Understanding – Will

Emmanuel Swedenborg who as I mentioned was the most “advanced soul” on this planet, yesterday, also today.
I am studying one of his books called “the Divine Providence”
and he states categorically that THE FACULTIES of Understanding and Will  – EMENATE FROM GOD  –  are NOT the natural faculties of Man.
if that is the case; –  two questions arise  – one dealing with why does Man
think, believe the opposite?
the simple answer of course is that MAN BELIEVES HIS EGO WHICH CATEGORICALLY IMPLIES THAT “IT” NOT SOME METAPHYSICAL ENTITY CALLED GOD, is the  “prime source of knowledge for humanity”
God as you both know has been hijacked by the crazy religionist who interpret “their bibles{” according to their ego –
so lets examine what that means?
First it means that “man has no undersstanding one his/her own” and if he/she is not “connected to  the “lord itself” HAS NO UNDERSTANDING, other than what their ego’s false belief systems, want them to understand.
Now we examine the “idea of a will”  – first of all “what is WILL?”\\
“will I or wont I”  is a common phrase of course!
the “will” is perhaps the most ellusive faculty that God Allmighty created” and why would God Almighty create the will without considering will be to be part/parcel of man?
Obviously the WILL, and the CREATOR since both as we see it have the same considerations  – they are one and the same!
socalled God’s Will  –  has prominence over everything aspect of creation, in all aspects, nothwithstanding.
HIS WILL BE DONE,  is a familiar phrase, not mine!  who hasnt heard this statement.
“beyond all others, get understanding”
its apparent to me “getting understanding is and should be the  “major theme” in every activity of our lives, but it isnt, and why not?
Understanding in my channel’s opinion deals “exclusively with belief systems, not the inculcation of knowledge.
in regarding WILL  – mankind has to be ENDOWED with will, it is something mankind is INCAPABLE OF DOING ON ITS OWN.
negating man’s opportunity of ACCESSING.
HIS WILL BE DONE, who hasnt heard this saying.
so man has neither “understanding or will”  what does that mean?
what is needed?  what is needed of course is the wisdom of knowing that both faculties not only emulate the faculties of the Almighty, but must also UTILIZED THE FACULTIES OF THE ALMIGHTY.
how is this done?
this is done by simply going into alpha/theta, accept the humbleness of your being which tunes you in “directly” to the god frequency –  in India they use AUM as one method.
the reason that “does not work is because” it is done artificially thus does not work!; it must be done with spiritual/celestial INTENTIONALITY
once that is done, the person’s ego is literally “wiped out” enabling the SOUL to emerge, and become one with its progenitor.
so,the bottom line of course is PIETY –  accepting the one as the ONE which automatically replaces the villian, our EGO!
Once the ego is destroyed, and not before will these two faculties be with the Lord, and not before
and how do we destroy the ego?  BY KNOWING THE DIFFERENCE, and not before.
and of course the difference is:
what we dominate your life?  your ego or your higher self – which of course is one with the ONE!


Since we live in two world whether we like it or not – “dreams are capable of influencing our “other life”; our physical world!

