there is “no denying that life is “loaded” with “paradox”s” : experiences

that “defy explanation” –
Seth describes life this way pertaining to “experiences” of course – dealing with the time/space that we live in and on, this planet we call Mother
i.e. Seth speaking of course paraphrased of course –
in many cases, older people try “desperately to prolong their aging process, a billion dollar industry
of course having the “right genes” should be the main consideration; heredity is a factor without any doubt!
Seth says that as we “age” which is a “natural process” of course, undeniably so, and if course its “time sensitive”  our “mental and psychic faculties begin to accelerate, a similar “event as the adolescent goes thru, as puberty “comes to the fore”; with the burst of immense charge/creativity.
now who in their right mind would believe that, but then I am proof of that
here it is!  about eight years ago I started composing classical music, even though I never listened to classical music; I was a jazz, self taught piano player for many many years, somehow or other I became a classical piano player and people where I lived, loved it!
On the same thread of thought – only little over a year, I started writing for my blog, a talent I never had, never “ever” did any writing of any sort.
Before that time in my “midlife time around the age of sixty; I started a organization called NE Society of Psychic Science Researchers Inc\
and previous to that, “discovered that I was a “reader” giving psychic readings, something previously I knew nothing about!
what’s going on here?\\
and right this very moment, this letter is the example, I am writing for my blog, ALTHEALTH.ORG/BLOG and according to
Google close to 300,000 people visited my blog site! now who “in their right mind would believe that?
Seth, calls these experiences – mind and psychic changes moving fast,
to serve a purpose unbeknown to the person experiencing them, which in this particular is is Maurice(me of course)
so it appears that there are deep seated “belief systems IMBEDDED, IN OUR PSYCHE we know nothing about waiting for the right time to SPROUT!
and as I said, I am the perfect example of it.!
and here is something to ponder on:  what we call the “expansion of consciousness”which of course is as mentioned above, (psychic, mental)
is “considered and interpreted  as the “aging process”
I am now 91 going on 92 in six months time – which for most if not all people is OLD, which for most people if not all, means INCAPACITATION  in all respects, again
“what is life all about”?
Of course, I am not the so called “ordinary old person since other than my aging body which goes “by its own rules”, my mind being “one with the ONE, is not “thrown in with the “chalf”, rather “knowing itself” retains the
“wheat”, (the one with the ONE0 right up to the time it decides its time for a change) going back of course to ITS SOURCE, THE GOD-HEAD, awaiting the next incarnation etc.
so, AGING should be considered a process of “mystery” –  in respect of course to the psychic/mental/spiritual faculties, and not the physical body per se!
again, I am proof of that and I am sure other aged folks who have “raised their consciousness in this incarnation,     would if they could, say the same thing!
unfortunately our medical professionals, especially the “allopathic system” uses DRUGS, called pharmaceuticals, which instead of “helping” hinders the evolutionary process that “ageing is meant to “ASCERTAIN” -their “approach to aging health is detrimental to the “over-all health” of their patients, works the “opposite” of what this letter is all about!
if this “is” the case – then everything written up to now, would be a “waste of time”  –   proof of this “fact” – is right on everyone’s TV, when a drug is promoted on sixty minutes, what do people see and hear:
if the “public” did NOT have LOW CONSCIOUSNESS, the DRUG COMPANIES, would NOT sell “one drug” and no allopathic medical doctor, would NOT PRESCRIBE DEADLY DRUGS!
again, what’s going on here?
ITS APPARENT PEOPLE REALLY DON’T KNOW WHAT SENILITY AND LIFE IS ALL ABOUT, OTHER THAN “what they think they know, which of course, when “everything is added up,
NOT MUCH!  they go to school to “learn and absorb” that is after they learn the alphabets etc. that is to be expected of course!
after that, they study to learn things that they “thought” they NEVER knew before  – they go up from grade to grade – until they finish with their cherished Masters and PHd degrees, then what do they do?
they seek work that fits what they study, and go to work –  to perpetuate “their teachings of course” and:-
WHAT IF THEIR TEACHINGS WERE WRONG? what if the whole teaching systems are wrong, what then?
TOt get back to our title WHAT IS LIFE ALL ABOUT?
That of course is a “very” broad statement, but then everyone is UNIQUE, no two people in a world with perhaps six or seven or more billion people,
need something “broad” for them to get “some notion” of what and who they really are.
as an example:  – every thumb print is unique, every palm is unique, talking about the lines, etc.; all writing is unique etc.
you see I am also a palmist, certified, I am also a graphologist, certified, and I am also a “channel uncertified since there is no certification system for “readers” that I know of other than the society I set up back in the early 80’s! called the NEW ENGLAND SOCIETY OF PSYCHIC SCIENCE RESEARCHES, BOTH THE STATE AND OUR GOVERNMENT CERTIFIED  OUR SOCIETY AS NON PROFIT!
the greatest healer on this planet, my opinion of course is an Israeli called Zeev Kolman – Kirlian photography proved CONCLUSIVELY that the energies oozing from his fingers proves without a doubt, that he is not only a healer, but the best healer “known” on this planet.
the average energy oozing out of people’s fingers is between 1/16 and 1/8; his energy is from my recollection since I saw it, was between 1/2 and one inch.

