what “is” morality?  We have a vague idea that its derivation coms from the word “morals”; and what are “morals”?

To be “moral” implies that a person “must have some understanding of this “peculiar” word because our dependency on the words “human nature” defies this word morality/morals.
All excuses end up with the words “that’s human nature”  – Is it “human nature” to lie, cheat, steal, and allowing the ego to literally “get away with murder, figuratively and literally.  Ask any lawyer if “morality” can survice in  our world that I call the “ego world”
The lawyer with a glimmer of “morality” would of course say no!  most of course will do with lawyers are trained to do, finds ways/means of pretending to tell the truth and getting away with it of course.
Our Congressmen, many are lawyers by profession; the question arises why do lawyers want to to be politicians?
The answer is simple they can steal legitimately and get away with it – its called graft  –  25 democratic politicians just voted to allow Verizon and other giant organizations to “take over the internet” one way or another, if graft had nothing to do with, I would “eat my hat”
Morality cannot exist side by side with the example I mentioned above – the reason why the world “is in a mess more ways than just their stupid governing methods; is that “morality” is “unknown” starting at “birth”
Young college kids if asked about   “morality” would simply say ” I never heard the word, what is it?
I tried that over twenty years ago with socalled “bright kids” and one had ever heard of that word!!!  hard to believe but nevertheless true!
As any socalled “informed person” knows, the socalled “clever, informed person covers “all of their bases” and what does that imply”
It implies that “truth of whatever has nothing to do with morality which of course dictates  “above all else, honesty”
If “that” is the case where is honesty in this world of lies, deceptions and brinkmanship; ask any stratigest if what he or she is doing, saying, writing, is the “truth” and their response of course would be:
Are you nuts, crazy looking for a “needle in the haystack” looking for an honest person in this corrupt world, no such animal “can exist in this godforsaken planet we call mother earth; they will be eaten up by the vultures out they that we call are “betters, our leaders, our adminisrators, our distinguished citizenry  –
Not only are our politicians corrupt but the systems that depend on their influence is also corrupt and that of course includes our great colleges
institutions of learning etc.
Their latest exposure was the raping of young girls in college by their male socalled friends –  add the drunken parties that go on constantly in all of the colleges and what do we end up with?
A diploma that allows discredidation to continue since cheating goes on continually in all of the colleges.
What’s missing of course is MORALITY  –
“to make a difference, one must know the difference”  the egoworld has no  idea of what “morality” is all about since its founded on false belief systems which tells the ego person that what is propogandized is the “truth” when its a  filty  lie of the highest order!
The ego as we understand and know it, cannot exist where TRUTH ABIDES – morality iIS THE FOUNDATION OF TRUTH, and our young college kids dont know that why?
They dont even know that they are being “totally” controlled by this ego which they identify as themselves when asked who they are – other than their biography background etc.
People, egos in general have nothing in common with their Soul, – our colleges disallow anything that deals with the “truth of what constitutes a human being, why?
They leave that up to the phony religious out there who caused the death of millions of innocent lives over the centuries.  Proof of that remark is open for every one to see today, i.e. wars etc.
Morality instructs people young and old “what life is really all about”; quite the opposite of what the average normal person would think.  These instructions go against the “grain” of our egos since they put the “blame” on the ego force that dominates people’s lives filling their beingness with false belief system.
Yes, false beliefs harbored by the dispassionate ego, makes damn sure that their host, you and I, buy into all of the lies that is constantly bombarding us with lies, deceit and you name it, PURE FILTH.
So how would,could a person “discover what morality is all about” go on the internet and google in PROVERBS BY KING SOLOMON, THE HEBREW KING THAT RULED THE WHOLE MIDDLE EAST WAY BACK WHEN.
Morality and the proverbs are ONEAND THE SAME!
What remains of course is the EMBRACE of these proverbs- putting them into action/effect – disallowing the false beliefs that the ego will “come up with” to counter these proverbs.