Why, how etc.?
What are dreams and why are they so powerful in our life, despite the “fact” that as soon as we open our eyes, they “disappear like a cloud”
The physical world “is the materialization of our dream world and not the other way of discernment  –
the function of our body especially our hormones depends on “sleep” plus many other physical functions.  During “sleep” rejuvenates  itself something that the medical profession in general pays little attention to. OUR DREAMS ARE MEANT TO SOLVE MANY SOCALLED UNSOLVEABLE PROBLEMS that we deal with during the day.
As Confucious said, “we go to bed with a problem, and wake up with a solution!  Why is it difficult for us socalled “human” beings to solve problems in general”?
that is an excellent question!
The reason why its “so difficult” for us human beings to solve problems “while awake” is because we are “not in the right frequency “mode” to do so!
Problems “cannot” be solved unless a person is in the “right frequency”, its like our digital world which is a “frequency world”; got the wrong “signal which of course “IS A FREQUENCY” despite the “fact” that even the people “in the business” DONT KNOW IT!
the “wrong signal;wrong frequency” means  NO CONNECTION!
The frequency in the “dream state is called alpha/theta –  both states of consciousness work “in tandem” depending on what needs “resolution”.
plus the fact that in the dream state we are in two or more “modes” the UNconscious, the SUB conscous and for advanced “souls” the superconscious states; something that the average human being “KNOWS NOTHING ABOUT!
what’s going on here?  three powerful STATES OF CONSCIOUSNESS, which the socalled “average human being” knows nothing about”
how is that possible?
the average human being has been “cloned to belief” that unless something is given to them, taught to them, instructed to them, THEY KNOW NOTHING!
that is referred to  as BRAINWASHING!
again the OLD TESTAMENT states it without equivication  – HUMAN BEING COME INTO THIS PHYSICAL DIMENSION,  “deaf dumb and blind”
if that “is” the case, then they are being taken “advantage” by those “in the know who manipulate and control them carte blanche; they become literal “slaves” to these “overlords”
who are of course are the “high priests” in all socalled religious belief systems, and the OLD TESTAMENT WARNS PEOPLE ABOUT THESE HIGH PRIESTS!
what is happening today in the physical world are high priests warring against other high priests  –  not just on the socalled “relilgious bastions”
commerce, business are also high priests.
this has been predicted for the socalled “last days which we are now in of course, since the GOLDEN AGE OF AQUARIUS is becoming!
so dreams are meant to “fix” any imbalancing withing the body, psyche of an individual  -also “balance” out all of the “drama” which of course causes “imbalance” in a person’s life.\\
how?  by setting up scenarios similar to our “movies”- and “in fact” exactly like our movies with “characters playing out “their part” in the drama.
SO WE ACTUALLY LIVE TWO LIVES – the physical and the non physical without even KNOWING IT!  WOW!
again the bible was right!  its statement of “deaf dumb blind” is right on the mark!
so dreams are therapeutic, withouit doubt, even though people “dont know it”
SYMBOLS ARE PERHAPS THE MAJOR METHOD THAT DREAMS UTILIZE, since symbols are UNDERSTOOD and MATERIALIZED on the higher planes of consciousness.
We have it here on the materialistic plane; the whole computer system is based on the principles of symbols  – our third dimensional world cant operate without the numerological principles behind what gives symbols their power.
and the fantastic thing is the “fact” that practically noone knows this!  of course they “know” that symbols are used; they are taught that, but what
they dont “realize/know” is the derivation of “what a symbol is and represents.
its like asking a person his/her name  –  and getting the right response, and then further asking them who their parent, grandparents, great grandparents and further down the line, and discovering that the person “knows nothing”
in other words, the whys of the whys have been completely “overlooked”!
why?  goes back to the Torah statement; its pure unadulterated “ignorance”
Now we come to the “real reason” why people “have no connection whatsoever to who they “really are which of course is their SOUL”
To keep “people in ignorance” and this word “ignorance” covers everything in this manufactured world we call the physical dimension, which of course differs from the spiritual dimensions ( dreams etc.)
the EGO WAS MANUFACATURED OF COURSE, to play the part of “knowing what its all about” offering “false information based on”false belief systems”
the greatest exponent of the “truth”- in book form would be books “showing “concretely” that  “false beliefs” work hand-in-hand with the “evil forces” throughout our   UNIVERSE, i.e. the angel Lucifer is a good example of course! along with other socalled “fallen angels”
According to my understanding and the opinion of Seth, who is not a human being but more like a “spirit” –  a person seeking “enlightenment” which is another word for “wisdom”; which is another word for “being one with the ONE’ which of course is the Almighty –
dreams have the necessary FACULTIES to deal DIRECTLY with the spiritual and celestial heavens – which of course our ego knows “nothing about” and “could care less”\
So its “sums up” that regardless of the “fact” that most of us cant/dont remember our dreams, they nevertheless are “working overtime” to balance the unbalance in our lives.
under the guidance of our soul of course, which of course IS ONE WITH THE ONE!