Woulda, Coulda, Shoulda (Swedenborg) (2)

Hi Jose.

reviewing e mails which I do now n then, I came upon your recent letter i.e. Swedenborg’s definition of “truth” etc.
for me it all “boils down” to basically the “esoterics” because reason,logic,intellect as mentioned in my previous letter can be “easily”
manipulated, like the word “hypocrisy” and other such “manipulative practices” that “reason,logic,intellect utilizes to “convince people with “low rating consciousness which can involve PHd’s (my ex wife is a PHd) and she certainly in my opinion “fits the bill” when it comes to “low consciousness” and another question you asked me in your letter was: “how did Swedenborg “handle”
t he word “consciousness” –
what helps mix “apples and oranges” is of course is the “role” that the INSIDIOUS EGO plays in the “whole drama”
another factor of course is the FACT, that the “truth of the matter is completely “overlooked” in the “whole equation” and that aspect is the “role that the essence of who a person “is” is “not taken into consideration by anyone except the “wrong people, the coreligionists” who of course has “proven without a doubt” to be “egos in disguise”; pure Satanist despite the “fact” that  TRUE RELIGION DOES EXIST, and Swedenborg made “a blanket statement” saying that the only true religion IS THE HEBREW RELIGION, and its in print of course!
Separating the “chaff from the wheat” demands that the “Hebrew people” be
appreciated rather than the opposite, degraded !
antisemitism is now rampant worldwide, as in the past thousands of years!
what does that mean?  it means that –  there is “no future” for both the Jews and the Gentiles!  Proof of that “fact” is worldwide!
The Torah has been “replaced with the “NEW Testament” which implies that the OLD is no longer VALID!  add the Koran to that and other religious so called “testaments” and what do we get?
We get what;s happening worldwide, even the Bahi’s are slaughtered?
Is this world, ego world of course worth saving?
According to astrological  methodologies, and according to the Old Testament which is “prophetic of course”\
IT IS NOT WORTH SAVING –  that is “the people” certainly not the UNIVERSE; \\
the Universe continues on “its path” – when the “right time” comes the NEW SOULS ENTERING OUR PHYSICAL DIMENSION WILL BE ENLIGHTENED SOULS,
that is the message I got from my channel
your friend, always,

Hi, Maurice

Does Swedenborg define what is ‘truth’, what is ‘internal v. external’, what is ‘ego’, what
is ‘spirituality’, what is ‘consciousness’, etc.?

Erudition is the sum result of many years of study and enhancement of knowledge. It’s
not premised on ‘wisdom’ but is a manner and a path to explaining it in an elegant and
coherent way. Of course, this can be done using plain language to reach the most people,
which is what you’re attempting to do.

By the way, Maurice, is this the Swedenborg to whom you often refer?

Emanuel Swedenborg

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Emanuel Swedenborg
Emanuel Swedenborg.PNG

Portrait of Swedenborg by Carl Frederik von Breda.
Born Emanuel Swedberg
29 January 1688
Died 29 March 1772 (aged 84)
LondonEnglandGreat Britain
  • Mining engineer
  • Anatomist
  • Astronomer
  • Author
Notable work(s)
Theological work
Era 18th-century
Tradition or movement Lutheran Christianity
Main interests
  • Theology
  • Science
  • Philosophy
Notable ideas
Emanuel Swedenborg; born Emanuel Swedberg on 29 January 1688; died 29 March 1772) was a Swedish scientistphilosophertheologian, revelator, and mystic. He termed himself a “Servant of the Lord Jesus Christ” in True Christian Religion, a work he published himself.  He is best known for his book on the afterlife, Heaven and Hell (1758).
Swedenborg had a prolific career as an inventor and scientist. In 1741, at age 53, he entered into a spiritual phase in which he began to experience dreams and visions, beginning on Easter weekend of April 6, 1744. This culminated in a ‘spiritual awakening’, in which he received revelation that he was appointed by the Lord to write the The Heavenly Doctrine to reform Christianity. According to The Heavenly Doctrine the Lord had opened Swedenborg’s spiritual eyes, so that from then on he could freely visiheaven and hell and talk with angels, demons and other spirits; and the Last Judgment had already occurred, in 1757. However, he tells us that at this day it is very dangerous to talk with spirits, unless a person is in true faith, and is led by the Lord.
For the remaining 28 years of his life, Swedenborg wrote 18 published theological works, and several more which were unpublished. Some followers of The Heavenly Doctrine believe that, of his theological works, only those which Swedenborg published himself are fully divinely inspired.