Kill or be killed, “the call of the wild” our amygdala, survival instinct  –  This is “natural guilt”-unfortunately when used “indiscriminately it become heinous dangerous, –

There are other guilts of course, people are “loaded” with them; they are disastrous, how do I know, I lived with many all of my life that is until I got my “freedom”/”liberation”
Humans are “failed” creature s to say the least  – we return from lifetime to lifetime, to clean up our last “incarnation” and this goes on and on and on
until we “find our true self”-
People suffering from “guilt” end up punishing their body by producing diseases of all sort as punishment of course  Our body is our punching bag for guilts, or if the person is married using their spouse as the cause, the victim for their guilts.  Marriages and I am a sort of expert having been married in regard to pointing the finger on the spouse, either the male or the female; it doesnt matter  – marriage is a great “medium” for guilt.
SHARE THE BLAME is a movement long overdue@
For fervent religionist they can blame the devil, satan, the bad angels etc.
Guilt is a bad taskmaster; it wants its “pound of flesh{ and doesnt care where and how it gets it  –  of course it has its greatest defender, the ego, assisting in their efforts.  A two prong attack, quite effective of coursse!
So we have “good natural guilt” and bad guilt to contend with – whether we like it or not, it comes with the “territory”  –
My life proves that without question.  Satisfying good guilt with bad guilt, is quite a large order that very few can overcome  –  most fall by the wayside, I was just lucky that I didnt –  I was so close that it is a miracle that I am still alive!  A true miracle!
Of course the wars fought require brain washing, intense brainwashing that soldiers are forced to follow dogmatically –  a reason is needed to kill other human beings/  War is “unnatural’: not natural  –  brainwashing intense brainwashing is needed to make humans kill humans.  The Nazis being the master race had the priviledge of killing all humans, and they did that of course.
Keep in mind that our conscious beliefs forced into our subconscious faculties have the wherewithall to make everything happen without exception.  thus, the good person, once in uniform becomes a “killer” without mercy-since the person he kills is “not worthwhile living, they are
vermin etc.  You hear that today, under religious banners of course, as in the middle ages where people were burned at the stake- with the blessing of the clergy, socalled saviors of mankind.
Natural guilt is natures way of survival  – called the surviva lof the fittest.
The other guilt is the problem of course.
Conscience is the key of course  –  conscience pretends to be “guilt”  – in one way it is and in another way it is not!  When a person who knows better violates another person for no reason at all or even with a reason; one way or the other, he/she would/could suffer guilt over that demeanor, some do, others do not depending on their “sensitivity”.  However real “conscience” has nothing to do with this kind of “guilt”
True conscience deals strictly with SOUL ACTIVITIES; has nothing in common with the ego world that we live in today  –
Conscience is the “realization” of “what is”  – a realization that has no connection whatsoever with what we call our intellect; it deals more with he higher chakras, the heart, the third eye, and the crown chakra.
Most if not all people have no conscience because “only their lower chakras are working which includes their first chakra called the root, the color red, the next chakra color orange is the reproduction chakra, the third chakra color yellow is the digestive chakra, very few if any have OPEN heart chakras color green or the throat chakra collor light blue or middle eye chakra, color dark blue, and the crown chakra the top, color violet.
So out of seven chakras for 99% of the worlds people, use only the first THREE chakras, the others are DORMANT, which means they have no
connection with the “higher forces” in our Universe.  Scholarship has nothing to do in this matter, PHd’s are subject to the same LOSS, of chakras” thus have no connection whatsoever with their soul.
The Cabalistic Tree of life depicts this in its own way – starting from the first step right up to step ten and beyond.
I am sure other systems do also.
Thus our educational system unless it incorporates methodologies like this, do half the job, and even less than half about a third depriving the individual from experiencing CONSCIENCE which is total SELF KNOWING.
It is vitally important that people should “know” that our bodies take orders from “what we believe is good and true which is of course the definition for love, certainly not connected to “hormones” of any sort -a misdiagnoses of the word “love”- for the word “hormones/sex”
Our beliefs dictate to our body how to “conduct itself”; when it is “dis-eased” it becomes “sick” -the result of the DIS-ease –  of course the cause is hidden since it does not fit the paradyme of what a “sick body” should be.

