Spirit Possession

In one of my letters  I mentioned the “fact” that both my mother and my wife were “evil” people  –  that is/was my opinion of course, however I failed to mention why they were “evil”  –

My exwife when we were both ready to live together –  all I wanted was that she should “take the meditation system I was taking ; a  simple system that only required repeating a certain sound, nothing more, nothing less since it helped me very much, that was the only thing I asked her to do – instead of saying “of course” she then proceeded to bombard me and the person there acting as a mediator with the worst, foulest language that I ever heard in my life.  Consider the “fact” that living together for twenty three years neither of used ever used one foul word, neither of us!  Where did this foul language loaded with not only anger but hatred of the highest kind come from; it certainly did not “originate with her” thats for sure!.
At that exact moment, I knew that I could never ever again live with this person since she was “spirit possessed”; that angry vicious barrage of poisonous words, did it for me, I was forever through with this woman.
I lived with my mother since my other three brothers had wives – I lived with her also to help her with whatever she needed done – kept her alive by giving her supplements that the doctors did not- they gave her drugs and all the drugs they gave her upset her so bad that she would faint when she took them.
The fact that this woman was “evil” – I never ever told her so or anyone, since my idea of “evil” – is perhaps not the same idea of what evil is and means to others – she had no idea of right or wrong; what she wanted regardless is what counted, and I saw that as her “upbringing since her friends, cousins etc. appeared to as principles as she was; it was a culture of course, and “goodness per se” had no place in it”.
Well it took years before the truth emerged, I have mentioned this in other letters of course – into her nineties she had trouble walking  – one day I had a woman friend come over, I, her and my mother at the moment was in the kitchen.  Somehow or other I and my mother got into some kind of an arguement which made me angry.  What happened next then “solved the problem of why my mother was “evil”  –   I left the kitchen to go to the back room with my friend as I started to do so my mother, elderly mother slipped and fell on the kitchen floor –  being upset with her I didnt offer to get her on her feet at that particular time and proceeded with my friend to got to the back bedroom.  Minutes later I saw, heard my crippled mother rush down the hallway like a locomotive – in a a strong tone of voice say – ha ha! you thought I could not get up, well I did!, then she proceeded to go into her bedroom as I watched her, go to her closet and drag out a FIFTH OF BOOZE, ALCOHOL and start gulping it down as if it was a cocacola.  At that moment I realized that this woman called my mother was possessed by spirits!
Spirits generally speaking do have the ability to “get into bodies and minds” and this can be proven with hypnosis, since I have done so many times!  The astral world is the world between earth and the higher dimensions.
It then appears that two important people in shaping  my life were not my mother or my ex wife, hard to believe, but true nevertheless.
So how would our socalled justice system deal with this problem other than saying its just a bunch of nonsense! They cant of course!
This is not a new revelation’ it has been know for thousands of years; what we call cvilization, just refused to see it for what it is, so denial entered the process-  psychiatrist would be out of business  if the truth of possession is truly known.  Naturally the SHAMANS OF THE PAST AND THE PRESENT KNOW THIS OF COURSE.  Their magical healing are due to eliminating possessions from “possessed people”, and this has been proven of course.

About My Blog – 2


eVERYTHING i their own way can be considered a racket; only if there is money involved otherwise it CANT be a racket, that would be an impossibility.
so, when the time comes, and the essay is done – I hope to attract the right people to fix all of the things that need fixing – put into book form, and given away free to anyone who desires tESCAPE THE PRISON THEY LIVE IN, called the EGO PRISON.

Think on This… – 2

Then, to be able to remember the sunset, to be able to remember a beautiful conversation, a beautiful deed done where hope and faith were created, to remember the smile of a babe, the blush of a rose, the harmony of a song–a bird’s call; these are creative. For if they are a part of thyself, they bring you closer and closer to God.

Think on This…

If the experiences are ever used for self-indulgence, self-aggrandizement, self-exaltation, each entity does so to its own undoing, or creates for self that as has been termed or called karma–and must be met. And in meeting every error, in meeting every trial, in meeting every temptation–whether these be mental or really physical experiences–the manner and purpose and approach to same should be ever in that attitude, “Not my will but Thine, O God, be done in and through me.”