Jose Luis


if this IS the case, then most if not everything, is in a way a HOAX!

why? people, ego people, KNOW  NOTHING in regard to what BELIEFS are all about!  its called the “bottom line”
it also means that their so called “teachers” also “brainwashed” like the Southerners, religious southerners were “brainwashed into believing that
“black people” were “animals’ void of any “human qualities”
that should have been “reversed”; the southerners “were the animals” since their actions went “beyond animal nature” it was more “demented; more satanic than even “innocent animals who are always in God’s Care!
has any historian ever said what I just said?  of course not!  it takes courage to say what I just said; and I don’t believe historians “have that “courage”
their job is to put a “good face” on it!  Robert E Lee, the famous general, supposedly a virtuous man, even he, lacked the “wisdom” capable of transcending “false beliefs”
Not too many people on this planet today, are any different than Gen. Robert E Lee –  shortsightedness is the Satanic Egoistic Method  of controlling so called “humanKind”
See the “mess” the world is in today caused by BELIEFS -false beliefs
infiltrating the minds of FANATICS, in every field of endeavor – there isn’t one “field” where the ego/Satan does not HOLD REIGN, not one!
can this be the time of the LAST DAYS?  I believe that they are and I believe it for just “one reason”
that reason deals exclusively with the ASTROLOGICAL CHANGES, that the bible predicted thousands of year ago –  the Christians “link it” with the return of Jesus,; other religions have they own “beliefs” of the so called coming,
I base my prediction one thing THAT IS FACTUAL; the others are “not factual” – beliefs are not meant to be “factual” since most of not all ego beLIEFS ARE false assumptions!  that  the “unprepared mind of low consciousness people make a “belief system out of it!
that is why the bible “the blind “leading” the blind.  The so called leader in this particular case, an “icon (false messiah) leading the sheep”
that is “evident nowadays “all over the world/globe  –  a good example of what’s happening today is “Putin, the Russian god”-  with his “wings clipped” with the recent event the downing of a commercial plane; so his picture on the TV this morning, and guess what?  his natural arrogance
was not there!  where did it go?  it went where he eventually will go, and that place is HELL of course along with all of the other democratically elected demigods/dictators!
their fear of course is DEATH!  all tyrants fear is death, and I am not referring to political “tyrants”; I am referring to “all tyrants” which encompasses the world of EGOS!
Now why do I believe we are approaching the “last days”; the finally end of a 25,000 cycle that has “touched “all the signs in the Zodiac.
The only true science in this world; the only science that is predictive thru the “agency” of genuine psychics who have a knowledge of the “sacred” science of astrology, and these people exist, even though somewhat hidden, throughout the “ages”
Why is it a “true science”?  did you know that the ephemeris which lists the times, days, months, years  way way in advance, showing all of the interactions of all of the known planets in our Universe, for the purpose of “prediction”
no other science has this function – theories is the methodology of all physical sciences, and theories start and end up as theories since theories have “no basis in FACT!  that is until they have been proven of course!
i.e. Einstein had to prove his theory of relativity – but then that famous equation was not of Einstein’s work, that is according to Einstein.  In his writing he gives CREDIT, not to himself but to the FORCE, that gave him that equation; that force he never identified, since he perhaps did not know himself the meta’hysics attached “to this “mystical force”
Einstein in his own right, was a mystic – being a Piscean, which is ruled by mystical planets, especially the planet Neptune, the most mystical planet in the Zodiac!
I am also a Pisces  –
what’s missing in this world? only one word and that word is MORALITY!  what IS morality?  first of all the word “moral” comes into view; the next step is to put the next three letter the I , the t, and the why. Using the word itself for purposes of identifying the numerological essence of that word, we then break the word down into letters, which are M=4; O=6, R=9 A=1,  L=3, I=9. T=2, Y 7The next thing is to add up all of the numbers: 4+6+9+1+3+9.+2
+7= total 39=12=3 three is the sum total of the word “morality”
and what does three represent?  GROWTH, incubation, the meeting of the positive and negative forces with the purpose of UNIFICATION(GROWTH”
Iin practical terms, a “new birth”  – a new beginning, how does this :influence the lives of “ordinary people”?
if people live “moral lives” – with the “full understanding what “moral lives” entail; their lives will be lived MEANINGFUL  -they will not “chase” fleeting so called pleasure; will not “give in” to their “hormonal tendencies, will investigate before they “dive into” things that are “immoral” -would “seek” the writings of the true “avatars” not the false prophets that our egocentric world is LOADED WITH, all clamoring, “follow me, follow me”
these phony “avatars”  have been “spouting “their lies” for thousands of years, as they are today – people are following the “wrong pipers! especially when it comes to “religion”  –  the others of course are simply “CON ARTISTS, that the world is INUNDATED
The ego idea of what constitutes “what good is”  – is not the same as what a non ego’s idea of what “good is”; and this also applies to the word “truth”;
they are “oceans apart” when it comes to those two words, likewise for the word “truth” – that is another word where egos definition “holds “no water” with “non linear minded people” who see these words in a different “light”
the word “love” is also tossed around ending up in the “trash can” where it belongs when involved with the belief systems of the ego world!
the ego idea idea of what is consciousness is limited to just one word, and that word is “conscious” – conscious for ego people deals “exclusively” with also one word and that word is “being alive”- if a person is conscious, he is alive which of course is true, however when we add four letters to it which are: N-5  –  E=5   – S= 1   –  S=1 we get = 12 which adds up to guess what?
the number 3, the same number we got for the word “morality”
isn’t that interesting?
so the ego world lacks the power of three (3), where both the positive/negative energy align – making it then possible to generate an “energy” that did “NOT” EXIST BEFORE!
So in order to “grow in conscious-NESS, a person must “embrace” the two numbers, one (1) the indivisibility which we call the “singularity” which means of course – the CHAIRMAN OF THE BOARD, ; which we refer to as GOD , the one splitting in half, making the negative and the positive which when they then allow the “key and the keyhole” to copulate, produces the end product, the “result of that “union”, this procedure is the number 3!
father, mother, child! the propagation of the species of course!
Number/numerology’s origin is in the Old Testament of course!


