I am repeating something , the above,   –  a true story of how my

“channel took a person out of a coma”  its needs repeating of course!
I was living in Murrieta Hot Spring California, and one day I showed a movie reel that someone using my camera took while a “psychic Surgeon in the Philippines, with his bare hands no tools, opened up certain places of my body to extract “bad stuff” from it.  I went there with people from where I lived in California  –  they are called Psychic Surgeons.
One day I will show these pictures on my blog once I learn how to do it! I am the person that you will see on it, since I am the proof of what these “amazing people” can do  –
Now to get back to how my channel “took a person “out of a coma”
another amazing feat of course; a feat that the egoworld will deny its existence since egos cannot do what my channel can do  – egos live in a “prison” their guards also egos are the “elites, the erudites, and the scholars   –   that is the socalled corporate triangle, and along with their other “clones”  – would be their colleges, and the entire educational system thrown in!
would they approve of what I am saying even though I can prove it; the pictures taken while the psychic surgeons worked on my body is “proof positive” regardless of people like Mr. Randy who uses “slight of hand” to give the “impression of how the psychic surgeons operate”  –
I will in the near future show these films  – as first hand proof that I am not  lying in contrast to certain people who uses slight of hand, to prove otherwise, I wont name names since that would be a waste of time.
How did the  happen — in regard to “taking a person “out of a coma”
the day after I showed the psychic surgeons of the Philippines worked; a person, a reverend who attend the showing, asked me to help him “reach the woman in the coma” since he “realized that “my energy” “my channel” was perhaps capable of  doing so, and he was correct.
 I and my channel never handled comas etc. it was a new experience for both of us.  This is what my channel did:
I dont remember the exact words that my “channel”said to the person in the coma, but whatever it said  REGISTERED with the coma person, I told the reverend what he should do, told him to return the next day which he did, on the third day, the woman in the coma, “came out of it”
wow!  who would believe this, certainly not the elites,erudites,scholars who are “steeped in ignorance” when it comes to “going beyond the “confines” of its beta frequency “LIMITATIONS”
the purpose of this blog of course is to do the same thing that my channel did when it “took the person out of a coma” since the egos living on this time/space dimension are ALSO IN COMAS, that they call “reality”  –  a reality steeped in IGNORANCE  –  ignorance of what?
ignorance of the truth, not knowing that TRUTH, the real McCoy cannot exist on our time/space 3rd dimension, its a virtual impossibility
duality cancels itself out!   there cannot be any “resolution” in this time/space world, the only option is “compromise” and compromise HAS NOTHING IN COMMON WITH TRUTH, but who knows that?
certainly not the elites,erudites,scholars; they are “steepled heavily steps” in the knowledge of a world that knows nothing about “what truth is all about”
more information on this “subject is within the published letters in my blog  – just read them.
so what’s going on here?
keep posted and in time as your “consciousness “grows” you will discover what is and what isnt  –  not using the falsehoods that at the
moment “pervade” the consciousness of people who “cannot synthesize what I and my channel are talking about; its over their heads  –
that will change when the New Age of Aquarius, comes into “view”
and as said,  “its right around the corner” hopefully I will be around to celebrate its arrival.


It might seem “strange” but it comes a time in our physical existence, when “its time to leave”, and the person “determines this of course”!