My “idea” of “what is” -“what does” – the how’s of both

I know that people “in general” are always “finding ways to “enjoy themselves” which is in a way a necessity “always”  However, it is
“very possible” that many of these ways may cause more harm than
good because “ignorance of the “matter” discussed in a letter I sent\
today” “exposes negativity rather than positivity” connected with this
socalled “pleasures”  I am sure most people would know what I am
talking about.  I will now start with my “thesis” of course or my essay
a term I like better than the word thesis which I abhor for reasons that
I will discuss later – or perhaps discuss it now.
The word thesis comes from the word “theory”; – the understanding of the egoword is that “nothing can happen without first having a theory/idea behind the happening.  That would be “true”; if the dimension that we live in today is submerged under the dimension of  the “higher dimensions” that exist in our Universe.  Can that be proven?  Yes years ago I took a course wherein ‘nothing was taught” and I mean NOTHING!  at the moment I will not mention the company that presented this course – again nothing was taught! Is that possible?  Not in the egoworld, not a chance in hell as they say.
So how can anything happen when nothing is taught, considering the fact that there was a money back if the person taking the course “DID NOT get his/her money’s worth!  Are you getting more interested or more confused? I would say if you are a legitimate egocentric person, more irritated and confused, if not you would be “more intrigued” to learn more.
The course proved the existence of the socalled Higher Dimensions – naturally the ego institutions primarily the colleges etc. did their utmost to put this company “out of business” they failed, in the span of several yrs r so, this course was given to over six million people worldwide.
For people taking the course, the heavily laden egocentric person, even though successful, or not successful, would when the course was completed, walk away from this fantastic unbelievable experience; for the simple reason that “it meant nothing to them, even though what they experienced “was literally out of this world”.  My exwife was one of them. She had received recently a PHd as a microbiologist, also a confirmed “egotist”; however she turned out to be the best  “intuitive” in the place of forty or so people; she simply said it is totally “meaningless” its free association!  While “more advanced consciousnesses” realized that what they experienced proved to them “conclusively that not only do “higher dimensions” exist; but these higher dimensions make it possible to “create what we call miracles” here on the lower dimensions!  She lived in a world which we call the “physical dimensions” and she divorced herself completely from her “SOURCE” because as mentioned in the letter I sent to day earlier, she did it for “security reasons”.  This “change” was too powerful for her –  To change her belief even though she consciously experienced “the experience” was more than she could handle; she needed the false belief systems she held, as I am sure others do also, to protect her “comfort zone”
We divorced “on the basis of belief systems, and this particular course which I took of course, indirectly and directly influenced are split – she went the way of the ego – I went the way of the soul – and to my knowledge that was way back in the early seventies, many divorces were caused by that “fact” –  THE CLASH OF THE BELIEF SYSTEMS!  Her psychologist told her to divorce me because I was “demented”  Forty yrs later my exwife came to me via the astral world and asked for “forgiveness” which I unhesitatenly said “yes” –  I did not forgive her unforgiveable behavior  since I had no right to do that, and as a matter of “fact” no person has –  ego behavior cannot be forgiven by any human being; it must be forgiven by the Higher Authorities and that is done once the “ego body dies” –  no human being living in an ego infested world has the authority to forgive anyone; only our souls – communing with each other have that authority! \\
Once a physical body dies – the ego dies with it – only the record of that incarnation is kept – which means of course that the principle behind everyones repeated incarnations is meant for sole purposes, the correct spelling of course is SOUL –
Now to commence with my “essay”.  \\
It appears that egos attention span for most people, in my opinion of course, it must be understood that other than the “direct experiences that I have had all of my life which can be put under the “umbrella” of INTUITION, for want of a better word, – I have to use the word “opinion” since that word is more acceptable in the ego world that we all live in –  I personally “disdain” that word because opinions by themselves say and mean nothing of consequence  – just a waste of good time, etc.  Even “idiots” have opinions –
So, this thesis that I am writing – will do its best to “start from the right place” which is whether we like to admit it or not, is the word concentration which to most egos, other than the college kids that dont cheat of course, uses to pass their tests.  So what is concentration?  Ask any ego and they of course will define within the limited understanding that egos exist.  There are people who however come in with many great attributes from past lives, I happen to be one of them; my exwife had the ability to “retrieve whatever she studied” photographic memory is what they call it  –  my attributes dealt primarily with the socalled psychic sciences – along with that I had musical abilities also; and business abilities also. I personally had no definitive educational training.  I did take courses with Harvard Night School, used my psychic talents to pass them; my “channel/intuitive ability, told me “in advance” when taking notes what the test questions will be, now who would believe that, not one ego on this planet and for good reason of course – they will state categorically that no person “in this world” has the capability to do that, and for egos that is “par for the course” of course, no more can be expected from them.
So before a person who wants to “advance themselves in regard to their personal “consciousness” which means exactly “BEING AWARE”; the ability to go beyond “ordinary ways means which this egocentric world deals with “exclusively” – he/she must know what “concentration is all about”; it is not the same definitionwise used by standard dictionaries of course!  Our standard dictionary in general does NOT deal with the Higher
World definitions; its basically meant to “serve” EGOS, not SOULS.  The people in the dictionary world have been taught by institutions operating under the rules, regulations of the EGOworld.
The next letter will give the viewer an “idea” of what concentration, not the definition of the dictionary per se, perhaps certain things perhaps, but not the “essence” of course
People who sign up for our blog will in time, little by little of course, start eliminating the ego”habits” that for years have given them FALSE BELIEF SYSTEMS, become rigid over the years, called habits etc.