Lao Tzu #42-48

Life, when it came to be,
Bore one, then two, then three
Ellements of things;
And thus the three began
—Heaven and earth and man—
To balance happenings:
Cool night behind, warm day ahead,
For the living, for the dead/
Though a commoner be loth to say
That he is only common clay,,,,,
Kings and princes often state
How humbly they are leading,,,,
Because in true succeeding’,
High and low correlate.
It is an ancient thought,
Which many men have taught,
That he who over-reaches
And tries to live by force
Shall die thereby of course,
And is what my own heart teaches.
Everything works by threes, positive,negative, neutral, heaven/earth, result
human beings (3) actions -male,female,child  – thus three actions must take place before “materialization” which we call the “effectg”  “high and low correlate, work together, thus a man is “wise” when it refrains by “making it happen”(over-reaches) which forces “force” going “against the “nature of things” – great lesson of life of coiurse
As the soft yield of water cleaves obstinate stone,,
So to yield with life solves the insoluble:
To yield, I have learned, is to come back again,
But this unworded lesson
This easy example
Is lost upon men.
Stupid people do not “yield” even though Nature yields constantly
What is the mystery of yielding?  egoless people understand what
yielding is all about; they “know” how “Nature” works!  Unfortunately
stupid people do not!
Which means more to you,
You or your renown?
Which brings more to you,,,
You or what you own?
And which would cost you more
If it were gone?
The niggard pays,
The miser loses
The least ashamed of men
Goes back if he chooses
He knows both ways
He starts again.
What this stanza is saying is that “people in general use status, wealth
to determine “who they are” That is more meaningful to them than who “they really are” which means nothing to them, one is materialistic; the other speculative.  Man can lose his money; man can be disgraced, lose his status, usually they work together.  The wise man does not depend on status or wealth, but “his true self”
A man’s work, however finished it seem,
Continues as long as he live:
A man, however perfect he seem,
Is needed as long as he live:
As long as truth appears falsity,
The seer a fool,
A prophet a dumb lout.
If you want to keep warm keep stirring about,
Keep still if you want to keep cool,,,
And in all the world one day no doubt,,,,
Your way shall be the rule.
The so called “real world””materialistically inclined world” exists; the “seer/prophet” is needed despite the criticizm, laughter, jeers, insults,
as in the biblical prophets of the Hebrew tradition.  The priests of that time were as corrupted as they are today in our generation; puppets of the kingly authorities.  Common Sense which hasnt existed for hundreds of years, reign supremely today as it did years ago., but as we approaach the Golden Era, that will change of course!  “these are my words of course”
The beginning sentence stating that a “man’s work is never finished, means his “inner work” not his outer work, must eradicate the “cause” of his ignorance of course!  ignorance that breeds ‘destruction”
In a land where the way of life is understood
Race-horses are led back to serve the field,,,
In a land where the way of life is “not” understood
War-horses are bred on the autumn yield.
Owning is the entanglement,
Wanting is the bewilderment,,,,,
Taking is the presentiment:
Only he who contains content
Remains “content”
Contentment what is it?  according to the author there cannot be contentment in a world where there are winner and losers; the world that we live in today.  In the stock market, the winner takes the money of the loser etc. its all about “winning”  winning what?  money,power,influence what else? nothing of course, is that why we incarnated? or are there other reasons for incarnations? LaoTzu believes there is, mighty ones of course!
Who are the disbelievers?  Those who laugh, jeer, insult, make mockery of “The Way of Life”  – do you know people like that?  I do of course, there are more of them than us unfortunately, the kings,queens of old of course! the many false prophets of before and now – what dominates their life, money, power influence of “dummies”
There is no need to run outside
For better seeing,
Not to peer from a window, Rather abide
At the center of your being;
For the more you leave it, the less you learn,
Search your heart and see
If he is wise who takes each turn;
The way to do “is to be”
“truth lies within, not without”  search your heart; not your head!
A man anxious for knowledge adds more to himself every minute;
A man acquiring life loses himself in it,
Has less and less to bear in mind,
Less and less to do,
Because life, he finds, is well inclined,
Including himself too.
Often a man sways the world like a wing
But not by deed;
And if there appear to you to be need,
Of motion to sway it, it has left you behind,
What does the author mean when he says that “life is well inclined” what is life?  What does it mean to “be living” – does living imply “knowing” and if so “knowing” and “knowledge” are not compatible – “knowing stems from the “inside”; knowledge the “outside” The author prefers the inside to the outside, one is soul; other ego of course! Do we dictate to Nature, or does Nature have the first and last word?  even a dummie knows that answer!