When the body wont/cant behave itself properly, “its time to leave/go, “call it a day””””””
and return to “where we came from originally, and why not?
of course for the agnostics, especially for the atheist there is no “other existence”  –  we only get one shot, that’s it     –      finished, gonzo~
the secularist play it both ways and remain “on the fence”  – doesnt want to get involved one way or another   –    they are “guilty” in respect to
“disrespect” which of course means  – “I dont care one way or another –
“all I want is to “get mine while the “getting is good”  everything else doesnt mean a “damn for me”
so the secularist, being also egos  –  tend to play it “both ways” and cant lose – since in the case of religious ceremonies regardless of the “faith/belief”  – they “play the game to the hilt by “pretending to respect their socalled faith, and remain the hypocrites that they are”
the others are not hypocrites of course  –  their belief is basically “non belief” –  as I said, they are on the fence and pretend to be at both sides at the same time, which of course that pretense works for them!
so the bottom line metaphysically speaking is to avoid BLIND FAITH, and SEEK, the real thing  –   of course  our socalled “scientists” have it all worked out with the “big bang theory” and their theory that this world, this Universe was created “by itself,randomly”   –    and I personally can see why they “hold this theory and position”
If we accept one thing and one thing only, that alone wan “open things up to the extent that a five yr older would understand ”  what  this Universe is all about, using simple words, not complex theories that start with nothing, and end with nothing, like the atom smasher that proved to be a “farce”  –  when it “disproved the theories of our renowned scientists.
How can and ego “ever” know the intricacies of the existing “higher Dimensions, Metaphysically speaking?
that is the question, its like a Model T For competing again the fastest automobile in the world;  would that be a possibility?
of course not!  Well, people being egos and again for the hundredth time “what is an ego”?
an bonafide ego can only “operate” on one level of frequency which is the Beta level, I have a Brain Wave Synchronizer, that proves without a doubt that there are three levels of CONSCIOUSNESS,
take it “or leave it”   –    the ego level can only OPERATE on the lowest level which is : 21-14 cycles be second.
the alpha level works on  14 to 7 cycles per second
the Theta goes practically down to the end 7 to 2 o 3 cycles per second.
More so called proof does not exist.
what does all this mean?  what we call “consciousness”  – which according to our dictionary says is ”  the prime mover for life”  –  without consciousness “there is no life, no movement”
and according to the Metaphysical World per se  – everything in this world has consciousness/   has “atoms, electrons,  the works  –
as human beings were are the epitome of consciousness  –  consciousness has been REFINED to the point of “determining the consciousness of individuals
people with low consciousness are in the 100-150  range, and as the person continually incarnates can “raise itself up incrementally wherein in time can reach the top, which is about 600; the great souls of the present and the past incrementally did so  –
A good example of a professional person, a MD and PHd – with a great practice with his profession of Psychiatry, the biggest “practice” in New York City  –  did a 100% turn when he became “suddenly enlightened”
realized that what he was doing was wrong  –  Hawkins, David Hawkins is his name, he wrote several books about his transformation, the book I have is called and EYE for an I  –
he gave up his false beliefs  – since his consciousness changed from being an ego for all of his life, saw “truth thru the peephole of an ego” instead of the grandeur and glory of the real truth !
Was transformed completely  – with one fell swoop! and I am sure that others like him, had similar epitomes.
Of course no upright ego whether scientist , professors, any of the elites who of course allowed their wealth position in business, government etc.
many with “vast wealth”  and  their “SELECTED ERUDITES”  –  selected people with many letters after their names, many socalled “credits to their name, and finally  the “last nail in the coffin”, the\\
                      esteemed   scholars who we bow down to:
                       since they are on the level of  “demi-gods”
All of this is a FARCE of course since there is DEFINITIVE PROOF of the existence of the higher dimensions referred to as SPIRITUAL that
intermix constantly with our non spiritual dimension, the ego dimension, which by virtue of the Beta Frequency DISQUALIFIES itself as a engine
Truth resides only in a world where there is NO DUALITY  –  only –
SINGULARITY, and what does that mean?
I have written about this hundreds of times, but it needs repeating since understanding this, takes a consciousness mind much beyond the 100-200 range which 98% of the worlds people, “own up to”
Singularity means ONE; the word single means ONE  –  duality means TWO  –
where there is only ONE, there CANNOT ANY DUALITY  –  simple common sense of course  – but then common sense implies “wisdom”
people with low consciousness if “ordained by the higher forces, and not propagandized by the elites,erudites,scholars, have the opportunity
of using there “inherent inner wisdom”; the same inherency that our animal kingdom has in order to survive.  And our real ancestors way back when, used “this inner wisdom”  so that we living today, “are here this very moment!
its called “innate knowledge”  – the survival instinct  –  all of these innate faculties have been USURPED BY THE EVIL SATANIC FORCES in our planet, big time!
getting back to reincarnation  –   why do we have to re-incarnate:?  that is a good question of course.
the truth of the matter, we DO NOT have to reincarnate  – it all depends on “RESTITUTION” which means  “did we make the necessary changes in our physical life to warrant that  “we dont have to come back for another try”
some will never come back for their misdeed, and I mentioned people like Roosevelt of World War 2 period who refused to bomb Hitlers concentration camps and save millions of lives.
Truman who gave the survivers of Hitlers concentration camps , a little piece of  Israel with the beforehand knowledge that four (4_ Arab armies were out to slaughter them, and to compound his “insane motive” along with Gen Marshal an avoid anti Semite, refused to send “ARMS to Israel when there little piece of land was invaded by these four armies.
In my opinion of course, both Roosevelt and Truman did not reincarnate they will remain in HELL where they belong.
Humanity should not “be in the hands of people who have NO RESPECT for people –  this includes anti-semites of course  its obvious to me that both Roosevelt, Truman, Marshall were antisemites – hated Jews.
that is not an “unusual problem” its in fact the opposite  – there are billions of antisemites in this world, BILLIONS, the whys and wherefores
must be “addressed at the higher dimensions ” since it is NOT being addressed on this planet Earth.
Obama in my opinion listening to Rev Wright for twenty years is also an anti-Semite despite the fact that the majority of the Jewish people in this country voted for him twice for president.
No “normal person would listen to a antisemitic preacher for twenty yrs or so without “agreeing with him”  but then who helped get him elected, his bosom buddies, Jews  – his two major advisers were Jews, but what kind of Jews were they, are they?
WE REAP AS WE SOW  —   we pay for our “sins” if not here, then THERE  when our body says,      ——-    enough   is    enough!
What’s next, after death?  the Soul Records come into action  –  a summation of ” what happened in this particular incarnation  – the socalled good, and the socalled bad  –  its is evaluated by:
the POWERS ON HIGH  –   by the High Courts of  Arch Angels etc.
who does not know this, and refuse to know this:
the TRUE misogynists, the people that love the dollar but hate the people that help them to “make it” again: the elites,erudites,scholars.
and of course government officials, Obama is a classic case, in regard to antisemitism,  –   and his personal foibles of course which I dont get involved with, and wouldn’t want to get involved with   –
His antisemitism is enough for me to “put him in the same slot as Roosevelt Truman, Marshall  –
Our first amendment, still enforced gives me the “right” to say my piece, thank the lord of course!  Freedom of Speech still exists; for how long with a crooked Supreme Court, noone knows!  not all of the judges just five of them who deem that corporations are “as human as human being are human”  what kind of a court is that? since when is corporations human beings? so along with the elites,erudites,scholars we add another name Supreme Court Judges  who “lost it” bigtime!


this also includes, the “circumstances of our birth, and “death”

this opens a “hornets nest” , bigtime!
the “we” ?  since we do not have “egos” involved  – egos are only “meant for the time/space/word – the physical dimension.
so it appears again, that “who we really are, since who and what we are living in an ego physical body, DIES completely, when the body dies  –
what’s left?  what”s left is what we “started with from the “beginning”
and again, “what “is” the beginning?
again, why do we “have to incarnate again” for what purpose?
cant be for the EGO purpose, since there is no ego:  If there is no ego, who and what is “in charge of our life essence”?
the only faculty, a faculty that reincarnates thousands and thousands of time, the SOUL  –   to my knowledge/understanding,/discernment,
the SOUL cannot be eliminated, destroyed etc. etc. because SOULS,
are the “particles of the GodHead”  – there cannot be a God-Head without Souls  – its like the hologram which shows “concretely” that the part and whole are ONE AND THE SAME despite the false ego lies of the                            “elites —    -erudites     —    scholars
again  as  the   “serpent    BRAINWASHED/  adam/eve- this brainwashing     after   thousand and thousands of years goes on:
                              ——–       UNABATED    ——-
the reason for this blog of course  – the reason for my present incarnation   –   the reason for  who “I really am”  –  my SOUL!
so at this stage of “development” we will depend on our Soul for direction  in  “our lives” by:
speaking directly to our Soul;  –   knowingly, not speculatively!
go into alpha    –    slow down your breathing    – totally relaxed your whole body  –
then “talk to your soul as if you were talking to me or anyone.
the soul is not “so far out as our ego would make you imagine that it is.
the soul is as close to you as the Nose in your face”
the Spiritual Dimension, is not “out of reach”  – the egoworld wants you to think, its out of reach, it is not  –
but then the body “must be “put to sleep”  totally relaxed  – that includes the mind of course, so a person must learn how to “put the body to sleep”   – at the same time   –   open the faucets for your “higher self” to come “into the picture.
If you “believe what my channel is saying”; you will not, in time, be able to speak to your Soul as I am now speaking to you!
it is a natural attribute of mankind, lost because of brainwashing by the elites/erudites/scholars  who have “brainwashed us in believing what they want to brainwash us with!
we are fast approaching the critical time, when the Universal Forces will  “force change” in our physical dimension.
Our blog is meant to prepare “the faithful” for this upcoming catastrophic change – the Armageddon  –
right now, its “in motion” current events proves it of course  –
the “chaff must be “SEPARATED” from the wheat  –
its happening in the middle east and will continue to “spread worldwide”
the outcome is already “written in the heavens”
the outcome, once the filth, once the ego, once the brainwashing, once the elite,  erudites,   scholars  are “relegated where they belong which of course is in “hell”
the change will happen with the “advent of the high souls, coming into incarnation for the emergence of the Golden Age of Aquarius.
this is NOT guesswork  – go to the astrological ephemeris that “tells the whole story”  since the future is depicted in this chronicle.
the disbelievers will of course, get their due   –   and  they caused it of course by their disbelief!
those who are not disbelievers will be the leaders of the greatest advance in civilization from the “time of the beginning”
its called the AQUARIAN AGE ruled by Mercury Saturn and Uranus – three powerful planets  – all of which are capable of transforming our civilization.
maurice                       our blog is the Flagship!