Change as a Constant

Revelation time!
Failure of the  world/people  knowing what “change is”  – “if people knew what change “was” it would change their lives.  Adam years ago was in my home when that “message was given to him by my channel”  He did not stop laughing for ten minutes.!  Why was Adam laughing for ten minutes; at that particular moment, his “inner senses” realized the “folly” of the egocentric worldview which is complete “nonsense”  –  after that, he went back to his socalled “normal understanding” of what reality is all about – he got back “into the web of ignorance”
So why dont people know,understand,realize “what change is all about”? the word is “security” of course, it just appears that “having it all together” is the “way to go” and having it all together means, knowing from minute to minute, second to second that what he/she is doing, is the socalled “right thing” to do “at that particular moment”  –  I believe the right word for that “condition” is  being “in charge”  –    but then what does it mean “being in charge”?  It means that what makes things “go round and round” is “controlled in some manner, shape or form”  –  which is still a form of security of course!
Now let us investigate this idea of control; what is it in the psyche that wants, needs, desires control?  Does the “real person inside need control”? and what, and who is the “real person” in charge? Does any ego on this planet know the answer to that question?  I doubt that?  Why doesnt egos know?  The simple answer of course is that “egos have “no way” of knowing, egos lack the necessary “insight” to inform it/them of this important facet of a person’s life!  So it appears that this socalled “ego” is “calling all of the shots” without the “real person “inside” being involved!  Wow! who would believe this?  Noone of course,but then 98% percent of the worlds population know nothing of their “distinquished “insides”; and why do I call “it” distinguished?  It is distinguished because this “inside” is our “soul” but then no ego “in their right mind” would ever, ever accept the “fact” that any person has a “soul”; once an ego does that, it is NO LONGER AN EGO; it then allows the “soul” to predominate in the life of the person!  That will “never happen” of course; the ego will never “relinquish” its power over the person that has become “its” slave,servant etc.!  Who said that ?  The people that “know the difference”; to “make a difference: one must KNOW the difference!  Do these people exist?  of course they do, they however, keep their mouth SHUT TIGHT!  Why would socalled “enlightend people” keep their mouth shut?  The same reason they did so during the “terror reign of Hitler and other crazy lunatics in the world; they were protecting themselves!  It is happening right this moment all over the world with the socalled “terrorists” since the lunatic fring is “on the warpath, and we all know “who they are” of course!
So lets get back to what “change is really all about”.  First of all are egos capable of fathoming the “future” ?  Which they are always “playing around with” – the socalled experts out there, and how do they do that?  They do it by making predictions BASED ON THE PAST AND THE PRESENT – that is the only way that professional egos operate –  the egos think and believe that that is the only way of predicting the future by “going back to the past”/
That can be true if every human being on this planet, and naturally their illustrious ego “cooperates”; its called consensus; its also called being taken over, its also being called, being deaf, dumb and blind; people repeating over and over the same process since “there in truth is “no change in their lives i.e. habits conquering their thinking processes and every other process possible; their actions are as predictable as our friends, our pets, animals.  What does that mean?  It means not only that their ego is the beginning and end of everything that socall matters in their life, but their BOSS, their CAPTOR, their GOD ALMIGHTY!.  Do they know that? of course not, do animals know that they are animals?  of course not, thus the socalled “experts” can predict with almost certaintly.