dear friends,

let’s be clear about this since if you asked ten (10) people a question that “required thought”, what would “come up”.
this experiment was done many years ago when I and one hundred people attended a course given by a young man who is now a famous personality, his name is, at the moment I am drawing a blank, but as I keep writing it will “come to me”.
this young man took just “one word, a noun” – had six people groups set up which was around sixteen or so groups.  These groups working together, would have to agree on what the best definition of this word MEANT –
this young man at the time introduced what the people in Polynesia which is of course located in the South Sea area –  “walking on “fire coals”  –
this young man, he was around 29 yrs old at the time – arranged  that after he proved “without a doubt” aggregating 16 or more groups to decyper what this ONE WORD MEANT, to proof without a doubt that “words on their own have no OBJECTIVITY TO THEM; what “has objectivity apparently is what is in the SUBJECTIVITY WORLD o BELIEFS,
in other words the word chosen – given to an “ordinary ego person” would mean what this “ego persons” subjectivity which of course is the “belief system” immersed in the world of subjectivity which of course is the Unconscious and  SUBCONSCIOUS  faculties.
the end result of the experiment was that THERE WAS NO WAY under the SUN, that there was any agreement, consensus of what that word is all about!
every person’s understanding of “what is” – is based on “not mere so called objective reasoning/critical reasoning, promoted by all of our educational systems, but rather on the “intrinsics of Nature; not the “extrinsics of Nature,
the subterranean world as depicted by the immense world of our oceans, proves “without a doubt” that the so called “ego outer world” not only being miniscule in comparison, is an “afterthought of the INNER WORLDS”
unfortunately as I said – the “people in charge of “our lives:, not only our so called schooling, but our entire “background” is the “boss” of our lives, not our INNER NATURE, which we call our intuitive faculty.
I walked on fire two times – the day I took the course, and repeated that when I took the course again, without burning my feet!
at the moment, the young man’s name is “not coming up” when it does I will list it in my future letters  –
He earns his living helping people discover things about themselves they never knew using special techniques, and is very successful.  His last name is ROBBINS, I think his first name is Tony!
getting back to what “is reality”?
for the so called “average person” reality is a “simple formula”
yes, customs, teachings traditions etc. INFECTED with FALSE BELIEF SYSTEMS as mentioned in my recent blog  – they are of course
ENTRENCHED BELIEFS, so entrenched that the person “don’t even know that they “hold these so called “sacred” beliefs; its like having “their coffee every morning, a RITUAL of course!
for them that is their TRUTH – and my recent letter showed how so called “intrinsic is this belief, that it “overshadows their whole life and they don’t know that of course!
“i.e. the Southerners –  during the slavery era believed that black people were no different than their “animals” and treated them as NON HUMANS.
despite the fact that these Southerners were DEVOTE religious people.
They didn’t realize that people could not “survive in a very hot hot climate if their SKIN was light; the wisdom of their body, as said for “survival purposes, were BLACK.
if they discovered that their representative of a God i.e. son of God was black skinned, what would they do?
so it seems that we so called human beings are LOADED with MISCONCEPTIONS OF WHAT REALITY IS ALL ABOUT –
the result of this misconception back then for the Northerners and the Southerners was a four year CIVIL WAR!
what’s happening today practically worldwide is the same!  with political influences attached to them of course!
so when the bible says that we come in to this incarnation:  deaf, dumb and blind, that is what it is “telling us”  –
that this physical dimension ruled without doubt by SATAN/EGO, WITH SATIATED PROOF STARING US RIGHT IN THE FACE.
read the history books for the proof of this statement –  check whats happening right this moment around the world!
PS. the day of “reckoning of course is coming!


first of all we know that it has to deal exclusively with the “mind”(psycho_; the metry aspect entails the  so called object part of it.