Knowing Comes From Within — When You Know, You Know ! No Instruction Needed!

So if that Is the case, and in my “book” It “is” the case   –   I  know people with “No Education at all” who I consider “brilliant in all respects”

again “knowing Comes From Within  –  Not Without which means that
“we have been given a “bill of goods bigtime.
in regard to technology engineering etc. its either “learning on the job, or studying, take your pick.  The Guides which still exist, back way back when, meant that young folk learned their trade, “on the job”, it was exactly what happened to me when I worked for our government, as a clerk typist in the Charlestown, Ma. Navy yard.
My job took nine (9) months to learn it was very complex, – had to no every department in the whole Navy yard, plus many other facets since I worked for the most important office, the Captain of the Yard  –
yes, it took nine months that is how “complex” the job was  –  when I left to start the first Tug Boat Office in the Yard, they had to hire two women to take my place, and then they were calling me constantly as to what to do since, the officers in charge, “knew nothing”; they were there since it was a requirement to have officers in government services like the Navy.
I had to learn on the job since as mentioned, the officers knew nothing; I got most of my duties from the clerk above my rank  – who passed all his work on to me because he was “my boss”  Eventually he had nothing to do all day but twittle his thumbs!
but then, the officer who replaced a non officer as head man of the office, his name was the same name as the Secretary of the Navy at that time,  –   whether or not he was a relative I dont know, but he gave on that he was.  At the moment I cant recall the name of the Sec. of the Navy who supposedly die when he fell to the ground from the hi rise apartment he lived in; they dont know if he killed himself or was pushed to his death, its still unsolved.  He worked under Roosevelt of course.
This person was an antisemite, and revealed this “fact” when he physically abused me   –   he tried to fire me, but it backfired because, he was not patriotic, he was UNpatriotic, in contrast, I was the patriotic one since he “was implicated in a scheme to defraud our government, and when he tried to get me fire, I put counterclaims against his charges, he was immediately shipped out, and I believe that when the invasion of  D Day happened, he was killed.
Truth Triumphed  his name was Forestall; the same name of the Secretary of  the Navy  –  pretended that he was a relative of Forestall, since his name was also Forestall.
again Truth Triumphed  – I had to quit my job because of poor health, – the sailors working in my office smoked constantly, which affected my lungs wherein doctors orders meant giving up the job.
plus the fact that antisemitism went beyond working in my office,; the whole Navy Yard was “loaded with anti-Semitic lying literature.
when the 90 day wonder Forestall was gone; all of the antisemitic junk, flyers, disappeared like “a cloud”
what did it ?  my channel of course since it was its idea of putting in a counter claim against this UNpatriotic thief!
so truth triumphed,  “for a change”  all of the authorities in the Yard knew who I was since I literally “ran the Capt. of the Yards office  –
and they were befuddled since they knew, they meaning people who ran their own departments  –  I was still working and Mr Forestall was gone?
How Come.   I never told anyone, since it wasnt their business, even my own family did not know what was happening  – I allowed “my channel” which I did not know I had of course, woke me up around 4 AM and dictated a letter to the Captain of the Yard, answering charges, and putting in Counter Charges and to show the arrogance of some socalled patriotic Navy Man  –
the Captain after receiving my letter asked to see me and instead of asking me “what’s happening” the first three words arrogant words that came out of his mouth was:
WHAT MAKES YOU SO INSUBORDINATE?  he of course did not know that as a  Civil Servant not for him or the Navy  per se; I worked for our government, first and foremost which meant that NO NAVY MAN can fire me, only the government can do that AFTER there is a “hearing”
The Captain of the Yard did not know this  –  this meant that he and the Commandant can go to jail since they allowed the thief, antisemite to get away with thievery  – and – that would also put certain politicians in jail since they were in  cahoots with Mr. Forestall  – who was hiring tug boats from these political hacks, when tug boats were “UNNECESSARY.
Mr. Forestall not knowing that it was I, running the office since I was taught everything by the previous officer who was “bounced” by the politicians since he was honest, and could not be “bossed”; so he was replaced with this thief Forestall.
and they knew that I could also not be bought.
SO WHO ARE THE REAL PATRIOTS?  certainly in general they are not what people think they are.  I also discovered many captains in our Navy that had navy men work on their property for their benefit, doing no navy work whatsoever!
how? why?  knowing that I was honest, could not be “bought” the chief clerk asked me to find 150 sailors that they had no record for, that our Navy Department in Washington wanted shipped out  –
before I went to work for the Capt.of Yard’s office, I was amazed, surprised, that the office was a first class mess, totally disorganized in all respects, phonies, taking money for our government doing nothing.
the Chief Clerk was a drunk and came to work drunk.  His second man in charge was inadequate for the since he did not know how to run an office, he was a musician by trade  –  was a good enough typist to get the job.
He could hit 50 words a minute;  I could hit 100 words per minute  –
which meant that I could do more work than he in a days time, plus the fact I did everything else that that office required  – he did relatively nothing; he did what all bosses do,  ‘DELEGATE”
I left that job because both he and the thief Forestall were anti Semites,, and growing up being a Jewish immigrant, chased by anti Semites, ie.\\\
My folks being immigrants bought property in a gentile area, there we no Jewish people leaving where I lived  –  my friends were gentiles; who if some gentile wanted to cause trouble with me of course, they would beat them up  –  there was no antisemites with the Irish kids I grew up with; we were  friends, first and foremost.
this idea of “hate” is not a thing that any kid would “believe in”  – hate is propagated by adults, bigots, the same people that “hate” today; of course they use the word “ideology” instead of the “real word” which is Hate!
Ideology does NOT HAVE TO DEAL WITH HATE –  but somehow or other our government, politicians use it because they are COWARDS!
call a spade a spade, stop beating around the bush!
HATE, is the cause  – find the “reason for hate”; stop using ideology a the excuse  – ideology has nothing to do with the word “hate” and for some strange reason:
————–  the elites ——   the  erudites    –    scholars do not know this!
the answer is simple   – the above    –   are all egos  – egos thrive on hate!
hate is the bosom buddies of egos! who are as you know Satan’s buddies!
just a postscript  – when I went to work for the Charlestown Navy yard , the yard was loaded with “hate antisemitic literature”  no different than what was happening in Germany under Hitlers Rule.
after the “thief   Forestall was defrocked  –  all the antisemitic literature was gone COMPLETELY.
I remained and the people in charge of the Navy Yard; people that I personally dealt with all of the time, since I was secretary for the Fire Marshal and the Police Captain of the yard.
They realized that I had more power, more influence than Forestall, and guess what that was?
                                               IT WAS TRUTH!
what happened to me  –  now being published thru this blog  – give first hand “evidence” that “truth can triumph!

