaking  —-  the spark that revolutionized an industry beyond anyone’s imagination.
my channel predicted back in around 1993 or 1994 before the advent of the internet; that it, the internet will “revolutionize the world”  IT KNEW SINCE ITS ORIGIN IS THE FOURTH DIMENSION!
this was witnessed by Adam Johnson who, he and I had a booth at a show promoting alternative methods of healing  – we were promoting our upcoming site “the alternative health resource network”
our present blog is an “outgrowth of the “alternative health network” and a society that was approved as a non profit by both the state of Mass. and our USA government  plus a trademark (R) – at the end of my letters after my name “maurice” click on althealth.org and you will “open up” to my societies small site” depicting Natures Glory, beajutiful scenes of Nature, plus  Our “message to you” – click on the word blog and you will immediately enter “DISCUSSIONS WITH MAURICE”
there are over 700 essays there that you can read   –  there is NO CHARGE involved its FREE TO THE WORLD AT LARGE
its my personal mission on this planet  – I have been advised not to set up debates, pros/cons since that would be going against the seven hundred teachings of the site!
debates deal “exclusively with dualities of the world which go counter to the teachings  –  the higher worlds do not deal with pros and cons, everything   IS JUST IS  – “justice”
so getting back to thoughts etc.,  –  its is not a mistake when I drift into things “that appear” not to “jive” with the subject title  –  it IS purposeful!
so again, the “printed word does “not contain information believe it or not!
all it does is “transmit information , nothing more; nothing less!
so if it means noting what’s going on here?  Where IS the information that the printed word is transmitting ?
if its NOT on the page?
its a conundrum of course!  no ego “under the Sun’ could ever solve this problem, so what good is an ego if it cant solve problems in general?

answer, NO GOOD; so why do we have an EGO?
that s another problem that must be solved, addressed?
something “stinks in Denmark as they say” wouldnt you also sayh?
and also consider this: the same “conundrum exists when we read the newspaper, watch television, scan the internet, the whole works!
WOW! no one in their “right mind” would ever EVER ask these questions?  NEVER, EVER!
why? its way beyond “their ability to COGNIZE; way way beyond, and their PHd status cant help them in any way form, shape or manner!
and keep considering this also:
its not only the printed word; it also all kinds of information received by our physical senses, which includes “feelings also”
thoughts and feelings are “bosom buddies” as they say.
of course they are different than printed words, but that “does not make any difference” with what I am discussing at the moment-  their “source” is the same despite differences!
“birds of a feather, flock together”   –   a quarter  “is” a “coin”   “as a coin is a “quarter”
in truth, “letters are nothing but Symbols as the Kabbalah teaches!
our Under World/Inner world “is” a world of symbols, just as our computer system  which works the same way  –  uses symbols representing what we call “reality”
take a look someday on how the process works i.e. programming etc.
we take “all this in stride; for granted of course!
we dont  even “wonder’P about these “symbols”  – some do of course, but then they only “represent 2% of the worlds people”
the other 98% dont care to know as long as “they get what they want”
the hows/whys dont mean a thing to them but then that is “par for the world “loaded with egos”
what else is new?
so it seems that we “might” that is the ego we”s” , accept what was just written  –  there “is” a strong possibility the egos “reason logic, intellect can accept this premise , but then would perhaps NOT accept this premise in regard to their physical body.
when the form/physical body “gets into the act”, the ego goes banana?s “flies off the handle” as they say, why? we are now “in their territory” -and the ego doesnt like that, and what does the ego do to combat that threat:
they are their big guns, with high powered rifles; latest war equipment;
they are the:
Elites($$$$$ people)   Erudites/PHd’s  Scholars ( shills for erudites)
something to consider/evaluate:
how does the environment “mix” with words, symbols etc????????
according to my knowledge; noone can seperate themselves from their environment, its an impossibility!
 when you look at it “objectively”  – a world totally misunderstood by our egocentric world!
had to believe, but nevertheless true!
it appears that our environment and “us” have a lot in common; unfortunately the physical world per se, have a “hard time getting it”
it is not a truth that is symbolic  – is evident “all around us, day-in-day out!
our lives “are taken up” with the little box in our pocket which has captured the heart/minds of billions of people – hypnotizing them constantly; making them slaves  TO IT!
when you look at it, “in truth” breaking it “all down” is only “ink and paper”, that’s all it is!
which contains “information for those “ready to receive” the definition for KABBALA, the most advanced multi-level understanding of what this “world is “really” all about.
so looking at it “objectively”  paper/ink is a conveyer of information!
what’s needed next is the word “consciousness”  –  without this word all the information in the world is “meaningless”
I discussed this in many of my letters.



according to information read “other consciousnesses “coexist in our physical time/space world.