Lao Tzu #21-26

Stanza 21

The surest test that a man be sane
If he accepts life whole, as it is
Without needing by measure or touch to understand
The measureless untouchable source
Of its images,
The measureless untouchable source
Of its substances,
The source which,while it appears dark emptiness,
Brims with a quiick force
Farthest away
And yet nearest at hand
From oldest time unto this day
Charging its images with origin
What more need I know of the origin
Than this
What is wholeness/Oneness?
Is the part more important than the “whole”
Holography shows proof that the part is the whole
but the “part” does not “know” this
One is “relative’\” the other non relative”
One is “linear” the other “non linearP
One is the ego; the other the “soul”
One is measusrefull, the other measureless
One is “spirit”; the other “science”.
One is “life”; the other death”
One is eternal; the other “lifeless”
“origin”? certainly not in the measure-ful!
Stanza 22
” Yield and you need not break”
Bend and you can straighten,
Emptied and you can hold,
Torn and you can mend;
And as want can reward you
So wealth can bewilder.
Aware of this, a wise man has the simple return
Which other men seek:
Without him inflaming himself,
He is kindled,
Without explaining himself
Is expllained,
Without taking credit
Is accredited
Laying no claim
Is acclaimed
And, because he does not compete,
Finds peaceful competence,
How true is the old saying,
Yield and you need not break”
How completely it comes home!
The key to this stanza is simply  the word “yield”
What does this word mean?  yield to what?
Yield to the “wholeness of “what is” a higher power of course!
and what “is” this “higher power”?  if there is a higher power
there is also a lower power in differentiation!
Obviously ManKind has yielded to the “lower power/ego” through
ignorance of course – result chaos, wars, murders, deceptions, lies etc.
the cause of course is “ignorance of WHAT IS, JUST IS – effortless effort,
“one with the ONE –  unfortunately “ignorance BREEDS ignorance i.e. the example of PHd arrogance in action. i.e. my exwife’s retort – “just simply “free association” ! nothing of consequence; she reflects the “insanity” prevading our planet- PHd’s qualified to brainwash the uniformed!  DUPED!
Stanza 23
Nature does not have to insist,
Can blow for only half a morning,
Rain for only half a day
And what are these winds and these rains but natural?
If nature does not have to insist,
Why should man?
Is it natural to?
That whoever follows the way of life feels alive,
That whoever uses it properly feels well used,
Whereas he who loses his way of life feels lost,
That whoever keeps to the way of life
Feels at home,
Whoever uses it properly
Feels welcome,
Whreras who uses it improperly
Feels improperly used,
Fail to honor people
They fail to honor you.
What “is” Nature? are human beings “part of Nature”? of course!
then why dont human beings “abide by the Laws of Nature?
Human Beings “despoil Nature” insult Nature” in their own lives, and
in the ecology itself, – spraying poisons on crops, trees etc.
ManKind has seperated from Nature all ways, mentally, emotionally physically and especially spiritually  why? ignorance of course, ego aspirations of course, economic money reasons of course! prestige reasons of course – but most of all ARROGANCE – the socalled Kingly Cult, kings, queens, titans of industry, Henry Ford  Carnegie, Goldman Saks, the list is endless of course –
# 24
Standing tiptoe a man loses balance,
Walking astride he has no pace
Kindling himself he fails to light
Acquitting himself he forfeits his hearers
Admiring himself he does so alone.
Pride has never brought a man greatness
But, according to the way of life,
That brings the ills that make him unfit,
Make him unclean in the eyes of his neighbor,
And a sane man will have none of them.
“Pride goeth it before the falleth”
Before creation a Presence existed
Self-contained complete
Formless, voiceless, nameless, mateless
Which yet prevaded itself
With unending motherhood,
Though there can be no name for it,
I have called it “the way of life”
Perhaps I should have called it “the fullness of life”
Since fullness implies widening into space,
Implies still further widening,
Implies widening until the circle is whole,
In this sense
“the way of life” is fulfilled,
Heaven fulfilled,
Earth fulfilled
And a fit man also fulfilledL
These are the four amplitudes of the Universe
and a fit man is one of them:
Man rounding the way of earth
Earth rounding the way of heaven,
Heaven rounding the way of life
“Till the earth is full”
The “laws of the Universe are perfect”  ManKind is not perfect unless he/she abides by these Universal Laws- unfortunately this has not happened! ManKind is imperfect, since he/she knows nothing of the “way of life”  This treatise is meant to awaken this dormancy.  “a fit man” is a man who “knows that he knows that he knows “he knows”, four “knowls” “four amplitudes of the Universe”  until ManKind realizes that he/she is in ignorance; they will continue to “suffer the consequence” of “ignorance”:
Gravity is the root of all grace
The mainstay of all speed
A traveler of true means, whatever the day’s pace,
Remembers the provision-van
And however fine prospect be offered,is a man
With a calm head
What lord of countless chariots would ride them in vain,
Would make himself fool of the realm,
Would pace beyond rein,
The root?  the cause, the source, basically the Universal Laws, Man, is “not the Source”although man/MAN have much in common since he IS a cocreator, only when He recognizes the “source as the SOURCE’ which unfortunately man does not!  One of the reason scientist have “no clue” about “gravity” – gravity goes far beyond the physical world, transcends many worlds, interacts with them of course, cannot be fathomed by mathematics of any sort!