So it appears to me that CHANGE DOES NOT AND CANNOT EXIST on this planet in any way shape or form UNTIL the egosystem BREAKS DOWN, and according to my insight, understamding and discernment along with other egoless methods, believes that our country and the world as we know it, is now on the BRINK of doing so.  I wont go into this “fact” at the moment since it is “not” as important to the “sole” of the matter, which is the SOUL of course, a revelation that egos dispute vigorously to save “its” life!   I am mentioning this so that you can see the “whole picture”.
Change amazingly as it sound emenates from the “higher dimensions” change emenating from the egoladen dimension that we live in today, has no way of making “change”; the change that egos talk about are basically temporal, manipulations of sorts.  I have written about the difference between the world relative/temporal; which is the “part” of the matter and the “real McCoy which is REAL CHANGE, that no ego has ACCESS TO.
Change then is UNIVERSAL; and what is Universal?  No ego knows the difference of course unless they read it somewhere and thus puppetwise repeat what they read; no ego has the “wisdom” to no the difference! Its the difference between a four cylindar auto and an eight cylinder auto engine!
Our great institutions of learning in my “humble opinion” also dont “know the difference”  – they are “in my opinion of course” purveyors of ego knowledge – the technical and professional knowledge must do it on their own of course; They are fortunate in the “fact” that many or most of our geniuses, Testal, Einstein,Edison never needed education; they got their isnight from the “higher dimensions” thus, our colleges are really meant to uphold one way or another, ego educational systems; that is until another genius comes along to upset “the applecart”.  History proves this in every technical advancement, every health advancement , i.e. Pasteur is one example and there are others of course
Mediocracy and the word ego go together, like “birds of a feather, flock together”  -the wise bird controls the flock of course!  However ego and the word “corruption” also go together, so what is the “end result”?  CHAOS, poverty, rebellion, etc. and economically speaking and it is happening world wide this very instant, depression, repression, killing, mayhem, you name it, and what and who is “leading the pack”  –  CRAZY POSSESSED, BELIEF SYSTEMS, ALL INFLUENCED DIRECTLY OR INDIRECTLY BY THE POWER OF THE EGOWORLD!  thinking and believing that if there was a  god of sorts out there somewhere, that this god of sorts WANTS IT THAT WAY.  a totally DEPRAVED METHOD of construing  the hows, whys of “what its all about”  –  Change emenating from the HIGHER SOURCES, has nothing in common with ‘LUNATICS”; – CHANGE being a CONSTANT, does what it “has to do” regardless of lunacy – i.e. the change of our environment which is happening this very moment, tornadoes, hurricanes, floods, melting of the icecaps, –
Where are the visionaries?  where are the prophets?  The egoworld discredited these people –  We have no guides to guide us because
the people “in charge of change” our egoinfested leaders of all kinds,
lack what we all need and our country needs since they are “part/parcel”
of the entrenched egosystem; THEY ARE THE CHANGE ITS WHAT THEY
SAY THAT COUNTS – i.e. the federal reserve system of course, worldwide




Last week I said Mercury would be between Earth and the Sun interfering with solar emanations, but it only starts interfering with the Sun’s radiation which is called retrograde by astrologers.


