Transitory means NOTHING

No one lives forever! what does that mean? It means that our “idea of what life is all about” may be wrong – from the start – that this life is “not the sum total of “who we are” – what does that mean? It means that we have come here “for a purpose which our “ego” the person we identify with is only transitory, has no real substance; that our profession is also transitory, our major achievements, power, wealth is also transitory and what is the right definition of the word transitory?

Transitory means NOTHING; here today; gone tomorrow.

So why be involved? That is an excellent question of course, if there is no “real substance” why get involved?

We get involved because we are “ignorant” of the TRUTH; give ‘CREDENCE TO UNTRUTHS”, PRIMARILY OUR EGO, which dictates our behaviour patterns.

What is “mass-mind-mentality”?

Mass-mind-mentality is another word for – “monkey see monkey do” – basically ego-mentality pandering to the lowest level of behaviour patterns that belabour who we are!

Pleasures of all sorts dictate our behaviour – overeating, over-drinking, over anything and everything – excesses rule the day – since they all imply “pleasures” that also includes the biggest/best pleasure- sex!

Are we pleasuring our ego or our soul? Our ego of course, and again what is our ego? Why is our ego so important in our lives?

Ignorance of who we are forces us to “endorse anything that gives us an “idea” of who/what we are” since we come in ignorant – deaf, dumb, blind.

However some of us do not come in deaf, dumb, blind and find themselves shackled to a world of deceit, deception, arrogance, criminality of all sorts, where lying is accepted as a natural attribute, stealing, conning, and even “killing others for the sake of false belief systems is condoned.

History is proof of all of he above and more; what we are witnessing now is evident of the above especially when religion gets into the act as it is today!

So what again is this all about – why would anyone come into a world loaded with LIARS, THIEVES CRIMINALS, – INCLUDING BONA-FIDE, SPECIALIZED, ACCEPTED, CRIMINALS SUCH AS JUDGES, LAWYERS POLITICIANS ETC?

“To make a difference, one must “know” the difference” – the differences between an “upright” person (who knows the difference) and a person pretending to be upright, who doesn’t know the difference since what he/she is doing is accepted in their particular society.”

The whole thing does not make any sense at all, why even both to come into this world since its FOUL in every term of the word!

We come “back” TO RE-EXPERIENCE PREVIOUS INCARNATIONS WHERE RESOLUTIONS FAILED TO HAPPEN – meaning we come back to “balance the ledger” as they say – some do it successfully most do not!

We do have choice of course; Most, if not all, don’t have any choice they remain in ignorance from birth to death! Along the “road of life” they got NO realizations of their “folly” chased the same “skirts”; and the “skirts” chased the same men; nothing of consequence. EGOS RULED THEIR LIVES – money, power, sex of course “carried the day”

We come back to a world loaded with thievery, killing etc, for the purpose of discovering that what was worthwhile was only a “LURE” had no significance in their lives, the reason why this world is called a word of “illusion”

There are metaphysical forces at work that support our egos to the hilt since the Law of Attraction makes it possible for misguided minds to “realize their dreams”. Dreams that reinforce their ego-mentality – thus making it worse for the person to “overcome” their duplicitous egos.

Thus if is all a “game” – its like the author of a fiction book where he/she dreams up the plot, characters, etc, makes a skeleton out of it, then proceeds to put on the “flesh”

Is it real? of course not, but being real is not the purpose of the book, its the opposite of “reality” – which – gets its “power” from a different source of supply that is way beyond the scope of every and all egos.

Reality has nothing in common with our world since our world is a world of unreality, dreamt up by ego-minds utilizing the laws of our Universe which enables the material dreamt up to MATERIALIZE ITSELF.

We are creators and don’t know it – we create both the good and the bad; we blame others, and conditions of course since we are living our lives in IGNORANCE.

So what is meaningful in a persons life? Who asks that question? No one of course, leaving the answers up to the religionists, philosophers etc. who do not agree since they are also living in ignorance.

So what’s the answer?

The answers lies within the SOUL of all incarnated people –

How does, would, a person become one with their Soul?

The easiest way to become one with one’s soul is to recognize the FACT that there is a SOUL “to be recognized”. That is the first obligation of the person.

The SOUL is the SPIRIT OF THE ONE, which we call god for want of a better word/name – no one now or ever would know what a god is all about despite the so-called holy books. In the Hebrew tradition it is forbidden to use the name of God at any time; other names are used as substitutes. Why?

Who is brazen enough to imply he/she knows what a god is all about? No one of course, only their ego inputs this!

However, the first thing to do is to admit to oneself truthfully of course that they ARE A SOUL connected to this so-called god out there, a power that cannot be discerned by any living creature, man etc.

However, whether we know it or not the LINK PERSISTS OF COURSE! And the link is what I am referring to.

Can this be proven? Yes, I have had experiences that prove the EXISTENCE OF THIS God POWER – and when I have the opportunity will actually give a demonstration of how this can be achieved without any connotation of the religious experiences.

Unfortunately, the negative forces, mass-mind-mentality, ignorance of the highest order, negativity of the highest order, ego-power has made it impossible up to this point for me to “open the hearts and minds of those who MAY want to disengage from their ego, and its delightful benefits; i.e. sex, money, power, position etc.

My message will in time attract the “right people” who wish to be one with the ONE, not through belief alone but with actual demonstrative experiences!

The pen is mightier than the sword – money is the sword of course; the pen is the TRUTH!

The Amygdala


The amygdalae are almond-shaped groups of nuclei located deep within the medial temporal lobes of the brain in complex vertebrates, including humans. Shown in research to perform a primary role in the processing of memory and emotional reactions, the amygdalae are considered part of the limbic system.




Future studies have shown been proposed to address the role of the amygdala in positive emotions, and the ways in which the amygdala networks with other brain regions.

Sexual Orientation:

Recent studies have suggested possible correlations between brain structure, including differences in hemispheric ratios and connection patterns in the amygdala, and sexual orientation. Homosexual men tend to exhibit more female-like patterns in the amygdala than heterosexual males do, just as homosexual females tend to show more male-like patterns in the amygdala than heterosexual women do. It was observed that amygdala connections were more widespread from the left amygdala in homosexual males, as is also found in heterosexual females. Amygdala connections were more widespread from the right amygdala in homosexual females, as in heterosexual males. Current evidence suggests that formation of an individual’s sexual orientation occurs during fetal and neonatal development.

Social Interaction:

Amygdala volume correlates positively with both the size (the number of contacts a person has) and the complexity (the number of different groups to which a person belongs) of social networks. Individuals with larger amygdalae had larger and more complex social networks. They were also better able to make accurate social judgments about other persons’ faces. It is hypothesized that larger amygdalae allow for greater emotional intelligence, enabling greater societal integration and cooperation with others.
The amygdala processes reactions to violations concerning personal space. These reactions are absent in persons in whom the amygdala is damaged bilaterally. Furthermore, the amygdala is found to be activated in fMRI when people observe that others are physically close to them, such as when a person being scanned knows that an experimenter is standing immediately next to the scanner, versus standing at a distance.