PAST LIVES – Are They For Real? Can They Be Accessed!

of course people who “do not want to believe that human beings have “past lives” and who are these people?

that is a good question  – both – are very good questions.
first of all  –  why is it that we come back to this Ego Centric world of
time/space, and physicality to boot?
why dont we just remain where the Source is, the 4th dimension?
these are also good questions, that in my opinion not must but should be addressed,  –    unfortunately only a few perhaps 2% of the worlds population, are involved.
another question should be asked:  “if RE-incarnation is a “fact of life”  what’s the purpose?  again who asks that question onlyh 2% of the worlds’ people, why?
there is a “disconnect here somehow” wouldnt you say?
of course  –   and – for those who accept this “theory”  – do they have proof that past lives are “for real”
Mr Swygard, the author of the “Awareness Techniques” a person I was lucky to “study with and work with in a demonstrable way, not theory per se, but the “real thing” proved without a doubt that past lives
can be accessed, while remaining in the physical body, and be at two places at the same time, since in the process of experiencing past lives, a person is “capable of being present in “the present lfe”  in other words
while I who was witnessing past lives thru my imaginative faculty, I could hear what was being said, by people in the room I was in at the time.
that is literally an impossibility if “uncerstood by our normal senses!
however this can be proven very easily by just “putting a person into the past life experience.
I was very fortunate to have found Mr. Swyguard in order for me to recount what I am saying “right this very minute”
so can I prove it?  yes, the system that makes this possible, is available, I have it of course!
so where do the doubters, the three forces that dispel what I am saying, the “secularitzs, agnotists, and of course the “king” the atheist.
they claim that there are no past lives; that the whole spiritual world which does not “have to include god almighty” “DOES NOT EXIST!
that its all a hoax perpetrated by “deranged people”  – the got it backwards but of course “dont know it”!
why do they presist in this action, even after proof is “proven”
they persist because they are “under the power of another great force in our Univers called the Satanic Force, and the king of the Satanic Force, that even the bible “makes no bones about it”  – the Garden of Eden story “hits the nail “fright on its head” states categorically that the “serpent which is Satan, which is ego personafied is equal to the power of God Almighty who warned Adam/Eve not to eat from the:
                       TREE  OF KNOWLEDGE, OF GOOD/EVIL
which of course, deals “exclusively with the world of  DUALITY  – which of course denies the existence of TRUTH – which CANNOT contain any semblance of duality  –  definition of duality  –  dual mean two  –  two things have equal power  – what happens when two things have equal power?
                        THEY CANCEL EACH OTHER – OUT
neither exist any longer and that is called Polarity  – that is called :
Elector  –  Magnetic   –    that deals “exclusively with the physical
dimension that cant exist “without Polarity”
the SINGULARITY which is the complete opposite since there cannot be any “duality”  just  ONENESS-  and the definition for oneness is:
                                        T R U T  H
Now we “know” why there is complete “imbalance” in our physical world where “wars, murder, mayhem, lies, cheating, stealing, all of the so called “goodies” that the present mayhem makers, deranged religious NUTS, feel that they have every right to kill anyone who disagrees with them.
can that happen in a “non dual world”?  of course not!
so getting back to past lives   –   its obvious to me that “coming back for another try” was meant to “make up for past mistakes of previous lives, another try  –   a form of “restitution”  of “forgiveness”
and why not?


why is/should life be a mystery for 98% of the world’s people?  why cant it be a “open book”?