I had the “opportunity” of “doing psychometry” and witnessing psychometry.
so what is psychometry and besides doing what it does, how does it enable me and others to “uncover secrets” that “needs uncovering”
the principles of psychometry is simple –  it says and proves, I have proof regarding the efficacy of psychometry, in fact being psychic from birth, I was a “reader” a term associated with psychics.
Now to begin  –  all objects, including physical objects,  doesn’t matter what it is, are “alive with atoms” – which of course supports their legitimacy! everything is alive, one way or another.
now that I have put things into “motion” i will proceed with what “psychometry” is all about.
to do so I will give you exact experiences that I personally experienced, being a born psychic and will also included evidence by other psychics, which are also called “sensitives”
Many years ago I started a society called the New England Society of Psychic Science Researchers, Inc.  a non profit corporation certified both by the State of Massachusetts, and our USA government.
right now, it thru our blog, AltHealth.org which is the parent of our present site, Althealth.org/blog -where up to today over 300,000 people ‘ visited; Google lists this “figure” on our blog.  There are two areas used by Google both introduce different essays – I suggest that people reading this
letter find the time to visit with both.
getting back to Psychometry  –  this letter introducing this mysterious method of insertion and detection will as I progress, be UNVEILED.
I will now speak of  one person,a woman who I gave a “reading to, and
accurate “reading” mentioning the “fact” that she healed herself from “cancer”, how she did it and when she did it! I did it while I was reading
her palm – she turned out to be a “fantastic reader of psychometry and again what IS psychometry?
to being with we must accept the “fact/truth” that material objects like keys, rings, and similar artifacts “are alive” “alive with atoms, electrons etc” alive meaning a “recording device”
egos of course will call of this “nonsense of course” but then when PROVEN how can a skeptic say that it does not exist? this “proof goes
   “far beyond “our limited understanding” cant be denied when “proof positive” staring the skeptic “right in the face:
I will give two examples and when done, give my reason why a so called inanimate material object like a key, ring etc. can gather information, store information, both that can be objectified by a good psychic reader like myself and other psychics like Mrs Friday, the woman that I gave a reading to as mentioned above.  She was NOT psychic; she became psychic which enabled her to “cure herself of cancer”
I started a psychic society and many of our psychics had work projects -in other words – do a psychic “reading” on subjects that I choose.
I sent a key to my motor home, the ignition key, to Mrs Friday –  she then
“embraced the key” to “pick up” information.  Information on me, and information on the motor home itself.

I have that work sheet in my library  – she mentioned ten things, – five things about the motor home, the present mileage, the letters on the vehicle and other facts and then five things about me personally,
and they were 100% ACCURATE
she got this information from “tuning into the key of the motor home!
Now the next experience dealt with me personally  – my society held functions twice a year where we gave “readings to the people we attracted thru TV and other media- we also gave lectures,  I was the principle architect since I ran the whole thing, I even gave “readings”
We attracted over 300 people to these psychic festivals; had over thirty readers – the cost for the person was minimal – like $3 dollars;
As I said I also did readings, both handwriting and palm reading – in this particular case, it was handwriting – now to progress
A man sits down for a handwriting reading, and what I am about to say lines up perfectly with what I just said about Mrs Fridays pschometry reading.
The person that sat in front of me said, what should I write; I said write, “I will like to know what my handwriting reveals.
Once this person handed me his handwriting; my “channel” which is my intuitive psychic self, tuned into – what he did a “previous day” – every aspect
of what he was doing, and when he heard that he said, YOU ARE ABSOLUTELY RIGHT I DID ALL OF THOSE THINGS,
now we go back to how psychometry works:  –  when I looked a his handwriting, I used it, the handwriting the same way as Mrs. Friday used my key “to tune into what she wanted to know”
and again what is this principle  -????
Every one has heard this quote:  ENERGY CAN NEVER BE DESTROYED!
there is nothing more powerful than an “atom/energy” nothing!
the power of the number ! and what is this power?
all numbers are DIVISIBLE; the number one is INDIVISIBLE, and what does that mean?
it means that everything from “time memorial is INTACT, despite the atom bomb, hydrogen bomb and anything else on this planet why again?
Icons, and other IDOLS TO WORSHIP – and the people proclaiming
the great Churches “laden with art of the Masters” directly and indirectly
subdue the TRUE ESSENCE that we Human Beings are endowed with,
force worshipers to BEND TO THEIR WILL , this is true for all established
This goes for all religions, baring none!
the prayer of a “little child” is heard; not so for misguided adults”
the greatest “killers” historically point the finger on the “clergy”!

Degrees of “knowing” (2)