theories are “needed for our 3rd dimensional “understanding” of “what’s happening” on the higher dimensions –
not so, for people “in tune (attuned to the higher dimension) which I “just happen” to be “one of them”  – from birth of course! which of course means “karma” etc. etc. etc. etc.  which of course is “unacceptable” by our scientist who believe that the word –  “in-sight  – in-tuition  – revelation etc. has no “place  in their world which of course is the manifested, physical world”  thus
and what IS the baby?
the baby IS THE UNIVERSE of course,; its socalled “origins” which they “think” that they can dicypher!
some can of course but then only “to the degree of their “consciousness” which  they in general cannot recognize as “their inutitional “mind”.
There is no doubt that the “secret” of how the Universe works will BE GIVEN to us when the Golden Age of Aquarius comes “into being”
why?  because “advanced souls” will be “running the world, not the dummies of today”!
what’s missing in todays’ equation  MIND is missing – not the mind of the present architects of “what’s it all about”?  – Einstein got one little “piece of it”; the others also got a “piece of it”,
I even got a little piece of it when “my consciousness when given two initials GJ  ccalifornia almost came up with the full name,  –  HIT THE MARK ONE HUNDRED PERCENT WITH THE EXACT FACE OF THE PERSON, CAME UP ONE HUNDRED PERCENT WITH THE DETAILS OF HIS LIFE ETC.
how was this possible?  that should be what the scientists should find out; forget their theories!  take the PROOF that is staring them right in their faces!
If anyone asked me, not my ego of course since my ego is as “stupid” as all of the others – but asked me, my soul, my channel what would it say, since IT IS THE SOURCE, not the “theoretical minds” out there who are “grasping for anything that “would make sense”
This is what my soul/channel says:
there is nothing , NOTHING in this world that is DISCONNECTED, nothing, and what does that mean>
everything started with ONE, which cannot be destroyed in any way shape of form; for if it was, NO WORLDS COULD MANIFEST!!
all of the other numbers from 1 to 9 can be destroyed – not the number one, thus this is the key to the idea of a god!  and  it is “amazing to also discover, that the numerology number for the word god, and by the way the word god is a human construction, that word is forbidden to be used in the original bible/testament replaced with another word called HASHEM.
the key to the conundrum that our scientists are “confused with” is that they in my opinion of course, “do not” have the “right grasp”” on the “workings of the MIND, not “mind but MIND”
despite the socalled great advances of the mind on the time/space world; they are personally “not equipped” mindwise of course to go “beyond this point of understanding” to the point where there is
so the key is a conundrum dealing exclusively with the word MIND  – in numerology is adds up to 20 which means that “mind on its own is split since #2  –  is split containing two (1’s)  the outer mind, and the inner mind, meaning not the unconscious or the subconscious but the real MIND which is the SOUL of course!
Scientists abhor anything that smacks of “the stuff I have been involved with for years” because “it is not scientific”! and what does it mean to be scientific?  it means that “everything must be “proven according to the methodologies “of their choice”, otherwise is meaningless.
if that is the case, how would they explain the many “fantastic proof” of the socalled miracles that “my mind capabilities were able to accomplish”
thus they are “birds without wings”  –  their methodologies are thus phoney; the recent fiasco with the atom smasher proves this point “conclusively” of course they found another reason for its failure.
ONCE A SCIENTIST GOES BEYOND TIME/SPACE he/she is able to come up with the “meat instead of the potatoes”
no scientist would be “brave enough to do this” NONE!  they are like the “ivory tower mavins”  who of course are first class phonies LORDING IT OVER, the fools that buy into their lies.
so MIND is the KEY  –  EINSTEIN admitted that of course, was “honest enough” to say that HE DID NOT COME UP WITH THE EQUATION THAT MADE HIM FAMOUS.
He admitted that the equation was “given to him”
who game him the equation?  scientists “dare not” to investigate this question?  why?
IT WOULD BLOW THEIR COVER OF COURSE – if “knowledge is given to people” –  then what must be done is to find INGRESS  into this knowledge, and scientists do not want this to happen of course!
Proof of course of what Emmanuel Swedenborg said in the book that I am reading  –  that “there is no “truth” in the third dimensional world that we live in  – that reason,logic,intellect –  is meant to endorse, enlarge, and control the MINDS OF MILLIONS OF PEOPLE,  that truth can only exist on the higher dimensions!
and what is truth?  truth deals with NON DUALITY, not DUALITY  –  the Old Testament showed “conclusive proof” of this on the first page – when it depicted two trees,  THE TREE OF GOOD, and the TREE OF KNOWLEDGE OF GOOD AND EVIL,
which tree that Adam and Eve select?  the tree of good and evil which of course depicts DUALITY
the ego of course was the serpent!



which is your choice?

Ninety nine percent of the worlds inhabitants select  “finity/ego”
know “absolutley” nothing of the existence of “infinity/soul”!  now who “in their right mind would do such a thing!
that is evident , very evident in our daily lives.  Go into any supermarket and you will “discover” that “most of the food called “processed” is pure poison, junk of the highest order!
Years back when I lived in a motor home and traveled in California, I had an “urge” to stop at a pharmacy which was located on the road I was traveling. Stopped my vehicle, walked into the store, and asked to speak to the manager  –  the manager came out of his office and said, what can I do for you?  I replied, sir do you “realize” than no more than ten percent 10% of what you are selling is “junk”, and should not be on your shelves.
His reply was ,  yes that is true!
I then proceeded to leave.  This happened around the year 1978.  I had to prove to “myself”; that my “intuition” is functioning properly.  It was of course!
So it appears that people lack insight, foresight and every other “sight” needed to “know what’s happening in their life”  – unfortunately they do not!

