“Nothing Can Exist”

Where there is no “balance” “homeostasis” there is CHAOS, – no Unity –
the basic “elimination of what we call the physical dimension; there is no COHESION, – there is no ONENESS, thus “nothing CAN  exist”
However, since the “creation of the ego, satan, fallen angels – and other “despicables which the god-head created as a “counter-balance_which means that IT CAN NEVER BE DESTROYED, once the physical planet called Earth was created, the HEAD HONCHO OF THIS PLANET WAS GIVEN COMMAND OF THIS PLANET, and the name of the “head honcho” was the EGO, “edging god out”.  It was there as the counter balance, to
the world of the “higher orders” which I refer to as the Higher dimensions.
The lower world, the world of SATAN, FALLEN ANGLES is the world that we live in and on , this planet called Earth – it operates primarily on the lowest possible frequency since the people that occupy our planet, also operate on the lowest possible frequency, and this “fact has been mentioned at least a dozen times before, and will continue to be mentioned until the viewer, get the realization he/she needs to eliminate their egos.
Again the frequency of the ego, is the BETA; its frequency is 21 to 14 cycles per second  –  the fourth dimensional frequency is called ALPHA, and its dimensions are from 14 to 7 cycles per second.
The BETA frequency deals with FALSEHOODS, because it is “incapable” of going beyond a certain point which keeps them BOUND to what’s left, and that is their EGO of course.  One is relative meaning that it is “hogtied” cant move beyond a certain point which my channel calls, PRISON; the other is UNBOUNDED has the capability to go anywhere in our Universe and other Universes, totally UNBOUNDED.
IGNORANCE rules “our planet Earth” – despite all of the socalled HONORS heaped on each other with fancy titles, – IGNORANCE/EGO  is the boss, has the first and last say in regard what TRUTH IS ALL ABOUT.
Again egos even the socalled geniuses out there, cannot go beyond their BETA frequency – some do of course i.e. Edison, Testla, but they were never egos to begin with – however Henry Ford, and others like him, all EGOS , FIRST CLASS EGOS, remained egos until they died!
Unfortunately for “spirit” to work thru us, it needs the “nervous system” of a physical body; that also is the same for our SOUL; “it” also requires a refined highly “evolved nervous system”
Space travel, not physical travel but mind/spirit traveling where time/space “does not exist”; it is possible that “beings from other planets visited our planet, and left people who looked, acted as “human beings” – they “in fact” were here to in time populate and intermingle with native people primarily the females, their children in time populating the infiltrating the indigenous people that “always existed” from way back from the “cave mentality”
The are referred to as the “star people” – the ones sent to our “new planet” as our scientists today want to populate other “liveable planets out there”
There are carving, in caves and many other evidence that “star people” lived side by side with the ancient cave people millions of years ago
UFO’S do exist despite the stupidity of those that say otherwise!

“Genius IQ”

It must be understood without “doubt” that there “cannot be a body without a Soul, they go together, cannot operate “seperatively.  Of course our “ego” says otherwise and have “fooled 98% of the worlds people, “believe it or not” even people with a “genius IQ! Now who would have a hard time believing that?  Everyone including socalled wise people, “not wisdom people, there is a vast difference between being “socalled wise and “wisdom”, the difference in size between an “ant and an elephant”
Wise people destroyed the planet Atlantis and are on the very point of destroying the Planet Earth  – they are referred as MAD SCIENTISTS.
We pay being 98% certified egos, humble “servants” of these socalled “wise people”  stupidity of the “highest order” of course!
Our physical bodies of course learn “how to adapt” to the environment, if not you and I would not be here right now.  We are lucky of course in the “fact” that we are “connected” with our Soul which is connected with the SOURCE of ALL THAT IS;  Unfortunately being an bonafide ego, this connection “HAS BEEN SEVERED FOR THOUSANDS OF YEARS. leaving a remnant of one or two percent of the world’s population, who owns, controls dictates the other 98% out there?
THE EGO OF COURSE, again what is “the ego”; it has not really been defined properly, I and my channel will “again try” to define what an “ego is all about.
It is a known fact that where there is a positive, there MUST BE A NEGATIVE, i.e. electromagnetic combines both the electric/positive and the magnetic/negatives “powers” – by putting them “together”, we produce a triangle effect which means ENERGY, ETHERIC MOTION, – the most powerful other than gravity which “could be” part/parcel of this electro/magnetic EFFECT.
Our Universe works on the principle of BALANCE

“Should be Some Kind of Life”