Interference is much wider than the small dot that we see with our eyes as the planet Mercury.  Apparently there is an “aura” around Mercury and probably all planets that makes the influence of the planet much larger than would be expected by just the physical size.


The Moon is exactly lined up with Pluto on Saturday.  Which lies a few degrees physically past the Galactic center.  I have discovered that Pluto relates to a spiritual influence on people and also to cold and stormy conditions on Earth.  Even the southern hemisphere reflects this, although less so than the northern hemisphere.  Perhaps this is a good time to stay indoors and meditate.


For an inspiring guided meditation I highly recommend Rite of Passage called ‘the rite of charity’ by Tiara Kumara.  http://www.childrenofthesun.org/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=409%3Arites-of-passage&catid=64&Itemid=169


A simple invocation I use to greet the rising Sun is below.


Oh Sun, Source of Love, Light, and Power In the universe,

Whose radiance illuminates the whole Earth

Illuminate also my heart,

That I too may do your work.

See you at the astral level



About My Blog – 3

Our blog is meant to “open people up to information “not known by our scientif ic community today, there are exceptional scientists of course, “that know the difference; I would say that perhaps 2 or 3 percent, “know the difference” and what is the difference?
The diference is the difference between our physical sensory system, and our socalled for want of a better word, our spiritual sensory systems which  my previous blog message described who I am in regard to my psychic senses. Unfortunately our egoworld knows very little about these “higher faculties”
My blog will present “knowledge” about this supersensory faculties, which of course deal with both our inner, higher consciousness, and our outer, our ego consciousness – which my favorite saying, that is “channels” saying; again “my channel” is my “inner voice “inspirational voice”  that I hear as clearly or more clearly than my outer hearing senses.  This “inner voice” for me is my spiritual “essence” of course!.
I will be discussing  knowledge that this “inner voice tries to convey to me/you because “its purpose” is “not the same purpose that our egocentric mind/emotions convey.  one refers to the linear mind which deals with what is called “duality” which when properly understood,  means that there never can be a “resolution” in a person’s life because the world of duality, which deals directly with two powerful forces each demanding dominance over the other thus instituting a negative result over people and conditions in this world.  In the non linear world which deals “exclusively eliminated duality of all sort since “truth in “itself” has no place for the negative egocentric world of duality.  There are no winners, no losers in the non linear, non dual higher worlds.  Consciousness which societies in general know very little about; is the gauge/measurement of what reality is all about.  All of this “in time” will be discussed on “our” blog.  So the socalled “bottom line” is:  what state of consciousness “knowingness” is an individual living in; that is the “measurement of where the person is at, and again that can be measured of course!  The blog  will not get involved with the measurement of anyone, at any time etc. that is not the purpose of the blog; however our blog in time of course, publish books that deal exclusively with that subject.
So again the “bottom line” for our blog is “wake people up, mostly people that “want to wake up”; those that dont, dont need our blog; they are faithful to their faithless egocentric world, that is until it “crashed down on their head of course, and for many “that will happen of course”  The world of duality is the “dog-eat-dog world; a world of lies, deceit, murder wars, every kind of criminality that exist on this planet – now who knows that?  not too many, if any.  Why dont they know that? The simple answer of course is  that they are emersed into a world of “false belief systems, that constantly prove the failure of “what they ignorantly “believe in”
Its a carry over of “old lies” called customs, beliefs, tradition, misinterpretation by low consciousness adherents, who certainly “do “not” know that there are any differences “to start with”.  That is called “being in ignorance”
So this blog will not “dig a hole for itself dealing with socalled “current events” because current events are basically egocentric , relative  changes that change constantly.  This blog will deal mainly with the “whole” not the part, as mentioned “current events” and what “is” the “whole”.  Whole Foods as everyone knows today, the organic food company that is going to spread itself all over the world, considers the fact that the “whole” represents  the soul/sole of the matter; and what is the “soul” of the matter?  The soul of the “matter” means that  matter as we understand the word,  must always “take preference over the “mere part of the matter” even though holograpically speaking the “part contains the whole/soul” despite the “protests of the egocentric “maniacs” out there.  Why should people have to die to determine “what the truth is all about”; why wait for death?
Our blog will entertain many of these questions since the answers do exist. Answers that High Souls, human beings that were able to “transcend the time/space world into the Higher Worlds where time/space does not exist. Have I experienced that?  Of course and many thousands of people have also, so why do the egocentric scientists deny “its existence”?
I will let my audience tell us why?  I certainly have my own idea why, but by now that reason should be quite self evident!
I have documented evidence that the higher dimensions exist, but “only on the higher dimensions” they do not exist in the “lower dimensions which our planet earth is one of them.  Reason, logic intellect, are unnecessary faculties “in the higher dimensions”; they are exclusive only on the “eogcentric dimension where we reside today, the socalled “materialistic world.
Again , this blog is meant to help people realize that what they believe is true, could possible “false belief systems”; It will be my responsibility to “show “concrete proof” which I will of course; all personal experiences, no second hand knowledge; I do not accept second hand knowledge nohow!
God Bless