from what I glean from Emmanuel Swedenborg’s work is that he was “capable” of “going beyond” what the world “at his time , up to the present” has completely either misunderstood or overlooked, and this “one” thing of course is the word “progression” which  means “change”
and as everyone knows change of any sort is practically an impossibility since change “demands” that what a person “thinks,acts and certainly believes” is the motivation “force” in a persons’ life!
it is referred to as the “human condition”, by the way my channel’s insistence that “hu-man beings are not “truly human” – Swedenborg in his book Divine Providence which I try to read every day, in the portion I read today stated with certainty, that the humans living on our planet, are not “human” since what they represent, believe, act etc. are not “human characteristics according to Swedenborg’s belief system of course!
What all of this “adds up to of course” is the “comedy of it all” – humans acting pretending to be super human etc. without having “any DEEP understanding of what a truly human being is all about!
Swedenborg’s idea of a genuine human being has “no place” in our world today, non whatsoever!
What I glean from his writings basically speaking as I said revolves around the word “morality”  -and it is apparent that his definition, and the definition that our socalled erudite definitions of today, DO NOT MATCH!
why?  because the basis/foundation needed for this purpose DIFFERS considerably perhaps to the extent of “nothing in common” with definitions that are used today.
why?  because the “entry point” is “not the same” and what “is” the entry point”; what “is” the foundation based on –
For Swedenborg the entry point is either the “internal or the external, both for the person and also for the so called “environment which means of course, “what’s happening around the world of “time/space” in contrast to what’s happening in the world of NO TIME/SPACE.
our scholars other than our MetaPhysicians, give NO CREDENCE to the non time/space world and indeed, consider it all a work of phantasy!
over 90% of our scientists “disbelieve the existence of the “higher worlds”
and furthermore, the way and means that we the ordinary people embrace a world we “know nothing about and relegated it to the scholars of religion, who unfortunately generally speaking “lack the wisdom needed to decipher
the “wisdom of the ages” –
What I am attempting to do is to “glean whatever I can” from wherever I can, bits/pieces of the “truth” that transcends “reason”
right now I am gathering books other than Swedenborgs to “discover” correlations that “make sense”
Swedenborgs notion of what truth is all about, what love is all about, and all of the other INTRINSICS, have “nothing in common” with what our educational systems  deal with, there are exceptions of course  – I discovered recently that a college was teaching the “works” of  Seth, the creator of the Nature of Personal Reality, I was amazed and flabbergasted !
How can that be?  so there are some enlightened souls in the educational system courageous enough to “stick their neck out”!
So to sum up – at this point in time, I believe that once a thing “is put in motion” whatever it may be, IT BEGIN TO PERCOLATE, looking for “atoms out there to attach to it!
so as an example – but before I start – it must be “put into perspective” which means that – “there IS a methodology connected with practically everything in this world, nothing is disconnected despite the “fact” that people “in general” do not know this!
So starting from there – we take any word – allow it to “percolate” which for me means, “find its antecedents, then follow these “antecedents” that lead the person to other antecedents – slowly “building” its “own TREE OF LIFE’
As a teenager I did exactly what I just mentioned  –  the main ingredient is of course the word ASK
unfortunately, our educational system “as I know it of course, and what I know of it is “limited of course”
gives the impression that everything is a DONE DEAL, when it ISNT!
thus when a person, an ego person says I know; he/she is leading into a slippery slope  –
“to make a difference, one must KNOW the difference.  this knowing has “nothing in common with the knowing I am talking about!
what is the “result” of this “kind of a mind set?\
in my opinion, the result is disastrous, since it “prevents a budding mind from MINING ITS OWN INHERENT RESOURCES, STIFLING IT BIG TIME!
I was fortunate, I ESCAPED THIS EGO TRAP!  unfortunately 98% of the worlds people “did not escape this “trap”  – its not only the educational system, it the brainwashing young people get from their parents,siblings, cultures of all sorts including religion or its nemesis “atheism” which is also a religion since it deals exclusively with BELIEFS.
For the past five or six years I stopped playing Jazz music on my piano; the last three years, I did not play the piano as I was “ill” keeping in mind that I started playing piano at the age of 14 yrs old; I am now 91 yrs old,  that is a very long long time, which means engrained – “programed” music playing.
when I discovered back about seven yrs ago that I can compose “classical music” doing it all, extemporaneously, I gave up playing jazz since composing classical was more challenging rather than repeated jazz which did “not require” creativity; composing classical RIGHT ON THE SPOT, was more exciting than jazz.
I got ill for over two years caused by a “nervous breakdown” – stopped playing the piano for almost three years  – got back to playing jazz when I was in India last March of this year;-
my fingers would “not respond” – I was totally “out of it”  my son and his wife convinced me to keep trying which I did.
Now I am coming to the “point” of this “essay” which is of course, THE DEEP, DEEP WORLD OF THE INTERNALS, which of course do RISE UP TO THE SURFACE which is the EXTERNALS, and the basis is, and the example is my “PIANO PLAYING.
when I returned to Nantasket I continued practicing on my piano until something UNUSUAL HAPPENED.  – instead of playing the way I played for 70 yrs, there were many changes, changes that I never KNEW BEFORE.
my understanding of piano playing, internally speaking, overwhelmed my “old idea” of  piano playing.  Keep in mind, I am practically self taught; did learn how to read chords, the alphabet located on the top of notes in a music page, which enabled me to “express the emotional content, of the music I am playing,
what I discovered went “beyond” reading the chord; I discovered why and how this chord was used, and also discovered that my “ear was more important than my eye -since I allowed my “ear” to do more than the written chord, is telling me to do.
I discovered how the whole system works which enabled me to MAKE MUCH BETTER MUSIC THAN BEFORE, MORE EXCITING, MORE DRAMATIC AND MORE SELF SATISFYING.
this awareness, made me “realize” that “if we knew what “change was” it could change our life! ]
I MADE A CHANGE, as said this change “idea” can be ADOPTED for all situations in life!
again “if people KNEW what CHANGE WAS; it could change their life!
I found that change!