Our educational system is meant “not to induce insight, intuition and all of the factors that embraces the deep “meanings” of life, based on the principles of “infinity”; rather it is so “set up” to the quite the opposite, that is to embrace the principles of “finity” rather the opposite.
why?  the simple answer could be of course  –  “birds of a feather, flock together –  or the many excuses as listed in many books especially in the book written by Dr. Dyer called “excuses begone”
the most important reason is  – “monkey see, monkey do”  – its called being “in a state of ignorance” –   “I was taught that”  –   “I did as I was tolld  A good example of the “power of the antecendents (parents, teachers etc)
my own experience is proof positive of this, one especially is when I told my mother that my eye doctor was weakening my eyes by giving me stronger glasses every year; I was around ten yrs old at the time  –
that shut me up of course!,  the truth of the matter I WAS RIGHT!
so it appears that “finity” is telling “infinity” what it is  what IT IS ALL ABOUT, and not vise versa  – the “tail waggin the head”  and likewise for the soul; the ego “dominating the soul”
WHAT’ GOING ON HERE!  it smells like something “stinks in Denmark” as they say.
proof “positive” of course is our history books!
a story of the FALL OF MAN!  not too many “historians know this of course since they are also in the NET, caught by the evilness of our third dimensional world.
The only “solution” deals exclusively with the metaphysical understanding of what we call “reality”  – little by little, the world is “coming to its senses” in respect to the “fact”
“that beauty is in the eye of the beholder”
that all of our socalled belief systems which DETERMINE what our reality is “at all times” is NOT TRUE  – that the “blind leading the blind” is the methodolity of the EVIL FORCES IN OUR UNIVERSE, “the fallen angels of course”  Lucifers quest to become god almighty –
Lucifer is “alive and well”  – it is called EGO!
Edging God Out; exactly what Lucifer tried to do of course!
Lucifer failed in the “heavens”; however did not fail, rather prospered in the material world, changed his name to EGO.
The Soul does not exist on our dimension since its ENERGY IS NOT CONDUCIVE TO THE ENERGY OF OUR PLANET which is “as low as low can be”
thus our soul has been in a HIATUS, and is awaiting the time when the Aquarian Age comes into being; right now its on the cusp between Pises and itself.
Once Aquarius enters our 3rd dimensional world, new “advanced souls” will be able to enter – and the golden age will begin.
The Piscean age spawned the MISCREANTS as evidenced by the mass killings, the inhumanity to man, the cruelty, torture, that believe it or not, is happening this very minute,
religious miscreants are killing each other – other ethnics are killing each other, brother are killing brother, no different than the civil war of the USA years ago.
the atheistic Romans fed the Christians to the lions etc.
so it appears that religion is in its last gasps  – Christianity “had its day” has been exposed as a “fraud”  –
if Jesus came back “as Jesus” and discovered what Paul did thru ignorance of course, he would immediately as god almighty to forgive him for the ignorance of his followers!
I discovered something similar when I started a “psychic society” and also discovered that the people I selected as “board of directors” were also “frauds”
Fraudulent in respect to pretending to be “what they were not”
just as the “serpent” in the garden of eden –
so to sum up which would you pick,  “infinity or “finity”  – “ego or soul”?


we are poets, painters, musicians, artists of all sorts whether we like it or not!  Unfortunately the time/space/linear/ego world “comes into the picture’ DICTATES what “it” wants us “to elieve”, from  “birth to death” very few “are  ab;e to  “overcome this “plague” perpetrated by “society” with its “rules, regulations, do’s and donts.

