2nd Post

First of all I want to tell people coming to my blog that I am personally religious, I am not against religion per se, just feel that its best I did not get involved with religion in regard to my blog I feel that would be an unwise thing to do.
Secondly, I have a vast background which I will discuss,  I am a PHd, also a Metaphyscian, a Homeopath and a Naturopath, plus a Nutritionist.  I also am certified as a professional Radionic practitioners.  Dealt int many facets in the alternative health field such as: Iridology, Herbology which I am certified as a Herbalist, I am also a certified pendulist, plus many other disciples involved with the wholistic field of healing.
I am a certified psychic, channel information etc.
Many of this plus other topics will be discussed  – spirituality as understood as a Metaphysician would understand the word “spirituality”; it is not the same established tradiitonal religions “deal with it”
So, many many topics will be discussed provided there are responses of course; I intend as mentioned  deal with the mental emotional physical and spiritual aspects of what makes a human being a human being.
Many books will be discussed  – this blog is not just a way of saying hello, it definitely “transcends other social network, blog sites” –
The ego is stressed for one simple reason, and it is a huge reason  – it appears that what we call,consider the ego controls our lives; and according to “people  who know the difference”  which egos definitely “do not” egos are unfortunately not “what we want in our lives” “egocentricity is perhaps the worst attribute that a person can have.  Emerson, certainly a “high soul” certainly did not approve of  egocentricity, he disdained it, along with other high souls of the past, and the present of course.
So,besides dealing with your responses, I will be touching on many subjects that are meant to “open people up” to a world that transcends their egos.