Lao Tzu #13-14

stanza 13

Favor and disfavor have been called equal worries,
Success and failure have been called equal ailments
How can favor and disfavor be called equal worries?
Because winning favor burdens a man
Wth the fear of losing it,
How can success and failure be called equal ailments?
Because a man thinks of the personal body as self.
When he no longer thinks of the personal body as self
Neither failure nor success can ail him.
One who knows his lot to be the lot of all other men
Is a safe man to guide them,
One who recognizes all men as members of his own body
Is a sound man to guard them.
“IT TAKE ONE TO KNOW ONE”  –  an empty stomach knows how an empty stomach feels!
The reason why beings are not all “human” –  empathy is the key! knowing means “empathy” – uinknowingness is not only “ignorance” but “arrogance”
“to be or not to be is the question”  – to be what?  and ego or a soul?  the heart or the mind which? “linear or non linear”?
The choice is ours  of course – which would you choose?
# 14
What we look for beyond seeing
And call the unseen,
Listen for beyond hearing
And calll the withheld
Merge beyond understanding
In a Oneness
Which does not merely rise and give light
Does not merely set and leave darkeness,
But forever sends forth a succession of living things as
        , mysterious
As the unbegotten existence to which they return
That is why men have called them empty phenomena
Meaningless images,
In a mirage
With no face to meet,
No back to follow.
Yet one who is anciently aware of existence
Is master of every moment.
.Feels no break since time beyond time
In the way life flow
Long ago the land was ruled  with a wisdom
Too fine, too deep, to be fully understood
And, since it was beyond men’s full understnading
Only some of it has come down to us, as in these sayinags.

Lao Tzu 15-18

stanza 15

The key to this stanza is:”How can man’s life keep its course”
If he will NOT LET IT FLOW?
Like my exwife who “couldnt know the difference, the difference of what is, and what isnt ” to make a difference,one must “know”  the difference.
Its obvious that ManKind “does not know the difference” my wife was “not the exception but the rule”
To the message of this stanza is “know the difference”!!!!
Stanza 16
Be utterly humble
And you shall hold to the foundation of peace
Be as one with all these living things which have arisen and flourished,
return to the quiet whence they came,
Like the healthy growth of vegetation
Falling back upon the root,
Acceptance of the return to the root has been called””quietism”
Acceptance of quietism has been condemned as “fatalism”
But fatalsm is acceptance destiny.
And to accept destiny is to face life with open eyes.
Whereas not to accept destiny is to face death blindfolded
He who is open-eyed is open minded.,
He who is open minded is open hearted ,
Who is openhearted is kingly..
Who is kingly is godly,
Who is godly is useful,
He who is useful, is infinite,
He who is inffinet is immune,
He who is immune is immortal.
The key to this stanza is the word “peace” also “quiet” “root” also the word destiny, also open-eyed, open minded, open hearted
The world/people today lack the above “virtues” dont even know they “exist” never mind even “attempt to their realizations”
People today are living “in the last days””as predicted by great seers of the past
stanza 17
A leader is best
When people barely know that he exist.
Not so good when people obey and acclaim him
Worst when they despise him
Fail to honor people
They fail to honor you
But of a good leader, who talks little
When his work is done, his aim fulfilled,
The will all say, “We did this ourselves”
 none needed; its self explanatory
Stama 18
When people lost sight of the way to live
Came codes of love and honesty,
Learning came, charity came,
Hypocrisy took charge;
When differences weakened famlly ties
Came benevolent fathers and dutiful sons
And when lands were disrupted and misgoverned
Came ministers commended as loyal.
What does he mean by codes of love and honesty?
What does he mean “learning came, charity came
hypocrisy to charge.?
COUNTRY – government run by educators, hypocrites
all over the place, ministers – all misgoverned of course!
Wow! this guy living in a little hut years and years ago,
knew more about life than we here today –