Whether  our ego wants to accept this or not, the “truth of the matter” is what I just mentioned in the above paragraph.
We are also “victims of our past lives of course”  – breaking this all down, very few “can escape “their punishment” no how!
Karma of course must be “worked out one way or another”  For every “action there is a CORRESPONDING REACTION,  Not only on the egoworld dimension but MORE SO on the SOUL DIMENSION.
this “fact” has even been “overlooked by those “selling spirituality” a racket of course,- obviously there are some legitimate ones out there , that dont charge for their services, those that do, are in deep sh-t when their time comes!
its enough that the medical system in general is “corrupt at the core”; the practice of charging money by socalled spiritual leaders should be outlawed!  that of course is the message from my channel –
Noone can serve “two masters”  –  if they “think” they can as I said “they are in deep sh-t!
So, we are like painters who even without knowing it, put “themselves” in whatever painting they are doing; its the same as  “how our body integrets with our soul/spirit” automatically – for the same reason that  we are cocreators with the almighty. our soul being “a cell” of what constitutes the makeup of the Almighty.  This applies to everything on both the 3rd dimensional and 4th dimensional worlds that human being PRESIDE IN, knowingly or unknowingly of course.
the term “correspondence is completely “misunderstood  by most consciousnesses called “human beings” on this planet.  why?  because as mentioned in my many blogs people are constricted to “special cells” called by many namas, i.e. family, tribes, customs, traditions etc. etc. which “set all the rules” from the time of birth and death thereby limiting the growth of consciousness of their “victims, you and I”
Some broke out of their “prison” by having epitomes, illumination etc. etc, most 98 or 99% have not!
thus limiting not only their physical freedom but also their spiritual development.
how, by implying that people come in deaf, dumb,blind thus need the advice,counsel by others more qualified.  Thus negating the Soul Purpose which deals “exclusively with Karma”  –
this is outrageous!  my blog is meant to eliminate this INJUSTICE!
Yes, the Torah does say we come in deaf, dumb and blind because since Adam/Eve chose the EGO PATH, the “wisdom” needed to leave harmoniously on this planet, was no longer there  –  as the Torah states: people will suffer etc.
if we create our reality then why not create the body we want, we have been told that we cannot of course, given a false belief for the benefit of others who capitalize on our “ignorance”  –  they do it to “make money of course”
Spirit/Soul does not need money – ego need money; money means power, and power means “control”
We see this methodology “played out” in our every day activities and accept it by saying
that’s the way it is!
how do we defeat these this “criminal system” by reading my blog, doing so “takes the person out of ignorance and once a person is “out of ignorance, he is able to TRANSCEND THE EGOISTIC MINDSET WHICH ENABLES HIM TO AUTOMATICALLY ELIMINATE HIS EGO –
truth “dispels”  evil    –  evil of course  is a “necessary component in our present ego system since “evil” and “ego{  HAVE THE SAME AGENDA.


Unless we get this “into our skulls” we will “remain ignorant” of what “our time/space reality is “all about”

OUR CONSCIOUS BELIEFS RUN THE SHOW! enable both the SUB and UN conscious “minds” to work properly; my last blog tried “its best” to inculcate this FACT, hopefully “it made an impact”
Of course our “intrenched ego” does NOT WANT its host, “its sucker” to know this information, thus does “its best” to disallow “the sucker” to do anything about it.  The sucker of course IS US !
the reason why “just telling ourselves we want to be “illuminated does not work” –  we are “all” loaded with “false belief systems” most if not “all” noone knows anything about since they are well entrenched in both of our consciousness, “sub, and un” along with our EGOcentric mind using “its ammunition, the ego of course!
what to do?  when you are “attacked by “bugs” what do you do?  you exterminate them,- that strategy is the same for our ego – whether we like to accept that or not.
Must tell you this true story  ,  Back in the seventies gurus from India came to our country and organized devotees.  At that particular time I was a seeker since everything that I worked for all of my life was literally gone, i.e. family, business etc. etc.  I attened SatSangs with a very good friend of mine with the intention of taking THEIR KNOWLEDGE, both of us attended.
When the time came for the KNOWLEDGE, he backed out by saying>  IF I GET RID OF MY EGO WHAT DO I HAVE LEFT?  a valid question of course for him, not for me, I took the Knowledge and what I experienced was lliterally OUT OF THIS WORLD.  I mentioned this experience in previous blogs and will  at the right time, write about it.
SO MY FRIEND REMAINED AN EGO I AM SURE UNTIL HE DIED.  I havent seen him in forty years so dont know the details surrounding his life.
This man “knew the difference” but like many “informed egos” refused to “allow spiritually, not time/space”  into his egocentric life, which of course is “par for the course”
For me, the ego was “no friend of mine”; I was willing to eliminate it any chance I got!  which I did of course and continue doing of course.
As you well know by now if you read my blogs, me and my ego “are not friends, but rather enemies”  –   the false belief systems that entered my life at birth, and persists to this day, must be destroyed one way or another. I dont believe that the ego and the soul have “anything in common” despite the rhetoric of some deranged writers etc.
THEY ARE INIMICAL TO EACH OTHER  – one says tht “its raining”; the other says that the Sun is Shining?  which should you listen to?
the word “dilletant comes to mind = what is a dilletant? a dilletant is a FAKIR, disguising he or her as the opposite – the follow “gurus around as if they are/were puppy dogs, pretending of course to be “one with the ONE”
the best word for them is to call them LIARS, which of course they are!
According to Seth, “mystical experiences” without religious “nonsense” is the REAL THING!  I can attest to that since I have had fantastic mystical experiences, called epitomies as other have of course!
According to Seth, we create our own body plus all of the experiences that occur in our lives.  Of course the interaction of others, who also create their own experiences, and their own bodily functions, and this all happens thru the major three Universal Laws of the Universe,  – they are:
serendipity, spontaneity, and synchronicity
We see how the computer system works thru “programming” which in its own way utilized these three   Universal Laws”, the only difference of course is  the “fact” that one deals exclusively with TIME/SPACE; the other deals exclusively with non time/space which of course means:
is there anyone on this planet that “has the understanding, wisdom, to FATHOM  what was just said?
I doubt it, the physcists still use the blackboard which of course is a materialistic “device” for ascertaining “what is” –  that is “within the boundary line of time/space”
We now have computers to compute anything we want to know using- KNOWN FACTS as their basis  their “determinations”
what do the metaphyscians use?  why is it what they use is USELESS to our time/space world?
Miracles as we call DO HAPPEN – you have read of some of them from my experiences –  and I am sure that many people on this planet have also gone BEYOND THE PALE, as they say.
Unfortunately people like myself who are FORCED to live in two worlds, at the “same time” being called “bi-polar”  are shunted aside, relegated to a “slot” where they are “considered not there” – put on drugs, disregarded as human beings, why?
because their “socalled betters” dont KNOW ANY BETTER, ;  its again the “blind leading the blind” as the Torah says.
When only one or two percent of the worlds people are NON LINEAR, no more can be expected from their since their conscious level is TOO LOW, to “know any better” and that includes PHd”s of course!
My ex-wife is proof of that “fact”