What Does Ben Bernanke Know?


Its obvious to me that playing the stock market is for suckers.  For every winner there has to be a loser – if that “is” the case then people lose money and who are the winners generally speaking, the people with the “real dough” meaning if enough of them make the right choice/choices prices can go up, which benefits them of course, its called “leverage; the little guy has no leverage. Proof of that is the crooked commodity exchange;the big influential bankers “call all of the shots; the reason for the manipulated commodity market over the last year or so, perhaps with the help of our government of course , since it benefits our government to  keep our fake/fiat money still viable.   The financial industry will never “level” with the public since it needs the public deaf, dumb,blind; result of course are all of the “busts” that come along the way – people in the “know” due to honest reporting such as your firm and others – not the media which is controlled by our government and the banking industry, a “fact” that cant be disputed – continues to play “dumb” for when the bust hits; they pretend as if they never knew beforehand.  The fact remains that “they were directly/indirectly cause of the bust!  They always get away with it of course, since people in general are “deaf, dumb and blind” in regards to what’s truly happening in our financial world.  Its a “racket” of immense proportions, i.e. banks doing illegal things and “getting away with it”  why?  They are ‘paid off” to keep their mouth shut, by who? politicians of course, and the banking system, Federal Reserve etc. Our prisons should be loaded with crooked politicians, and depraved bankers, but then that can never happen because “one hand always washes the other hand”. You put me in prison: I will put you in prison  –  so – “what else is new in this world”  Depravity is the “name of the game”  –  Our world is not a nice place to live in, nohow – despite all of the phony rhetoric out there; even our colleges are “in the act”; all grabing their share of the”loot”; our education from ground up is “useless”; Our colleges forcing kids to take subjects that are meaningless in their lives, unsuitable for earning a living, why?Why dont they test their students find out what their proclivities are, and then support them by teaching them subjects that “can earn them a living”.  That of course does not apply to technical things, or professional occupations – one of my sons going to college, graduated of course, ended up washing dishes in a restaurant; ow who would believe that?  and many of his friends also, why? they were not tested properly to know what they should learn to prepare them for earning sake! Furthermore kids cant afford to pay for their college education, their parents do not have money for them end up paying interest all of their lives to “robber barons, banks that give them loans, that is ridiculous to say the least; putting young people in a position that is untenable; where is the conscience of the people we are suppose to “look up to”.  Politicians are the curse of humanity, cant live with them or without them in our democracy which proves its failure as a system constantly. Unfortunately there is no better system out there, other than democracy.  Why?  corrupt politicians of course, and the ignorance, deaf, dumb, blind ignorance of the general public.  Democracy made it possible for Hitler to rise in power; he was “elected” by the German people.  FDR was a virtual dictator once the depression hit hard; a benevolent dictator of course, loved by the common folk; he betrayed his own rich people, called a traitor by “high and mighty rich folks in this country”  I am afraid  to mention the fact that money, not our president or other esteemed statesmen have a “real say in the matter” – why? politicians come and go, but big money is “constant”; it is a substitute for the “voice of the people”; the politician is the spokesmen for all of the “big money out there”; without their support/money he/she goes back to “washing the dishes” , of course before that happens, if they had a zero bank account; once in office, that bank account has big numbers in front of the zeros after it,  how come?  Media never talks about that, why not?  Obviously our forefathers some of them like Jefferson warned future American’s; also Andrew Jackson warned his citizens but it appears that Alexander Hamilton’s idea of a democratic country which allowed the banking industry even at that time, won out! Teddy Roosevelt also betrayed “his rich folks” made sure to dismantle industries that were monopolies. Our present Supreme Court totally controlled by politics, the democratic/repulbican cartels, at this time in history made sure that the corporations will continue to control the “lives of millions of Americans”; are they also bought/sold?  I personally dont know but one day, the truth will emerge of course; some historian will dig deep enough where the answer to my question arise – they bought two elections for George Bush; that historical fact will “come out in time of course”.  I predict that the supreme court justices during that period and after will eventually be “exposed” by some courageous reporter of course!  People overlook the fact that all of the appointees were appointed via the political system, thus guaranteeing that these “puppets” vote the right way for either party of course!  Its a “racket like every other racket of course” and what “is” a racket?  A racket is when the general public “has no say in the matter; its like a “monopoly”; where the socalled “little guy” is used as a “sucker”.  Will that change?  I doubt it, why? because its classified as “human nature”; greed is to be expected, lying, deceiving is “human nature”, its the “way the it is”  why fight it, join it, because “depraved like they are, join the family of course!  its the world of  “deception incorporated” the world of legal manipulation, the reason why lawyers “can never be trussted”; a large percentage of our politicans are lawyers, perfectly suited for politics
So, trust wall street? Only a fool would trust wallstreet; there are a lot of fools in this world of course, another reason why there is so much corruption; wise people, “know the difference, that is between the truth and falsehood, fools do not!  Any fool can be “fooled”constantly; since fools lack “insight” and unfortunately most if not all predator egos, run the show until they are caught, instead of “paying the price” by going to jail; are told simply “dont do that again” which they do since our system puts innocent people in jail  if the person cant afford the right lawyer, but wont put the right people in jail, again?  because they themselves are not pure at heart or soul, they are also tainted!
Dr.Maurice Rothman, PHd