Lao Tzu #1-5

stanza (1)   existence is beyond the “power of words
To define
Terms may be used
But none of them Absolute/
In the beginning of heaven and earth there we no words
Words came out of the womb of matter
and whether a man dispassionately
Sees to the core of life
or passionately
Sees the surface,
the core and the surface
Are essentially the same,
Words making them seem different.
Only to  Express appearance.
If name be needed, wonder names them both
From wonder into wonder
Existence opens.
My channels translation –  in a nutshell- whaat ALao Tzu is saying basically speaking – without equivecation is simply:
What is just is! regardless and what he/she sees is a world of maya, illusion – its all “appearamce jas no “essence” its “all made up” again
its a world of maya/illusion
next stanza.
People through finding something beautiful
Think something else unbeautiful
Through finding one man fit
Judge another unfit.
life and death, thoiugh stemming from each other
seem to conflict as stages of change
Difficult and easy as phases of achievement
Long and short as measures of contrast,
High and low as degree of relation;
But, since the varying of tones gives music to a voice
And what is is the was the of what shall be,
The sanest man
Sets up no deed,
Lays down no law,
Takes everything that happens at it comes,
As something to animate, not to appropriate,
to earn, not to own,
To accept naturally withouit self importance;\:
If you never assume importance
You never lose.
intepretation: #@.
We mus always keep in ind “the way of life” as seen by LaoTZU
in this particular stanza –
What this stanza is saying  – judging depends on duality contrasts-
Sane people do not deal with dualities – no win, no lose – what is, IS’
third stanza.
It is better not to make merit` a matter of reward
Lest people will conspire and contend
Not to pile up rich belongings
Lest they rob,
Not to excite by display
Lest they covert,
A sound leaders aim
Is to open people’s heart
Fill their stomachs,
Calm their wills
Brace their bones
And so to clarifytheir thoughts and cleanse their needs
That no cunning meddler could touch them:
Without being forced, withouit strain or constraint,
Good government comes of iself.
interpretaton:  simply said – dont allow the ego to rule your life –  dont let greed, envy etc. determine how you conduct your life.  Dont let power, money “be the boss of you”
Stanza 4
Existence, by nothing bred
Breeds everything.
Parent of the Universe
It smooths rough  edges
Unties hard knots,
Tempers the sharp sun,
Lays blowing dust,
Its image in the wellspring never fails
But how was it conceived?–this image
Of no other sire
Existence what is it?  creates everything, does everything, this God of sorts?
Stanza 5
Nature immune to as a sacrifice of straw dogs,
Faces the decay of its fruits,
A sound man, immune as to a sacrifice of straw dogs,                      t
will continue later on

Lao Tzu #5-9

stanza 5

Nature, immune as to a sacrifice  of straw dogs,
Faces the decay of its fruits
A sound man, immune as to a sacrifice of straw dogs
Faces the passing human generations,
The universe, like a bellows,
is always emptying, always full
The more it yields, the more it holds,
Men come to their wit’s end arguing about it
And had better meet it at the marrow
The key to this paragraph is the “sound man” is “aware” of what’s
happening; the “unsound man” is in “maya/illusion/mind/ego/linear,intellect,reason,logic – not “knowing the difference”  to make a difference, one must “know/out of maya illusion,”
that there “is” a difference, egos do not of course, egos are maya, illusion, mind.  That is the lower mind as in Astrology Gemini is the lower mind, Sagitarioius is the higher mind, there is a “difference” of course!
The breach of life moves through a deathless valley
Of mysterious motherhood
Which conceives and bears the universal seed.
The seeming of a world never to end,
Breath for men to draw from as they will,
And the more they take of it, the more remains.
Simply said, humanKind receives “life from a Source of LIfe” the unfathomable which we refer to as God AlMighty. Nothing can exist without it, it is “life Itself”
The universe is deathless,
Is deathless because, having no finite self,
It stays infinite.
A sound man by not advancing himself
Stays the further ahead of himself,
By not confining himself to himself
Sustains himself outside himself:
By never being an end in himself
He endlessly becomes himself.
Simply said – the universe has “no beginning, no end its deathless-stays infinite..  Likewise without an “ego” retains the “nature of who he really is”
“a soul, not an ego” puffed up character of “worth” never forgets “who he really is”
stanza #8
Man at his best, like water,
Serves as he goes along:
Like water he seeks his own level,
The common level of life,
Loves living close to the earth,
Living clear down in his heart,
Loves kinship with his neighbors.
The pick of words that tell the truth,
The even tenor of a well-run state,
The fair profit of able dealing,
The right timing of useful deeds,
And for blocking no one’s way
No one blames him.
Truth is the key to this passage – being honest with oneself at all times, means being one with all.  “be unto others as you wish them to be with you.
Stanza #9
Keep stretching a bow
You repent of the pull
A whetted saw
Goes thin and dull
Surrounded with treasure
You lie ill  at ease
Proud beyond measure
You come to your knees:
Do enough, without vieing
Be living, not dieing