The “fact” that there are numerous solar systems, common sense says that there “should be some kind of life, that is living beings, living there as we are living here.
Another factor to consider which is “not considered because of the power of our ego is that “consciousness”  IS and SHOULD BE, the main “consideration” in regard to what we call “human beings”
Unfortunately living in an ego environment where over 98% percent of the human family have “low consciousness readings” – where the EGO RULES SUPREMELY, consciousness being low produces wars, killings, mayhem of every sort possible  –  our planet unfortunately IS A HOLY MESS!
I have talked about this in most of my blogs, and I am still talking about the “two paths” that need “resolution”  –  two hemispheres of the brain  –  to kinds of people – “linear and non linear”  – to kinds of thinking
No resolution between the ego which is represented by the left hemisphere, the linear way of thinking, acting, behaving, believing; contrasted with the right hemisphere, the “non linear” way of thinking, believing, behaving  –
One is considered “evil” which of course is the side where the amygdala which has nothing “in common with “doing the right thing; doing god’s work, and the right hemisphere, the creative side, that “is doing god’s work – both residing in “one body”.
Hard to believe but true – inimical forces residing in “one body” – also the left side, deals “exclusively with what we call “our ego”  – our educational system is based on the “left hemisphere” –  I dont know if our socalled religious system is based on the left hemisphere conclusively; my channel tells me that “it is” –  and I just asked it why?
The right hemisphere is the CREATIVE SIDE of the brain, the left hemisphere is NOT the creative side – thus socalled “religion” should be dealing “exclusively with “creation” dealing “exclusively with “our Creator”
I am sure most atheists, agnotists, and even secularitzs feel “more comfortable” with the belief systems of their left hemisphere in comparison to their right hemispheres; of course there are exceptions of course!
This is an interesting “understanding” in regard to how “our souls” adapt to our “environment”  – they usually work with “our bodies” and evolve in such a way where there is some form of homeostasis which means “adaptation”
The soul at this “point” as mentioned learns to “adapt” and work with the ego system of the person.  If the person is right brained, the soul has a very easy time. The person does not of course since he/she has “nothing in common with egocentricity of any kind, adapting to “egocentricity” is very painful for right brained people, and I am a perfect example of them.
Tolerating ego manipulations which included lying, stealing, gossip and a host of so called bad habits; – an excuse of course since they are “not bad habits” egos are meant to lie, steal, cheat, and do the socalled wrong things – there motto of course is “I come first!  if its good for me its good! “the hell with the other guy!”  people should read Dr. Dyers book “excuses begone where he lists all the excuses/LIES called being in denial.  Left brain people suffer more from this “dis-ease than “lost right brain people” who “can go astray of course!

Purify Our Body

Here is a point that very few people have addressed.  We are told to purify our body cleansing it periodically – of course egos in general know nothing about this, furthermore dont care whether or not their body is purified.  For those “who do care”, as mentioned in my last blog, the mind, emotionas and spiritual aspects must also be “cleansed” by ” high level conversations and activities. For the “spirit to emerge” all of these “changes” must be addressed/done.
People with “full awareness” – who “Know who they are” their true nature, have the opportunity to “reach high states of consciousness” which of course “eliminates” illusions, delusions etc.  “to make a difference, one must “know” the difference”; and purifying “all of our bodies” as mentioned in this blog and previous blogs, in time purifies “all of our bodies”  There is no other way to “reach the heights of “knowingness”, being “one with the ONE”
From what I have been reading lately, “science” states that there is no reason why our bodies should “decay” if it has no “impurities” which as a Naturopath I call “being loaded with toxins/poisons and I am not the only professional saying this.
The “masters” of the past lived for hundreds of years  – knowing the waysmeans of purifying their body,mind,emotions, spiritual practices as suggested in the series of this blog.
The avatars of the past , they maintained that youthfuilness, physicallyness, since they considered their body a product called “condensed thought”, a phrase that I heard somewhere in some lecture years ago.  And what is “condensed thought”.  Condensed?  What is that?  Its a word that I havent come across, if ever until as said I heard it used at a lecture years back.  The idea of condensation if I am  correct means to “distill” bring it down “to its essence”.  So essence then is the “key” and what is “essence”?  Essence is basically ” the spirit of whatever is”, and what is “spirit” but “pure energy in motion”
So we then say ” thought” is the “primary source of power” – the condensation being a synonym for “frequency” – links “directly with all of the other Universal frequencies thru the “one frequency that acts as the “MASTER KEY’ thus enabling every living creature baring “none” to exist!
This is the Life Source mentioned in many of the earilier blogs that I wrote – without this LIFE SOURCE, nothing can survive ! NOTHING, NOTHING
Its works through the “etheric systems” that PREVADES our planet and all of the billions of planets in all of the Universes that exist today.
We all it god of course; the Holy Spirit, – religious people use their ICONS of course; which are idol worshiping of course, that work for them since our belief systems, produce whatever we want produced thru the mechanizm of our subconscious minds, and our BELIEF SYSTEMS.
As mentioned in my earlier blogs; the subconscious mind “does everything” that our conscious mind tells it to do; does not have the ways/means NOT TO FOLLOW ORDERS TO THE LETTER.
It is a plus and a minus because most if not all beliefs unfortunately are FALSE BELIEF SYSTEMS, lies of course!  plus the “fact” that at the astral level which “hinges on to our physical level, is LOADED WITH EVIL SPIRITS.  My biography mentions how my exwife and mother were heavily INVESTED with astral evil spirits!
Also as said, very few people on this planet DONT HAVE MAJOR PROBLEMS WITH FALSE BELIEF SYSTEMS.
When I am finished with this “course of study”; my next work which is already done, will be put on my blog dealing “exclusively with “false belief systems”   –
Ignorance = false belief systems – false belief systems= bi-polarizm
Bi-polarizm = delusion/illusion -delusion/illusion=hatred – hatred=diffusion
diffusion=seperation -seperation= loss of connection- loss of connection = ego -ego= man’s inhumanity to man – man’s inhumanity to man= wars, killings, mayhem, evil-ness