and also why should life be “hidden” when it could just as well be “not hidden” as it is today, yesterday, since life from existed?
and why is there such a disparity of 98% from those that know; and those that “dont know”?
who addresses these questions?  no one in my opinion  why? because noone knows “enough” to address these questions!
to address these questions a person must go =way beyond their “truth/s/their beliefs”  which  is  an impossibility based on the level of their “consciousness”  thus  –
they turn to the “con artists”  –  the guides with “deep pockets and deep influence with the “crooked politicians” once they/elites finds has “their hands out”  –  once that is done, their next step is to “seek out the “erudites,the socalled “experts”, and once that is done what remains would be the “head honchos, the esteemed scholars” whose word for money would be the word of god almighty  –
all of these has the “certification of the institution with the “holy grail” our
                      esteemed   –    glorified     –  college  system
who can contradict this, ???   Noone of course unless they are crazy.
so returning to the title of this essay.
The simple answer would be of course is as mentioned in many essay;
that simple minded people, not particularly people who use “common sense since “educated people” can also be classified as “simple minded” particularly if their thinking mechanism is linear located in the left hemisphere of their brains.
to be a linear thinking in comparison to being a non linear thinking,  – one thinks in a “cut and dried method” knows nothing about the twists,turns , the creative portal that exists in not only our physical dimension but is “able” to delve in the real mysteries of life  –
thru the “metaphysical “portals” that “must exist” in the spiritual worlds of the UN, SUBconscious and SUPER conscious minds
these minds “are unlike our conscious mind” since they “exist in worlds that our conscious mind “knows nothing about. but here is the “catch”
the boss of the UN, SUB, minds “is” the conscious mind who lacks the wisdom, knowledge, understanding of the deeper level as mentioned above  – wow! what a mis-match.
we have a boss that knows nothing about the ways/means of the subterranean world that is “capable of  being “unlimited” in its ability
to deal with the phenomenal UNIVERSE , metaphysically speaking, that
is the real  Spirce for answering the question of the title of this essay.
What’s going on here?  It is not “cut dried as our “elites, erudites, scholars give the impression it is  – nothing of the sort!
they of course are false prophets  – wolves heeps clothing land getting away with it of course!
Our blog is dedicated to eliminate these “wolves in sheep’s clothing”
We call a spade a spade  –   we do not the authorization of any person, system etc. as long as our country upholds “freedom of speech”
the 1st amendment is the only reason why our country and other socalled democracies still exist; if the “elites,erudites,scholars had their way, that would be the first thing that they would eliminate  – and – history proves that conclusively.
alos the internet “must also be free, even though the “big guys” dont want it so  –  and that is evident this very moment  – lets see if our politicians remain “honest”; time will tell.
everyone knows that the Supreme Court, where five justices word is King, sold the people out by giving power to the “elites”   –  these guys dont know it, but pay up time “will come” where they must answer for their deplorable action  against the wishes of their people  – us, the little people not the corporation thieves whose bottom line is not, “what good for the people” but what’s good for the corporations which despite their stupid decision  – is an entity VOID OF PEOPLE  – a ploy by the lawyers to give “power to the powerless/corporations”  making them “equal” to the “human factor” which is of course, is a “lie of the highest magnitude”
a human being is “a human being”; a corporation is “not a human being” its an entity , manufactured entity, a human being is NOT a manufactured entities, and these ”  elites, erudites, scholars”
which our Supreme Court exemplifies  –  is a “perfect” example, played out to the hilt, not imaginary,  proves “conclusively, that the “serpent in the Garden of  Eden, is still “running the world of EGO’  bigtime!
 the simple answer to the title question then would be  – our supreme court, who as said represent the “elite,erudite,scholars of our country – “in bed” with corporations, who are in bed with politicians, who are in bed with media, who are in bed with who the “highest bidder  $$$$$$$, put them all together and you will know why
again the reason starts and ends with just one simple  word!
thank the lord for the first amendment  –  when do you think our prestigious, elite,erudite, scholarly “inept” supreme court justice
will find “cause to eliminate the first amendment?  that is in the
works of course  –
                            the ego’s boss?  Satan !


Here is something interesting, of course I am no wizard, I am like everyone else in regard to “is reincarnation for real” and must “search sources” that go beyond the limitations of our planet which has the information we seek.