for some reason most if not all people, educated and uneducated believe that the physical ‘construct” called “our brain” is our mind  why?

thus the medical profession if a person has “mental problems” “emotional problems”, psychological problems they seek “proof” in the “brain” for the answers.
The mind for them means absolutely “nothing” since its “abstract” and the world that we live pays no attention to anything that is “non physical”.
thus, if there is no “concrete evidence of proof” –  it is completely disregarded as “insignificant”
EinsteinsE =-MC squared – is also abstract  – spirituality=abstract
According to Seth (a spirit in our Universe) -he claims that the processes of our MIND uses our brains; in other words a “mind needs a brain” as “its means of expression”  –
Scientists that glorify the brain, lack the wisdom in this regard.  and minds utilize “souls” for their “source of supply”  Souls as mentioned in other blogs are “cells of the godhead.
LSD kills cells thus endangering the function of the brain; a stupid thing to do.
Of course our mind/brain is constantly “in action” especially when we go to sleep and  dreams begin to go into action.
Taking chemicals like LSD disrupts the natural flow that’s “inherent” in our nature.  It should not be “tampered with!
Of course its an “adventure that our usual life experiences, cannot compete with.
Here is a subject that is as illusive as our title “is the brain our mind?
The subject is:  IS THERE LIFE AFTER DEATH?  if you think that our brain is our mind, then “life after death of the body, cannot exist”
Here is a paradox – those “lost in the abstract world, also seperate themselves many times with their body”  “its referred tp as “being lost upstairs”.  An old time expression of course.
Most people of course identify with their physical construct.
death and rebirth is a “theme” that practically everyone accepts.
our thoughts   and beliefs without question create our reality unquestionably!

THE OUTSIDE; THE INSIDE,conscious,/ UNconscious faculties???????

Its “common knowledge” that very few people know “anything” concerning the outside and inside “connection” which of course is our conscious and unconscious faculties?  the question is “why dont they”?