Desire? What is desire and how does it affect human beings ? Of course at the ego “level”; its rather “easy” to know what desire it since everyone, that is “egos of course” all have the same desire, some more, some less, some obvious, other not so obvious. “its what makes the “world turn” without desire the world as we know it, the ego world, “does not turn” Buddha and other great “initiates” goes much further into “really knowing what desire is” since every “step of the way hopefully “up the ladder, not “down the ladder” to purgory which is “the end result for people like Stalin, Hitler, the present greedy poiticians and their buddies, – corporations making products “to kill rather than to heal”; media which helps these “insane people” in their quest to “destroy the human race and replace it with $$$$$$ bills!; the stockmarket of course where for every winner, ; there is a loser – manipulations going on “all of the time” – THAT IS ON THE SURFACE OF THE WORLD WE LIVE IN, however this world, and the people in it “go far beyond the “surface of this world”; humans “cannot exist” without the astral world where “spirits resides; and where dead people reside” – there are “laws pretaining to that world also; I am using the word “law as a synonym for desire”, why? Because laws, all laws in this 3rd dimensional physical world we call EARTH, cannot operate without the laws of the Universal Laws that pertain not only to our “ego world” but to all of the “other words” as exemplified by many “esoteric systems”; My channel uses the Cabalistic “tree of Life” model. As an example: whatever happens “down here in the third dimensional, AFFECTS all of the other dimensions, the fourth , the fifth and if there are more and I know that there are more, them too. By now if you have read what has been written, you “should” have a pretty good idea that whateveer CREATED ALL OF THESE WORLDS/DIMENSIONS, the name god is usually used of course, created “everything” from just “one little seed, if opened, shows “nothing of substance” – nothing from the viewpoint of an ego of course, or anyone else. SPIRIT has no physical substance – frequencies, all of them and there are millions, billions and possibly trillions, also have NO SUBSTANCE! The reason why scientists keep saying, and believing that “when there is no substance, there is no proof, despite the FACT, that what they are trying to “disprove” exists! They believe and think the sum of all that exists can be “measured” thru the physical apparatus of instrumentation, overlooking of course, the word called ESSENCE; for them essence has no significance at all; thus most are atheists – which means the denial of the Universe Mind Forces That Do Exist -through all known Universes. Its like a “fish” swimming in a pond thinking that it is swimming in an ocean! We call that “being shortsigted etc” Our blog is meant to take the “little fish” which is US OF COURSE, and show the “ego of the little fish”; that what they believe is a “drop in the ocean” in regard to WHAT IS! When the “student is ready, the teacher appears” so people coming to our blog, “if they are ready; whatever they seek they will find. So DESIRES, another word for “motivation” is a powerful impulse to “find the truth” – whatever truth means for them. Egos never seek truth since they consider themselves the truth. So what we offer to ego will be unacceptable for them – their “desires \” transcend the need for “self realization” – for them self realization means “hitting the jackport” = a mansion, clipper ship, cadillacs , being on the “billionaire lists” etc. etc. Please keep in mind that our MIND is capable of believing anything, ANYTHING, which will FUILFILL THE PERSONS DESIRES – good/bad Also keep in mind that the difference between an ego and a SOUL; is the difference between the size of a “ant and the size of an elephant” Which of course is the same difference between the egocentric 3rd dimensional Beta oriented/low frequency world we live in today; which we call the PHYSICAL WORLD – AND AS YOU SEE THERE IS NO COMPARISON – the egoworld, can totally disappear, FOREVER and that happened when the contient ATLANTIS was blown up by mad scientists thousands of years ago! THAT CAN HAPPEN HERE; WE DO HAVE THE MODUS OPERENTI TO BLOW UP THE PLANET EARTH WHERE WE PRESIDE TODAY. So the first “order of business” is to “purify” our desires,which again means destroy the power that “causes all of the troubles” which of course is what we call the ego. Some people define ego as” edging god out” As you well know the word ego and the word GREED have a “lot in common”; we are experiencing that first hand – big time today where corruption is BEYOND CONTROL – So to “sum up” – this is the equation – Greed + Gluttony + “man’s inhumanity to man + contriveness + hypocracy + STUPIDITY = death of the soul’s purpose for its incarnation into this lifetime UNFORTUNATELY RELIGION, THAT IS TRADITIONAL RELIGION which instead of “releasing people from “bondage” puts them into a prison cell and “throws the keys away” THIS HAS HAPPENED FOR THOUSANDS OF YEARS – paganizm of the Romans and Egyptians way back when – had their SLAVES, and oligarks, We have the same here = we did before the Civil War,; also after the Civil war with the Klu Klux Klan – stopping the negroes as they were call them from “voting” etc., and as of this moment, our Supreme Court just passed a law meant to prevent “people from voting” – now who “in their right mind would believe that since we are supposed to be the “beacon/light for the world” $$$$$$$$$$$ ANOWADAYS IS THE BEACON OF THE WORLD! Our illustrious Supreme Court also humanized our corporations -said that they are “equal” citizens of our country; they overlooked one fact, the reason for the “existence of a coproration”! My understanding for the reason for a coproration other than doing “business etc” to to PROTECT THE PRINCIPLES OF THE CORP. – in case the corporations got into financial trouble, they, the people,principles CANNOT BE SUED.