So I am utilizing some of the information that I and my channel fee comfortable with in regard to this amazing revelation called “re-incarnation”\
I have alluded to in in many of my previous letters of course, I have utilized it with the work of genuine sources like Swedenborg, and others who came in with the ability to leave their body “at will” and travel thru many levels of consciousness; the 4th and 5th dimensions.
so, the information that I have given you and continue to give to you, is not from me or my channel alone, their are legitimate sources behind my comments.
Some people “come in” brilliant, some “off their rocker”, some with great bodies, others not so great, some come into a family living in poverty, others in riches.  of course all of this is incomprehensible. and the question is why?
only re-incarnation can come up with answers, nothing else.  And many great minds say that its not random, but chosen.
anyone can ask, why would anyone want to come into a family living in poverty?  no one of course, in my personal case, i chose Russian immigrants that left Russia during World War 1  – villagers with no money of course, and no skills, just nothing except the willing to work hard shouting , Rags, metals, paper  –  with his horse/team that he rented  – money?  had none!
As I have mentioned many times, the only way my parents and other Jews could live was with “horse/team”  – also selling fruits, vegetables, etc.  My father later opened a second hand store, which later became a used black stove store, which later with my expertise a hardware store, that prospered, leading into real estate for one of my brothers.  I opened my own store and prospered, two of my other brothers had hardware stores and they prospered.
not without hard work, long hours etc.
and this is a history of how the Jewish immigrants, whose kids later became professionals, doctors, lawyers economist scientist etc.
and the basis, background and “grit” of it all is based whether they were aware of it on the Torah, the backbone of the Jewish family.  Later on neglected by their Americanized way of life  – most today are secular, some are atheists, agnostics etc.
the Ten Commandments a social contract for the world, was ketp alive for many years until,-  the ego mind, (reason, logic,intellect) as promulgated by our esteemed colleges  –  using philosophers of those who “threw the baby out with the bathwater” by negating the Ten Commandments and the Torah of course, using their own
                                      Elites  – erudites  – scholars
as their form of what “truth is all about”  – of course they have the support of                their  historians            who play god of course!
How can a mind of ego be an honest historian?  its an impossibility!
why?  the ego mind is the most “limited faculty” on this planet
it can only function in the BETA FREQUENCY  –  has no connection whatsoever with the higher dimensions that make our dimension possible~  and  –   not the other way around.
and again, the left hemisphere of our brain where the amygdala resides, and where the ego rules supremely  –  where 98% of the world’s population  finds “their truth” which is of course LINEAR MINDED  – look up the word “linear” and once you do you will “know without question” why the ego rules this time/space world  –  both the ego and the let hemisphere where the old mind lives, thrives which of course is the “amygdala”  –  this part of the brain is where people like Hitler Stalin and the present people that “cut people’s throats as soon on Television
get their “instructions”
this is the “world” where people are “ruled by the Satanic Forces in the Universe, where Hitler, Stalin and the present Mad Men get their “orders” where the “devils, demons of the astral mid world reside etc.
on the right hemisphere you find people like Mahatma Gandhi, and others of their great spiritual-ness.
Now in regard to “reincarnation” is it possible that the determination of what side of the brain, the right or left, will the new soul come in with?
I say that is already determined of course; determined by what they did in previous incarnations since the Soul Record is a “well kept record”
every human being has a Soul Record  –  when I die and when other people die,=the ego and physical body dies of course, but the psychic energy that kept bodies alive, “still lives”  –   goes back to its “origins”and works in tandem with the Soul.
People with left hemispheres have a very hard time accepting what my channel just said, because of its true, they are in deep trouble once their physical body dies   –   and they know it of course, why? because they have denied the existence of “spirit”  – for them using religion as their excuse, have “thrown the baby out with the bathwater”
their bias on religion in general  –  and   –  their misunderstanding about the Judaic religion  –  the Torah states categorically that there will be other religions cropping up, devised by Satan of course; false prophets cropping up,  also Satan in action  –  the mistake Jews make, not Gentiles since the Torah was not given to them; it was given to the Hebrew Slaves that Jehovah liberated  from the Pagan Egyptians.
The idea of reincarnation is part/parcel of the Hebrew teachings especially for the Hebrews who believe in the esoterica of their religion.
Conservative Rabbis in general do not agree with what my channel just said; they do not accept the teachings of the Cabalists.
why?  most likely because they are left hemisphere ego dominated people  =  and lack the necessary “wisdom” which of course means the alpha/theta world, that allows them to go beyond their ego mentality.
so there is no Unity in this respect; however they do not kill each other over this disparity of understanding like other religions  –  the ten commandments both accept without any disagreements, contrary to the other differences.
One is ego, left brain, the other is soul, right brained, one is Beta,; the other is alpha  – one has high consciousness; the other low consciousness.
as I said when it comes to the ten commandments, there are “no differences”
the false religions, Christianity where two factions hate each other and in the past killed each other.  and in other religions which split because of reasons of ego and otherwise, that this very moment is killing each other and killing people of other religions also.
what’s going on here?
what’s going on of course is SATAN IN FULL SWING, IN POWER BIGTIME  –  instead of being “covert for thousands of years, Satan is now OVERT  – utilizing its own God  –   like Lucifer, the Arch Angel who decided that “it” wan wipe out Jehovah, and be the TOP DOG.
its playing this scenario out this very moment  –  the socalled top dogs once they kill their “common enemy” will turn on “each others”
and that is now happening in the middle east countries, this very minute.
and that is how “egos operate their cunningness”
now to return to “reincarnation”  – here is a question that should be addressed concerning “reincarnation”
would anyone choose a life of poverty, illness etc for their next time around/reincarnation?  of course not! but then since we are dealing with an “unknown world called the Spiritual World” that question must be answered by just one source and that source of course is our SOUL.
as said the Soul is the keeper of the records; records of what? of
what we did or not did, in all respects while returning to the physical world    –   the lesson we came to learn    – the people we came to
interact with    – the work we came to perform    –   etc. etc. etc.
can it all be “for nothing as the secularist, agnostic and certainly the atheists say it is?
One of us must be lying of course,      ——-     as you all know I am not one of the above    –    regardless of the “fact”  that “religion” has been “corrupted for thousands of years”  and is/was the cause directly and indirectly with all the wars for thousands of years.
something stinks in Denmark   –   that is why linear people must NOT use false logic, false reason, along with false intellectualization  to justify their false opinions regarding what “religion is all about”
again, “throwing the baby out with the dishwater”  is not the way to go!
the way to go is to allow their Alpha Mind to guide them to the understanding  that would eliminate the “chaff from the wheat”
yes, go into alpha, tap the higher mind, stop using their ego mind with its deception system of reason,logic,intellect  – allow the intuitiveness of the person to “rise out of the ashes” of ignorance.

Wow! Get a load of this “knowledge” Did you know that:———-????

Everyone has some understanding of the words “nerve im-pulses,

I said “some understanding”  –  since the subject is way :over the head of 98% of the worlds population or more.
so what is this fantastic information?
well these “nerve impulses” that all bodies have dont “stay with the body since they are impulses, and impulses travel outward “from the body – and what are these “impulses’?
they are “carriers of telepathic thoughts”  –  proof?
again I use the same proof all of the time since I personally experienced it, and again its the Silva Mind technique of “remote viewing” which of course “is” telepathic, with no ifs, and with no buts.
and what does these telepathic “thoughts” do?
they influence “objective events” which we “did” doing Silva Mind Remote viewing!
who knows this? only two percent of the world’s people;  who disregards this?  the elites, the erudites, and certainly the scholars, why?
it does not “fit the mold” that the elites, erudites,scholars have built with their ego minds of what reality “is all about”
they are all “full blown egos’  –   and egos being of the “lower mind syndrome” is incapable of fathoming “truth” of the higher dimensions.
our elites, erudites,scholars have no connection whatsoever to the higher dimensions, thus are fraudulent “in every respect of the word”
that of course indicts the worlds educational system since these three misogynists  (people who preach untruths, and anything experienced
or researched on the time/space world compared to the higher dimensions of course, are “relegated to the area called “untruths”
yes, of course, you had “this experience, but then did you know that “this experienced” was “caused from the Causal Plane located in the fourth dimension?  of course not!
again can this be proven, yes it can  – and the story of the hypnotist, and his patient proved that the 4th dimension does exist, also proves that the 3rd dimension, the ego world is the complete opposite of the 4th dimension, has nothing in common with the higher worlds!
this is “concrete evidence” which can be repeated endlessly.
Now hear this?   our objects, and even events have “focal” points in which the “unseen become seen, psychically speaking called psychic
energy  –  that is done when “I channel of course”
the channel “is psychic energy from the 4th dimension, brought down to the physical 3rd dimension/focal points per se, and this is how matter is formed.
We see it all of the time in a more physical sense, “ice, into water, water into steam, steam into gas, gas into etc etc. goes on and on”
and it also goes the other way of court from seemingly nothing into something  – which of course “is matter”.
and what causes this , the prime mover?   the mind of course!
and how does it do it? the mind constantly transforms thoughts and emotions into some physical form.
but who knows that?  noone including our elites, erudites,scholars; they all “missed the boat” but then it doesnt matter for them since they are all egos, and egos dont give a damn about “anything other then themselves,  as it should be    –   for egos of course!  what’s mine is mine; and what’s yours is also mine”  the mantra for egos, even the socalled “best of them”  –  being clever, they get away with it !
                                     that is until caught!
now guess what, and how the ego manages to do what it does with impunity?  this is one of the major lies that they concoct:
people are suppose to  “get an idea/picture of their inner world scenario, by what they experience in their physical environment.  This is what is taught in all of the educational institutions “in the world” a lie of the highest fraudulence in the world!
They say the exterior world is the “source” for people”s truth!  in other words our physical environment is not only the “effect, but also the “cause” of what happens to us living in this time/space world.
a damnable lie of course  –  perpetrated by the elites, erudites,scholars,
Hitler used that, all of the other “crazies from way back also used it, and it is presently being used, every minute, every second of the day right now, successfully.
the truth?as said, the truth is:  what we call “materialization’s manifestation depends on our inner emotions, stimulating energy, and changing our mental environment.”  but who knows that?  niche!
so the bottom line:  we create our own world(life) which is our physical reality,  We also select our own parents before we incarnate  –
nothing as scientist believe is “random”.  Random implies that there is no Master Mind in the Universe; that the Universe being Mindless, becomes instead Randomness, which is another word for meaninglessness.
if that is the case,there doesnt need any “truth”; truth is then “unnecessary”  its catches, catches can”  no need for anything, “take it as it comes”
this is absurd of course  –  murder, mayhem and all of the other Hitler, Stalin goodies and now the crazy terrorists killing “innocent people” is fine, par for the course, since there is “no justice in this world” none whatsoever.
Randomness means NO JUSTICE NEEDED since there is no “control” there is absolutely, no nothing!
Scientists  – crazy as loons  –  make theories, prove their own theories to “their satisfaction”  –  play the game “to the hilts” and get away with it of course, since they are bonafide certified egos of the highest order  –
elites, erudites/scholars, who on this planet is willing to “contest their power?  noone except me perhaps, who knows?
oh yes, the people that approve of my blog  – I almost forgot them, almost!
by the way if I didnt mention it, we also “select our own parents” so even though I complain bitterly about my mother, I chose her of course, and for a reason  -, she was the first person in my life that indirectly and directly what “lying is all about”; what being two faced is all about, and what being “clever” is all about.  to contrast that “evilness”; I also chose my grandfather who was the complete opposite.  My birth father worked day/night never saw the guy until I worked with him for six years; he was a “beautiful soul” I loved him dearly.