The simple answer of course is that “our educational system  “doesnt know either”; its again the “BLIND leading the BLIND!
What enables the animal/instinct to function, we human beings LACK BIG TIME!  again why?
My constant reply is the same –  “reason,logic,intellect” prevents the instinctual and intuitive “powers” of the human being to  do “what it is suppose to do.
We are told by our “betters” which of course is our “lousy educational system, that “we know nothing, unless taught” which is a lie “as big as  “the world is flat, not round that  “our socalled betters, foisted on us “peasants”
The wise did not fall for that “crap” and were punished for it i.e. Galileo is a perfect example of course!
This natural “feedback” system was  ignored by the “powers to be” thousands of years ago and perpetuated today by the same “demonic rascals” of yesteryear.
Whatever disguise satan uses; satan does what satans does which is of course EVIL, any way you look at it.
If this “is the case” then people have no choice but to get involved with spiritual factors that encourage the “state of Grace”/illumination”- the person “must” recorgnize his/her “spiritual recognition” including the various levels of pyschizm that many spiritual teaching EMBRACE wholeheartedly.  Especially Yoga with it “intensives”.
Reason,logic,intellect endorsed by the illumination of the spiritual world, enables the person to avoid many “traps” led by Satan and “its satanic angels” of the demonic levels of existence.-located of course both in the physical and spiritual worlds of course!
The reason why “my channel” keeps “blasting” reason,logic,intellect, is “because” the demons “use these systems” to entangle  “innocent suckers
to follow their commands”- and it is a known fact that only 1 or 2 % are high enough in the “totem pole” to distinguish between “the wheat and the chaff”
thus – “reason,logic,intellect becomes a “handmaiden for SATAN, big time!
So what our “conscious mind puts “its mind” to IT BECOMES; plus the fact its also infiltrating our inner minds, both the subconscious and  the socalled UNconscious minds.
The conscious mind has the power; the others take orders from the consciousmind are unable to make any decisions at all since their function is to FOLLOW ORDERS, NOT MAKE THEM!
so, a person must be “very careful what he/she accepts as truth which of course the “conscious mind uses to send to its “workers to fulfill; the UNconscious and SUB conscious minds.
Unfortunately where only one or two percent have the “wisdom” of “knowing the difference” most if not all decisions GO AGAINST TRUTH!
who said that?  THE OLD TESTAMENT OF COURSE  –
people come in “deaf,dumb,blind” which means STUPID;  again who said that? THE OLD TESTAMENT!
and what is the other name for SATAN/DEVIL  -?????? THE EGO OF COURSE!
and where is the proof of that?  IN THE OLD TESTAMENT OF COURSE, using its “own words, descriptions of course”  Yester Horah are the Hebrew names of the “devil etc”
King David succumb to that when he was overcome with sexual desire, as a good example  – he later of course RECOUNTED, asked for forgiveness by Jehovah.

conscious mind capabilities

Its good to recap for it helps people to gain “more understanding” and hat is needed is “more understanding ” – unfortunately, the ego its “limited understanding prevents this from happening.

According to Seth, the ego is incapable of “transcending its limitation w =hich of course means which of course is the PHYSICAL WORLD.
The “reason why religion as understood by the masses is a “useless waste of time-people believing in “religion” whatever “being egos first and foremost, prove without exception that they are FOOLS, led by their noses!
and getting back to the “conscious mind”- IT BEING EGO, first and foremost also proves without a doubt that it “does not have the “capability of also “going beyond its limited boundaries”, THUS TAKEING IT HOST, WHICH IS US OF COURSE, down the wrong path.
How does it do that? it does it by simply GIVING ORDER TO THE UN, AND SUBCONSCIOUS MINDS -which follows “orders without question”, with no ifs and with no buts.
End result?  Chaos of course, its “inevitably”!!!!
So our EGOTISICAL CONSCIOUS MIND misinterpretes -continually since it “lacks the insight necessary to “go beyond” is limitation which of course means SPIRITUAL GUIDANCE.
What has just be disclosed proves without doubt or question why people’s lives in general “are in shambles”, there is NO SPIRITUAL GUIDANCE!
In plain simple terms, if we are to compare the consciousness level of an ego with the conscious level of a non ego, it would be like comparing an ant to an elephant!
and what at this moment in time rules the world is it the ant or the elephant?  THE ANT OF COURSE disguising itself as the “real thing” a PHD with all of the necessary credentials  –
So, our conscious mind – if it is obedient to the requisites of the Spiritual Dimension, it has ineastible “value”; if not, its not only worthless, but utterly dangerous!
So, if our conscious mind puts the “word interpretation” which of course would be ego directed, WE ARE IN DEEP TROUBLE! and should be in deep trouble~  since we are listening to the wrong voice inside!
In fact our psychic faculty which IS INTUITION ,  is frowned upon by not all religions, but by all cultures, other than the original cultures, the indigenous people who relied on their intuition,psychic faculties to SURVIVE, which they did of course!
and being their descendents called these people by derogatory terms instead of recognizing what they did to make it possible for us socalled civilized people to exist.
We castigate our “inner”; we glorify our “outer”  AGAIN HOW DUMB CAN WE BE?
Our “state of health” depends on both working in harmony, the outer and the inner, the ego representing the physical world, anad the soul representing the spiritual world.
However, that dream never happened since the EGO TOOK OVER COMPLETELY; avarice, hate, power, corruptness, evil of all sort was the route that humanity took causing wars, killings, and the NAZIS of GERMANY – “burning people alive” with the OK of the rest of the world since the people they were “burning were Jews” –  whose “belief systems” went counter to theirs   -the Vatican could have excommunicated the Germans, Italians and the other millions of their “cult”, but they did not, why?
HATE OF COURSE!,  the world of the egos is based on HATE, whether they agree or not!, history records THIS FACT, which cannot be denied by hypocrites!
HATE as just mentioned also needs a belief system, without a belief system the emotional power, hate could not happen.
our blog is meant to “wake people up to the truth” – they have been asleep for centuries do to their FALSE BELIEF SYSTEMS -and the stupidity and ignorance of their historians who unfortunately were “egos” and “not advanced souls”
its the blind leading the blind of course!