“Our Purpose Here On Earth”

To recap  –  and I have seen this, and what is it?  in fact as I said in my last blog, I myself experienced not always but at times “super conscious states, however, my body was “not” pure enough, it was not a “healthy body”. and I have seen this with others who at times reached high states of consciousness called “super consciousness”
Even at my “old age” I am still working on purifying my body, its a constant challenge and struggle even though I dont eat any junk, none whatsoever.
So “noone is immune: –  the first “order of business IS THE PURIFICATION OF THE BODY” with no ifs, and with no buts!!!!
So if the egos out there laugh and deride “our purpose here on earth, we know why our “bodies” and that includes our emotoional, desire body of course, is “wanting”  You see a lot of “great spiritual people, great psychics with very poor bodies.  Edgar Cayce the greatest, had a rather short life span –
Whats needed is “cleansing , purification on “all levels” mentally, emotionally physically and spiritually, there is “not short cut” as they say!
Spirit cannot function properly on thie third dimensional plane without a physical embodiment which means of course, the body must be in good shape, covering “all of the bases”!
All of which gives our Soul what it needs to operate “as a soul”; and when it operates “as a Soul” the power “in its power” creates miracles and proof of that is the healing “thru my body of course” of Mr. Joseph Aiello who had a serious accident, riped the major artery in his body; the aorta, which floodes both of his lungs which meant death.
My channel which IS my Soul, saved this persons life; this is documented of course!  Another, a woman who had a heart condition Hannah Schafler a neighbor or mine in Murrieta Hot Spring, CA. – for 25 yrs dying of this condition, used a “special visualization techni que that my channel soul, gave her “thru my body course,  WIPED OUT HER HEART CONDITION, GAVE HER BRAND NEW ARTERIES, in better shape than the medical doctor who tested her told her – in fact he said, Hannah you never had a heart condition your arteries are in better shape than mind and I am twenty yrs younger than you!  proof?  I have the proof in my library of course, the whole story with the Xmas before and after.  Mrs Shaflers ego did “NOT” want to give me any of this proof, I had to  insist  -later on Hannah called me in Brighton, Ma where I live when I am not in Murrietta to tell me that they found that she had a tumor in his stomach.  My channel told her what to do and in less than three minutes, the tumor “was no longer there, I have the xrays for before and after of course!  Her ego did NOT want to cooperate, of course!
Now we can see why this blog is so important, not for my sake of course since I am no different than any person other than for the “fact” I KNOW THE DIFFERENCE, egos DO NOT KNOW THE DIFFERENCE,
that is the “only difference”  no ego alive, none can compete with the superconscious mind of individuals, “who know the difference”  If I did NOT know the difference, both Hannah Schafler and Joseph Aiello would have died since both were candidates for “death”.
By the way my soul channel got rid of the tumor for Hannah Schafler in three minutes time and if I told you how my channel;soul did it you would never belief it, NEVER!  THOSE interested drop me a line, and I will tell you how tumors can be dissolved in three minutes, no guarantee of course since the belief system of the ill person cannot be “played around with” meaning must be FIRM, if not nothing of conse quence will happen, just pure common sense of course!
I have been called a charlatan and other “nice words” by egos of course “who else”?  What else can they call me since egos are not too bright! using only “their low level beta consciousness”, they have no “choice in the matter” -the experience for them is just too overwhelming, not so for the non linear, non egopeople out there, “they know the difference”
TRUE OR FALSE, proves that there IS a difference, proves also that we live in a world  which is so “fouled up” “not knowing the difference” that
errors “in judgement” ” trusting the wrong people” going negative bigtime’ and a host of other problems that are “way over the heads” of low level consciousness egos out there.
What does a non ego do to avoid the pitfalls mentioned above?
Non ego, non linear people trust “only their intuition their soul”
I do of course, others like me do of course, and why not?  the soul is linked
to the highest level of truth that exist, ITS LINKED TO THE UNIVERSE, that we refer to as god, or nature or angels etc. etc. or just icons of all sorts.
THE IDOLS that Father Abraham, the patriach of the Hebrew people, sold, also worked for people that believed in these particular idols, that is also true today, many religions still use all ways/means/idols, or just rabbit feet, whatever, to appeal to the Universal gods out there somewhere.
THERE HAVE BEEN BONAFIDE AVATARS FOR THOUSANDS OF YEARS;  These people have reached heights unimagined by us ordinary folk with a consciousness rating of six hundred and higher.  We know that Einstein for one had a six hundred rating; I have a personal friend a genius also with a rating that high – These people would have been burned “at the stake” if they lived during the middle ages by lunatics of course, pretending to be a “personal friend of these particular “icons” that people pray to.
By the way its a sin according to the Old Testament to be an IDOL WORSHIPER, so religions that use “idols; icons” are “in trouble” with the god of the Hebrews Jehovah.
When the body is purified it means that the bodies vibrational frequency is also ELEVATED, from the beta 21-14 cycles per second, to the Alpha, 14 to 7, the Theta which is lower is very difficult for bodies to handle and still be functioning properly