I am not referring to “name, address, parents, jobs, likes,dislikes, etc. that is not who people are that is “in truth”  who they really are deals with the “depths of their “being-hood” which of course, very few have any access to etc.

However, access to this “knowledge” is available to those who have discovered that “their precious ego is a first class fraud”; until that revelation occurs, people will continue to “believe” a load of lies not only pertaining to themselves, but pertaining to the “world’s gentry” also.
Excuses Begone written by a famous writer -Dr. Dyer  – spells it all out of course; however, what he didnt write about is more important than what he wrote about; he did get into the “reasons” behind “lies” etc.
other than referring to the word “habit, customary etc”
that “is not” the real cause of “why do not know who they “really are” the
what’s needed is what I am about to write about:
There “is” a complexity involved of course  –  we are a Universal “creature” – which means”we are part/parcel of what is constantly going on in the Universe  – mentally,emotionally, physical and of course spiritually. and what does all of this mean?
it means that unless all of the above are working synchronizations, Spontaneously, and Serendipitously  –  we are “out of tune” in all of the faculties mentioned above.
Now how many people “fit this picture” not too many, if any.
and how does all is supposedly works  –  It works thru the subtle world, the world of “frequencies to begin with”  – frequencies that “make everything happen both in the physical world, and  our physical body without us knowing it?
What are thoughts?  who can answer that? not too many, if any.
And who knows that “our nerves have their own purpose, primarily  for the connecting the “inner self to our physical self/reality which of course, the ultimate aim to create ourselves and our environment.
this of course goes on “undetected” by us “living above on the physical plane of matter.  What goes on “below  the plane of matter, determines what the “above will look like”
but again who knows that?  No one!  why?  why the secret?  the answer is simple and contrite  –   our egos purpose is to do what the Torah, what Jehovah, the God of Earth wrote:  ]
People coming into incarnation will be:  “deaf,dumb,blind”  meaning of course  –  in a very low state of consciousness” which by the way can be “measured”,  with multidimensional systems available.
The whole self is the inner self; what we call “our-selves” have nothing in common with who “we really are”  SOULS in incarnation!
Fault?  the ego of course –  in our physical dimension referred to as the world of duality, there must be a “pro and a con”   a God and a Devil, a good guy and a bad guy  –  its called Polarity  – read my blog the seven laws of Hermes and you will “find truth in it, truth that is totally UNrecognized by what our socalled “elites, erudites and scholars
                                  KNOWS NOTHING ABOUT!
why?  the simple reason of course is that the faculties we are taught to use are basically owned by the above who are in my opinion owned lock stock barrel     –    by the satanic forces in this Universe   ——
whether they know it or not!  a kid born in a prison,that never left the prison only knows what the prison “laws” are all about  thus   –
the 98% of the worlds people “being imprisoned not knowing of course, like the child  –  being pumped up with lies, lies, lies etc.
this “analogy” is meant to show that the worlds people and that includes everyone of course, more so for the elites, erudites,scholars, they are also “prisoners, highly esteemed prisoners, who love being “esteemed”
and the socalled “perks” that go with it  –  provided of course, they do not mutiny against their Lord/Master   –   THE EGO POWER OF THE WORLD, and again what is it?
the ego power of the world if you want the best analogy would be:
 the one world advocates with them as the overlords,

who they are ,  are to begin with would be the elite overlords, the 1″  percent that own 90% of the worlds wealth, just for a starter, and this is “indisputable”  –   and everyone knows that!,  the 2nd thing of course is the backup for these “overlords, “elites”; their erudites; the selected mouthpiece or these Satanists, their socalled wise people” wise n the ways of “what the ego wants them to do” and to back them up we have the “real McCoy our esteemed scholars  whose word is a replacement for God Almighty  –
and for proof  –  how and why the Hebrew Slaves found their freedom thru Jehovah who used as “his instrument Moses” and who denies that this every happened?
and why would they deny it?
I will leave the answers up to you.