A Question about Souls

Hi little Joe,

These are very good insightful questions.
First of all our personal soul never changes; remains the same for thousands and thousands of incarnations.  And whether we know it or not, it is always functioning for us; its our “intuition”; unfortunately very few people pay attention to “their intuition” thus does “not exist” for many, perhaps most people.  There is no room for intuition and ego its either one or the other and most if not all people rather listen to their ego than their intuition!  why? because the ego is Las Vegus with lots of “hot dames” and “hot muscle men” etc. lots and lots of great food which in most cases should not be eaten,  in other words the glitter, lights takes over a person’s life since its sensuous in all respects;the soul is not sensuous in all respects so most if not all people “just pay no attention to it?
You have heard the saying “what’s in it for me” –  in other words whats the “payoff” nothing? then the hell with it.  Our ego gives “us a payoff; the soul does not give us a payoff, not the way the ego does.
Also children mimic their parents who mimics their parents, its called culture, tradition, and “being a nice son or daughter”
Personally coming in “aware” I always “disputed with my mother since I did not agree with her behavior patterns, beliefs etc., obviously I came in more aware than the ordinary child.  My soul was very active during my childhood, most souls relinquished its authority to egocentrically inclined parents, who did likewise with their parents – result? egocentricity took complete charge of young impressionable minds.
Because of that tyranny I rebelled not outwardly since that was a dangerous thing to do, but inwardly suffering inner torment for years!  Why? I was living between “a rock and a hard place”  – my parents were egos, my teachers were egos, my friends were egos, noone to really talk to, “everyone appeared to me to be egos” I turned to the Rosicruscians when I was only sixteen yrs old but faltered as I got older since I found noone I could discuss the teachings with.
I did not express myself properly when I said that I got in touch with my soul/inner self at the age of fifty  –  I was always in touch with who I am, my problem was that I was living in an ego world, ran an ego business, married an ego woman, all my friends were egos – at the age of fifty I and my wife of twenty three years divorced, when that happened I also left my prosperous business – both my sons were “out of the house” on their own, I was for the first time in my life a “free man” in all respect.
I channeled/soul oriented all of my life, made a fortune businesswise for my family, started three businesses all successfuil by the age of twenty seven yrs old.
Those were family enterprises I was living with my parents at that time. Suffered terribly when I lost my faather who I loved dearly; was mistreated horribly by my mother who I disdained, not her, but her terrible egocentricity –
Started my own business when I got married and was very successful with it. The woman I married prove to me and herself that she was a Benedict Arnold. Had no loyalty to me or to her own family; she tried to outdo the machinations of her mother-in-law for treachery of the highest order, however our divorce saved my life –  my body emotions mind was in very bad shape during that period of time, my channel/soul told me that unless I follow “its advice to the core” I will die within one yrs time.  Overnight what I ate before was gone completely – I became a vegetarian, ate fish, veggies and fruit and that was over forty years ago; also went to California to learn, listen and follow to the “t” everything about “how to get healthy”; also cleaned my body mind emotions out at the same time – that process continue for many years since my body was completely shot to hell.