What is a “tail” and what is a “Head”/ , on the surface that appears as if someone is playing with simple words, words that imply that anyone would of course know the difference between a head and a tail, but unfortunately “egos in my opinion and the opinion of my “channel” differ one hundred percent. THATS THE WAY THE COOKIE CRUMBLES, “TAKE IT OR LEAVE IT”, AND other socalled “pitty sayings” that deal with stupidity of the highest order. As an example, if the above “saying have meanings” and I sayng IF, then there is NO RECOURSE, NO FREE WILL, NO NEED TO EXERCISE JUDGEMENT, and a host of other socalled ways/means of dealing with what besets the “human race” So it is obvious to me why, only one or two percent of the worlds people’s are steeped “deeply” into the “that’s the way it is” take it or leave it, – “thats the way the cookie crumbles” and other stupid, ignorant “sayings” that only a certified dumbbell would accept “as reality” But then, they have very low consciousness 100-200, which DISENABLES THEM from knowing otherwise – within the REALM OF THE EGO CONSENSUS FREQUENCEY of the 21-14 cycles per second, wherein EGOS CAN LIVE STRUGGLE TO SURVIVE. No more can be expected of them – Ignorance deals exclusively within the 100-200 consciousness realm – As the person “grows in consciousness, there rating number increases along with the increase of their INNATE COMPREHENSION of DISCERNMENT/wisdom. I am sure hundreds perhaps thousands of books have been written concerning what I and my channel just elucidated – the problem of course, is that most of these books, as far as I know of course, perhaps, made it just too complicated for egos that wish to get a reprieve, and want to experience what it is to be “really free/liberated” from what? Their captors, their egos of course! A good example is my son Richard, who meditates every day – and one day years ago, he hit the jackpot as they say, and got a “message” from his soul which said that his ego is a total fraud, and that he should “divorce himself from it, not to abide by “its wishes” Right after receiving this EPITAMY, he was put into a very deep depression for about three months by what? His ego of course! to teach him a lesson, that it, his ego is the boss not him! I will never forget that story since it proves without a doubt that there IS A WAR CONTINUALLY GOING ON, between the evil forces/ego and the higher forces SOUL! So, the tail is our boss, the ego, telling the head, the brain/soul that IT IS THE RULER of the physical dimension that we live in today and proving it conclusively by telling the “victim” all of us to watch the daily news, just simply watch the daily news which is constantly LOADED UP WITH THE WORST KIND OF BEHAVIOR THAT CAN EXIST on this planet!!!! Now who doesnt know this? EVERYONE KNOWS THIS! so how do people handle this problem? They do a very good job handling this problem but saying “that’s the way it is” -take it or leave it! If one crook gets away with it, why shouldnt the other crook get away with it – and “eye for an eye” – that biblical saying was NOT meant for the crazy ego world that we live in; that saying was meant for the fourth and fifth dimensions where THERE IS NO EVIL INTENT; where there is no duality’ where there is NO hate, lies, where only truth resides. In other words and “eye for an eye at the higher dimensions simply means that “love is Supreme ” the “loving aspect of what an eye represents” extends itself beyond the simple egocentric notion of what an eye is all about- using numerology, the ancient SCIENCE of NUMBERS adding up the two e’s, each “e” representing the number 5 5+5+10 and then adding the number for the y which is number 7 10=7=17 bringing it down to one digit, we have 1+7=8 – EIGHT REPRESENTS THE GOD HEAD! In astrology represent Scorpio, the most powerful sign in the zodiac where the most powerful planet resides, PLUTO. Ignorance and ego are the same word – egos are stupid for the simple reason IT HAS NO CONNECTION TO THE UNIVERSE NOT AT ALL, and the UNIVERSE, is what RUNS THE SHOW, IF IT CLOSES SHOP, all the egos, the 99% of them worldwide, DIE A SUDDEN DEATH! How would the buffets, gates and all of the money hungry egos out there deal with this catastrophe, and of course that includes the Rockefellers, the Rothschilds, the Obamas, and of course the Trumps, how can we forget them.