Lao Tzu #10-12

Stanza 10

Can you hold the door of your tent
Wide to the firmament?
Can you, with the simple stature
Of a child, breaathing nature,
Become, not withstanding,
A man?

Can you continue befriending
With no prejudice,no ban?
Can you, mating with heaven,
Serve as the female part?
Can you learned head take heaven
From the wisdom of your heart?
If youcan bear issue and nourish its growing,
If you can guide without claim or strife,
If you can stay in the lead of men without
You are at the core of life.
Again, Lao Tzu is stressing the importance of humility, oneness with
all humanity, oneness with the heavens, oneness with “everything meaningful where the “heart rules the head” a truly egoless non linear approach to “what its all about”
Thirty spokes are made one by holes, in a huib
By vacancies joining them for a wheel’s use,
The use of clay in moulding pitchers
Comes from the hollow of its absence;
Doors, windows, in a house,
Are used for their emptiness:
Thus we are helped by what is not
To use what is.
What is isnt?  its a supposed contradiction but then contradictions in general have a purpose of course as another saying; to make a positive,a negative is needed –  every three(3) needs a two, posiitive/negative
The five colors can blind,
The five tones deafen,
The five tastes cloyh,
The race, the hunt, can drive men mad’
And their booty leave them no peace.
Therefore a sensible man
Prefers the inner to the outer eyes
He has his yes,—he has his nos.
Beware of what your intellect, reason,logic, physical eyes, ears tell you; they are the illusory systems, the maya system that rules your external life.

Lao Tzu #19-20

stanza 19

Rid of formalized wisdom and learning
People would be a hundredfold happier
Rid of conventionalized duty and honor
Rid of legalized profiteering
People would have no thieves no fear.
These methods of life have failed, all three,
Here is the way, it seems to me:
Here is the way, it seems to me:
Set people free,As deep in their hearts they would like to be,
From private  greeds
and wanton needs
Simple people , living simple lives, are free liberated people.
again unlike what is happening today.
Lao Tzu even doing his time, –  berated conventionality, and the
educational system of his times. Ego reigned supreme during his time also.
Stanza 20
Leave off fine learning! End the nuisance
of saying yes to this and perhaps to that
distinction with how little difference!
categorical this,categorical that
What slightest use are they?!
If one man leads, another must follow,
How silly that is, and how false!
Yet conventional men lead an easy life
With all their days feast-days.
A constant spring visit to the to the Tall Tower
While I am a simpleton, a do-nothing,
Not big enough yet to raise a hand,
Not grown enough  to  smile
A homeless, worthless waif,
Men of the world have a surplus of goods,
While I am left out, owning nothing.
 What a booby I must be
Not to know my way around,
What a fool!
The average man is so crisp and so confident
That I should be miserable
Going on and on like the sea,
Drifting nowhere.
All these people are making their mark in the world.
While I pig-headed, awkward,
Different from the rest,Am only a glorious infant
still nursing at the breast.
Again Lao Tzu lambasts “conventionality of all sorts; disrespects all kinds
of learnings  Reminds me of what my son Richard after he visited my exwife; what she said to him. “what did your father accomplish in all of the years we have not been together; now forty years.
She did not know I had the same disdain that Lao Tzu had; that he and I have always been “on the same wavelength.  Our disdain of the “ego” provs that of course!  He berates himself when he compares his “uselessness” in this depraved world.  I have been considered a “simpleton” by proven authentic “simpletons called egos” –  proof: one of my brothers, very successful- endorsed that view bigtime!