since we constantly live in two worlds; the world of the socalled “unconcscious’ and the world of the socalled “conscious world”

two worlds that we are “constantly seperating as if there is “no connection to either”  –  a mistake of gigantic proportion  since  to be a “living being” which we “think we are”, both worlds must be “experienced to live a socalled “balanced life”
Unfortunately once we open our eyes in the morning, the dream state is gone from our life, not so in our memory bank.  If a peerson was hypnotized to the deepest level he/she would recall their dreams instantly since nothing is lost!
Our dream life can and will help heal people suffering from ailments since our body,mind,emotions and spiritual beingness, has the “tools necessary for all occasions including healing of course.
What a person must/should do before they go to sleep is to consciously state the problem, state it “clearly”, and then got to sleep.  The rest is up to our unconscious, subconscious faculties to do their bit.
What the UN and SUB do once they get their “order” since they have capabilities that our CON scious mind “does not”  -follow orders to their completion.
As Confucious said thousands of years ago  – GO TO BED WITH A PROBLEM AND WAKE UP WITH THE SOLUTION  –
Of course if their is any negativity involved i.e. guilt, doubt, fear etc. etc. its all a waste of good time –
Person must be positive when doing this, otherwise the person is not honest in his/her intentions.
Dreams DO HAVE A THERAPUDIC PURPOSE – again faith,trust, and belief must be the guiding factors!
as I said, dreams heal and also provide creative solutions to problems since they are “not restricted by the boundary lines of our egocventirc world; which we call of course, the physical dimension.
DREAMS ARE NOT CONFINED BY BOUNDARIES as mentioned above; we “mortals” here are “bound by boundaries of the physical dimension”
that is if we “buy into the false belief systems that dominatge our egocentric world; not so as mentioned with the spiritual world of coursse.
SO WHY WOULD PEOPLE in general disregard and even insult the messages of my blog?
the simply answer of course is IGNORANCE!
Once a person discovers that he/she made a mistake, the immediate reply would be I DIDNT KNOW, which of course means “I was ignorant”
Dreams since they are UNlimited by any scope of the imagination -can provide us with anything we need including helping us attain “higher consciousness”!
Again our Unconscious and SUBconscious faculties are OUR HUMBLE SERVANT; unfortunately they have been “captured” by our EGO, and now slave for our ego –  so it is vitally important that the person MUST KNOW what their ego is all about.  I suggest buy  EXCUSES BEGONE, book written by Dr Dyer – “he nails the ego to the cross, and that is where it belongs of course!
Our socalled natures, called personalities very defined, many systems one called Enneagram shows nine personalities , what they do, and how they “interact” with each other!
So the ego “has been identified”, also astrology using twelve sings also identifies the personality  – and I am sure other systems do also.
what is lacking of course is the influence of our SOUL which usually takes a back seat in the whole grand picture!
Our beginning and our destination in my opinion is the aegies of our soul; It, our soul knows what it wants. needs in its particular incarnation and then lets the person “find out for themselves” WHAT IT IS ALL ABOUT.
its like a president setting “policy” allowing his underlings to carry it to fulfillment –  that is a repaly of the Garden of Eden of course”  Jehovah told Adam/Eve “what it is all about and even warned them not to listen to the false beliefs out there!  What did Adam/Eve do?? the did the opposite, why?
The rewards of doing it the Jehovah way, did not match up to the rewards that the “serpent” promised!
we are still doing it today, are we not?