In blog#76 I spoke about the third eye, which of course is our “higher centre” unfortunately for egos/linearminded people, this “higher world” does NOT EXIST, again why? their third eye is SHUT TIGHT!
If “that is the case” then “what is the Use of putting information/socalled “knowledge” in the memory banks of egos “with  SHUT TIGHTS THIRD EYES”,????????????? doesnt make any sense to me or to any NON LINEAR PERSON!
How do  we benefit when the “third eye” is open?
Everything in this CORRUPT EGO WORLD is motivated by SELF INTEREST, and people that say that, say it proudly!  Thinking of others, is a fools journey according to all : certified, approved egos; of course that includes “right up the line, college, more college, and still more college, aim PHd of course  – cost? a lifetime of debt if the person has no parents “of means”
This IS something that you should put into your memory, when you “tap your intuitive “flow” whatever we do is “right for the time and place.  Why? because we are “one with the Universal Life, and guided accordingly.
Who believes that and who doesnt believe that?  There is a simple answer for that question, so simple a five yr older knows that!
The ego, the linear mind DOESNT know that, doesnt WANT to know that, and does its best, not to get into any situation where they may have to admit the “wisdom” of “knowing the difference”  – between of course, what is “true and what is false.
Unfortunately FALSE BELIEF SYSTEMS INUNDATE OUR WORLD CORRUPTING EVERYTHING IN ITS PATH!  proof? anyone with inner and outer eyes see it every day, even blind people know that!  case closed!
The third eye is locate as mentioned on our forehead between our two eyes – in the “midbrain area”  When a person is “able” to utilize his/her third eye, they are as mentioned “with the ONE”  guided by the “ONE” and protected by the “ONE”
why?  because the ONE wants/needs to be with us at all times.  Mans’ egocentricity made the SEPERATION, man/woman is the cause of all the ills of the world, not the ONE, for some reason the ONE, which we call god for who knows why since the only Bible, the Original, said it was a SIN, to even mention the name god, – in the bible there is another name for god and it is called HaShem – that names apparently is acceptable.  I presume since I am not a Torah trained person, my grandfather was my Hebrew teacher and all he taught me was how to read Hebrew since that is all he\knew – I also had a soprano voice, he taught me how to sing the monthly songs parshas as they are called.  So I am “not a scholar of the Torah”
The best name should be “the ABSOLUTE”, that seems to satisfy every
system dealing with the Old Testament”; I cant talk about the new testament since I know nothing about that other for the “fact” that everything it says, to my knowledge, was taken from the Old Testament, the five books of Moses including the saying of the prophets since Jesus was and ultra, ULTRA orthodox Hebrew perhaps the most stringent of all the Hebrew believers during that time in history  –  if I am not mistaken, there were quite a few of different belief system during that time, and that is happening even today within the Hebrew World today.  Many “offshoots” of the original, which Christianity was hundreds of years after the death of Jesus etc.
Getting back to the realization of the superconscious state – it doesnt mean that that state will automatically ‘REGENERATE the body”.  I could be one example of that since this blog is also biographical.  I had experiences of being in superconscious states, and these states “did not” heal the problems I had at the time, none whatsoever!  HEIGHTEND STATES OF CONSCIOUSNESS IS WHAT I CALL SUPER CONSCIOUS, and I have expeerienced  these states without taking STREET DRUGS, which they tell me do the same thing!  I attained that state without drugs.
The frequency of superconsciousness which is Theta, a state higher than Alpha, the lowest state is Beta, a state which works beautifully with our ego, our linear idea of what “reality is all about”
So regeneration of the physical body, takes time, its not a one fell swoop as they say. The person has the obligation of stopping eating food that poisonous for their body, drinking drinks that are poisonous for their body, and doing other stupid things that are harmful to their body,
why?  because PURITY IS THE KEY the body must eliminate the “filth that we put into it”, even bad thoughts, negative beliefs, hatres which are poisonous of course, and a host of other things that contaminate our mind and our body.
Again I turn to the Old Testament, that states outright, NOONE CAN MIX THE PURE WITH THE IMPURE NO ONE!
Putting drugs, over the counter or prescription which are toxic of course, is destroying our body – for only one reason, its toxic,and who said that?