I am now 90 yrs old and feel great for my age! In regard to incarnations, and we have had thousands of them of course – we are “supposed to learn “something spirituall:”f rom ‘ each incarnation; some do some dont – the ones that do “grow in consciousness, and that CAN BE MEASURED, other go the other way or some just stay the same – so it appears that the word “consciousness” which ego in general “has no conception of” is the determining factor, for every new lifetime. It appears that “I came in with a higher consciousness than most new souls come in with; the reason that even as a child I contested my mothers idea of “truth” constantly.  Didnt realize how “egocentric, powerful, vicious” she would be – it came to a point when she said to me “right or wrong  I AM THE BOSS, you have to listen to me”  Well that did it of course!  We dont need a political dictatorship to control our lives, all we need is parents like my mother! My father was hardly seen, he was working all of the time since those were the depression days – left the house at 5 AM came home at 11 PM – Sundays they went visiting relatives, I and my brothers shleped along of course.  The mother, not the father, ran the show, she was the boss of the kids not the father.
Once a new soul reincarnates, the “old” incarnates are put asleep, not lost but simply “put to sleep” – what is not put the sleep however, is the state of consciousness at the point of death, that remains “intact”.  In other words and I am not talking about achievements of any sort, like academic degrees etc. they do not have any connection with “consciousness” none whatsoever.  Everything is based on “vibration”; the word consciousness and vibration is THE SAME, hardly anyone knows that of course!  Vibration rules the world, our planet and everything else that is matter and non matter!
Up to the age of six yrs old; children are constantly commuting with their “soul”; are very very psychic, intuitive  etc.  Lose at after the age of six when they “discover” unless they “play the game like adults do” they will not be accepted in the new society they found themselves in.  What seperated me from the usual six yr oldrs is that I never liked or agreed with the society I grew up in, wanted no part of it, secluded myself from it –  I did play children games, I made sure that I appeared as if I was everyone else, but down deep knew I wasnt!
At the age of 90 I do want to prove that I can “make a difference even at that advanced stage in my life, the reason I wanted my site,but I did not take into consideration the dishonesty of people I needed for that task; I was constantly duped – Adam/Joe did admirable work but needs expertise that they did not have and there is no more money to finish the job.  The last guy stopped when he no longer got paid. Both Adam/Joe are doing it gratis for my sake, and perhaps even their sake.
I am hoping that once my blog gets going, I will attract the one or two percent of enlighted people in this world who “do have the expertize to finish the site.
The site is for humanities sake; the reason that I incarnated – hopefully I will live long enough to see it as a successfuil endeavor.
Thanks for the questions,
PS. again, yes you can promote my blog on every social network available.  I do not answer personal questions and that will be put into my blog; that is an impossibility for me and others; however I can address these questions in essays of course