What is Spirituality

I failed to answer “what is spirituality”

the best definition for me would be NON materialistic  –  a world
of time/space since the spiritual world is the abstract world for us-
a world void of what we call “physical, solid bodies of “evidence”;
the spiritual world “being abstract” utilizes an energy system totally
foreign to our systems.
Our technology although apparently “advanced, does not utilize
the power of “abstracts” –  we designate, or attempt to designate
abstracts with mathematics using numbers as “designates, which\
of course, solves no problems when it comes to “going beyond the
veil as they say!
Einstein discovered that when “he received “from spirit” his famous equation – the only way “spirit”could give him this “knowledge” was
thru mathematics.
however, when Einstein used mathematics for two years unsuccessfully,
mathematics failed him –
what made Einstein amenable to “receive his famous  equation was the
“fact” that his ego mind; the mind he used for two yrs. unsuccessfully,
was DORMANT at the time he was amenable to “receive” the equation
form the higher dimension!
at that moment in time he was in ALPHA/THETA – before being unsuccessful, he was not in alpha/theta; he was in the ego beta state,a state which cannot “go beyond our time/space dimension”.
unfortunately, information concerning “how humans are able to “transcend time/space” especially for the educational purpose, the reason I “fault” our past/present educational institutions – Silva Mind offered the colleges free of charge “his system” they all refused! also offered free of charge his system to our government; they also refused!
Jose Silva was an UNeducated Mexican American – the thought that he was able to do what he did despite the fact that what he discovered meant nothing to our purveyors of information/knowledge.  In fact they felt threatened instead of being”grateful”
Yes, I agree with you “being ERUDITE does not construe as being “wise”, only knowledge understood in a contextual basis, can be construed as “wisdom”  Knowledge on its own is useless!\\
Wisdom encompasses “everything one way or another”  –  context and wisdom have much in common; go together like ham/eggs.
The Cabalistic Tree of Life proves “conclusively what you said in your letter today.  For CONTEXT to be used correctly, it must EMBRACE the first nine “challengers that the sephirate of the Tree of Life and the twenty one interactions that the Tree of Life Tarot cards DEPICT – in the persons journey up the ladder from Malkuth the beginning and ending with Tifereth, Wisdom.
Erudition’s system of knowledge I suspect is totally different that the Cabalistic Tree of Life since its “building blocks” depend on a system that’s totally different, it used the LINEAR LEFT BRAIN HEMISPHERE, not the RIGHT BRAIN HEMISPHERE which deals “exclusively with what I am saying – its the difference between night and day etc.
Unfortunately the preponderance of the LINEAR LEFT BRAIN, embraces time/space and all of the other egocentric methods of determining truth?
Their specialized idea of what truth is – which for NON LINEAR MINDS, is totally unacceptable!
yes, there is a 4th dimensional and possibly a 5th dimension and perhaps many more, my good friend, a genius Paul Laffoley created a chart depicting perhaps twelve or so dimensions, our of course is the only dimension of physical manifestation.


isn’t it amazing “the fact” that people, the 98% out there, dont know/realize that the experiences that they encounter in their lives are promulgated, NOT BY THE EXPERIENCE ITSELF WHICH IS THE RESULT OF A CAUSE, BUT