It is “obvious” by now that one of our most important body functions is our “nervous system”  overt and covertly.  Overtly is presented to us by “our spinal services, including the chakras of course which deals with metaphysical systems, vibrations, colors etc. which go far beyond the physical world as we know it!
At this point, I must again relate how I and my channel healed a person, who was paralyzed could not walk, move in less than five minutes, – the story has been told, and as I said,  “I will keep repeating “stories because the most important factor in a story is not the story alone, its how the story “plays out”; “which means of course” what the “essence of the story reveals”.  This is always overlooked by LINEAR PEOPLE, since through “ignorance” and when I say ignorance I dont mean, non educated, I mean educated!
In most cases, “truth of what is, IS NOT REVEALED, linear minded people “think that they are dealing “exclusively with what they consider truth” when they “discover” what they believe to be true; they discover.
TRUTH IS not laid out on the table carte blanche – truth must be DISCERNED, and education has “no possible way of dealing “directly” with this word “discern” since its origin is NOT on the physical dimension we live on nowadays.
And what is “discern”; since its hardly used most if not all peoples would have a hard time delineating what this word “really means”
The synonym for discern in my channels opinion is the word WISDOM.
How many people on this planet have wisdom?  According to what I observed, and read about – not from socalled “ordinary books” but books written by established enlightened souls of today and yesteryear  including of course the Kabbalah which depects “wisdom on the top of the tree of life called KETHER.
Einstein and other geniuses from earlier and later times, Parcelsus  Plato Socrates etc.  were persecuted by the Linear minded people, forcing Socrates to drink poison since he would not “bow down” to “ignorance” by agreeing with scholarly idiots in that day and age.  It could have been Cicero, I am no student of greek history.  But one of them drank Hemlock, rather than agree with “ignoramuses”  and today in my opinion, its no different!
I am no scholar and I am not a historian, so when it comes to “history” dont hold me to it; again its not the “letter but the SPIRIT’  – non linear people live their lives under that “premise” in contrast to the linear of idea what “rightness is all about”  – which even bows down to typographical and grammatical errors, wow! who would believe that!
Why?  Linear people who are naturally EGOS, non linear people need an ego to survive on this ego planet, but “only use it when they are in the “company of egos” for survival reasons of course!
EGO people are the cause of the Evilness in this physical dimension;
the sooner people REALIZE this the better –
So getting back to how the human body works with its nervous system which is our spine of course – which of course is effected by our undetected Chakras, no instrumentation devised by the egoworld, is capable of knowing what’s happening in the spiritual – body interaction other than
Radionics, and oriental systems, reading pulses, using electronic devices which are capable of accessing the connection of mind,body interrelationship.  Our medicine uses chemicals –  and other devices not as SUBTLE  as what the alternative Health doctors use to know whats happening not only in the physical body, but the emotions, etc.
I have these devices –  and use them for my personal use since out medical system disproves of them.  Its OK to poison people with dangerous drugs, and radiation; but its not OK to use safe methods?  Now who would believe that, and how do they get away with it?
They get away with it because only one or two percent of the worlds population has the consciousness ” to know the difference” why?
LOW CONSCIOUSNESS;  as mentioned we now have ways to determining what a persons consciousness rating is  –  and they have known that way for over 40 yrs since I got my personal consciousness rating back in 1977, when I was in California, Redwood Ca.
So if a person wants more information of how the nervous system works, just go on Googles, no need for me to write all of this down.
Most Chiropractors since they work constantly with the spine, have a “chart” they shows all of the interactions between our physical organs and the nervous system of the spine –  many of the physical problems can be solved once the spine problem is overcome; which chiropractors and DO”S  work with, and perhaps other medical professions.
People using “laying-on-of- the hands which I did to the paralyzed person, also works!
NO HARD CORE LINEAR EGOCENTRIC PERSON WOULD ACCEPT ONE WORD OF WHAT I JUST WROTE!  and they have a good reason because once they did that, THEIR PRECIOUS EGO would be destroyed.
Their false belief systems which are the source for their ego, will also be destroyed; their socalled “comfort zones” will also be destroyed.
THESE PEOPLE made a mistake finding our blog – a mistake for their egos not their true spiritual nature, their SOUL!
One place that I do want to mention is the reason why only one or two percent of the world’s population – have gone “beyond” the Pale as they say. and that is:
THE THIRD EYE, the third eye of these people is OPEN – the other 98 or 99 percent the third eye is CLOSED, and what and where is the third eye located?
Its located in the CENTER of the right and left eyes –  when I took this course years and years ago, we had to use our 3rd eye to accomplish what we accomplished, which is of course, BE ABLE TO GO BEYOND OUR THIRD DIMENSION BARRIERS/LIMITATIONS INTO THE FOURTH 4TH dimension WHERE THERE IS NO LIMITATION.  And that can only be accomplished THRU THE USE OF OUR NON PHYSICAL THIRD EYE!
According to many people, the 3rd eye is also considered the “center of Will”.  However the will that we understand her on the 3rd dimension, is NOT the same will as the 4th dimensional will.  ONE IS LITERALLY FORCED, THE OTHER NEEDS NO FORCE!
One works from the “low frequency we call Beta; the other from the higher frequency we call, Alpha/Theta.  One is limited 21 to 14 cycles per second; the other unlimited 14-7 cycles per second.  the difference” the difference between an
What does that mean?  it means that people on this 3rd dimension physical planet ARE GOING NO WHERE    THEY ARE SPINNING THEIR WHEELS
and who agrees with me and my channel?
Now you should know why I and my channel REPEATS; when the CONTEXT changes; the REPEATING COMES IN AUTOMATICALLY, AS IF PROGRAMMED.
so CONTEXT is perhaps the most important word  in all of my writings.
and what is CONTEXT?  and why is it so vitally important?
There is context for LINEAR PEOPLE; and there is context for NON LINEAR PEOPLE,  WHY?  THERE IS A VAST SEPERATION AS MENTIONED i.e. the difference between an “ant and an elephant”\\
and what a difference?  far beyond the “understanding comprehension of any ego out there  – way way way beyond!