I am now approaching a world totally “foreign to the world I am
presently “living in”   –    a world “hidden from the masses” including
                            those   who   “presume”  to   “know”
its the world of the Zohar   –   I have the teachings gleaned by the people , rabbis that  created  the first Kabbala center in  New York City, about fifteen or so years ago.
I purchased their work on the Zohar, in English  =  the first of its kind
in the world.
You mentioned that the Kabbala in general has been “abused by the
money hungry derelicts who call themselves  – spiritual  –
that I dont deny of course  –   the Torah mentioned that “false prophets will arise  along  with “false religions”
in the egoworld we live in that “is PAR FOR THE COURSE, as they say, we are living in a dualistic world where “truth is bandied around as if it was “potato chips”
the “what’s in it for vultures, are hungrily looking for their “piece of the action”  however  –
there “may be people like me, like Swedenborg, like LaTzu, like Hermes, like Socrates that CANT BE BOUGHT!
there “is a silver lining hiding ready to shine “when the right time comes,
that do not “throw out the baby with the bath water; those are the people who will “carry the torch after I am gone,
otherwise all of my efforts are meaningless, and “fruitless”  –
Now to enhance the “understanding “factor” more explicitly I am now about to “real something that even the great minds of today and perhaps in the past, did “not know”
to start with “the word know and I have mentioned this many times has nothing “in common” with what we on this ego plane of existence, use “incorrectly.
there cannot be “any knowing on this plane on the beta plain, its an impossibility, knowing is an alpha/theta ‘REQUIREMENT  – people using their limited beta frequency cannot access the Knowing frequency.
now that that has been “cleared up” we can now “try to enter” the holy grail world, a world consisting of the “real source of supply” which egos cannot understand  –  its beyond their limitation/beta.
the word “energy comes into picture’  –  our understanding and comprehension of what “energy is”  –  and unfortunately as said above,
we are limited in this “realization”  – once we enter the fourth dimension which “is” the fourth dimension where alpha/theta reigns supremely, we then and “only” then could “digest” what I am about to say  –
The idea of what I am about to “convey” which Kabballa teaches and what the Zohar teaches  –   is the “idea” of  how we “human beings”
in time of course, see themselves as co-creators with god almighty,
in regard to the wisdom  attributes that a god should depict himself, herself, itself  to be in reference of course primarily speaking in:—
                                    WISDOM/  – TREFERIT  –
the highest attainment on the Cabbalistic Tree of Life using of course the Hebrew alphabet; the twenty two, plus 6 extended plane significances.  Adding up to 28 when added together make a ten (10)
When praying in the Jewish Temple, Synagogue there must be ten males present  –  in order to pray to Jehovah  –
why males?  why not females also?  if the energies were the same, it would not make any difference  –  they are not the same, one has a socalled “positive charge, the other a negative charge” this is not prejudice in action.
It is basically “energy expression itself”  – mixing the positive and negative energies is “not according to Jehovah and the Torah”
conducive to entering the higher dimensions of the 4th and 5th levels.
of course, the egos attending the temples,synagogues “no nothing about what my channel is “revealing”  There demand for sexual equalness, is done out of what we call  –  democracy etc.
So the key to all of this is basically one word and that word is called for energy  –  which adds up using numerology adds up to eleven (11) which is  ” a double (l)  and one represents power/energy double one (11) means expanded “energy”; its referred to as a Master Number.
so the bottom line is “what is energy, eliminating the physical definition for the word” and no ego under the Sun can answer that question, none!
thus, they are “admitting their “ignorance” in regard to what this Universe, Planet is all about!
Now to give more “insight as to how this “energy works”
The intention of this “energy that for the sake of understanding we call GOD;  we humans are referred as co creators with God because we create our “own world; our world within which according to the mystic minds capable of transcending the physical plane, and I have that mind, Socrates had that mind, Swedenborg had that mind, and most of the ego less “souls” from time memorial “had that mind”
THEY ALL KNEW THAT OUR SOCALLED PERSONAL MIND which unfortunately “degraded to a level where the satanic ego ” took over and this fact is “indisputable”
put the inhabitants on this planet earth  – in a “prison” –  which I call
the “overlords, – elites/erudites/scholars”  since the all represent the power of the “overlords”  – since they are meant to “control the massmndmentality of  their chessboard “illiterates who are their to be
sacrificed for the same of the “elites,erudites/scholars”  they are called “pawns” if I am not mistaken, I do not play chess.
Now  –  energy when understood in a “non physical way”  –  understood on the basis of “no energy” a contradiction of course for our 3rd dimensional thinking that is a contradiction, as anything smacking of the word Spirit, is also deemed in a negative way!
the strongest energy in this world is the world of the Mind; the mind when added up numerologywise, adds up to the master number of 22
which means that there are different “levels of mind” and our astrology knows this,  Sagittarius is in the 9th house, and Sagittarius is ruled by the largest planet in our Universe, and it is called Jupiter, the most beneficial planet in the zodiac  – its consider the higher mind, in contrast to Gemini in the third house of communication rules the lower mind.
the higher mind is spiritual   –  the lower mind is non spiritual
a good astrologer, a psychic preferable, is capable of reading a natal chart, from birth of course, accurately – unfortunately many are phonies,
the good ones are hard to fine, like good psychics are hard to find.
Now the essence of this letter is to “inform seekers” people who read my blog more than one, more than twice, but on a regular basis, that:
when the “chaff is removed from the wheat”   –   the untruths are removed from the truths, they will discover what the Hologram proved conclusively that the spirit/god is in every atom that exist on this planet, discounting none.
what does that mean, it means we human beings contain within us everything that the God of Universe, Jehovah contains  –
the difference of course is  –  when our belief systems are riddled with false beliefs, which of course influence the world around us, this ROT, whether we know it or not corrupts every living this on our planet, both
physically, mentally, emotional and of course “so called spirituality”
just because we humans lack the deeper understanding/low consciousness, and limited “senses”  –   they personally must be “led by hand” as my blog is doing, step-by-step to the point of “realization” when
they discover to their belief that they  ARE GOD  –  a “cell” of the DIVINE! whether they like it or not!
that is why “prayer can work; that is why a device called Radionics which I have had for years, and teach  –  a form of energy “unheard in our world –  that has the ways/means of communicating on twelve levels which exist in our Universe, to awaken, the dormant  energy  to  is the same energy that emanates from the “real McCoy” god Almighty.
believe it or not!  I do since I have experienced it many times; other who have not, use their godgivenright to say its all bunk!
They are cutting their throats, but dont know it!
your friend always,\