a good example of that of course is “my channel” that’s capable of accessing other dimensions when the need is necessary!
other psychics experience what I experience of course; this is “not” new information  –  just forbidden by the powerful ego forces running our time/space world.
there are “realities” that “can access our dimension, UFO’s of course< while we cannot access “their dimension”
nowadays being proven, its a fact!
you might refer to them as “double realities” of course they are dealing with what is referred to as: coorinate points “where realities tend to merge”
THIS IS DESIGN MATHEMATICALLY SPEAKING;  the Meru Foundation shows how all this works graphically;  Dr. Stan Tenen is one the foremost geniuses of our present world.
I recommend that you google in Meru foundation and what you will see will amaze, astound, and help you “understand” what you never understood before.
Here is some fantastic information knowledge/ unknown by all colleges on the planet, and I make that claim since this information “goes counter” to what most if not all colleges teach.
as I have said a hundred times;  – there are always exceptions, and this is also an exception.
to my knowledge, there are fouir absolute coordinate pints, the deal exclusively with INTERSECTING all the known realities.
and as I am a channel, so are these also channels for energy flows!
and “in the process , “warps happens wherein  paths not known enter the process, actas transformers which generate energy  to help the flow of energy in the process of “creation purposes.
in our physical dimension “it is loaded with subordinate points, which allow us humans to change/transform for creation purposes.
THIS ENERGY IS BOUNDLESS to say the least!
they allow us humans to transform our thoughts/emotion into physical form.
of course, all this happens at certain points in time and space,  where they are more conducive than others.
astrology with planets, aspects works on this principle, law of course!
a good example is of course the builders of the Pyramids  – the ancient Hebrews who gathered their knowledge from the Old Testament; where this information was hidden.
Coordinate points– the real mccoy, being the main, the absoute-hidden knowledge, the term used at the time was “THE POWER POINT’
a definition for the coordinate points  – the pyramids and most sacred spots on earth were chosen to place physical objects of importance
these power points, special energy vortex’s must be chosen,selected not by physical means, but by spiritual means since physical means in general is LOW ENERGY, in comparison.
that’s it,

POWER POINTS! concentrated energy – SPECIAL SENSES


THOUGHTS, EMOTIONS, their impact on our lives – continued!

of course, the “mixture of “all kinds of consciousness” thrown into “one pot” causing “all kinds of stimuli, reactions.

unfortunately egos in general, continue to remain “lost in the woods”  –
continue to “play out their “play”  – right to the hilt  – remaining “deaf, dumb  blind while the “real deal” being “hidden” keeps functioning!
everyone is clamoring for “change, change, change” without realizing that “change is a constant, and is working feverishly every second of the day!
its like the fish doesnt know its in water; since its its natural environment.
we take our thoughts,emotions for granted, that is, until “everything breaks lose way beyond “our control”
THE HISTORY OF THE WORLD OF COURSE, and what about our historians?
they are “as deluded” as their “elites,erudites/scholars are deluded; as our educational systems, governmental systems are also “off track, deluded!
again the “blind-leading-the blind”
when getting “deeper into the subject” there is a real possibility that our thoughts,emotions, “actually turn into matter”
i.e. the story I tell of the gallon jugs that I put distilled water from my distiller, not washed out but continually used as mentioned, after a period of time, matter, an actual “animal” grew there from the bacteria of course that built up in the gallon jug!
PROVING WITHOUT A DOUBT THAT BACTERIA CREATED LIFE ON OUR PLANET –  over thousands of years of course, but then in regard to what I just said;  –  it perhaps took six to eight months or a year, I am not sure, for the animal creatures to appear in my empty gallon jugs.
I had no way of dealing with them, just destroyed them; if I had a way, laboratory etc. I would not have destroyed them,
that can be duplicated!  there is no doubt about that, – anyone can do that!
since we do live in an electromagnetic multi-dimensional world, where everything on our 3rd dimension MUST have a positive and negative, electro/positive; magnetic/negative component,  then where there are
“singularities” involved, mysteriously speaking , “there is consternation big time consternation because our scientists “have no understanding of “forces” outside their expertise.
THUS THEY DENY THE EXISTENCE of the fourth dimension, the multidimensional world!
a natural thing to do of course  – Dr. Einstein was an exception to this of course, since he admitted to the world, that his knowledge of his famous equation was “not” of his doing.
of course the scientists today now say that “he never got his famous equation from something “up there somewhere”
since if he did,  their secular, agnotist, atheistic view would have to take a licking, big time “licking”
lying is the best way of handling a problem like this  – not just for them but for all of the secularitsx, agnotists, and of course the big guys, the atheists!
of course these people love their compatriots, the “elites, erudites/scholars, since they are “uphold their lies” !  Have the respect of the 98% of the world’s “uninformed”, so “get away with it!
the coordinate points works hand-in-glove with our thoughts, emotions etc
and when they do so, they speed up the materialization of “the matter on our physical plane!
on the deeper levels, “molecules appear as large as planets, lkewise for atoms etc.
its our “ignorance” concerning the worlds within worlds” that prevents us “egos” from knowing “what’s really going on”!!!!
we see the thousands of trees, but can we see their roots, their world below that makes it possible for us to see/know what’s happening above?
that is our problem of course –  we are not dealing with the “truth of what is”  –  our scientists investigate the top and not the bottom, generally speaking.
OUR DOCTORS TREAT OUR SYMPTONS NOT THE CAUSE  – for two major reasons  – one-  treating the sympton helps their bosses, the pharmaceutical industry to generate billions of dollars.
secondarily, their personal  lack of consciousness in regard to the “deeper more profound aspects of what we humans and the world that we live in,.
                                       D  E  M  A  N   D !!!
which of course “is” the purpose of  this blog site, and my participation in it!
so consider:  every thought and emotion as an electromagnetic energy system, with the assistance of coordinate points, – working in tandem, give us what we got  living on this physical time/space world.
of course our imaginative faculty along with the other inner faculties are working harmoniously “with us” in this endeavor.