Disease of Man Kind “Ignorance”

From my understanding it deals “exclusively with the word “ignore”, and what is the definition  of  “ignore”?
When we do more investigating we find that by “ignoring, paying little or no attention to whatever, there must be the “thing” that does the ignoring, and we agree that that thing deals “highly” with what an “ego” is  –
If we can agree on that , we then have a clue as to, the socalled “bottom line”
The kids n the past and in the present back to my day who did not like the courses that they “had to take to get to college” either cheated, or suffered from the whole ordeal, and I am sure that it is not any different today
If that “IS the case; the system failed for both the student and the system in general”  Nowadays its easier to cheat than in my day of course, and also in my day, the teacher, school college knew and expected cheating because their job depended on it, nowadays I am not sure what’s happening per se.
If the teacher in my day did not want cheating all that they had to do is to have different tests, not the same test which is the way they handled it.
What they do today I dont know since everything evolves/revolves around the computer.
KIDS NOWADAYS DO “not’ have to depend on memory as they did in the past since the computer ACTS AS THEIR MEMORY.
What is lacking  is the “ability to innovate”;  its not the past, that s dead, why teach it, its not the future since its “out there somewhere” its THE PRESENT OF COURSE,
what does that mean?  It means that  again INNOVATION must be incorporated into everything that the student “HAS TO OFFER, not the other way around!
that is the failure of our egosyste, which in m opinion of course, is living in the past or projecting too far into the future – which is certainly “out of the reach” of low consciousness people to even get the slight grasp of it!
A good example and I am that example since this blog is also an autobiography  When I got out of high school, I did not take a college course since I was not interested in the subjects they taught; more interested in what I ended up doing successfully –  my innate abilities were noticed at an early date – and they had nothing in common with the college course at the time – it was “business” – not studying Latin, Sciences stuff that had no appeal to me at all.
I taught myself how to type, hit fifty words a minute with six errors the first test I took; by the time I graduated hit 100 words perminute, could type on the old typewriter AS FAST AS A PERSON COULD TALK.  that eventually got me a “permanent civil service job with out government; left because of mistreatment, antisemitizm, no raises etc.
I ran the most important job in the Charlestown Navy yard; the Asst. Captain of the yards office; every call that came into the Navy Yard HAD TO COME to the office I ran, I had to know every building, every operation of this yard in order to “process these calls”. – I opened the first tug boat office in the Yard and GOT AN AWARD FOR OPERATING THE BEST GOVERNMENT organization in four states, and still because of antisemitizm I was given the lowest rating, I saw it for myself, so I quit of course!  Worked for eighteen months, got sick since the people I worked with smoked like chimneys which injured my health, got a doctor’s permission to quit which I did!
Went to work for my father, made him a “fortune” opened a hardware store, knew nothing about hardware, was never in a hardware store, was more successful than others since I was more innovative, which now comes to what I am trying to convey.
EDUCATION SHOULD DEAL “EXCLUSIVELY WITH THE INNATE POTENTIAL OF STUDENTS”,  find out thru using the RIGHT SYSTEMS, what these inner potentials are, and then direct the students educational needs.
In my day that was not done, and I dont think its done today either, I am not impressed with the testing systems, they need mighty overhauling.
and that is another BEEF that I have with “education per se”
Why teach something that “has no interest to the person and still expect him/her to get good marks” .  If they have an ability like my exwife with a photographic mind, there is no problem; she was an exception of course, was out of school ten yrs when she went to college with kids and got the highest marks!  The reason why she loved “education her way”
After leaving high school I found a PHd who KNEW HOW TO TEST, HE CHARGED A LOT OF MONEY, i PAID A LOT OF MONEY AND WE FOUND OUT THAT I HAD A FANTASTIC “TALENT” in regard to making money in the business world.
Which proved true of course, asked me if I wanted to work got me a job with Star Market a chain of supermarket and started me off with $35 a week, an amount that people who worked there ten years got.  I was fired by the manager of the store I was sent to work with because he didnt like the “idea”  of the “ideas” I came up with to build the business; I was only eighteen at the time, way ahead of the manager, I was a smart kid.  He stayed I got bounced of course
I had to fend for myself because my father who I trusted died suddenly and my mother kicked me out of the hardware store since I would not work with a younger brother who I never got along with.