due to the FACT, that BELIEFS ATTRACT WHAT BELIEFS ‘NEED’ TO ACCOMPLISH ITS GOALS, whatever the goal of any “particular belief” needs “fulfillment”
NOW WE KNOW WHY 98% or more, people are classified with this “classification” called:  MASSMINDMENTALITY
it EXPOSES itself with just one word and that word is called EGO!
destroy the ego, and our MOVIE INDUSTRY IS DEAD, DESTROYED, that includes NOVELISTS of course!
why?  the insidious of the ego is “portrayed  “majestically in movies, and in books written by novelists!
The uniformed will call this REAL LIFE!; mistakenly of course, since they “dont know any better”; i.e. its like  a child born in prison: “incubated by prison beliefs” believing, experiencing that “prison is his/her “way of life”!
that analogy is suited for all kinds of experiences of course~
this blog depicting the so called “state of Grace” which means of course – the belief “surrounding by this word Grace” a word totally out of place, in my opinion of course, in the time/space world we live in today
I used one example for both a condition “state of Grace” keep in mind it does “not” mean Grace in the spiritual sense; it means exactly the opposite”: it means the false belief system surrounding the word Grace – and that also applies to ‘BEING OUT OF GRACE”
both beliefs are FALSE!  again you can compare that to the arguments you find on the Google U Tube where  “pro and con” continually harass each other, calling each other “liars” which of course is another name for “false beliefs”
it appears the both the “PRO and CON” “propounding their “theory” of who is right and who is wrong – overlook one “major thing in their argument”
and what “is” that major thing?  the major thing is that both the PRO and CON’s belief systems, are propounding, supported and defended by the
same FORCE that RUNS OUR PLANET, and what is this “force”
the SATANIC FORCE, which I refer to as the EGO  – who said so?  the FIVE BOOKS OF MOSES, the Old Testament!
in order to ACCESS truth, “massmindmentality(saton,ego) must be destroyed, and now I will again “repeat what I have said many times proving ‘WITHOUT A DOUBT, that SATAN, and the EGO BELIEFS CAN BE DESTROYED,
I will again relate the information that I have published before; right this minute for the “new people” entering my blog for the first time!
I am very happy to know that Google loves my blog; has given it the exposure it needs which in little over one year over 330 thousand people
came to visit!
I thank Google for being WISE; it also put a symbol on our blog that tells new viewers that we are a righteous, honorable blog; I again thank them for that also.
Now please take the time to read what I am about to convey since once you read what I am about to say, and understand the “meaning” of what I am about to reveal to you,
that is, if you want a “positive change in your life, and know what a “positive” change is all about  –
“if people actually “knew” what change really is; IT WOULD CHANGE THEIR LIFE!
at this moment I will “again” review what I said before, and for those viewers who read the message I am about to give, if they “didn’t get it before” hopefully their consciousness has “expanded” allowing them to “gain more wisdom/understanding.
I attended the Psychotronic conference perhaps eight (8) years ago where professionals involved with Psi endeavors introduced their work.  Most if not all of this work centered around the MIND.
“in this particular case, it was a professional hypnotist” who spoke, and I was there at the time, later purchased his CD which is now in my library.
“this is what he  said:  now as I  tell the story, keep in mind that “hypnosis as a science goes way way back, perhaps back to the aborigines who “used this methodology” knowing “quite well” that  infiltration of the mind by others or by the person himself thru the acceptance of BELIEFS,
IS A KNOWN ACCEPTED PROCEDURE/FACT OF LIFE!  HYPNOSIS IS THE SAME WORD AS PROGRAMMING; there is no difference between being “programmed or hypnotized”  NONE WHATSOEVER!
so to start.  The hypnotist had a “subject willing to go through with the experimentation  the hypnotist wanted to investigate.
Hypnosis to my knowledge works in three stages:  1 – light   2–medium- 3 deep  and each stage works on a special “frequency”  the first stages frequency is called “low beta”  the 2nd stage is called high beta the deepest stage is called alpha/theta.
So to continue, the hypnotist put his “subject into the first stage which also by the way is the EGO stage; likewise for the medium; the 2nd stage is also powered by the EGO; the 3rd stage, the deepest stage is the spiritual stage where the ego is UNABLE to handle the alpha/theta FREQUENCY RANGE; its out of the egos parameters!
so to continue,: once the person entered the first stage the hypnotist then proceeded to ask the subject questions and this is the main question that the hypnotist asked his subject:
then the hypnotist put the subject into the next “medium stage” and said “if someone killed your brother, would you want revenge, and the reply came IMMEDIATELY and in a loud voice said YES!
then at the deepest stage, the 3rd stage, the hypnotists asked the same question, and the answer with a VERY LOUD VOICE, a voice not the same as the first and second stages of hypnosis, a voice totally DIFFERENT,\
how come, the same person put into a much deeper state than the “light/medium” WAS TOTALLY SEPARATED FROM BOTH?
what happened to this person, the “same” person wherein this “same person” NO LONGER WAS THE SAME PERSON IN ONE,TWO STATES OF CONSCIOUSNESS?
it appears that our so called “mind” or what we think of “as mind” operates under different frequencies; change the frequency and the mind also changes.
if this IS the case, and this CAN BE DUPLICATED it appears that what we call “our mind” the one we use “all of the time and for whatever reason” is NOT OUR MIND and WE DO NOT KNOW THAT
how do we “go beyond the egomind”? simply the same way the hypnotist accomplished, by “killing our ego”, which means “not using the two lower frequencies, the low and high beta frequencies which are of course is the frequencies that our ego “uses” to capture the “mind-set” of their victims, US
to recap – again keep in mind, this is my opinion, also this information
is common knowledge of many “esoteric origins/writers”.
in fact, opinions are really hard to differentiate – :what’s good for the “good is  not usually good for the “gander”;
as they say, If it fits, wear it!
Seth coming from a totally different “world”-is “capable of “knowing” things that we are “not capable” of knowing -since he is a “free spirit” – is capable of “tuning into dimensions we “know nothing about”
good and evil goes back to the “tree of life of good and evil” that never went away, will also “stay” with us.
again, a good example of “grace in action” is the “notion” that “good is a Christian “trait” – other religions apparently “do not measure up”.  Christians have moral values; other religions do not!
of course a “false belief”!
so now we have a good idea what “reality is all about”!  whatever are beliefs are; IS OUR REALITY!.
whatever is good is good based on the belief of “what good is all about”
the problem of course is that everyone has different beliefs based on their upbringing, culture and the teachings that have been INCULCATED into their consciousness.
Once a belief get IMPLANTED; then the emotions are “put in place to support the belief, and the “facts supporting that emotion, RISE TO THE SURFACE!
Opposing beliefs “turn the wheel of “progress” to such an extent that all kinds of “arguments arise, each proclaiming to the world that their belief
is the TRUE BELIEF, result?
WARS, KILLINGS, MAYHEM OF EVERY KIND; –  a good example of course is our Civil War where families were killing each other –
my personal “contention” is that both the PRO and CON debate as mentioned previously,; are scripted by just one “force” called the EGO.
you see this vividly on Google U Tube; its loaded with “pro/con arguments”
again both are wrong; both are egos, both want as mentioned power and control  – its happening  all over the world especially in the middle east, Syria is a perfect example, Iraq, Iran, everywhere in the middle east – including Egypt of course!
the end result?  THE CATASTROPHIC Armageddon of course, as predicted in the OLD TESTAMENT, and the new testament
can it be prevented?  it can of course if mysteriously the 98% out there mysteriously “kill,destroy” their ego” allowing the spiritual forces from the fourth dimension to “enter our third dimensional world.